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MINUTES OF IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL ANNUAL MEETING 18TH MAY 2011 PRESENT: Cllrs: Angie Carter-Woodward(Chairman), Anthony French(Vice Chairman), Geraldine Gaskell, Barry Smith, Tom Hill. Cllrs in waiting: Laurie Sutherland, Mark Oswald. IN ATTENDANCE: Karen Gardin(Clerk), 12 members of the public 44/11 WELCOME AND APOLOGIES: Cllrs: Beryl Austen, Mike Walters, PCSO Colin Ryder, Dr Nicky Horseman. The Chairman welcomed all present to the annual meeting of Ideford Parish Council. This meeting allows all the Ideford organisations to report their activities for the past year. 45/11 MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 5th May 2010 The minutes of the last parish meeting (5th May 2010) was agreed and signed as an accurate record. 46/11 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT A privilege for me to serve as Chairman for a second term on this council. The position is a journey gaining knowledge and experience along the way, always something new to learn, always someone to listen to and learn from. No parish would function without a Clerk and on behalf of the council I would like to thank her for her hard work. Also thanks to my fellow councillors for their support, frankness and fairness in our many discussions, we do not always agree, but decisions are made by consensus often helped by the knowledge offered from the floor. This has been a fairly busy year for us, we have dealt with eight planning items. With other parish councils within Teignbridge, we have always been concerned about how seriously our views on planning are taken into account at District level. We raised this issue with our councillors Beryl Austin and Mike Walters who arranged a meeting here with the Chief Planning Officer and a colleague where frank views were exchanged. Other councils had similar meetings and we hope that this will carry us forward in decision-making. Earlier this year one of our most experienced councillors, Simon Jervis, resigned from the council. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his considerable contribution. As a community we have emerged from a very hard winter; for a time the streets and lanes were precarious. With financial help from our DCC Mike Walters, we were able to acquire extra grit bins for Ideford and Olchard. Cllr French is currently looking into possibly becoming our bad weather co-ordinator with help from community members. As a result of the extreme conditions, pot holes are a seemingly never ending problem, the holes are reported and are indeed filled in, however Cllr Smith reported some works were carried out in under 15 minutes. We passed on our concerns as to the quality of work as holes are appearing again. After much discussion and a well attended public meeting it was decided that the American oak standing in the centre of the village on the small green should be replaced with an English oak.

The large oily leaves caused problems with drains and in order to maintain its shape and size the parish would need to spend considerable expense every year. The species is very fast growing and as it was causing problems with power lines Western Power offered to fell the tree. We thank Len Fowell for his specialist help and support. The council paid for the grinding out of the old stump and new planting and we are in debt of gratitude to parishioner Phil Watkins who not only paid for the new tree but also financed the complex drainage system laid around the roots. Parish paths, bridleways and green lanes are a precious resource within our lovely environment. David Alymore although not a councillor, has taken on the responsibility for this important area. We would like to thanks David for all his hard work in monitoring the paths and we hope to support him in producing a leaflet that will encourage people to walk and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. We are lucky to have regular presence of Colin Ryder (PCSO), who keeps us informed of any issues that may affect the security of our parish. He holds a regular surgery in the village and we thank you Colin for your reports to council and commitment to our community. There are two people to whom the council would like to forward heartfelt thanks. We congratulate Beryl Austin and Mike Walters on their re-election to Teignbridge and DCC. They rarely miss a council meeting and as a council we are able to pass on concerns on issues and there are always investigated and promptly responded to. Although we had two vacancies in council for some time we were obliged to go to election in May. We welcome our two new councillors, Mark Oswald and Laurie Sutherland to the Parish Council to move forward together to listen and serve the needs of our community. Before I end I must thank the parishioners of Ideford Parish who regularly attend our meetings, their views, experience and knowledge are vital to the work of this council, thank you all for your input and support. 47/11 REPORTS Devon County Councillor/District Councillor – Mike Walters (read by clerk)

Ideford AGM It has been a pleasure to work for Ideford and attend the monthly Parish Meetings over the past year as both your County and District Councilor. I am also pleased to be able to continue in these roles for the next year. I thank all those electors who gave me their support during the election. I have hopefully been of assistance and have been able to provide advice and guidance to the Parish in the various activities and where questions have arisen in matters concerning the parish. I wish the Parish Council has a fruitful year for the next twelve months and beyond.

County Councillor’s Report – April 2011 Not a great deal has happened over the month concerning Kingsteignton and Ideford. The County Council is still coming to terms with the cuts and reduction in finances across the board. However, a site visit by the Development Management Committee took place in Kingsteignton, with a chance for local residents and officers and associated interested bodies, to express their thoughts at the end of the visit in the Ten Tors Inn. The site visit was to consider an amendment to the already accepted plans for the diversion of the B3193 road, by Sibelco. No decisions were made and the matter will be subject to debate and acceptance or otherwise at a full committee meeting in the County in the next few weeks.

District Councillor’s Report. The greater part of the month has been taken up with the elections to Parish/Town and District Councils. I extend my congratulations to all those elected onto the Ideford Parish Council and I can also say that I am pleased to be able to continue in my role as District Councillor for Kingsteignton East and Ideford. At the TDC Annual Meeting it was announced that I am to be a member of the Executive in the Council with special responsibilities for HR and Procurement. This is because of the change in the administration within TDC to that of Conservative overall control of the Council. DISTRICT COUNCILOR’S REPORT. A.G.M. – Beryl Austen (read by clerk) I am very pleased to be able to go on representing Ideford as I have over the past eight years since it was included in my Ward. As we enter another challenging period we have to take on board the changing circumstances in Teignbridge. By the year 2020 we anticipate that 30%of our population will be over 65. At present there are 68 jobs available for every 100 people seeking employment. We have 27% of our communities with less than 3000 population which makes services such as refuse collection very expensive in those localities. The average wage is £393 per week but we have 22% of our community earning less than £16,000. A bright star is that we are producing 3% and rising of generated energy and we lead the country in 57% recycling. At the moment Council Tax has been frozen and Teignbridge is making every possible economy to retain its sound financial position with satisfactory reserves. Staff levels have been reduced through natural wastage and voluntary redundancies. A network of partnerships has been established with other District Councils to deal with different aspects of our work in the most cost effective way and obtain services at better rates. Even with hard times ahead we start from a good position and in recent surveys were pleased to have high levels of customer satisfaction. Thank you for the privilege of representing you again. DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE– PCSO Colin Ryder (read by clerk) Sorry neither of us are able to make it tonight. Please read below for the police logs and crimes for Ideford. Regards Colin


CRIMES ASSAULT. The fight at Ideford Common was to do with dogs attacking cats and resulted in the assault crime being committed. The shooting of animals was part of the same incident the following day, but turned out to be target practice on cans etc.

Myself and other officers have been up to the Common in relation to the vehicle speeding and the burnt out car and I have been liasing with the Rangers. Please note Stokeinteignhead, Shaldon & Bishopsteignton have been hit by vehicle crime. Please advise all to lock their car doors, use any security devices fitted and keep valuables or anything that may attract a thief to break–in out of view. IDEFORD PARISH LANDS AND CHARITY OF HUMPHREY BORRINGTON (FEOFFEES) – Anne Rigby-Jones The Trustees meet annually in November and at their last meeting it was reported that no payments had been made during the year. Balance in hand was £401.56. Sadly Mrs Susan King, one of the Trustees, has died so there is a vacancy for her replacement.* The remaining Trustees are the Team Vicar (Chairman), Mrs Kay Rusden (Treasurer), Miss Ann Rigby-Jones (Minuting Secretary), Mrs Jean Silvester and Mrs Gladys Stevens, to whom cases of need should be made known. IDEFORD VILLAGE HALL – Tony Sharland IDEFORD BOWLING GROUP – Terry Dore The Bowls club has had quite a good year. We finished 4th in the Teignbridge League. We did not do so well in the Exeter League but we all enjoyed playing. In April, Alan and I went to Bridgwater to look at some new mats, which we managed to get a grant to purchase. This year we started a new competition between Leusdon and ourselves, where we play for a shield on a home and away basis, of which we were the winners. Our presentation evening in September was a success with Mr Crispin presenting the presidents cup. Two new members Sheila Yeo and James Rockey. Shelia won the trophy for the most improved player. Steve Bulley and Beryl are now back playing again for us, but Ted Bunce has recently been unwell and we wish him a speedy return. We would always welcome new members. Thank you to Teresa for making the tea and a big thank you to all the committee for all the work they do. IDEFORD BELL RINGERS – Anne Rigby-Jones Since St John’s has been closed for refurbishment we have welcomed the Bishopsteignton ringers to our practices on Thursday evenings. Occasionally we visit other towers to gain more experience and we appreciate being asked to ring at weddings. IDEFORD ART GROUP – Angie Carter-Woodwark After a slow start to the year people are beginning to return. We hope to stage an exhibition in the autumn. It’s lovely to see a new generation of youngsters joining our group and everyone has talent. So if you would like to come and experiments why not join us for one or two sessions with no obligation. The Art Group is now in its 19th year and we look forward to welcoming back our regulars over the next few weeks until the end of July. The summer break follows until a new year in September. Everyone is welcome from 6+ and we meet most Friday evening from 6.30 – 8pm PARISH PATHS – David Aylmore

MILLENNIUM GREEN – Anthony French It has been a quiet year for the Millennium Green. At our last AGM we were looking at obtaining a dedicated power supply for the green and this has now been connected. Thanks to Len Fowles for his help in this matter. Also a big thank you to Barry Smith who has kept the Green looking so well, his hard work is really appreciated. During the coming year we need to lay some more of the hedges around the green and clear the wetland area. In order to fund this we are holding an open gardens event on Sunday 26th June with proceeds being split between the Green and Devon Air Ambulance. Thanks therefore to Christine, Paul, Rosemary and Angie for agreeing to organise this. We are looking for additional trustees to join the trust and if anyone is interested please speak to me. A big thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us over the last year and we hope you will continue to do so in 2011. PARISH CHURCH COUNCIL – Nicky Horseman St Mary’s Church, Ideford Report 2010-11 There have been a number of memorable events held in the Church this year, sadly including the funerals of June Morgan, Sue and Mervyn King and Sue Coombes, but also three weddings/marriage blessings and five baptisms. Christmas Services continued despite the snow and a degree of skating ability needed to attend the Carol Service but as ever the church was full. An informal Christmas Day celebration was a successful innovation and well attended by the young families in the parish. The church was well supported by senior clergy from the Diocese with Phillip and Caroline Luff returning for the Harvest Thanksgiving and Bishop Bob took our Easter Day service. The PCC would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people in the Community who contribute to the life of the Church: to the key holders, the flower arrangers, those who cut the grass and maintain the hedges and walls to the Christian Aid organisers and collectors, to the Mother’s Union members, to the sidemen and the clergy who run the services, and to all those support events such as the Fete, fundraising events and concerts. The Churchwardens for the coming year (Lee Martin and Vanessa Morby) are being sworn in at a special service taken by the Archdeacon tonight (18th May) at Dawlish. Whilst repair work was carried out on the tower in the autumn which has ensured that the stone work is now secure, as ever there is more work to be undertaken. The Church faces further financial challenges as it seeks to serve the community and, as this report shows, the church has a vital part to play in supporting the community particularly at the times of life’s landmarks; both happy and sad.

MOTHERS UNION BRANCH – Verbal report by clerk Unfortunately the branch has now closed. It is hoped that should more interest become apparent then the branch might recommence. 48/11 ANNUAL REPORT –Clerk My thanks to parishioners and councillors for the welcome and the past twelve months since I took over. It has been a steep learning curve but enjoyable and I realised that this was going to be no easy task. I hope that I have achieved a smooth transition for all. The main government objectives during the last 12 months have been to push the Big Society and changes to the Audit/finance regulations. This are still very much in the pipeline and when the next round of information comes out I am sure the councillors will be viewing very closely, how it effect’s the parish.

I am looking forward to the next 12 months and working with all the newly elected councillors for the interest of the parish and parishioners. 49/11 ANY OTHER BUSINESS None 50/11 DATE OF NEXT ANNUAL MEETING The date of the next Annual Parish Meeting will be 2nd May 2012.

The meeting concluded at 7.12 pm

Signed Cllr:……………………………………….


AGM May 2011  

AGM Parish Council 18 May 2011

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