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Pic Petrageme (2255m)- overview

Petrageme, seen here on the left of the Col to which it gives its name, with the Petite Aiguille on the right.

The tiny summit

This enigmatic mountain, with its characteristic “doigt” or finger, constitutes a more adventurous alternative to the Grande Aiguille. For those seeking to avoid the crowds and enjoy a summit to themselves, this peak comes highly recommended. As with it’ slightly higher neighbour , the strenuous climb to the Col de Petrageme is unavoidable and, though route-finding is relatively straightforward, a short scramble on good rock is necessary to reach the tiny summit that provides a real “mountain-top” experience.

Petragemee (2255m) – the route Start





Pont Lamary

Summit: 3h Descent: 2h 30m


Mountain path to just below the summit then a short rock scramble.

May October

• Follow the route to The Grande Aiguille D’Ansabere to the Col de Petrageme. (Waypoints 1-4) •From the cairn on the col walk SE, looking for the path which turns back SW on the Western slope of Petrageme. (Be careful not to go too far here. The path should be located within 50m of the col.) Continue steeply on the cairned path heading for the end of a rocky bar descending from the peak. Pass the end of the bar and climb up easily over a rocky step before turning back N on the grassy summit slope. As height is gained, the path becomes clearer and the cairns more numerous. Pic Acherito seems very close to the right and, suddenly, unusual views of the Aiguilles d’Ansabere appear to left (N). Just before the summit the path dips down slightly revealing a final rocky barrier which is overcome by a short scramble on good rock. The holds are large and solid but basic caution is required.

The final rocky scramble.

• From the summit the spectacular 360 degree view includes all the mountains in the cirque, the village of Lescun and the mountains of Spain – a wonderful place to be, particularly if you want to be on your own! • Descend by the same route.

Looking north from the summit of Petrageme

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Pic Petrageme  

Pic Petrageme

Pic Petrageme  

Pic Petrageme


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