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Catalina Kids

Rebranding Project Ilustrator, Photoshop





little boys

t-shirts phone: 310-510-1559 fax: 310-510-1534

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phone: 310-510-1559 fax: 310-510-1534


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big boys

little girls

t-shirts phone: 310-510-1559 fax: 310-510-1534

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Hollywood Makeup Exhibit 3, 11 x 17 Posters Ilustrator, Photoshop

Alphabet 11 x 40 Poster Ilustrator, Photoshop

Swatch Commercial 17 Second Animation After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Center Theatre Group Play Series 3, 18 x 26 Posters InDesign, Photoshop

Eugene O’Neill

“A play of sorrow, written in tears and blood.”-Eugene O’Neill

Logos Page multiple logos Ilustrator, Photoshop

LAURA BRAVO floral arrangements

SeaRena Branding Ilustrator, Photoshop

About us 26 miles off of the coast of southern California a family lived on a beautiful fantasea island. Traditions of making jewelry as a daily hobby soon turned into a small family business and SeaRena was born. Living by the ocean, sea designs clearly inspired our jewelry. It is affordable, yet we have unique pieces that are sure to be one-of-a-kind. We use the finest pearls from the deepest seas and sea glass from the shore so no two pieces are sure to be the same. As the years have passed by, our company has grown larger yet we are still able to create hand-crafted jewelry.

Salt Water Pearls our precious pearls are from the deepest oceans making them all very special and unique. These fine quality natural pearls are highly valued around the world. Added on a bracelet with sea design accents, this bracelet certainly will be one of your favorite pieces!

Sea Glass our newest addition to our collection will definitely stand out from ordinary jewelry. Each piece is uniquely designed with real sea glass so no two pieces are the same! You are sure to have a one-of-a-kind piece that everyone will admire. Be sure not to miss out on our jewelry and contact us to see all of our new products! 2112 Ocean St. Luna Bay, Ca 90802 (310)885-9253

Fear Book Covers 3, 5 x 8 book covers Ilustrator

Alice Ramirez

Alice Ramirez

Alice Ramirez

Green Peace Poster 11 x 17 poster Ilustrator, Photoshop

VonZipper Sunglasses Advertisement 18 x 26 poster, sunglasses gift box, bag Ilustrator, Photoshop, Maya

JetSetters Board Game board game, box, cards, directions, tiles, black card Ilustrator, Photoshop

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