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MINUTES OF IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 6TH JULY 2011 PRESENT: Cllrs: Angie Carter-Woodwark (Chairman), Anthony French (Vice Chairman), Mark Oswald, Laurie Sutherland, Tom Hill IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Beryl Austen, PCSO Colin Ryder, Karen Gardin (Clerk), 1 member of the public. 84/11 APOLOGIES: Cllrs: Barry Smith, Geraldine Gaskell and Mike Walters (District and County Council) 85/11 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes of the 1st June and Planning minutes of the 29th June 2011 Signed as a true record. 86/11 DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: None 87/11 REPORTS: District Councillor – B Austen It seems to be taking a time for Teignbridge to get itself organised since the election, there have been seminars for new Councillors, which is of course necessary, but less meetings than is usual. I attended a presentation by AWE the Isle of Wight Developer who is proposing to develop Ilford Park, land between Trago Mills and Drum Bridges. We have objected to several aspects of this proposed development in the past and this meeting was to outline new plans which purport to have taken into account the opinions and wishes of local Towns and Parishes. The new plan does not include the service station previously applied for, but still provides a new cattle market, a hotel, restaurant, units for businesses, housing and a large caravan site. The applicant states that provision has been made in the plans to prevent flooding, which was one of the concerns mentioned previously. The roads would be altered and widened with two roundabouts to give access to the site. They have produced traffic surveys to support their plan for road provision. The application will come to Teignbridge shortly. There has been one Planning meeting since I was here last and no applications affecting Ideford. District and County Councilor - Mike Walters (Report read by clerk)

County Councilor’s Report – July 2011 The application for the amendment to B3193 diversion was to be raised at the meeting of Development Management on 20th July. It appeared that although the general acceptance of a roundabout at the junction with Strap Lane was the preferred option, a delay has been caused by the re-designing of the junction from lights to roundabout and it has not met deadlines for the report to be prepared in time for the committee. Supernumerary to that, a local resident made representation to the RSPB that there were Cirl Buntings in this location. A survey has been carried out and none were to be found. 1

Alan Martin who heads the Neighbourhood Highways Team has written to the Parish Clerk in Ideford and the Town Clerk in Kingsteignton as promised at my last meeting with the Highways Department. Work has started in providing temporary playing fields on the old sawmills site by Sibelco. This work could be completed in the near future subject to there being no objections from various sources. Teignbridge have also been involved in that the authority has been given the opportunity to deposit a large quantity of soil in the site, which is helping to level the area. I was delighted to be asked to “cut the ribbon” in the official opening, last month, of the skate park in Clifford Park. Agreed the County Funds had assisted in finally setting up the ramp and its supporting structure, but all due credit must be given to PCSO Vanessa Pike for her stoic efforts in keeping the project alive through thick and thin, particularly when the site of the ramp had a history of failed attempts over the past five or so years. Vanessa has endeared herself to the young people in Kingsteignton.

District Councillor’s Report. Progress is being made in the Executive. I am conducting various interviews with departments to further my knowledge of HR, ICT and Procurement with all departments in TDC. It is taking up a considerable amount of time, but very necessary in the current climate of rationalization, compromise and safeguarding the cost effective and efficient running of the Council in the current climate of the economy in Teignbridge as a whole. PCSO Colin Ryder – Police Report Logs and Crimes for Ideford from 31/05/11 to 05/07/11

LOGS Report of a missing person-found safe and well.

CRIMES None Cllr B Austen and PCSO Colin Ryder left the meeting at 6.45pm 88/11 MATTERS ARISING: None 89/11 MATTERS RAISED BY CHAIRMAN: None

90/11 PARISH MATTERS Rural Skip Service well used this year, however some parked cars in The Pound area caused slight difficulty. Next year do a flyer for homeowners in the street to ensure area is kept free. Road Closure Fore Street for 3 days in September 2011. Check with highways if closed between certain times or full closure for period. Send details to newsletter. Parish Paths Letter received from Lord Clifford regarding bridleway at Well Farm. 2

David Alyemore attended to problem for council. Parish Minutes Options given to Councillors regarding minutes on website. a) No minutes b) Minutes with draft on them c) Minutes signed but delay in uploading Councillors decided to have minutes on website with draft watermark on them. Any corrections can still be done at the next parish meeting. Litter/Dog Bins Request from TDC regarding updating the litter/dog bin database. Dog Bin – Millennium Green Litter Bin – The Pound and Oak Tree area Clerk to email TDC 73/11 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION Suspend standing orders None Reinstate Standing Orders 74/11 CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED: Teignbridge District Council Planning Applications – W/ending 13th and 20th May 2011 Regulatory and Appeals agenda 27/5/11 Rural Skip notice Planning for community infrastructure Devon County Council Parish paths Partnership Waste Core Strategy Bulletin DALC _ Auditors DALC – Car Parks DALC – Rural Retailers DALC – Regulations Sustainable Communities Act DALC – Engaging with young people DALC – Planning for Traveller sites Devon – In Touch May 2011 Misc. Countryside Voice – Spring 2011 Rural Services Network – 17th and 24th May 2011 NALC – Communities in Action The Clerk Magazine – May 2011 Viridor Credits Kompan CPRE – Members Guide 2011 Further correspondence received: Letter from DALC regarding the elections of representatives. 3

75/11 PLANNING: Ref: 11/010897/FUL – Field Timber Shed, planning permission Ref: 11/01543/FUL – Larcombe Farm, planning comments 76/11 CLERK REPORT AND FINANCE: Will be looking at finances during the summer break for a financial forecast. Balance of accounts 30/6/2011

Parish Council Parish Paths

£2269.39 £670.54

New signatures form for Lloyds Bank – for new councillors to sign

77/11 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be Wednesday 7th September 2011 The meeting closed at 7.10pm

Signed………………………………..………. Cllr. (Chairman)



Council Minutes July 2011  

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting July 2011

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