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The Advantages Of Tablet PC's The iPad made a big splash in the market when it was first released and continues to be a popular buy. But technology keeps upgrading itself and the tablet PC is a close competitor of the iPad and other smart phones with its sheer simplicity of design and use. Tablet PC’s are smaller than netbooks and are a little larger than the iPad and can be used for any of the functions that a laptop or a PC is used for. For those looking to buy tablet pc, android tablet pcs are a very good choice. There are many advantages to buying the android tablet pc over an iPad or even a laptop and these are listed below. Portability – Buy android tablet and never have to worry about an extra bag just to carry it in. This is lightweight and sleek and fits into any bag or document pouch along with other things. Customised – Buy tablet PC and its powerful operating system allows a user to customize the applications and other processes according to individual requirements. The OS also allows ease of use and the ability to use multiple applications at the same time. The Android tablet is very compatible with Google applications and can be easily used for Gmail, Skype and is even compatible with almost all music formats like MP3, WAV etc. Functionality – Tablet PC’s come with screen sizes that range from 7” to 10.5” and this is great for viewing photos, videos and even for downloading and watching movies and e-books. The LCD screen also adds to the picture clarity and ensures great picture quality. Pricing Factor – buy android tablet at a great price that is usually less than what a laptop or an iPad would cost. The Android tablets offer the same functions at a much lesser price. Pricing depends on the models and the brands but overall these are more cost effective than any other mobile device. Availability of Applications – when you buy Android pc it gives you access to thousands of applications completely free. As it is an open source software there are many applications that are easily available for all kinds of purposes. The Pulso tablet is also a popular model among the many Android tablets available. Buy the Pulso tablet from a reputed store. Online purchases are also very popular as one can buy tablet PC at a better price than from a retail store. Many companies offer extended warranties and offers that are not usually available at stores. Box2000 in the UK is also a highly recommended site for their wide range of tablet pc’s.

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