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TEACHING PLAN STUDENTS Programme of study: Year/Level of students in class: Number in class: Lecturer/Facilitator Aim I intend to………… Intended Learning Outcome(s) (ILO’s) By the end of the session, students should be able to:

What assumptions (if any) can I make about the students’ prior learning?

What content, problems or questions need to be included?

What are the best methods and media to use and why? For example: Lecture Small group Laboratories Problem-based e-Learning Demonstration Artefacts Audiovisual aids Other What learning activities will the students be asked to participate in and why?

What will I do to see whether the ILO’s were achieved?

What support materials, handouts etc. (if any) will be used?

How are the learning outcomes and teaching and learning activities aligned?

How will I evaluate this session?

In relation to all of the above, how will I ensure that the session addresses issues of good practice in respect to equality and diversity – especially in terms of the educational needs and background of a diverse student population.

Teaching Plan Template  

Teaching plan template

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