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Each February, the International Offices of the Church of God of Prophecy shares a report of the previous year’s ministry happenings in the Progress Edition of the Cleveland Daily Banner, the local newspaper of Cleveland, Tennessee where the International Offices are located.

The articles contributed provide a rich overview of the work of many of the ministries of the International Offices.

This year, we have compiled these reports into an E-zine format for review and sharing. We trust that this review will bless you as you read some of the work of your International Offices at home and around the globe.

The Global Outreach Ministries of the Church of God of Prophecy serves national ministries in 132 nations through General Presbyters who, along with General Overseer Bishop R. E. Howard, provide inspirational leadership to the global network. The work of the Church is divided into seven major global regions, each led by a General Presbyter: Africa (Bishop Sherman Allen); Asia and Oceania (Bishop David Browder); Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands (Bishop Brice Thompson); Central America, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean (Bishop Felix Santiago); Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS (Bishop Clayton Endecott); North America (Bishop Sam Clements); and South America (Bishop Miguel Mojica). The Global Outreach Committee—a diverse group of international leaders— works alongside the Director to inform ministry direction and implementation. The core staff for Global Outreach is led by Bishop David Bryan, who is assisted by executive secretary, Retha Frankland. The department is comprised of a number of vital components, including Harvest Partners Ministry, led by Annette Taylor, assisted by Jenna Allen and Kathy Green, as well as Helping Hand Ministry and One Child Fund,

which are administered by Cathy Payne. Mission Marker Partners, Pan de Vida (Spanish Voice of Salvation), and Servant Partners are integral ministries representing media, fund-raising, and compassion/construction elements of the Global family of ministries. The year 2007 was a year of transition in the Global Outreach Ministry with the partnership between the Voice of Salvation (English) and the International Center for Spiritual Renewal, which was formally established in September 2007, and led by Bishop Billy Wilson. The pace of global growth quickened in 2007, especially in Africa where membership in the Democratic Republic of the Congo surged to more than fourhundred thousand. The editors of Operation World, a popular missions resource, contacted Bishop Sherman Allen, General Presbyter for Africa, for information regarding Church of God of Prophecy ministries on the continent. Such a request is indicative of the increasing impact of our ministries in this significant part of the globe. Worldwide membership has topped one million in more than 12,000 churches, missions, and preaching points, with 90 percent of the membership living and ministering outside of North America.

Natural disasters, such as the fires in Greece and the massive earthquake that rocked Peru in August 2007, occasioned an outpouring of support from the global network. South Carolina, under the leadership of State Overseer, Ken Baker, and mission booster, Ted Cooper, raised funds and sent teams to some of the hardest-hit areas of Peru, including San Clemente, Cerro Azul, Chincha, Canete, and Chocoro, to provide emergency relief, help with the reconstruction of churches, and support of evangelistic efforts.

World evangelization, fueled by saturation churchplanting, continues to be at the heart of the global mission of the Church. Home-grown national leaders provide administrative and inspirational leadership in the vast majority of the 132 nations where the Church is ministering. This emphasis Peru overseer surveys damage on indigenous leadership has allowed the planting of culturally relevant congregations all over the world. Shaun and Sarah Morton, Clevelanders, who have responded to a missionary call to the Central American nation of Guatemala, represent a small but significant The diversity and global minority of North Leaders from 25 nations interconnectedness of the praying for Ukrainian pastors Americans serving as crossChurch was on display in during Leadership Conference cultural missionaries in the a unique leadership Church of God of Prophecy. gathering held in Kiev, Ukraine, in October 2007. More than eighty Church The vitality of Church of God of of God of Prophecy leaders, including Prophecy missions continues to increase the General Overseer; the General at home and in far-flung parts of the Presbyter for Europe, the Middle East globe. The impulse for extending the and the Commonwealth of Independent message of Christ is evident for States (CIS); the General Presbyter for example in Central America where North America; North American state hundreds of thousands of dollars are overseers and pastors; and national given annually to support the work of overseers from more than 25 nations church-planting and evangelism in met for four days of training and Africa, Europe, the CIS, and Asia. exposure to the Ukrainian revival and Ministries of compassion, such as national leaders of dynamic ministries orphanages, have been a long-standing in the Ukraine. The unique venue, feature of missions ministry in the format, and vision of this event signaled Church. Ministry to the destitute a fresh resource for the renewal of children of the world continues with churches around the world, along with orphanage ministry in eight nations and the coming of age for daughter a new orphanage facility under churches. construction in Rwanda.

The cries of a world in need have opened opportunities for the Helping Hand Ministry and One Child Fund to respond to hurting and needy people. From civil unrest to natural disasters around the world and in North America, funds have been channeled through these ministries to touch and minister to communities, families, and individual lives in times of need and crisis. The Helping Hand Ministry, a ministry of caring and sharing through individual financial giving, sent funding directly to nations and regions affected by natural phenomenon throughout the year. Funding was sent to immediately provide food, water, shelter, and the rebuilding of homes and churches in affected regions. Additionally, Helping Hand funded mission work to help assist ministers, erect buildings, provide transportation, aid in disaster relief, and supply other miscellaneous needs. These funds are marked for immediate distribution and go directly to the field for support of local workers and projects as specified by donors. This ministering tool also continues to help fuel mission and new-field endeavors.

This year, Helping Hand has processed funding for ministry in more than 85 nations with individual offerings administering supplement for ministers’ support, transportation needs, orphans and educational support, disaster and poverty relief, as well as assisting in the construction of church buildings. These gifts from donors ring as a testimony of the love and support of believers from within the body of Christ. The One Child Fund ministry is designed to reach and help needy and orphaned children in the name of Jesus. Again, this year, we ministered in the established and developing orphanages of Haiti, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Thailand, and Ukraine. Additionally, we assisted orphanage work in the nations of Bulgaria, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, and Venezuela. In response to world need and poverty, we again enlarged two orphanages in Indonesia, one orphanage in India, and our work in Haiti, Rwanda, and Ukraine.

This year has been a miracle year in the building of the new orphanage dorms and dining hall in Rwanda. Currently, construction has been completed to the roof line of the buildings, and we are believing for the remaining necessary funding to come in to complete this project. The One Child Fund is not just a social program of feeding, clothing, housing and schooling orphaned children, although these are extremely important in places where necessities are so scarce, but it is also about expressing the love of Christ to people in desperate need of the Savior, as well as raising up new leaders for the harvest. These children are experiencing real hope for the future. This ministry also provides needy children with improved health, nutrition, and e d u c a t i o n a l opportunities, as well as the opportunity to know and grow in the love of Jesus. We are blessed in this partnership with One Child Fund sponsors from all over the world.

instructors including pastors, staff from the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices, and professors from the Church of God Theological Seminary. Five plenary sessions offered corporate worship, special guest artists, and featured speakers Rev. Gary Thomas, Dr. Claude Thomas, Dr. Hector Ortiz, and Bishop David Bryan. “This was the best available training I have received from our Church. All our . . . people were blessed,” was one of the many positive comments from students.

Leadership Development Ministries is the main umbrella for the church’s continuing education programs including the Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL), Leadership Development Institute, Pastoral Development Institute, Answering the Call, the Foundations Course, Relational Ministry Series, Regional Schools, International Schools, Instructors Intensives, Sunday School Teacher Training, and Educational Records Management. The teaching faculty of CBL and the Institutes include International Director Larry Duncan, Marvin Eskew, Dr. H. E. Cardin (who also directs the Tomlinson Center), Adrian L. Varlack Sr., and our most recent addition, Mark Menke, who joined the faculty in June 2007, and also coordinates Men’s Ministries. These dedicated men, along with Dr. Hector Ortiz, also serve as educational liaisons for CBL to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America,

Europe, and North America. Jeanette Rollins continues to carry an enormous workload as secretary to the entire CBL faculty. The Leadership Development faculty ministered to some 20,000 persons in 83 teaching and preaching events in 17 countries and 40 states throughout 2007. CBL also provided budget resources and adjunct faculty assistance for schools and other educational activities in the world regions previously listed. The Cleveland, Tennessee, Leadership Development Institute, April 17–21, 2007, sponsored by Leadership Development Ministries at the Church’s International Offices was attended by 313 students and staff—265 students and 48 staff and special guests—from 30 states and 13 other countries. The Institute featured six eight-hour intensive courses (four English, two Spanish), and more than 20 elective classes, which were presented by a wide variety of

A new training initiative, the Southeast Asia Mission College, was established recently to train and send out churchplanters. Southeast Asia Mission College operates under the auspices of CBL. The first 35 students graduated in early 2007 and are being sent out to plant churches in Southeast Asia. This region of the world has been affected by political unrest and religious persecution recently. Pray for God’s people there! Curriculum developments include the new Foundations Course, “History of Christianity,” by John Duncan. This is the second new work in the Foundations series and is accompanied by a teacher’s instruction manual and student’s workbook. The “Concise History, Polity, and Doctrine of the Church of God of Prophecy” (formerly Fitly Joined Together) is presently being rewritten for delivery at the 2008 International Assembly. We continue to have very good success with the

Relational Ministry Series: Relational Leadership, Relational Foundations, and Relational Discipleship. The first two of these are now translated into Spanish with the third in process of translation. Relational Leadership is available in French, and the other two volumes have also been submitted for translation. The Great Commandment principle— love of God, love of neighbor—and Jesus’ admonition to “Love one another as I have loved you” characterize the spirit of L e a d e r s h i p D e v e l o p m e n t Ministries. Church of God of Prophecy General Overseer R. E. Howard has indicated that the main pillars of his administration will be “Harvest” and “Leadership Development.” Since its inception, CBL has partnered with states, regions, and nations, making lifelong learning and leadership development two of its main thrusts. International Director Larry Duncan commented, “We are committed to the growth and development of pastors and other church leaders currently in the harvest, and to the encouragement and training of those being raised up. We look forward to working more effectively with our people in all areas of ministry for the benefit of the kingdom of God and the edifying of the church.”

The focus of Children’s Ministries of the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices continues to be on leadership development through mentoring, training, modeling, and providing resources. During 2007 the following initiatives provided opportunities for us to accomplish these objectives: •

Institute of Children’s Ministry. The North American Institute provided training in ministry skills and leadership development to children’s ministers in the United States, Canada, and islands of the Caribbean.

Four one-day training intensives have been developed that are offered locally or regionally. These training intensives provide training for not only the children’s pastor but also for his team of volunteers. During 2007 intensives were held in Alabama, California, Iowa, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

International Institutes of Children’s Ministry. These institutes provide three to five days of intensive children’s ministry training and leadership development to children’s ministers throughout the world. This year the Institute was held in Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Georgia, and Guatemala and provided training to more than 350 children’s ministers and pastors.

Helping Hands for Kids, the children’s missions giving initiative. Children here in North America raised more than $2500.00 to begin club ministries to Gypsy children in two Bulgarian villages.

Bible Club in Bulgaria

IICM Participant in Egypt

IICM Participants in Guatemala

“One thing I’ve learned in over 20 years of Youth Ministry is that ministering to teens is tough work. The demands of youth ministries are so much greater than they were even just ten years ago,” says Palma Hutchinson, International Youth Ministries Director. “It's no longer enough for a youth worker to simply love kids and love Jesus. Today's youth worker must be a teacher, preacher, counselor, leader, researcher, event planner, trainer, accountant, bus driver, musician, vision caster, graphic designer, scheduler, and sometimes even a janitor! At times, it can be a difficult calling from God. Even so, there are men and women in the Church of God of Prophecy movement around the world that are committed to reaching and discipling students to live the love of Christ in their world. Our focus in Youth Ministries is to train and equip those leaders for empowered, excellent, and effective ministry.” History was made in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Kingsport, Tennessee, on September 25–30, 2007. The first ever Re:Generation Ignite Youth Workers Training Conference convened with leaders from 18 nations: South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Tanzania, Macedonia, Malta, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Ecuador, Myanmar, Canada, Peru, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Russia, and the United States. It was a great time of intense ministry training, open-minded dialogue, strategic planning for the future of youth ministries, and the forming of life-long connections and relationships. Re:Generation Ignite was a two-and-ahalf-year journey of prayer, planning,

and preparation for what was envisioned as a turning point in youth ministries leadership in the Church of God of Prophecy. It had several tracks and components that worked together to provide information and inspiration, challenge leaders to reach a generation for Christ, disciple them to be like Jesus and release them to become youth IN ministry. Re:Generation ignite is grounded in 1 Chronicles 12:32 “. . . All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” The conference components included the following: general sessions, teaching sessions, spiritual formation in prayer and the Word, debrief and strategy sessions, informal dialogue regarding new ideas and philosophies, and a symposium entitled “Positioning Next Generation Leaders to Succeed.” The evening general sessions followed these themes: 1) Our History and Heritage: Where did we come from? How did we get to where we are today? Center for Biblical Leadership Instructor Bishop Adrian Varlack did a superb job of giving a history lesson as well as clarifying the distinctive God has called us as a church to live out and model; 2) Our Global Connection: Global Outreach Director Bishop David Bryan preached a very powerful message on our global community; and 3) Where Do We Go From Here: General Overseer, Bishop Randy Howard preached a dynamic message that stated clearly who we are as a body of believers and our mission and role in God’s Kingdom. Special guests gave plenary sessions in the morning and taught electives: Rick Lawrence of Group Publishing, Tim

Eldred of Christian Endeavors, and Reggie McNeal of Leadership Network. Again, these plenary sessions were designed to speak to very specific subjects: 1) youth and popular culture, youth IN ministry, and youth in the church.

relationships were built and strengthened, and inspiration and ideas flowed freely.

At the end of the training, we gathered in groups in specific tracks and posed the question, “So what?” Where do we go from here? What will each leader go Forty elective classes were offered over home and implement immediately? the course of the week, covering a wide What will change? What will be range of subjects and tracks: media and strengthened? What will be abandoned? ministry youth culture and This was the heart of the training postmodernism; boys and girls issues; conference. Each leader left the urban youth ministry; evangelism, conference with a plan of action—a mission, and church-planting in the 21st strategy for youth ministry in their century; mentoring; organization and nation, state/region, or local church. planning; spiritual formation for youth Strategies were also presented to states/ workers; leadership development track; regions and the nations for on-going youth ministry development track; training and ministry development from relational leadership; dealing with crisis the International Offices Youth in youth ministry; Jesus centered youth Ministries Department. ministry; among others. Re:Generation Ignite was a lifeEach evening, there was opportunity changing experience. Here are some for dialogue—“Coffee & quotes from evaluations of the Conversation,” which allowed leaders weekend: “I love the working lunches to gather in an informal setting to and times of sharing and discussion. I “unpack” new ideas, theories, or just to appreciate being able to debrief.” “The encourage and sharpen one another. interaction in classes with people of all This time, it seems, was a highlight for places was an amazing experience.” many because it was here that “The materials I have received will

help me to equip other emerging leaders to lead more effectively and help me to improve my approach to my obstacles.” “I will now be putting youth IN ministry.” “I will change my approach and have youth IN ministry. I will also take my ministry beyond the walls. I will mentor the youth workers in the local church, so they can mentor others.” “I found benefits in everything. If we weren’t learning (through different methods), we were fellowshipping. I loved that. I am refocused, refreshed, motivated. If I was a little burned out when I arrive, I leave renewed.” The true success of the conference will become more evident in the months and years to come as youth leaders begin to focus on making disciples who will make disciples and leaders who make leaders. Camping has long been considered one of our Church’s most effective mediums for impacting lives of

students and strengthening the Church. We recognize that taking students out of their everyday routine and placing them in a temporary community inherent in Christian camping is unsurpassed for spiritual formation, instilling character, and implanting godly values in campers, regardless of age or background. Camping is also one of the best means for inspiring a student to a life of service. International Youth Camp (IYC) is the vehicle the Church of God of Prophecy uses to train, equip, and resource camp leaders. Every year, camp directors, cabin leaders, counselors, recreation directors, and other camp staff come to IYC for training, inspiration, rest, and renewal.

The Women’s Ministries Department of the Church of God of Prophecy is designed to provide an effective ministry to all women and to enhance ministries that will effect the harvest of women. Operation from the International Offices has three primary goals—to provide assistance in ministering to the needs of women, to provide ministry opportunities for women, and to increase awareness of mission needs. This is accomplished by several means, including regular communication with key women's leaders, information and resource materials made available to local ministries, and international leadership training conferences and the sponsorship of International and Regional Ladies Retreats. One technique of communication is the sponsorship of international leadership training opportunities. These conferences are designed as a support and encouragement to local church ministries as well as provide resourcing information beneficial to state, regional, and national leadership. This year included two conference opportunities for training: one in Staverton, England, Europe, that brought over 40 key women leaders from 18 nations within the region of Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East; and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America, that hosted more than 300 women from ten nations. Leaders from diverse areas of the world came together in these conferences for study and prayer, fellowship, training, and networking in order to discover new and anointed possibilities for ministry.

The sponsorship of international and regional ladies retreats is another significant method by which our goals are met. Retreats, possibly our greatest opportunity for personal ministry to women, are powerful tools, as they provide opportunities for women to come together for relaxation, fellowship, worship, prayer, and education. In addition to continuing to provide spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and family ministry, retreats also open doors of opportunity for conversions, becoming more aware of the work of the Holy Spirit, as well as training young women to develop progressive female ministry, including leadership. “The Wind of His Spirit” was the theme chosen for the 2006–2007 retreats. Retreat venues for the year from the International Offices included California, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Bolivia, Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador England, Mexico, Panama, St. Martin, St. Vincent, and Ukraine. An estimated 6,500 women were ministered to in Retreats this year. Additionally, Women’s Ministries maintains an electronic newsletter that touches many nations communicating mission updates, women’s ministries happenings, new ministry resources, and evangelistic opportunities. Women’s Ministries continues to work in cooperation with the Global Outreach Ministry in areas of international mission needs through the processing of the Helping Hand Ministry and One Child Fund.

White Wing Publishing House continues to reach across the nation and around the world. Its progress continues strongly into 2008. While supporting the local community with a brick-and-mortar Christian bookstore, White Wing also serves the Christian community worldwide with an extensive mail, phone, and Internet ordering service. Recent technological upgrades will serve to make services even more efficient as we head into 2008 and beyond. White Wing also takes the bookstore around the country. From Maine to Florida, Pennsylvania to California and many stops in between, White Wing crisscrossed the United States in 2007, bringing its mobile bookstore to various English and Spanish conferences, allowing Church of God of Prophecy members who could not otherwise travel to Cleveland an opportunity to see the store and meet the people who supply their local churches with the curriculum and church supplies they use each week. Sunday School curriculum has been and remains White Wing’s main driving force. White Wing and One Accord Resources now supply curriculum to more than 5,000 local churches. As a partner of One Accord Resources, which is a partnership comprised of several Pentecostal and Charismatic organizations, White Wing continues to seek out effective ways of communicating the Christian message to all age groups. And it’s not confined to North America. White Wing translates curriculum into a number of foreign languages including Spanish, French, and at least eight others.

The year 2007 saw the growth of the GAP curriculum, which is a curriculum aimed at the early twentysomethings, a group which is often left hanging somewhere between teenage and adult curriculum, though neither one adequately addresses the stage of life they are in. GAP seeks to bridge that gap (pun intended). White Wing’s newest curriculum endeavor, SpiritMatters, takes a whole new approach to adult Christian education. Following the model of coffee house socializing, SpiritMatters addresses issues relevant to Christian living. SpiritMatters also recognizes that no two groups are living in the same stage of life. In light of this, SpiritMatters utilizes an undated, multi-topic format that allows the group leader to choose what topics he or she feels is most relevant to their particular setting. The complexity and pace of the discussion is controlled by the leader, thus creating a freeflowing relaxed environment for all. In these and other ways, White Wing is seeking to stay at the forefront of Christian education in a rapidly changing world, while also recognizing that not everyone is changing at the same pace. The old method is still effective for some, while the newer approaches are a necessity for others. By meeting the needs of both groups with a variety of materials and curriculum that are subtle and aggressive, modern, and classic, White Wing best serves its own denomination, as well as the Christian community at large. With the possibility of expansion and the continued commitment to quality and relevant Christian materials and service, 2008 looks to be White Wing’s best year yet.

The Tomlinson Center is the official church college of the Church of God of Prophecy. In 2007, the center continued its partnership with Lee University under the CAPS (Center for Adult and Professional Studies) program. In January, the third semester (Spring 2007) offered new courses, such as “The Gospel of John,” by Dr. H. E. Cardin (17 Students), and “Wisdom Literature,” by Pastor Jack Anderson of Muncie, Indiana. (15 Students). The Tomlinson Center also participated in the first endeavor of connecting the college students of our constituency globally called “CONNECT 07." In February, the Tomlinson Center worked with the North American Overseers during their meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. A major focus of the meeting was an open forum to discuss pastoral needs for equipping and instruction. In March, some of the Tomlinson Center staff participated in the Lee Faculty (CAPS) Seminar that offered training to better meet the needs of our online students. South Carolina was targeted to share a plethora of valuable resources, helping ministers to utilize several thousands of dollars worth of Internet resources available, and most are free. Many of these can be seen at Ministry Helps: ministryhelps. In April, our newly appointed Tomlinson Center Board had their first physical meeting though they had previously met via phone, Internet, etc. That meeting was held here in Cleveland, Tennessee, and served to clarify the mission of Tomlinson Center for the future. The Tomlinson Center Board is comprised of an eclectic, gifted group of Church of God of Prophecy members: the chair, Bishop Tim Harper, the overseer of the Michianna Region (Michigan/Indiana); the secretary and director for the Tomlinson Center, Dr. H. E. Cardin from Cleveland, Tennessee; Keith Lambert, an executive member, a professional attorney as well as a pastor in Newport News and living in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Sophia Smith, our final executive member, who serves as the director of Palatka Christian Service Center as well as co-pastor with her husband and living in Palatka, Florida; Bishop Don Brock, Senior Pastor of the Collinsville, Alabama Church of God of Prophecy; Everton Campbell, who serves his local church in Gallatin, Tennessee, and has a successful insurance business; Betty Fisher, co-pastor with her husband, General Overseer Emeritus Fred S. Fisher, Sr. in Clemson, South Carolina; Philip Pruitt, a gifted pastor from Birmingham, Alabama; and Elias Rodriguez, who currently serves as regional overseer of the Southeastern states of North America for the Hispanic work. In June and July, as director of the Tomlinson Center, Dr. H. E. Cardin visited youth camps in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, as well as promoted the Center. In Georgia and Florida, Tomlinson Center led informative sessions using the Internet with tools such as SKYPE, Internet video conferencing. On August 22, Fall 2007 classes continued, offering the “Minor Prophets” taught by Pastor Jack Anderson, Jr. (11 students), “The Synoptic Gospels” taught by Dr. H. E. Cardin (13 students), “The Pastoral Epistles,” taught by Bishop Tim Harper (eight students), as well as the “Introduction to the Old Testament” also taught by Bishop Tim Harper (six students). In September, the Center participated in the Youth Leadership Training Conference in Kingsport, Tennessee, that had global representation of key youth leaders. Online courses represent the first phase of development for Tomlinson Center.

Family Ministries of the Church of God of Prophecy serves primarily as a resource provider for our church’s national, regional, state, and local family ministry directors. We research various resources that are available and provide information on these through correspondence, meetings, retreats, and conferences. We also exist to serve as an encouragement to families as they grow in relationship to one another and to Christ. The new publication we developed this year is entitled Generations, a brochure that local churches can utilize as they plan a special Family emphasis weekend. This brochure is available in English, Spanish, and French. We have continued to produce the quarterly four-page newsletter entitled The Family Advocate that is sent to those who are interested in ministering to families.

Through a partnership with Intimate Life Ministries, we were able to sponsor ministry couples to attend an Intimate Life Galatians 6:6 Retreat this past year in Austin, Texas. We are continuing our affiliation with the Marriage CoMission, a national consortium of Marriage and Family Ministries and governmental agencies, spearheaded by the staff of the WinShape Marriage arm of the ChikFil-A foundation in Rome, Georgia. This past year, we participated at family/leadership ministry events and couples’ retreats in Bermuda, Jamaica, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nevada, and Arkansas.

The White Wing Messenger is currently in its 86th year of publication, and is the official publication of the Church of God of Prophecy. The 32-page, fullcolor magazine has gone through many transformations since its inception in 1923, when it began publication under Editor and former General Overseer A. J. Tomlinson. The current General Overseer R. E. Howard serves as Executive Editor, and the Managing Editor is Virginia E. Chatham.

The White Wing Messenger consists of articles written by Church writers and leaders, reports of Church happenings around the world, updates, promotions, and advertisements. It provides a sense of connectivity by allowing our readers to experience what is being experienced in other parts of the world and also to know and understand the direction of the Church and the global ministries.

The magazine strives to inspire Christian thought and practice as it imparts the “good news” of the Gospel while serving the connectivity needs of our Church community. Currently, it is distributed within the United States and Canada as well as 40 other nations.

COGOP Spring 2008 e-zine Review  

COGOP Spring 2008 e-zine Review