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MINUTES OF IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 1ST DECEMBER 2010 PRESENT: Cllrs: Angie Carter-Woodwark (Chairman), Anthony French (Vice Chairman), Barry Smith, Tom Hill, Geraldine Gaskell IN ATTENDANCE: Karen Gardin (Clerk), PCSO Colin Ryder Members of the public (by end of meeting) 11 total 16/10 APOLOGIES: Cllrs: Mike Walters, Beryl Austen (by late email). Members of the public: Shelia Manley, Sue Coombes, Diana Hodgson 17/10 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Where agreed and signed as a true record. 18/10 DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:


19/10 REPORTS District and County Councillor report – Cllr M Walters read out by clerk

County Councillor’s Report – December 2010 The location of the grit bins needs confirmation with Area Engineer South (DCC) in order to ensure that all the bins are necessary. I am able to confirm that my Devon Community Fund of £680 to offset the costs is available. I raised the matter of the planned traffic light installation at the junction of Chudleigh Road and the Old Exeter Road (the Toll House) in the latest HATOC meeting. The committee heard my reasons for retaining the roundabout and also for the installation of a light controlled crossing at the Strap Lane/Exeter Road junction. It was agreed that my resolution be adopted. Now the matter has to be raised again in DCC Cabinet for confirmation as part of the process. I wish to have the backing of Kingsteignton Town Council to give strength to my argument. I have further investigated the issue of land provision for the development of a primary school in conjunction with all the necessary infrastructure and I believe I am reaching an agreement but as yet, cannot give details due to the sensitivity of the situation. I hope to have answers very early in the New Year. Plans for Exeter and Norwich to take over all council services as unitary authorities have formally ended with the Commons approving the Local Government Bill. The cities were granted permission by the Labour government to take over county council services, including schools, roads and social services. The moves were blocked by a High Court ruling before the bill revoked them. Plans and the winter service policy for 2010/2011 winter have been approved and the authority to change any operational procedures is delegated to the Executive Director of Environment, Economy and Culture, or his nominated deputy in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways. These measures should improve the winter service following the last two years’

severe weather. The services were called out and the operation centre in Kennford was manned last weekend in case of the weather turning for the worst, but so far so good and we have been spared the heavy snows that had been forecast. The spending review is still far from clear in exactly what it we mean for Devon. The headline position is that local government, excluding schools, will have to make 27% reduction in spending, in real terms, over the next four years. The front loading of the settlement means that we will have to make reductions of around 12% in the next financial year. What these figures mean is difficult to translate into money available to Devon, at this juncture. District Councillor’s Report. The planning application for the access to the outline plan for the development in Vicarage Hill has been considered and subject to further details on the siting of the bus stop and entrance the members resolved that the application may well go ahead. Discussions revolve around possible creation of an entrance positioned where the current bus stop and lay-by are situated and that another recessed bus stop created. Points have been made about the design of the access and that the appearance of the drive into Kingsteignton should not be totally altered from the current and esthetically pleasing appearance of the bank and tress bordering the “Christmas Tree Farm”. The silt accumulation at the Pound in the village has been addressed and a watching brief has been set up to ensure that flooding will not occur. DCC are aware and are prepared to act before emergency states are reached. I have been very involved in attempting to get SWWater to act positively to the sewage problems being encountered in River Close. So much so, that I have recommended that legal action be taken if SWWater do not rectify the situation soonest. I consider we pay high enough bills for the water supply in the region and that we deserve better treatment without the never-ending excuses given to us by SWWater. I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Cllr Beryl Austen (late emailed) IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL REPORT. The Executive of Teignbridge District Council met on Monday to review the current budget in the light of forthcoming National cuts expected and to report on the present situation. Details which may be of interest to the Council are: There has been a drop of 2% in planning applications and Land Registry fees income is lower than previously. Car parking income was down by £35,000 at the end of October. It is anticipated that there may be a substantial drop in Government Grants to District Councils to be announced shortly and Teignbridge is inviting staff to apply for voluntary redundancies as a possible saving . Reserves are at £978,000 with no carry forward or earmarked reserves and it is satisfying that due to past prudence and continuous

monitoring of the budgets we are in a position to cope. However continuous efforts are being made to cut costs while maintaining services. Council Tax will remain at its present level of £150.17. There is no doubt that there will be difficult times ahead but Teignbridge continues to get National awards for its prudent financial management and its level of customer satisfaction both of which are crucial at this time.

PCSO Colin Ryder No Crime reported between 2nd – 30 th Nov Suspect vehicle at Coombe cross and debt identify fraud by a parishioner Stokeingteignhead/Coombeingteignhead £2500 stolen from a garage. Also in Bishopsteignton a white van was located and occupants arrested. This lead to stolen property being recovered from a house in Torquay. Sheep stolen but not in Ideford area and keep valuables locked away. New scheme called Farm watch being introduced – similar to Neighbourhood watch scheme. Neighbourhood watch scheme for village suggested to be restarted. Note to be put in newsletter asking for a co-ordinator. PCSO Colin Ryder left the meeting 6.45pm 20/10 MATTERS ARISING:


21/10 MATTERS RAISED BY CHARIMAN: Notification from TDC regarding Underhayes – change of name To be now known as Underhays (without the e in the name) Chairman informed the meeting that the allowance to be used for purchase of an item in memory of Sue King is on hold for the present. Water main burst in Chudleigh again caused problems to residents of Ideford. Write to SWW re concerns. 22/10 PARISH MATTERS Grit Bins – email received by DCC regarding siting. Cllr French hadn’t been able to confirm earlier siting of Olchard bin. Other 3 bins have been agreed for siting. Bin 1 site futher up the road from Collybrook due to parishioners concerns. Close to Byways Bin 2 Town Farm Lane road widens at bottom of small hill – refer back that parishioners felt that siting would be better at top of Town Farm Lane at junction with Longthorn Road.

Bin 3 Church Corner with Butts Lane Bin 4 Olchard Site needs to be agreed Suspended Standing Orders – discussion followed by Councillors and public as to the best area for new grit bin to be sited. Felt that best siting Olchard loop at junction of road leading down to Watery Lane. Right hand side as this would be able to be placed in hedge. Check with DCC engineers for agreement. Standing Orders reinstated Street Lighting Clerk informed meeting that contact had been made with DCC. Ideford had been updated for DCC street lighting critia. Alterations with illuminating the streets would need to be put in writing from the Parish Council, however any other further changes would need to be funded by the Parish Council. Grass Cutting David Wright has quoted that for the next 12 months charges would be the same price £144. Other quotes to be requested. Notice in parish magazine and noticeboard. 23/10 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – Standing Orders suspended Bridlepath Watery Lane to Muddy Bottoms, topsoil has washed away and rocks appearing, making it difficult. Chairman to ask David Alymore to look at area and report. Standing Orders reinstated 24/10 CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED Correspondence received in last week given to Councillors for reading. 25/10 PLANNING Land at Larcombe Barn NGR288942 Ref: 10/03268/FUL Agricultural Building for lambing and storage. Not increasing the footprint of existing barn property which has been granted to be turned into holiday accommodation. New barn to be of concrete and timber away from existing building. No objections if it were use only for agricultural uses.

26/10 CLERK’S REPORT AND FINANCE Cheques for payment 00412 DALC – Clerk training £88.14 Proposed: Cllr. Gaskell Seconded: Cllr. Carter-Woodwark 00413 David Wright – Grass Cutting Proposed: Cllr. French Seconded: Cllr. Smith


00414 Ideford PCC (Newsletter) S137 Proposed: Cllr. Gaskell Seconded: Cllr. Hill


00415 Millennium Green £425 Proposed: Cllr. Gaskell Seconded: Cllr. Smith Clerk prepared budget forecast for 2010/11 and 2011/12. Precept for 2011/12 discussed and agreed to stay the same. Proposed: Cllr. Smith Seconded: Cllr. Gaskell 27/10 DATE OF NEXT MEETING Next meeting to be 2nd February 2011

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