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IDSA02H3 2013

Experiencing Development in Africa

Agenda   Course

objectives   Learning expectations   Class format   Key activities   Evaluations   Student involvement

Course Objectives   The

complexity of economic, social, political, and organizational issues that act as barriers to development in African countries;   The reality of working with partners in capacity building in a developing country setting;   The skills - including research, proposal writing, presentations, collaboration, event planning, fund-raising - that are needed to move development projects forward.

Models of learning   Traditional

class-room based   Service learning   Community

based   Travel abroad   Internship   “Voluntourism”   Co-op   Life-long


Why Africa?

Which Africa? “a continent of opportunity— the last emerging investment frontier” Kofi Annan

Dambisa Moyo

Kofi Annan Former Secretary General of the UN

“ Real GDP [in Africa] grew by nearly 5% annually between 2000 and 2008 – twice the level of the previous two decades; According to the African Development Bank, 6 African countries are forecast to enjoy growth this year above seven per cent; 15 countries above five per cent; and 27 countries above three per cent; Direct foreign investment has soared from $9 billion in 2000 to $52 billion in 2011; The IMF [predicts] the continent will have as many as seven of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world over the next decade.”

Wangari Maathai Nobel Peace Prize (2004) Founder of the Green Belt Movement VIDEO

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia Noble Peace Prize, 2011 chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_ single_story.html

Names to look into (please add)   Kwame


IDSA02 Introduction to the Course  

Overview of topics, expectations, evaluation, and activities

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