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Councillor Lesley Brennan News release

Recklessly riding roughshod over residents’ despair 9 July 2012

The summer months’ long evenings conjure up images of the kids playing in the street enjoying their summer holidays. However, for many residents in the East End ward, these evenings are spoiled because of the fear for their youngsters or older neighbours being injured through nuisance, and by dangerous and usually illegal motorcyclists. Residents of across the East End ward have raised concerns with me regarding these youths. In Linlathen, parents are scared that their kids will be injured by motorbikes speeding along Glenconnor Drive down Pitkerro Drive and then on to Fountainbleu Drive and through Finlathen Park or on to Happyhillock Road. Many of these motorcyclists do not just ride on the road. I have been informed about an older resident who was nearly knocked over by motorbike that had mounted the pavement and sped down a walkway in Happyhillock. The young people who are riding these bikes are risking their own lives too. Four years ago, a teenager was killed in Douglas while riding a stolen motorbike. The bike collided with a parked car in Balbeggie Street. This is a real tragedy for his family and friends.

I believe there are three strands to reducing this problem: 1. communities working with Tayside Police to reduce the current problem. 2. community safety funding for physical barriers to stop these motorcyclists riding on footpaths 3. preventing our teenagers of tomorrow becoming nuisance motorbike riders Increase reporting to the Police Many times residents do not report these events because they know that the bikers will be long gone by the time the police arrive. However, Tayside Police always urges witnesses to report these incidents and to provide as much detail as possible as it helps the Police build up a profile of this activity across the city. Continue funding physical structures to keep pedestrians safe To make residents safer the East End Community Regeneration Forum has funded across the ward chicanes and barriers to reduce motorcyclists mounting pavements and riding along footpaths.

Prevention Research shows that high risk drivers and riders can be identified from mid to late childhood on a range of individual characteristics (such as aggressive tendencies and lack of attention). Therefore, as some signals of problematic driving and riding behaviour are noticeable many years before a person first drives a car or motorcycle, youth workers can intervene with appropriate programmes to reduce these risks. For our current young people, I would like to more funding for safe environments for them to learn how to ride and race whilst minimising risks to themselves and the other members of the community. I am heartened that the East End Local Community Partnership aims to continue delivering its successful motorbike project which is reducing the use of illegal off-road motorbikes by educating young people on motorbikes specifically how to use these legally and responsibly. The successful implementation of this three pronged approach may allow residents not to fear the coming summer months' long evenings.

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Lesley Brennan  
Lesley Brennan  

Recklessly riding roughshod over residents’ despair