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Revolutionary Gel Mats for Players Imagine your shoes are full of dust and dirt and you need shoe traction, but you’re out of peel away sheets. This is the common problem most of the times professional players face because of their intense training they can’t make a list of what things to carry or not! People also don’t like to spend money all the time and they need a permanent solution. Stengrip after analyzing your problems, and promising for the best solutions, introduces its latest and revolutionary shoe traction technology, Gel Mats providing the best traction experience, plus free your mind from the worrying about running out of sheets. These Gel mats are simple and easy to use like the other traditional mats but they have some classy additional features. You just have to step on and off, and the mat removes the old rubber, dust and dirt under your shoes. It is 3x times stickier than the regular shoe traction board and it removes dirt more effectively also. Stepping on it, produces a new gel and it removes the dirt completely and make the grip like new again. StepNGrip’s new Gel mat technology doesn't need a protective sheet or something. The easy maintenance of this board is also an exception in the traction technology. You just have to clean it by placing it under running water by using the cleaning pad with the soap gently. The gel mat will going to be dry in less than three minutes then it’s going to be ready and you can use it again. You don’t have to clean it all the time, cleaning depends on how many players use it and the dirt present on the floor of the gym.

Recommended by most of the top coaches, used by most of the players of sports like basketball, volleyball, and other racquet ball ones, this product is a fresh and a new arrival in the market giving the best experience of shoe traction. Now, stop worrying about replacing the mats and save money because with proper care these mats can last over for three years. You can get away with all of the regular traction troubles by buying this splendid product by StepNGrip. You can get this product by placing an order at Basketball Gel Mats and the product will be on your way. StepNGrip focuses on qualitative improvement on their customer’s feedback and ensures the availability of the perfect product and believe in nourishing their relationship with the customers built on care and trust. Have a happy buying and dirt free day, folks.

Revolutionary gel mats  

The innovative gel mat has replaced the current peel away sheets used in games. These gel mats are cost effective and last for 3 years. It'...