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MINUTES OF THE IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 2ND JUNE 2010 Present: Cllr A Carter-Woodwark, Cllr A French, Cllr G Gaskell, Cllr K Ellis Cllr T Hill Cllr S Jervis Apologies: PCSO C Ryder, Cllr B Austen In Attendance: Mrs K Gardin (Clerk), Cllr M Walters (DCC) Residents: Four Minutes of last meeting: Agreed and signed as an accurate record. Declaration of Interests: None Councillors’/Officers’ Reports: County Councilor’s Report – June 2010 The status of the County, District, Town and Parish Councils in Devon will remain unchanged, as Eric Pickles has called time on the wasteful and unnecessary restructuring of councils in Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has introduced a Bill that will stop the plan to create unitary councils in these areas. This means that Exeter will remain as part of Devon County. This move, it is said, will save the taxpayer some £40m and will halt the diversion of time and money away from the priority of improving frontline services. Creating a unitary council in Exeter would have added over £200 to local tax bills according to DCC. It is interesting to note that 85% of Devon favoured no change to their council. We have yet to experience the plans for the local councils having more say in their decision making processes. The problem for us is that finance and grants will continue to be affected by the economic downturn and the clearance of the national debt. The infrastructure in and around Kingsteignton will need re-appraisal in the light of the re-visiting and removal of the RSS in our District of Teignbridge. The granting of CIF monies for the road development around the possible New Cross site has to have been spent by March 2011. It is not likely that the development on New Cross will be sufficiently advanced to enable the suggested road development for this site. However, indications are that the restructuring of the junction of Exeter Road and Strap Lane and a continued improvement of Strap Lane as far as the Toll House is more likely to be carried out. The possible installation of traffic lights on the Old Exeter Road may be part of the equation, but nothing can be taken for granted at this moment in time. District Councilor’s Report. The commitment in the coalition agreements have clearly set out the intention to rapidly abolish Regional Strategies and return decision making powers on housing and planning to local councils. Consequently decisions on housing supply (including the provision of travelers’ sites) will rest with local Planning Authorities without the framework of regional numbers and plans. For us this will mean that housing needs 1

have still to be addressed, but the large number of imposed developments will no longer be made on us. The LDF will clearly be affected. Negotiations will have to take place with surrounding local authorities such as Exeter on the possible developments in Alphington and maybe in Exminster, as far as the effects on Teignbridge will be determined. It also means that the imposition of 8000 houses in the Newton Abbot area will be considerably reduced. Cllr B Austen’s report - read out. Report to Ideford Parish Council. I am sending my apologies for the June Council meeting, as I will be on holiday during the half term with all of my family and grandchildren in the Dourdoigne. I attended a site inspection on the 24th May to look at the nine application sites of plans submitted to Teignbridge for development for the area behind Tesco, the Rugby Field and land and roads between those sites and Broadway Road. The sites are for industrial development, some residential and a country park. The applications will be heard on the 21st June. County Councillor and I both made representations with regard to the lack of a major road to and from the proposed developments which could only lead to more traffic congestion and exacerbate the present situation. The Coalition have announced the Decentralisation and Localism Bill, which would deal with housing and planning and contain a review of local finance. The purport of this legislation is to bring planning and housing decisions back to local level and, if that proves to be the case, it could be that the high targets, which were insisted upon by the Regional Spatial Strategy, now defunct, will be reduced considerably for the Newton Abbot/Kingsteignton area. PCSO Colin Ryder’s report - read out. Please find the following police logs and crimes for Ideford from 05/05/10 to 31/05/10 POLICE LOGS Broken down vehicle at Olchard. Fire on Ideford Common. Bereavement message. Dune buggy on Bridlepath- Words of advice given to culprit. Report of rook shooting. Ongoing investigation with the RSPCA. May yet be crimed. CRIMES None Due to Cllr Mike Walters needing to leave the meeting to attend another engagement, Cllr A Carter-Woodwark requested that a change in the agenda take place so that Cllr Walters could answer the Parish Council’s concerns. Matters raised by Chairman: Planning items The Parish Council raised concern that suggestions made regarding planning applications are not being considered by the local authority-planning officer. Even a request for a site visit was made to the officer, which was not taken up.


The local councillors represent the parishioners and feel that their concerns over issues are not being addressed. They felt that they have the local knowledge that helps a decision to be made. Therefore why are they asked to comment on any planning application, if these points are disregarded. Cllr Walters would investigate with the local planning authority and ask for the current processes for future applications. Finger Post Road Sign The Parish Council had received correspondence informing them that the highways departments’ reassessment had concluded that the road sign on the edge of Teignmouth Golf Club would not be replaced. The Chairman informed Cllr Walters that Councillors and residents felt strongly that the alternative route suggested by highways is not suitable to large vehicles. Cllr Walters to investigate reasoning with highways. The Clerk to forward all emails received to Cllr Walters. Thistle Dock Stables The Chairman asked for an update as no formal confirmation by enforcement officer had been received regarding outcome. Cllr Walters to contact enforcement officer. Ideford Village Hall Hall alterations now complete. Millennium Green Plan to develop wetland area. Forward details/costs to Cllr Walters for criteria of grant The Pound Silt building again after clearance only last winter. To prevent flooding would County be able to clear. Need to investigate. Cllr Walters left the meeting @ 7pm Matters Arising Street Lighting/Grit Bins On going assessment. Road Sign Addressed in Matters raised by Chairman to Cllr Walters. Risk Assessment New assessment had been typed and Cllrs. French and Jervis signed the copy. Remedial works required is in hand with Cllr French


Parish Matters Ideford Parish Council History Cllr. Gaskell raised a suggestion regarding the Parish Council History. The idea was given much consideration and felt in principal could be put on the parish website. Cllr Gaskell to do enquiries over funding. Report back to the Council with progress at the September meeting. Councillor Vacancy Highlighted to all present. Clerk to work with Teignbridge. Councillor Course Details to be sent to Cllrs Gaskell,Ellis and Hill regarding the course on 12th July 2010. Rural Skip 26th June at The Pound. Confirmed by Teignbridge Public Participation No comments Correspondence TDC: Planning Applications w/ending 14th May 2010 Planning Applications w/ending 7th May 2010 Planning Applications w/ending 30th April 2010 Planning Applications w/ending 23rd April 2010 Agenda and reports Development Control Committee 11th May 2010* Agenda and reports Full Council (Annual Meeting) 10th May 2010* Agenda and reports Executive meeting 17th May 2010* Minutes – Executive meeting 17th May 2010* Planning Approval – The Retreat 10/00352/FUL Planning Approval – Myrtle Cottage 10/00894/FUL DCC: Parish on Line – Devon Association of Local Councils Society of Local Council Clerks – Course Cemetery Management Devon in Touch – May 2010 edition Helping you to make work pay – Leaflet DALC – newsletter May/Jun 2010 Miscellaneous: Viridor Credits – Letter received Beryl Austen/Mike Walters – emails regarding Myrtle Cottage Rural Services Community – 4th May Rural Services Community – 10th May Rural Services Community – 17th May Rural Services Network – 21st May 2010 NALC Events Bulletin


Aon Ltd – Insurance Renewal received CPRE – Letter sent Ken Abraham (Internal Audit Report 2009-10) Record RSS Ltd – Play equipment Clerks and Councils Direct Countryside Voice Twentyfourseven – Spring 2010 The Motor Cycling Club Teignbridge CVS – War Memorials Society of Local Councils Clerks Finance The clerk informed the Parish Council that the annual audit had been completed. Awaiting confirmation documents back. Balances at 31st May 2010

PC Balance P3 Balance Petty Cash P3 Petty Cash

£ 1690.98 £ 646.53 £ 0.00 £ 23.59

Cheque payment to be made to Ken Abraham – Internal Audit £44.00 Proposed by: Cllr K Ellis Seconded by: Cllr A French Cheque signed by Cllrs. Carter-Woodwark and French Payment to be made to Devon Tree Services – Tree Works Nov 2009 To be withheld. Clerk to contact Devon Tree Services with regard to work carried out. Next Meeting Wednesday 7th July 2010 With no further business, meeting concluded at 7.24pm


Parish Council Minutes, June 2010  

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting - June 2010

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