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Volume 03, 13 March 2014, Week 11

Schools searched for drugs and illegal weapons

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Charity Moyo

Vosloorus high schools were caught by surprise when the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, in partnership with Ekurhuleni Metro Police, South African Police Services and Gauteng patrollers came to the schools to conduct a search for illegal weapons and substances. The learners were attending class as usual when the law enforcement agencies conducted the search. Two people were arrested for dealing in drugs, even selling to learners, and a lot of dagga was recovered. Captain Piet Rossouw, communications officer of Vosloorus Police Station said, “It is a provincial ongoing operation whereby the schools will be searched to prevent the learners in getting involved in drugs and illegal activities. Two civilian people were arrested for possession and the selling of dagga to learners. We also conducted a random search along the streets and one person was

arrested for possession of stolen property.” He added that the operation was very significant and a huge success in that a week after the search very few crimes were reported at Vosloorus Police Station. Rossouw acknowledged the Gauteng Department of Community Safety for their assistance in fighting crime. In Katlehong the same search was conducted at Kwa Dukathole Secondary School by SAPS, EMPD, CPF and the SAPS dog unit. They found dagga and a mixture of powder identified as illegal drugs. A 17-year-old girl learner was also found in possession of drugs. Captain Mega Ndobe, communications officer of Katlehong Police Station said that they are focusing on the suppliers and going after them. He said the suppliers immediately ran away when they saw the police. “We warn the suppliers that we know where they are and we are following their footsteps. We are on

their trail and they are going to be arrested. The school search will continue until the suppliers and perpetrators are apprehended,” said Captain Ndobe.

Some of the dagga confiscated from Hands up: Siyabangena crew patrollers civilians arrested for dealing in drugs at the searching learners at Masithwalisane Secondary School in Vosloorus. school.

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Businesses to unite for economic growth Charity Moyo The Ekurhuleni business gala dinner was held at Vosloorus civic centre recently to enhance partnership between local business people and as a platform for networking. The event was attended by the community leaders, stakeholders, business people and two government delegates, Faith Mazibuko (MEC of Gauteng Department of Community Safety) and Mthuthuzeli Siboza (MMC of Ekurhuleni Department of Community Safety). Faith Mazibuko said, “Growing the economy in our areas is important and as business grows, crime creeps in. As much as we say we are liberated, we must support one another to grow Gauteng economy. Let’s support one another and do not promote corruption in government by paying a percentage to acquire a tender. We have to refrain from feeding into the corruption.” She warned the business people to avoid keeping large sums of money at home. Mazibuko said

13 March 2014

tame TIMES

they should bank their money to avoid being victims of business robbery. She also said they should not buy stolen goods and not hire undocumented people to work for them. John Tibane, a motivational speaker, motivated the business people to love and support one another. He said when people love they became an extension, expression and exhibit of the power of God. Tibane said business people should build on a dream to be supporters of society, love their neighbours and sharpen their skills to do activities that they truly believe in. “Love conquers all fear, love cultivates forgiveness, love creates faith, love crosses fences and love celebrates fruitfulness,” said Tibane. Wiseman Langa, chairman of Vosloorus Spruitview Business Against Crime (VSBC), who are the event host said, “The event was a form of enhancing partnership between the business people around Ekurhuleni. It was also a platform for business people to get to know one another. Business people have to meet more often in such occasions to discuss issues affecting their businesses.”

Tsohang Youth Project represented Charity Moyo SA in global forum

Khutjo Kganyago and Moses Gama, the members of Tsohang Youth Project who were part of the global forum for youth leaders on drug prevention held in Abu-dhabi (United Arab Emirates) Moses Gama, a member of the Central Drug Authority board and director of Tsohang Youth Project (TYP), members of TYP based in Katlehong, Khutjo Kganyago and Tsholofelo Maokhosi, attended the global forum for youth leaders on drug prevention held in Abu-dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for a week. There were 34 different countries who attended the global forum from 9-15 February. The main objective of the forum was to educate the youth organisations on drugs, prevention of drug abuse and awareness tips. Moses Gama, a member of central drug authority board and Director of TYP, said it was a privilege for their members to represent South Africa. They were taught about building confidence and volunteerism amongst the youth, and how to use social media to get to educate the youth about drugs. They were also taught about life skills, leadership skills and social entrepreneurship to sustain their projects. “It was an honour to be part of the forum. We also had the opportunity to tour the Arab country. We learnt a lot on drug prevention and emphasise of using social media to educate the youth on drugs, as they are technologically advanced. We have a plan of action to present a global forum feedback to the community and to implement what we have learnt,” said Gama. He said there are challenges that they are still faced with as an organisation, including a lack of willingness amongst the youth. “There is still a challenge of marketing our organisation brand, in order for people to know about the

services we are rendering to the community. We also do not have a permanent doctor and a social worker in our offices that are always available to assist the community. We make referrals to Boksburg, making it challenging in terms of transport cost. It also results in people not being able to attend the training sessions either,” said Gama. However, despite the challenges faced, the organisation has also been successful in other areas, in that the community are accessing relevant sessions and treatment centres. They also link them to other entrepreneurship programmes. A number of people are accessing their services and the demand is high. “A number of drug addicts are talented and we have managed to unleash their talents by linking them to other institutions such as National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), SETA and Sports, Arts and recreation programmes for help,” he said. He advised the youth that it is a fact that drugs can ruin their lives. “It is a fact that drugs can mess up one’s one life. It is not weak people who become drug addicts, but people who became vulnerable either spiritually, mentally and/or socially. We are appealing for such people to seek help while they still can. We are there to assist in terms of intervention and linking them to the relevant assistance programmes,” said Gama. For assistance in drug prevention visit the Tsohang Youth Project at Katlehong skills centre office number 5 (Tsolo section) or call their office at 011 860 5354.

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Community to be alert of floods as heavy rains persist Charity Moyo

This is one of the flooded streets in Thokoza next to the informal settlement. The country is experiencing heavy rains that have resulted in flooding in many parts of the city. People are urged to remain cautious. People who are residing next to the river banks and are affected with floods are also encouraged to seek assistance from the municipality, in order to be moved to safe places. In a recent incident, an 11-year-old boy from Phake section in Katlehong drowned and died while swimming with his friends at a dam between Katlehong and Vosloorus. Roggers Mamaila, Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services’ communications officer warned the community who are living in low lying areas, where the water is covering their ankles, to move to higher ground and alert emergency services for assistance. “We are going to make sure that we assist the community and we are warning them to supervise their children whenever they are playing to make sure that they are safe. They should note that any water that is not meant to be a swimming pool is dangerous and if they want to swim they should go to the nearest municipality swimming pool in the area. The weather is cold

and we also advise people to be careful when using paraffin stoves for cooking and brazier bins (Imbawula) for warming themselves to avoid major fires,” said Mamaila. He said whenever people use the brazier bins they should make sure that they remove it from the house when sleeping, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Mamaila said people should be cautious during the rainy and cold weather. Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services have relocated 63 families from Phola Park Informal Settlement in Thokoza following heavy rains over the weekend. The families are currently placed in a temporary shelter at the community hall and are receiving food parcels and blankets from the City of Ekurhuleni. Plans to move the families to a permanent and safer place are currently being finalised. At Sakhile Informal Settlement in Katlehong emergency workers are busy negotiating the relocation of residents to a safer place as the informal settlement has been one of the hardest hit by flooding. The City of Ekurhuleni has responded successfully over the situation, with a zero recording of injuries or loss of life.

Boy drowned and died on the river Charity Moyo Thato Tsotetsi (11) was a bright, loving child with a brighter future ahead of him, says his grandmother Kgethang Tsotesti after the boy’s deceases body was found in river between Katlehong and Vosloorus on weekend. According to Tsotetsi, the boy used to go to Phoko section with his friends to play machine video games. He left as usually and they were not aware that they went to the river to swim. She said he was not at home until 20:00 pm and they started looking for him and he was no way to be found. “We went to his friends but they claim that they did not see him. We slept without knowing his whereabouts and Sunday morning we went to open a case of missing child at the police station. We went back to his friends and they were shocked and ended up telling us that they left him at the river where they were swimming. We went to the river with the police and professional divers. My grandson was found dead and we suspect that he drowned while swimming with friends,” said Tsotetsi. She advised other parents to be watchful of their children and to stop them from swimming in the rivers. “We are going to lose many children if we are not supervising them when they are playing. My grandson is an example to other children on how dangerous is to swim on the river. The municipality must do something because that river is very dangerous,” said Tsotetsi. Captain Mega Ndobe, Communications

Officer of Katlehong Police Station said apparently the children were swimming in the river and the deceased was drowned. He said his friends were also scared to tell his parents immediately. Ndobe said they told the parents the following day after the incident. He said an inquest docket has been opened. He warned the parents to take care of their children and report immediately when the child is missing. Roggers Mamaila, Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services’ communications officer, “We are warning the community to supervise their children whenever they are playing to make sure that they are safe. They should note that any water that is not meant to be a swimming pool is dangerous and if they want to swim they should go to the nearest municipality swimming pool in the area.” Thato Tsotetsi was a grade 6 learner from Matshidiso Primary School in Katlehong. His family is arranging his funeral for Saturday 15 March 2014 but they have challenges of finance and they are appealing for help in burying him. For those who are interested in lending a hand should contact the family at 072 507 5681.

Thato Tsotetsi from Phake section in Katlehong drowned and died on the river between Katlehong and Vosloorus.

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Help police find this lady Lebo Mosolodi

Vosloorus police are looking for a 48-yearold lady (pictured) in connection with the theft of bank cards, an ID and driver’s licence. According to the Vosloorus Police Station spokesperson Captain Piet Rossouw, the incident took place at Vosloorus Extension 28. “Gloria Mkhize found the strange lady accompanied by children in her house when she came back from work on 15 November last year. When she enquired what brought the lady to her house, the suspect told her that she was sent to Gloria’s house by her ancestors. She claimed that Gloria’s house was shown to her in a dream,” said Captain Rossouw. Captain Rossouw further said the visitor had ulterior motives. He said the suspect requested that they should prolong her stay for the next two days, while she still looks for her long lost family in Vosloorus. “That is when Gloria’s sister became suspicious and took the picture of the suspect with her cell phone. When they asked the suspect, she confessed that she is originally from Sebokeng in the Vaal Triangle area,” said Captain Rossouw.

The police are looking for this lady (pictured) in connection with a theft incident that happened in Vosloorus. Captain Rossouw said the house owner was surprised when she realised that her bank card, ID and driver’s licence went missing. The suspect disappeared together with her children. Those who know the whereabouts of the suspects should contact Constable Khumbulani Mbini at 072 433 4929.

Zoo coming to schools Parents and schools that can’t afford to send learners to the zoo should have no concern, Zoo to You can bring the animals to the schools at a much low fee. Zoo to You visited Bopang Kgotso Primary School in Vosloorus to show off their animals and educate the learners on the welfare of animals. They brought different types of skins, reptiles and replicas of animals. Nathi Mvula, a specialist at Joburg Zoo said, “We are giving the learners first-hand experience of the animals and they get to touch and feel them. We taught them about the welfare of the animals; how to handle, respect and love them.” Phindile Sakman, Deputy Principal at Bopang Kgotso Primary School said, “They brought the animal artefacts, skins and reptiles to the school to show the learners. It is part of the foundation phase curriculum to teach the children about animals. It has helped them to know different types of animals. They had an opportunity to touch them.” Mathutwana Mokoena, business development manager for Thuluvu Technologies and Projects, said they select certain animals from the zoo and artefacts

to bring them to the schools for practical experience. She said the learners will have an opportunity to touch them. The schools that are interested to have Zoo to You visit their school should contact Mokoena at 083 275 3987 for arrangement.

Learners from Bopang Kgotso Primary School carry a snake during the Zoo to You animal showcase.

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13 March 2014

tame TIMES

This forth night we are sharing with you the Bar one cake recipe.

Bar one cake


Makes 1 cake - 45 ml cocoa powder - 80 ml hot water - 150 g butter or margarine, softened - 250 ml (200 g) sugar - 3 extra-large eggs - 500 ml (280 g) Snowflake cake flour - 15 ml baking powder - 3 ml bicarbonate of soda - 2 ml salt - 250 ml buttermilk or plain, unflavoured yoghurt ICING - 60 g slab Bar one, cut into pieces - 100 g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped - 60 ml fresh cream - 45 ml butter or margarine METHOD: Mix cocoa powder and water until smooth and set aside to cool slightly. Cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition until light and creamy. Add cocoa powder mixture. Sift flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt together and add, alternately with buttermilk to creamed mixture. Turn out into a greased 23 cm loose-bottom round cake pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for about 1 hour. Leave in pan for a few minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely. ICING: Mix all the ingredients together in a small, heavy-based saucepan. Place over low heat until melted completely. Spoon over top of cake and leave to set. For those who are interested to learn how to cook and are looking for a catering company to help with their functions’ cooking, baking, catering, cake decorations, flower arranging, fruit and nut baskets and draping should contact Ubuntu Creative School at 074 841 2788 / 079 652 4792 / 011 054 0516. Certificates issued on successful completion of all courses.

Tame TIMES Cook Out Competition Tame TIMES Kathorus newspapers will be hosting the inaugural tame TIMES Kathorus Cook Out competition event at Chris Hall mall on Saturday 29 March 2014. The event will start from 9:00am – 14:00 pm. The competition is for the community to showcase their cooking skills. Anyone who is interested in participating in the competition they should visit the mall on the day. The recipes to be cooked on the competition are some taken from our forth night Cooking with Charity column. There are a lot to great prizes to be won, don’t miss the great opportunity. For more information visit our website at \ Facebook Page: tame TIMES KTV \ Call our editorial team at 011 862 8500 \ 074 787 3166 \ 078 769 4542.



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13 March 2014

Safety the first rule of the road People urged to upgrade their Charity Moyo Happy Khumalo qualifications

Mpumi Ngwenya says safety is her number rule on the road. She said she drives around Johannesburg Central Business Centre, where there is a lot of traffic congestion, and always stick to the rules of the Mpumi showing off her Mini Cooper. road. Ngwenya said drivers should to be they will take good care of my car. patient, avoid shortcuts and use the Do you have any traffic fines? correct road lanes. Yes, I try to pay them every month. What type of a car do you drive? Is there anything, such as a gadget, that Mini Cooper S, 2008 model, which is gold in you can’t drive without? colour. My cell phone and handbag, I won’t drive How long have you been driving this car? without them. Its two year now and it is the best car I have What do you think about the e-tolling ever driven. system? How much do you spend on fuel? I don’t support the system. Life is difficult I’m always on the road because of my job as nowadays and the fuel prices are rising every sales representative and I spend R2500 to day, we can’t afford to pay for the e-tolling. R3000 a month on fuel. What advice would you like to give to Would you allow anyone to drive your drivers to make the roads user friendly? car? Drivers need to obey the rules of the road Only the people that l trust and know that and avoid using cell phones while driving.

In life many people have lost great opportunities due to the fact that they don’t have the necessary requirements. There are situations in work places were a person has the capability, but they cannot be hired due to a lack of certain qualifications. The same situation was experienced by Itumeleng Motloung from Vosloorus extension 8. According to Motloung, a 34-yearold determined worker, she was working as a waitress at a casino. Her work was commended by her employers and there was a vacancy for a supervisor for the company. Motloung was one of the selected internal candidates and was not granted the offer due to the fact that she had no computer skills or a certificate. “I was the only person capable for the vacancy due to my hard work, experience and long service at the company. However, lack of computer skills and the relevant

certificate resulted in me not getting the job. The vacancy was given to an outside person who applied and had the qualifications. This was a big lesson to me that it is never too late and age is nothing but a number for a person to upgrade their qualifications. Education is key to success,” said Motloung. She said people earn less income because they don’t have qualifications. Motloung is upgrading her qualifications and she is currently studying a diploma in office administration at Ekurhuleni West College Kathorus Campus. Her dreams are to become a receptionist. Motloung’s advice to women is that they should learn to save so that they can pay their education and be independent. “Man cannot bring heaven on earth for women. We should learn to be independent and refrain from buying things that we don’t need, in order to save money,” said Motloung. Itumeleng Motloung is encouraging women to aim for their dreams. * Photo taken by Happy Khumalo.

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13 March to 24 March 2014


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13 March 2014

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Thokoza Soccer Academy Vosloorus to benefit from Dreamfields project seeks talent Charity Moyo

Thokoza Soccer Academy after one of their matches. Thokoza Soccer Academy is in a mission to develop young children in terms of soccer skills in the township and they are looking for local talent to join their academy. The academy was established in 2008 and has divisions for 10, 13, 15, 17 and 20. It is based in Sam Ntuli Stadium in Thokoza. It has been participating in the Eastern League for three divisions under 13, 17 and 20 and local tournaments. It has 90 registered players and has produced rising stars, including Philip Ndlondlo, who is currently playing for Moroko Swallows u/20. Sipho Vilakazi, the team manager said, “We are training young talented stars and preparing them for opportunities in the professional football teams. It is a way of uplifting the community through football and putting Thokoza on the map. We have a talent and we are nurturing them through the academy. We look for trails for our players in the local Premier Soccer League teams and at the school of excellence.”

He said they are seeking for talent to join the academy and there are more activities happening in the province in terms of soccer development. They are putting talented soccer stars in the spotlight for the scouts. The academy experiences a challenge regarding funds for transport fees and registration fees for the tournaments and leagues. They are also in need of other resources and require an upgrade of their training facilities. “We have a challenge in that we don’t participate in other leagues due to lack of funds. Our vision is to register for the academy leagues and we are appealing for sponsors to support us,” said Vilakazi. Those who are interested in joining the academy should contact Vilakazi at 084 860 3352. The academy can also be visited at the Sam Ntuli Stadium in Thokoza during the week from 15:30 – 18:30 and weekends from 9:00 – 12:00.

The month of February signalled the beginning of a powerful long-term commitment between the community, Dreamfields and the Chevrolet Ute Force initiative aimed at developing soccer at a grassroots level. Vosloorus Township was selected to be part of the project because of the incredible demand on the schools within the community, it is also one of the poorest areas in the province – with the children often paying the highest price, their dreams. Dreamfields founder John Perlman said, “Our vision is to create and grow primary school football in a way that allows children to play week in and week out, the first step towards building a sustainable love of sport. If we can reach out to this age group, right now, and add joy and purpose to their lives, we have a great chance of giving them the kind of positive dreams that will keep them away from drugs, crime and violence later on.”   John Makeke, a local teacher at Bopang-Kgotso Primary School in Vosloorus said since the introduction of the Dreamfields project into the community in 2013, children involved have shown a heightened passion for the soccer game and a stronger sense of ‘community’. “Often we have to help children get back home after school as they have missed the only transport they have access too, because they wanted to play soccer with their friends after their lessons. Ten local primary schools, currently within a soccer league developed by Dreamfields, will be supported by the partnership and receive DreamBags that include soccer equipment and kits to help extend the Dream League into its second year.  A dedicated all-girls soccer league will also form part of the 2014 project, with four girl teams starting the season in March. The inclusion of Isipho Sethu LSEN School, a special needs institution in Vosloorus, taking care of 800 pupils, is an achievement only made possible through the dedication of

both the Dreamfields and Chevrolet Ute Force teams. Tim Hendon, Chevrolet Brand Manager added that Vosloorus is the fourth community impacted so far by the Dreamfields and Chevrolet Ute Force partnership with three additional projects identified for rollout in 2014. The Chevrolet Ute Force initiative is focused on supporting the youth. We partner with organisations to extend our reach into communities across the country.” Chevrolet will further extend the footprint of their global partnership with One World Futbol, by donating the Virtually Indestructible futbol, the ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even if it’s been punctured multiple times, allowing children to play almost anywhere.

Learners showcasing their soccer skills after receiving soccer equipment and kits from the Dreamfields project.

Vos wk 11  

Vos wk 11

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