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FashionStylista Looking fabulous comes from

within, but with a little shopping and the right accessories, you will not only talk the talk but walk the walk on the runway of life!

Le t’s find sop h isticate d p ie ce s th atw ork in y ou r l ife sty l e and b u dge t!

Whether it’s for a job interview, a special event, a photo shoot, wedding day or to yourself, let me be your go-to gal, I can make it happen on any budget!


I will provide you with amazing service in finding your inner style with a dash of



$45/1hr Consu l tation (Brie f e val u ation of sty l e , w ardrob e , ne e ds and b u dge t). Re -arranging p ie ce s of e xisting w ardrob e and adding acce ssorie s to cre ate a fre sh l ook .

Le t’s tak e th e w ardrob e p ie ce s y ou al re ady h ave and find acce ssorie s to cre ate m ore ou tfits! Le t’s find a ne w l ook or re fine y ou r e xisting sty l e.


E xcl u sive l y sh op p ing for cl ie ntfor $25/hr a sp e cific e ve ntor to add ne w m u st h ave p ie ce s to w ardrob e incl u de s 30 m inu te p h one inte rvie w re garding ne e ds. W ardrob e Re -do! Incl u de s consu l tation and e val u ation of cu rre ntw ardrob e , discu ss goal s, sh op for ne w w ardrob e p ie ce s incl u de s 1 m id fitting and final fitting.atth e e nd of th e m onth .

$400 flat rate

Sty l ing on day of e ve nt, e ve ning, date , e tc.

$250 flat rate

Sty l ing for a b ride !


Lesley Ann FashionStylista  

lesley ann fashionstylista brochure, services and prices

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