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Congratulations on joining the International Business Club! As a card-carrying member, you will have opportunities exclusive to International Business Club members that are not found anywhere else at UBC. This viewbook shows some of the events and initiatives that we have for the upcoming year. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Social Events

Language Groups

As an International Business Club, you have an exclusive VIP pass to all our hot socials that we will be hosting throughout the year. These socials will range from club dinners to full out parties, and are a great way to meet other International Business Club members and have a rocking good time.

Interested in learning a new language? Want to brush up on an old one? The International Business Club-hosted language groups will provide a casual group conversational setting to allow you to do just that. This year, the following languages will be offered at various levels: French



Chinese (Mandarin)


The groups will start up in October and will be student led. Those interested in leading a language group can contact the International Business Club HR Director, Jessica Lo.

Though a lot of international business is a lot about understanding the economic and political situations of different countries, it is also very important to be able to interact and communicate with people across cultures and, well, party.

The main social event of the year will be our Multicultural night, an international celebration full of food, ornamented performances, and jam-packed with culture. This event will be a joint production put on by the International Business Club and a number of cultural clubs on campus, and is bound to be a night you’ll never forget.

Publications & Newsletters n 2008

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Complimentary with your membership, you will have access to the club’s publications and newsletters. These are full of information – academic and practical – that will allow you to get an extra edge in building your international business acumen. Each member receives two issues of the clubs flagship magazine, Global Ink, which features articles on the hottest global topics written by business professionals, professors, and students.

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As a member, you are also subscribed to our exclusive bi-weekly (that’s once every two weeks) T newsletter. This newsletter will include upDf Sukybscraapie:rs coming events, speaker profiles, articles, club yo involvement opportunities, internship opThe Cit : portunities, and other relevant and practical m a h a r orkplace anGG lobal W information. Stedm y in the it Divers


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State of the Gateman Sept 22, 2008 Address

World Cities Night

Be sue to come out to our club’s first major event, with the popular economics Professor Robert Gateman.

This dinner and networking event will feature three guest speakers and dozens of business delegates who have worked extensively in the global business environment

Prof. Gateman will be talking about globalization and the changing world economy, and sharing about his experiences in international development

Oct 29, 2008

The speakers will talk about preparing for an international career as a student in university, and how to achieve our career goals in an increasingly globalized economy.

Emerging Economies Conference

Student Olympic Conference

January 2009

Jan 31, 2009

This event will feature several guest speakers and breakout sessions focusing on issues facing emerging and developing economies around the world.

IB Club is proud to be part o a campus-wide student-led initiative that will bring together Olympic and Paralympic athletes, VANOC representatives, business academic, and political leaders.

Topics will include international development, trade, and investing in emerging markets.

This once-in-a-lifetime conference willbring the 2010 Olympic spirit to the UBC community and allow students to engage in meaningful discussions about issues surrounding the Games.

Calendar Sept 2

First Day of School


Issue 1 Global Ink Released

Sept 19

IB Club Opening Social

Sept 22

State of the Gateman Address

Oct 2

Doug Paterson Speaker Session

Oct 29

World Cities Night

Nov 28

Last Day of Classes, Term 1

Jan 5

First Day of Classes, Term 2


Issue 2 Global Ink Released

Jan 21

Emerging Economies Conference (tentative)

Jan 31

Student Olympic Conference

Feb 16-20

Reading Week


Multicultural Night


Last Day of Classes, Term 2


Every Thurs / 1pm - Lunch Meetings

Contact Us For more information about our events, or about involvement opportunities, feel free to speak with one of our club execs at the promotional booths in September, or at our many club events. You can also contact us at Check out our website at

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