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Once upon a time, there was a girl who yearned to know what Love really felt like...

She questioned the idea of Care and what it meant to care for someone other than herself.

Then she wondered, once you Care about someone, how do you Protect them?

Is it Trust? She found the definition:

Trust: \’ tr st\ noun 1. Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability and surety of a person or thing; confidence e


Her mother always told her, “Your Mind is a terrible thing to waste�,

so she thought even harder on what Love is...

As she continued to ponder, a few friends decided to pay a visit.

Amongst them were‌

Emotions, raging as always; Hormones, freaky as ever; Memory, distant yet honest, and lastly...

Time, keeping track of all actions, generously providing moments to change how one may Live and Love.

Now you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the reality of how challenging it is to truly Care, Protect and Love someone, but you’re almost there...

As the girl finally came close to giving up, something struck her...

Love is ultimately how you Love and Care for yourself.

Whether its searching for Love or Whom you make Love with there is no greater LOVE than the Protection of your Mind, Heart and Body.

Love is ultimately how you Love and Care for yourself.

Especially the act of Loving and Caring for someone other than yourself.

Lesley Sakinah Steele Š2012

Desirable: A Lover's Manifesto  
Desirable: A Lover's Manifesto  

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