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12 February 2014

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Deserted building fuels Inside alcohol abuse ENTERTAINMENT

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Miss Rustenburg growing

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Scouting talent ADDRESS: Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa addresses protestors at Majakaneng. (PHOTO: ANDREW MAHLABA)

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12 February

Leseding News - Rustenburg

Deserted building fuels alcohol abuse

Thapelo (not his real name) takes a swig from a beer bottle before passing it over to his friend.

It is late in the afternoon, around 15:00, and the two colleagues are in a jovial mood as they continue their discussion about the latest music, fashion trends and the latest gossip. It is a particularly hot summer day but the two friends are not affected by the heat. Thapelo, who seems to have had enough of the alcohol, lights up a cigarette, takes a huge pull before letting out a cloud of smoke. Just from observing them, one would think that the two young men are enjoying themselves inside one of the local taverns in Tlhabane. However, the two are actually inside a derelict building that was once used as a clinic by the Department of Public Health. In fact, the two – who are actually students at one of the local high schools – frequently visit the building which they use as a convenient hideout for their “after school activities”. Such activities at the old Tlhabane clinic, as the building is known, have become a major concern to residents living around the area. A visit by Leseding News to the building, which is

situated close to the Rustenburg Local Municipality offices in Tlhabane, revealed a deplorable state of affairs. The building’s doors and windows are either damaged or broken, while part of the metal roof of the facility is missing. “On several occasions, I have seen students drinking alcohol or smoking. Something must be done about this building. It is no longer serving its purpose,” a person living opposite the building told Leseding News. Samuel Malinga, a local dance teacher based in Tlhabane, revealed that he once approached the Department of Health with a request to use the building for his classes. He said his request was turned down. Asked whether there are any plans to revamp the dilapidating building for possible use in the future, the Department of Public Works informed Leseding News that plans were underway to lease out the building. “Yes it is true that the old Tlhabane clinic is vacant and it is under the the control of our district, Bojanala,” North West Department of Public Works deputy director Wandi Tong said. “There has been a delay to lease the building, but

Farirayi Kahwemba

ABANDONED: The old Tlhabane clinic (PHOTO: FARIRAYI KAHWEMBA) in December the district housing committee took a decision during a meeting, that at the first meeting that will be held in January 2014, all commercial

properties that are vacant will have to be allocated to the applicants that have applied to use those buildings,” she added.

Brits protests – How will they affect elections?

TOYI-TOYI: Residents express their anger (PHOTO: ANDREW MAHLABA) “It fails to understand what its core mandate is,” Manual was quoted as saying during an address explaining the function of the National Development Plan (NDP). In January, a water shortage in the Mothutlung area of Madibeng quickly turned into a national crisis when it sparked protests that led to the death of at least three people. This prompted the ANC to intervene, resulting in the removal of mayor Poppy Magongwa, speaker Buti Makhongela and ANC chief whip Solly Malete – who were all replaced with a new administration. To address the water crisis, the municipality hired contractors to restore supply to Mothutlung and its

Statements by Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel, concerning the state of affairs at the Madibeng Local Municipality, show that not only residents in the area – but also the highest office in the land – are worried about issues related to inefficient service delivery. Speaking recently at Stellenbosch University’s Theological Day, Manuel described the municipality as dysfunctional. “I’m saying what my observation is, is that the local authority is dysfunctional. It doesn’t understand that if you lay the pipes you must get water to people.

Farirayi Kahwemba

line by confronting the police during the protests surrounding areas. However, community members in Madibeng, may well lead to the ANC losing rejected the contractors. The South more votes. African National Defence Force was However, Manuel challenged Madibeng residents then asked to intervene and distribute and the South African electorate to desist from water to residents. the trend of engaging politicians only when the As a long term solution, North West elections are approaching. Premier Thandi Modise has revealed “Don’t look at me and say because you earn your that a R2 billion water project will be money from politics you are the solution. I am not implemented. the solution. I think we need to engage with these The purpose of the project, which will issues very differently,” he said. include bulk infrastructure upgrades “I’m asking that people in-source responsibility. and borehole refurbishments, is to Don’t wait until elections and say ‘well I’ve voted meet the basic demand of 60 litres of now, let’s see what they do’. That’s not democracy,” water per person per day. he explained. With the 2014 general elections around the corner, there are fears that the ANC may lose ground to its main rival political parties owing to the service delivery protests in Brits and other areas in the North West province. While political analysts such as professor Adam Habib are convinced the ANC will once again win the majority of the seats in the North West legislature, an agitated and disgruntled electorate is bound to be of major concern to the ruling party. During the previous elections, the ANC lost some of its seats in the North West legislature despite emerging with a majority victory. In the 2004 polls, the ANC emerged with 27 seats while the DA managed to win 2. In the 2009 elections, the ANC won 25 seats with the DA and COPE managing to secure 3 seats respectively. While it remains to be seen if such a trend will continue during the upcoming polls, the boiling INJURED: A man shows his bruised back anger of the residents, who put their lives on the (PHOTO: ANDREW MAHLABA)

10 500 to: Rustenburg. 10 500 to Brits, Marikana and derby

Leseding News, 360 degree truth

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Leseding News - Rustenburg


12 February

Miss Rustenburg grows in leaps and bounds


Over the years, the Miss Rustenburg modeling pageant has proven to be one of the most anticipated entertainment events on the city’s social calendar. The 2013 edition of the event, held on 14 December at the Portuguese Club, saw a total of 39 participants taking part. Mami Motsi, who is the organiser of the event, told Leseding News that the participants ranged from 6 to 28 years and came from Pretoria, Welkom, Brits and other areas from around the country. This year the event promises to be even bigger and better, according to Motsi. “We have bigger plans for the event this year and there are likely to be more participants,” Motsi said. “We have really grown and we are proud that our event in December featured participants from a number of areas around South Africa. “They were modelling mostly in evening wear and skinny jeans,” she added. But what does it take for one to win a modelling event? “It took me three weeks to prepare myself for the event,” Kamogelo Nyembenya (Miss Teen Rustenburg 2013) said. “I had to stand in front of a lot people and I did not know what to do. I was also motivated by the desire to change young people’s minds and to improve my self confidence,” she added. Motsi said the winners of the pageant, Kaydeeh Opperman (Miss Rustenburg) and Kamogelo, will be engaged in various community projects and charity events. “The idea is for them to use their status to uplift their communities through charity work and events. Any organisations who would like to be our partners must contact me on 079 332 9280,” Motsi said.

AIMING HIGH: Kamogelo Nyembenya

Leseding Girl of the Week


To an advertisement in this section (Rustenburg/ Brits editions), contact Lee Peters on

014 597 9980.

This is Tshegofatso Gift Mathye (20), our girl of the week. She has taken part in modelling contests in Mmakau and is currently studying towards a flight attendant qualification in Johannesburg. Born in Brits, she currently works in Pretoria at the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

Tshegofatso says she enjoys her work and does not rule out pursuing a career in modelling if and when she gets a chance to do so. Models aged between 17 and 28, who are interested in appearing in this space, are requested to phone Rapula Mancai on 073 970 9671.


12 February

Leseding News - Rustenburg

Leseding News - Rustenburg

12 February



12 February

Leseding News - Rustenburg Leseding News

Mine Framework agreement a dismal failure Eric Mokuoa

The efforts to stabilise the mining industry in Rustenburg after the Marikana debacle, which left 34 miners dead, was marked by the signing of a peace accord. This accord was in the main between government, organised labour and organised business. The accord acknowledges the appalling conditions of the mine workers and also recognises the transformational setbacks. The main objectives of the accord were basically finding a lasting solution to the conflicts and violence which has beset Marikana. It seeks to get the commitment of all stakeholders. In this agreement the government committed itself to facilitate acceleration of transformation in the mining sector. Amongst the representatives of organised labour was the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), and the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU). It is these two unions that are in contention over membership in the platinum mines. They are viewed as fierce rivalries and subsequently blamed for the conflicts that riddled mining in Rustenburg. Blaming these two unions on the bloody conflicts

is insufficient to cover up the violent nature of the mining industry. This reason has been paddled to distance the mining companies from any wrongdoing. It appears sound to use the existing rivalry between NUM and AMCU as an excuse to exonerate the companies. Convincing as it is, it would be undermining the intelligence of South Africans to continue to paddle minor and insignificant reasons to explain the Marikana catastrophe. The rivalry seems to have come as a handy explanation to obliterate the long standing perilous relationship between police and mining companies. The real reasons for conflicts of this magnitude are generated by the long existing tensions between labour and the company, and the frail relationship between the community and the company. The companies also have poor environmental records. In both cases the company involved’s major aim was to maximise profit at all cost. However, AMCU has in this condition appeared to have stolen NUM’s thunder or shine, with its extreme militant approach to labour disputes. Transformation in this sector has had serious setbacks. One cannot help but accept that the framework agreement, which was signed by all

participants apart from AMCU, failed before it could take off. It is not only AMCU’s refusal to sign this accord that weakens and lower the gravitas of the accord, the fact that this agreement is an urgent intervention by implication suggests that it seeks to scratch the surface and ignore the root causes. Peace can only be when there is justice. The agreement seems to underestimate the complexity of problems found in mining. It could be said that Mining Companies have no concept of justice, that it thrives on sowing conflict and division within communities, and is not peaceful. Its continued pursuit of profit by any means necessary is arrogance and amounts to no peace. This Framework agreement does nothing but deliberates exclusion of the mine’s host communities. The agreement undermines the degree to which communities are affected by mining in all its activities. The spillover effects of all activities, including labour unrest within these communities, bear unpleasant consequences. Examples can be cited of the four kids who died because of the negligent attitude of mining companies. The incident is among several others that

have robbed Rasimone and

Eric Mokuoa Lefaragatlhe of young talents. These communities have endured for generations the violent nature of mining and its accompanying impact. The peace accord does fail to attend to this long standing community issues. Historically, mining has been exploitative of human rights. It should not be taken for granted that these legacies have faded away with arrival of democracy. Eric Mokuoa is a Social Justice Activist. The article expresses his personal views.

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Leseding News - Rustenburg


12 February

E L P O E P M U N I PLAT Prophet Nana Poku, the founder of Kingdom Prayer Ministries, is on a mission to heal people through prayer, prophecy and bringing them closer to God. The 29-year-old prophet started his church, which is located in Rustenburg’s Leyds Street, around five months ago and already has around 250 to 300 members. “We are doing the work of God and I would like to help as many people as I can to be delivered from various problems such as disabilities,” Prophet Poku said in an interview with Leseding News. “I pray for the people who visit us and advise them on how best to deal with the problems. I do not pray before God talks to me. “When I see a person, God talks to me and informs me about their problems. I am then in a better position to be able to assist them,” he added. “People must feel free to come to our services, which are open to everyone,” he said. Born in Ghana, Prophet Poku came to Rustenburg in September 2013, where he established his church. “I received my call from God while I was in Ghana. I was able to establish a church in Accra before I moved to South Africa.

Getting to know: Prophet Nana Poku

Before coming to Rustenburg last year, I worked in Newcastle,” he explained. He holds his counselling sessions on two days each week – usually Tuesday and Wednesday. “Normally, I see around 100 people each day on Tuesday and Wednesdays. These are the only days that we invite and attend to people who have problems. “We hold our services on Sunday and many people who would have attended these sessions usually come back with testimonies of how God helps them,” he said. He explained how he hopes to expand his church if the number of people attending continue to increase. Born in the Kumasi area of Ghana, Prophet Poku said he received his calling from God when he was 10 years old. A shy and reserved character, Prophet Poku explained that he is on a mission to assist as many people as he can to achieve deliverance by turning to God. “I was born in a family of three. I was not born in a religious family, but I received my calling from God while I was still very young. I believe God is using me to help people turn to him for guidance,” he said. ON A MISSION: Prophet Nana Poku (PHOTO: SUPPLIED)


Leseding 12 February

Leseding News - Rustenburg


Platinum Stars grooming young players Farirayi Kahwemba

ON A MISSION: Platinum Stars Football Manager, Senzo Mazingiza (PHOTO: FARIRAYI KAHWEMBA)

Platinum Stars are laying a strong foundation for their future by ensuring that they will still have a healthy flow of talented players coming through their ranks in the years to come. The club, which has won two domestic titles so far this season, is not taking anything for granted and would like to maintain a high standard by investing in the training of young players. Grooming young footballers has become the norm in South Africa, with clubs now opting to develop their own players instead of attempting to secure the services of players from other clubs. It is against such a background that Platinum Stars has been honing the skills of young, talented players in their academy. “We believe in development and currently we have 34 boys in our academy programme that we are developing to become holistic athletes,” Platinum Stars Football Manager Senzo Mazingiza said during an event to mark the handover of a computer lab at Keledi Secondary School. “Fifteen of the athletes have enrolled at this school for their high school phase, so Keledi should do well and represent this year in all their football tournaments.

A football coach with a difference

Combining coaching football and talent identification can be very challenging, as the two are different departments requiring different approaches. Talent scouts have been known to throw huge football events such as the World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and the recently held African Nations Championships (CHAN). In South Africa, Jomo Cosmos coach Jomo Sono is among one of the most well-known football personalities who have successfully combined the duties of being a football coach and a talent scout. Orbit FET Football Club coach, Kabelo Sibiya, has established a sports management company that seeks to identify and promote the talent of upcoming athletes, mostly footballers. “Basically, the company mainly focuses on establishing and promoting the talents of young players by linking them up with professional football clubs,” Sibiya said. Among the players that Kabelo has identified and linked up with professional clubs is Mohau Mokate, who is now training with National First Division side Black Leopards in the hope of securing a contract with the Limpopo-based team. Another player that has been 011 724 5670 identified by Sibiya

“We promise that we will live up to the mission we have at Platinum Stars, and we will continue to tell the story,” Mazingiza added. “As the season draws to an end, we will always look back to this specific one, simply because we contributed to the bright futures of many young learners in our neighbourhood.” It is the hope of Platinum Stars, Mazingiza explained, to inspire young football players to achieve their dreams on the football pitch and in their educational endeavors. “At Platinum Stars FC, we are on a mission to change lives by the stories we tell, be it on the pitch or as a collective. “A very inspiring tale of success, victory, respect, teamwork and humanity, we are working on reaching the hearts of many in the country. “So far, we have been living up to that mission and we are over the moon to be the ones attached to the same initiatives,” Mazingiza explained. Michael Mabule, who comes from Kanana, is one of the players who have risen through the ranks of the Platinum Stars academy. Spotted while playing football in Kanana, the young leftback is now training with the Platinum Stars first team.

Farirayi Kahwemba is midfielder Mathata Diseko, who played for Platinum Stars in a friendly match against Mpumalanga Black Aces. The player impressed football scouts from both Aces and University of Pretoria during the match, which Platinum Stars won on penalties. “There are a lot of talented players that many football clubs are not aware of and I would like to play a big role in making sure that their talent comes to the fore,” Sibiya said. “It is not difficult to combine this with my duties as a coach because I am very passionate about my football. “I have also developed a lot of contacts with a number of people also involved in football coaching and scouting and this has helped me to market the players,” Sibiya added.




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