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Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World An Exploration Toward the Ineffable

Les Visible

Š2011 by Les Visible Visible Enterprises, Publisher

Introduction; Greetings to all of you who hold this book in your hand, I hope it will prove a timely acquisition in these trying times of the transition to a higher dimension of consciousness and being. The casual reader may not know how truly critical these times are. I assure you they are spiritually critical in ways that seldom come around in a collective sense and your making the most of them is the difference between unparalleled success and abysmal, long echoing failure. A period such as the one we are in comes around only every 26,000 years and this one is unique even among such cosmic moments. This book is in no sense a complete guide. It is an indicator of directions and disciplines that can be taken and put into practice. Doing so will make your pathway much easier than it might be and reward you more than such disciplines and directions would ordinarily do at any other time. What I have to tell you here are points of inspiration that I have received from those wiser than myself. I am, like you, only a work in progress but the progress possible at this time is significant beyond the usual measurements of ordinary times. Take what you find useful here and apply it. Make both yourself and me happy (grin). I will be in your debt to the extent that you are improved by any of this because we are all interdependent upon one another and anyone’s success in the transition exalts us all. In this life I have personally shown great inconsistency of effort and focus. One thing I have done is been relentless in the follow-up of my setbacks, regarding shortcomings and the unpredictable impact of life upon our chosen course. If you don’t give up you cannot fail and you will grow stronger with every falling moment from which you rise again to the great task that faces all of us, regardless of what we may think we are up to or what we may in any moment desire for ourselves and our loved ones independent of what is actually best for and most important to us. If I can see daylight flickering within me, you can too. My sincere hopes and good wishes go out to you all. visible


Dedication; This book is dedicated to Susanne who has been my rock and unflinching support through times of trial and moments of personal weakness. I owe her more than I can say or even know. I do not know how I might thank her for her support of and belief in me but I will spend our time together trying, now and after I have become less visible. Thanks; My gratitude to Karyn and to Amarynth who has been a driving force in the bringing forth of all things ‘visible.’ My gratitude also extends to Erik, Nina, Dave and a number of community members who donated art or acted as proof readers and to the many readers of the various blogs whose input has both instructed and encouraged me. Thank you so very, very much.


What does that mean exactly;

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World?

I suppose there are ways of looking at life that might need to be discussed prior to getting a fix on the title. For instance, there are those that maintain that everything is singular and spiritual. I suppose those would fall into the Advaita category. Then there are those who say that there are spiritual and material worlds of a dual existence and that would be Dvaita. I think if I were to define the difference between spiritual and material, I would simply say, “flesh and not flesh.� It seems that most of the sins or crimes that all of the holy books talk about, are acts of flesh against spirit. Most, if not all of these sins or crimes are motivated by desires of the flesh, acting out against dictates of the spirit. You could also say that spiritual is permanent and material is temporary. According to all of the holy books, they say, one way or another that sin, or crimes against spirit, causes the spiritual being to go to less pleasant spiritual places, once material life ends and for the ones that accept reincarnation as being true (it is), must also


return to unpleasant places here, as a result of past behaviors. The reverse is true as well. One might speculate whether sin is simply a crime in the mind that is defined so by intent; meaning that sin is not always sin but thinking makes it so. I’m not going to tell you anything in terms of hard and fast or slow and immutable laws being absolute or… that this way is the right way and all other ways are the wrong way. People who know these kinds of things have the luxury of being convinced about what they believe, concerning spiritual and temporal (or material, if you want to call it that) strictures, laws and rules of conduct. I don’t have that luxury because I honestly don’t know. I have been around awhile and I have been through some very difficult moments. The odds say that I should not even be here now but I am. I am in very good shape, physically, emotionally and mentally, given what I’ve experienced and given that I have consumed massive amounts of psychotropic drugs and everything else you can think of. There are not many people around who would be in this kind of shape given the back story. What gives me the right to author a book such as this, keeping in mind that I may or may not actually be the author?

I am where I am because I am the beneficiary of certain spiritual protections and I have invisible friends. It could be that we all do but only a few of us are actually in contact with then. I am guided and protected at all times. This is something I know and it is my desire to make a similar state available to whoever reads this book. I am not going to tell you to play by the rules and try to fit in. I am not going to recommend you go to some church and abide by the moral standards of your community. I am not going to tell you one thing is evil and another good because those terms are relative and much that is considered evil is actually good unrecognized and much that is called good is anything but. What I am going to do is ramble about in your mind and try to arrange the furniture in certain ways so that you can get the feel for different states of being; different environments one can exist in


and so on and so forth. I am going to tell you what certain things have done for me and you can judge by reason and experience whether such things might work for you. I want you to listen for a ringing sound. It may not be audible in the same way that ordinary sound is. It is the sound of authenticity and we have all experienced it a time or two under all sorts of circumstances. I want you to see if you can hear that ring when you read this book and I want you to give serious consideration to what you are reading, specifically, when you hear such a ringing because that specific paragraph, sentence, page, or whatever it’s particular length is, might have an important connection to you personally. Not everything you read here is going to apply to you. You may not need all of it. You might only need a sentence, a paragraph or a page. If you find that passage and you hear that ring, stop where you are and reflect. It could make all the difference. There is one thing that I personally want you to connect to and comprehend and that is that there are only a few really important things or conditions that make all the difference. A spiritual life may have many components but there are only a few that are of absolute importance and the cornerstone, bedrock or centerpiece of an evolving spiritual condition. Here are the things I have found to be of critical importance; possessing the qualities of the divine, practicing the presence of the divine and unshakeable consistency of purpose and right intention. Some might ask; what about faith and charity? What about compassion and all the rest of the virtues? Those are some of the qualities of the divine. They are all part of the package. You see, the point and purpose is for you to become like God. To do this, you must first realize and viscerally accept that you are a child of the divine. What does a child of the divine grow up to be? Consistent practice of the presence of the divine leads to the budding of the qualities of the divine. As the divine enters into you and comes alive, in a certain sense, you become like the divine and the qualities of the divine become a part of you.


Most seekers and religious pundits make a big deal out of knowledge. Knowledge has its place but it is of no value whatsoever outside of the mind of the true knower. What this means is that most knowledge is colored by your identification with your false self, the personality. It becomes an extension of the game theory of the personality and ceases to be what it essentially is. Those possessing a true objective reasoning capacity know what I am talking about here. One of them is an effulgent and conscious light. Another is the attendant false light (both contain and operate representative guiding and misguiding entities), often mistaken for the true and conscious light and finally, traps and tests. How can you manage to pass around the traps and through the tests, unless you are in the care of the one who knows the way? Spiritual arrogance has been the downfall of many souls more advanced than you or I. You are never too high to fall. This is why you must remember to stay small and to practice surrender. You cannot surrender without permission. This is another mistake seekers make. They think they can surrender on their own, as if their progress rested upon their own abilities. It does not. You don’t have any. All of your abilities are borrowed from one of two sources, which are two faces of the same eternal being. Besides the qualities of the divine are the shadow qualities of the other side. You must free yourself of these. The spiritual path is brimming with several things.

There are several things that every seeker must recognize and they are the reason that the true path has so few travelers upon it. First off, it is demanding work. It takes everything you have. You must forget that there is any other life because there is not. Whatever may come to you as another life, in the development of your movement on the path, has to do with duties. You may be sure that all of these are pleasurable and satisfying once you have visceral understanding of their meaning. We seek glamour in our duties, without possessing the talents for those particular duties. We need to understand that whatever our role may be as we progress, it is the best place for us and do understand that every


secret desire in your heart was placed there by the divine. Desire is the agent of God’s will. Do not fret about whether you will get to do that which you believe to be your heart’s desire. That is a given but it is always a case of having to crawl before you can walk. It makes one grateful. It makes one sane and safe. Do not allow the resistant intelligence of the false self to whisper in your ear. Empty yourself of everything but the presence of the divine. If you feel empty and pointless because you can no longer entertain all of the colorful aspects of your false self in this false world, do not despair. That state is like a vacuum calling the divine into presence. Nature, the active and external face of the divine, abhors a vacuum. Everything is under control and everything is perfect. If you cannot see this then that is a part of you that must go. Don’t hold on to the source of your pain. That is all some form of attachment. When attachment is gone, so is the pain. Become attached to the divine, recognize that you are attached. You would have no life otherwise. The presence of the divine makes one humble.

A human birth is a remarkable thing and a rare thing. Make the most of it. You cannot achieve except in the embodied state. That is why we always return, whatever we think our reasons are. There are some rare exceptions to this and I will mention them as we go but regardless, you must do it here. Keep in mind that heaven begins where your feet touch the earth. Interested? Then let us be on our way.


You’ll be co-authors of this book with me because your input at the blogs is going to determine some of the things that get talked about. In some cases, it is also likely that something you send me, if it fits with the overall scheme and intention of this work, will find its way into the book as well with all appropriate attributions. What we want to do is to locate the principles and disciplines necessary to give anyone who desires it, a leg up in their effort to be independent of the traps that surround us and to come deeper into the light that also surrounds us and is predisposed to fill us as well. This brings me to one of the most critical points of the entire matter and one which many will wrestle with here and may cause them to discard whatever I say as a result of it and that is why you should pay careful attention to the way in which this is worded. I speak of actual truth as opposed to literal truth and it is not uncommon for the one to contradict the other. God is a serpent. Ponder this as you go and consider everything spoken of in all religions in respect of the serpent. I will devote an entire chapter to this. So much of life is devoted to this; the architecture, the art, the lifestyles and so much more has come about because of humanities faith in a divine being or rejection of the same. Much good has come and much evil too and this is something that has become a stumbling block for many who see religion as (what it is) a business. Some people cannot accept the existence of a God because of the conditions that exist on Earth. “If God is all powerful then why does he/she allow this?� Good question.


I enter upon this subject with trepidation and I must use great care. The idea that I could cover any length of ground in a single chapter is ludicrous, when millions of pages have been written on this; contradicting each other, provoking war upon each other and, over the long course of time, changing in presentation like a sidewinder moving across the desert sand. It’s appropriate that I mentioned a snake and we will address that as we go along. One image I would like to leave you with now is that which is presented in Hindu posters and if you’ve never seen one then Google “Shiva” or “Vishnu” or “Brahma and get yourself a graphic and look for the serpent(s), especially one that shows serpents over the head of the deity as a hood… a cobra hood… a brotherhood… just remember things said as we go. Keep in mind the serpent in the garden as well. This is the key element to understanding what is going on; always going on. One can assume that in Heaven and in Hell (if they exist), conditions are opposite of each other. One can assume that bliss is predominant in the one and suffering in the other. One might postulate that both of these are states of mind and if you are inclined toward Buddhism you have heard that everything is mind. I’d like to point out again that Heaven, if it exists, begins where your feet touch the Earth. I’d also like to suggest that you don’t go anywhere when you die except right where you are (so you need to get there while you are here) and we are going to bring some physics into it now. I’d like the say that metaphysics becomes physics once science (or philosophy) has been able to capture it into understanding, just as lighting captured becomes electricity. No one knows what electricity is but we can use it to our great benefit. I suggest that God is the same thing and that the same applies. The more you understand something the better you are able to use it. So I want you to think in terms of usage and benefit and the fact that you can realize something like that will make you grateful and gratitude is key. Gratitude and compassion are phenomenal. You really want to have both of these. Metaphysics and physics;


You want to have gratitude and compassion because they ensure more reasons to be grateful and more justification for mercy when it comes to you. Therefore… Try to understand that just because you can’t comprehend something (and never, ever will) doesn’t mean you can’t use and benefit from it. If you have read any cutting edge papers on physics then you know that they have pretty much proved the existence of God. They have proven that everything is mind-stuff. I’ll go one further and say that we are all frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in extension. Loving the divine, who gives you life, is good because it opens the valves to get more contact and greater blessings. The other possible relationship is resistance. You can be a resistor if that’s what you want. You can play any role. You have to ask yourself what you want and whether you want something better for everyone or if you are just out for yourself. This is also key. Are you self interested or are you more expansive? Do you think you are an isolated element that needs to feed itself or do you not know you have the power to feed the world if you will only let the light shine in your heart? “Lead us not into temptation.” The devil is the way that the wicked see God. There’s only one and if you could contain your fear and reject your confusion when the devil presents itself to you, you would see the corona of the angel hidden behind the frightful appearance. It is ONE thing. It is one thing and the inexpressible simplicity of it is what leads to the endless complexity of terms and explanations. “Be still and know.” It is one thing. We are the fools who become two. The power that binds you is the power that frees you.

Forget religions. Religions are like lined paper in grammar school. Once you learn how to write capably you don’t need lined paper. Forget Jesus this and Mohammed that. If some icon works for you, fine but… truth is the same in every one of these systems. Truth is the body upon which the clothes of religion are draped and when the truth takes off its clothes the world disappears. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because religion is a business that conceals what it is meant


to reveal, in order to expand and profit temporally, does not mean there is not sunlight to be found in the precepts. I tell you these things because, if we are to create a community, real or virtual; if you are to realize your fullest potential, if you are going to try to achieve success, where so many people have failed then you don’t want to leave out key elements and you don’t want to make rules and regulations against human freedom. At the same time, freedom is not license. Excessive repression and excessive hedonism lead to their own separate vales of suffering, even if the walls are thin and you can hear them next door. Ah yes… in order to get where you want to go you need fuel. Your car needs fuel. Your body needs fuel. Your spirit needs fuel. You need to know where that service station is. In some cases it is a gas station and in some cases it is a kitchen or a restaurant and in some cases it is your heart. There, in the latter lies your kingdom of power and realization and the fuel therein is love. Everyone who gets good at anything gets there because they ‘love’ doing it. That’s all you need to know about God and all I’ll ever say about it… however convoluted may be the approach. Love what you do. This brings us to the first thing about how to survive on your way… elsewhere… work on loving and make it your first criteria… like a rusty pump it is going to take some priming but the water will run sweet if you will but try and persist. My point? I’m sure I had one.

Back to those serpents... The serpent is radiant energy. Expressed in the animal kingdom it may be one thing, in the plant kingdom something else. In the human kingdom we can see people eating each other alive just like in the animal kingdom but maybe a little differently. This power feeds on itself. That is why it has its tail in its mouth. It’s the snake in the grass and it is the power of divinity over your head. Anything God has ever accomplished here has been through human agency. We are the hands.


So… you have to get right with yourself and the source of the power that holds you living in this moment and surrender is probably the best route and love is probably the best fuel. If you need religion it is there. If you need a direct connection look within; But before we go on to the tools and practices you have to accept that something is in control and it is a good thing, not a bad thing. You need to have some faith and you need to have the teacher write in your report card, “plays well with others.” I want to have some fun and fellowship without all of the personality games and insecurities thereof so… Make peace with yourself and then we’ll talk about techniques. This book does not lead to Jonestown. This book has no connection to any religion. This book cost little in dinero but much in effort. The book profits no one but you. Take what you need and leave the rest.


I’m going to be talking about geopolitical and social issues as well as metaphysics ...

... and trying to tie in visible effects with invisible causes. There’s a good chance that I’ll take unannounced side trips off into the bush, just to see what’s out there; or in there as the case may be and the conversation may even turn to books and movies on occasion. I expect that a good deal of it is going to be controversial because the preponderance of lies set loose in the world is enormous and presently exceeds the known population of the Earth, even if you include the animals and the insects. One could make a case that you can hardly see anything at all for the lies that threaten to blot out the skies with their batwings of darkness. I’d like to think that I’ll have an opportunity to present what I believe to be the truth whenever I get around to presenting anything at all. I also hope that you will be assured by my statement, coming up any moment now, which is that, “I’m wide open to being corrected and proven wrong should the unexpected occur.”


I feel a dull sense of fatigue settle over my frame every time I make the mistake of traveling to any mass media web presence with the intention of seeing what kind of thinly veiled bullshit they are up to today. I always knew that sham and artifice was a major product of the world’s business but these days it sometimes seems like its only product. I’ve known that politicians lie for a good long time now and that they get up to gratuitous wars and profit from the industry, all through the screams and the blood and the tears but… I never suspected that terrible psychopaths… bio-engineered serial killers, vat born in underground labs beneath Disney World would take over the United States government and, joining with psychopaths in other countries, conspire to attack a major American city, as well as various public buildings and a defenseless meadow in Pennsylvania. In a single generation, with the help of “No Child Left with a Mind,” millions of the world’s young have been turned into textmessaging robots. It’s a ‘LOL’ world baby. We’ve come a long way from Romeo and Juliet to ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s.’

The jury is out on whether aliens have invaded and occupied the minds of most of the population but there can no longer be any question that the GWEN network is responsible for mindnumbing subliminal programming of some sort, or it’s in the water, or it’s in the air, or it’s in the food. Food and water shortages loom on the horizon but that may be a mercy, given what many people eat by choice each day. Hate, suspicion, disillusionment and despair prowl like gangbangers across the landscape. Is it really that bad? Yes and no. As always when one world is decomposing and recycling, another world is rising from the ruins of the last. I’m an optimist, though you may hear me say some hard things and occasionally start


riffing out Jeremiads like I was scat-singing with a deranged jazz band. I’d like to think it’s all about saying, “Wake up and smell the bodies burning.” There’s going to be ample non-politically correct content and the thought police are going to get to plump up their dossier on me but… you tell me. Is it better to bow your head before merciless creatures that possess neither heart nor soul or should one stand fast against the darkness with “this little light of mine?” I’ll try to inspire as much as I deride.

I don’t know who is going to show up here or where this temporary space in a temporary world that hangs suspended in an eternal mind is going to go but it will be something to do until the next thing comes along. There’s an old Sufi tale about the constructs and presentations of life. The tale pretty much says that when a particular scene is called for that certain energies appear which erect the stage and then the performance goes down. Once the performance is over they roll it all up and head on out of town. I’m hoping you’ll travel a little ways on up and around the bend inside this mind of ours and see where it takes us. I’m hoping that somewhere along the way it will be common knowledge to us all that there is only one mind and that we may all be the same person as well but that we appear to be different so that the spectacle can have some mystery. These are scary times. They are also exciting times. It’s possible to be a hero or a villain. It’s possible to help or hinder however you are disposed to do. I know that the human heart is a kingdom of infinite surprise and I have no idea what is hidden there in these times. I’m hoping something greater is going to wake up in our midst and I am hoping we will recognize it and rally round for the good of one and all.


It will be my pleasure to travel along with you as we explore what can be seen from the window while driving by. I’ll let you know what I think and you can let me know what you think too. I look forward to it. Until the next time, remember, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.


... to practice I have had more Spiritual Survival recently. The conditions I went through actually began a few months earlier and relentlessly escalated. These than enough conditions were opportunities ... amplified by some of the worst weather in half a century in the location where I’ve been living. This shouldn’t surprise anyone because this kind of weather has been happening all over the globe. I’m going to try to define the symptoms and characteristics of what I experienced in such a way so that the reader might possibly identify similar conditions in their own life during this period because… I believe I may not have been the Lone Ranger here. Let me expand on that a little with an illustration. When there is large scale warfare, famine or financial disorder, people from every sign in the zodiac are affected. During these times, young and old are affected, man and woman are affected. We are all affected. We are affected to different degrees and we handle it differently but we are all affected. From fairly late in last year until fairly recently, I have been the beneficiary (grin) of an intermittent, crushing depression and the target of negative, unseen forces that have made my day to day an often grim affair. Despite this, I have managed to carry on because what other option do I have? There has been this generally pervasive climate of oppression and an awareness of the looming fears of others across the globe. There used to be an Al Capp, cartoon character with an unpronounceable name who had a dark cloud over his head everywhere he went. Sometimes it was like that.


During this period, meditation has been very difficult and old, destructive habits made themselves desirable as escape mechanisms and a means of temporary escape. I could see what was happening but treading water was about the best I could manage. Along with this came some environmental difficulties that caused a great deal of distress to me and those close to me. It took the shine off of a location that promised to be a haven and sometimes seemed more like a bad choice than it had in the beginning. Over time, the solution to all of these problems has appeared, even though we experienced some of the worst they could throw at us in the interim. But now - waving magic wand; Presto! ‌they are gone. Sometimes you just have to endure and you come out the other end a far better person than you were before; stronger and with more depth concerning the possibilities of the moment and of the future. ... much of what was formerly stable and familiar seems to become unstable and unfamiliar. Many of us fear for our living situations and our livelihood. We fear for the welfare of those close to us and wonder if we may not soon become refugees or find ourselves sheltering under a cardboard box on the streets of some nameless city or town. Such things are actually happening to thousands of people and tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and possibly millions find themselves only a few steps away from the potential for some permutation of this fate. In today’s world, ...

We wonder what we are going to do and sometimes our lowered emotional state and confused mindset leave us in an overwhelmed state of indecision and helplessness, not knowing where to turn or how we might survive. This is not the mindset that you want. We are not helpless and we are not as doomed and desperate as we might think. We need to develop new ways of looking at things. We need to grow and evolve and that is the purpose of the trials and tribulations that we endure. Always remember, when


what you had counted on begins to disappear before your eyes, new opportunities are appearing as well. Remember that the world goes on and on and as old versions are recycled, new versions are emerging. Seek out these new versions and make yourself a part of them. Your biggest enemy is your own tendency to despair. Embrace the circumstances and look within for your solutions. You have no better friend than your intuition. Intuition actually means, ‘inner teaching.’ You have one. Go there. If you cannot manage to take the time to inquire within on a regular basis and engage in the discipline of meditation and other modalities of a higher order then maybe you don’t deserve to prosper in difficult times. Surely you are obliged to make a contribution to the process. I take the good I find from everything I encounter and if I can use it to my advantage and to the advantage of others then I am going to do that. Only a fool throws away what is useful and we are mostly fools throwing away so much that could enrich and enhance our lives. We’ve all been fools and may yet be again but we do not ‘have to’ persist in our foolish courses. We’ve been told that “a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise” but… we should study that phrase and understand just what that means… shudder. So… we have come to the end of another chapter and it is my hope that some good will come to you as a result of having taken the trouble to read this. I realize that this is not as comprehensive as you might have liked but if I took that into account every time I set out to write something like this a lot of it wouldn’t get written with enough regularity to appear with any regularity; if that makes any sense at all. May you find something here that you can use and if not here then… within yourself where it surely is awaiting your discovery of it.


If you have gotten this far reading the book and if things like this interest you in general, you already have a teacher, whether you have met that teacher or not. True spiritual teachers inspire us to self inquiry and curiosities about matters such as you find in this book, are part and parcel of that. This is not to draw any significance to me. You shouldn’t think in those terms. Try to look at me as a traffic cop at an intersection. I wave people on or I halt them at the light (grin). I’ve no special powers, anything of that nature is only passing through me and it is resident in you as well. It is dormant in most people, sleeping is a good word, though it sends out dream pulses now and again and it waits at the verge of awakening for you to demonstrate the qualities necessary to bring it forward into conscious residence within.

Let’s talk a little about spiritual masters.

This is a dark age, seeking to become a brighter age after a series of massive transformations that will destroy the old structure of control. In a dark age the number of true spiritual teachers is much reduced and there are never that many of them to begin with. False spiritual teachers can mess you up. They kill your faith and fill you with disappointment. They can take your money and more important things as well. The new age movement is cluttered with false teachers. The great majority of them qualify as such. Many people may rave about this one or that one but in the end you find that these teachers only fed your self importance and catered to your desire bodies. I won’t mention names, that’s ‘usually’ not my style. I do figure if you are to be seen on Oprah the chances are that you are a false teacher. If you are touted by the mass media and have a slick PR engine, you are


probably a false teacher. If you are making a lot of money and charging a lot of money to be heard, you are very likely a false teacher. Traveling around and looking for a spiritual teacher can be problematic. The idea is to travel inward and expect that this will galvanize your passage to a physical meeting. Not all of us have a teacher who is walking around on the Earth. I did meet mine in the physical but I never got a name and I never saw him again. I have heard from him on occasion and a few months after I met him he activated my kundalini thousands of miles away from where I met him. This was no small event. The effects of it remained with me for a period of several years at a state of high intensity. I had to trust and surrender. Things did not get better for me over the years. I went through protracted periods of intense suffering. I think it unlikely that most of you will go through anything like what I went through because I suspect that most of you are more stable than I. It is only in recent times that I have become ‘relatively’ stable in relation to where I had been for long periods of time. Relatively stable for me is not something most people would define as stable. There’s a reason for all of this. I don’t know what that is but there is a reason. I did not understand what had happened to me at the time.

Here are some of the things my teacher said to me when I met him on the beach that day. “God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream. Everything is under control, take the reins. You are a celebrity here, you know?” Most of the time what he said was, “I don’t know.” After a time I was saying that too and knowing it was true. I did not know, deeply and fundamentally. He did not look like the rest of us. His face was that of a Chinese sage with lines of power radiating in his features. His body was perfectly formed. He had no defining age. He held his hands as if there were reins in them. I thought he was crippled at the time and admired the way he was handling it. He looked like a god


and he was/is that. I know this now. I have aspired to improve as a human being all of my life. I have struggled immensely to achieve this. At times it was all I did and in recent times it composes most of the efforts I make. I fall short consistently. I seek to surrender and cannot. I try to behave at a high level and cannot. I try to be free of a number of things and cannot. This is not in my power. I have to rely on the compassion of the divine to accomplish these things in me. Sometimes I suffer greatly. It can be agonizing, yet here I am talking about certain things as if they were commonplace for me. In some cases they are but consistency eludes me. I am given to believe that this year something incredible is going to happen to me. I hope that is true. My hands are held like his hands and you can see me in a particular pose at one of the blogs where I am wearing the 9/11 t-shirt. There is no question that the divine has a plan for me because I would have been done away with by now otherwise. I risked life and limb more times than I can remember and there are many friends and companions who will attest to it. My continued existence is a marvel considering how really out there I have been. I’ve done little damage to others but I have certainly done a number on myself and… here I am talking to you. Here I am talking to you. I have been a wild actor on the world’s stage.

Today I was editing this book and at a certain point I was stunned by a particular revelation. I do not generally think well of myself, nor have I felt that I have progressed much in recent times. While reading what I had written a couple of years ago it dawned on me that I had made a great deal of progress but simply hadn’t seen it. Of course, it’s never enough for me, so I tend not to see clearly at times. I am speaking of this in the hopes of increasing your faith. I think most of us do not think that well of ourselves and often feel trapped and as if we have made no progress. This is simply not true. Be optimistic and never despair or let your determination fade. This is one of the


most powerful acts you can commit. Simply by not giving up and being determined that you will never give up, you have laid the essential ground work for guaranteed success. You cannot fail if you do not give up. Remember that. You cannot fail if you do not give up; not even death can halt your progress. Remember too that life here is a trial accompanied by seemingly endless tests. Those whom the lord favors are subjected to these things. Those who are not favored are often not subjected to these things and it can seem as if God favors the wicked and self indulgent. Keep it very much in mind that things are not what they seem. Try to see through appearances. Remind yourself that you have a pattern of seeing based on false assumptions that you have made and that this can change when you let go of your assumptions and admit that you do not know. Make “I don’t know” a mantra. When you know God does not. When you don’t know, God does. ... ‘just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.’ Try to comprehend the wonder of a child. The child knows that it does not know and is not hampered by hardened assumptions. No one at any other age learns more quickly than a child. The goal of life is regenerated innocence and it is within your power to obtain this, once you can release all of the false assumptions you have made and release your attachment to the injuries you have received and the way that they changed you. Regain your innocence. Do not accept senility in its place. One of my mottos is, ...

A favorite phrase of mine comes from The Bhagavad-Gita. Krishna says, “Success is speedy for the energetic.” If you make the pursuit of the presence of God and the acquisition of his qualities job one. If you keep these ambitions uppermost in your mind and rigorously bring your mind back to this every time it wanders, there is no telling just how fast you may come to realization. You need nothing more than this. Possibly accompanying prayer, a mantra or some medium of focus would be of help but, outside of that, you don’t need anything more.


You don’t need to read any books. You don’t need to search for a spiritual master. You don’t need to practice any of the things that are discussed in this book. You need only to practice the presence of God at all times and at some point the divine will be with you at all times. This is the greatest work and challenge on Earth. Do not presume for a moment that it is easy, despite it being the simplest thing in the world. You will be tested and every time you are, simply remind yourself that this is what it is about. Nothing other than this that you will do in your life, unless it is service in the name of the divine, is of any importance. Nothing you accomplish temporally, nothing you acquire, all of your associations, dreams and ambitions are without any real value, unless it is this. Don’t concern yourself for a moment with what others think and never doubt that this is more real than anything else. Do these things and I promise you will receive a surprise beyond anything you can imagine because, the divine is actually there and watching you every moment. Be inspired. Begin right now. Do it and do not stop, no matter what. Angels will fly to your side. You have embarked upon the greatest adventure there is.


There is a term called ‘ageless wisdom’ and it is my favorite term whenever I think of real scripture which does not vary across time. You can read a very good commentary on this in the Old Testament chapter of Ecclesiastes; “there is nothing new under the sun, all things have been of old.” This expresses a kind of mindset that is very useful for anyone who wants to ‘come into the presence.’ Time is a confining dimension and it affects our thinking far more than we are probably aware. One of the things you experience on a psychedelic voyage is timelessness and part of the experience is a diminishment of weight. Time is an equivalent of gravity. ... from the conditions of terrestrial imprisonment, it would be a good idea for one to familiarize themselves with the things that act upon us every day and to see them as eternal operating conditions within the sphere of the temporary, which is what this world is to us, given that we are born into it and die out of it. There is a phrase in The Bible that I am very fond on and that it, “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” The implication here is that as long as you can keep changing in accommodation of the eternal and invisible, death’s power is removed. Death is a transitioning process for when we can go no further. It’s a liberating force, not something to be feared but most of us have got it backwards here. We’ve got it backwards because the world presents reality as something other than what it is for the purpose of control. In seeking to free ourselves ...

As children we see things in unity and then with the arrival of puberty our world divides and sex becomes the issue. Then we are seduced under false pretenses and guilt and disappointment enter in and that is why alcohol is the god of consciousness on the manifest plane because alcohol fuels guilt and puts us on a treadmill of resentment and self loathing. You can’t survive as anything recognizable if you do not discover who you are because otherwise you are living as a mask; a temporary mask over an identity unknown to the performer.


When you engage your karma with Love, ...

... Love expedites your karma and opens the door to grace which can impact on your karma in many surprising ways. There are a number of laws in operation of which we know nothing. All the laws we do know about are the result of watching the operations of nature. Some of these laws we do not understand but we can predict how they will behave based on our observation of them.

True sanity is a spiritual state and it makes it possible for us to see things and understand things that we neither see nor understand when we are not sane. Most people are not sane and so their perceptions are clouded by degrees. This clouded perception affects judgment and is responsible for the creation of negative karma which binds us in ignorance which is attended by suffering. Look around you at the suffering that is everywhere. The appearance of momentary joy and well being are transitory. Look deeply. If you have ever been in the company of a realized master you notice how different they are from everyone else. Their countenance shines. There is innocence about them. They do not react like most people and when they do it is with Love, regardless of the nature of what they are reacting to. Love resides in them. Love is conscious in them and living its life in them. They have surrendered their personal self to it. They have let go of their shortcomings and their shortcomings have been transformed into the qualities of the divine. They seem to have all the time in the world. There is no urgency. They don’t seem to be


going anywhere. Their patience is a physical thing, which transfers itself to those surrounding. Everyone in the room gets high. The master is in contact with the real self of everyone in the room. The master is behind the mask and resonating with the single and enduring self of everyone around them. The master is a representation of what is possible for all of us. The master does not want us sitting around and worshipping him. The master wants us to emulate him and‌ how do we do this? We resonate. Like the sympathetic strings on a sitar, we vibrate to the sound of the primary string. As we resonate and vibrate we are changed and one day that vibration becomes stronger than anything else. Like a primed pump it performs on its own, the way a chant will keep on repeating itself in your mind after a certain amount of repetition. Here is the key to discipline and the explanation of the activity of bad habits. Discipline eventually becomes stronger than our lethargy and demands the performance of it. Our bad habits are like discipline in reverse. We are all a combination of the three states of action that is spoken of in the Hindu religion; Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Tamas is ignorance and lethargy. It is sloth. Rajas are passion and action. Sattva is luminous intelligence. In a darker age, Tamas will predominate in the population and you will see this reflected in the culture and its entertainments powered by Rajas in pursuit of lower attractions. In more enlightened ages, Sattva is more powerful and all of these states of actions have a contagion that moves through the peoples of the world. Look around you at the world. In these times self interest, every man for himself, war and corporate dominance and theft are epidemic. Corporations rule because they are gods of the manifest realm. Everything has been turned upside down and what can be generically called evil permeates the ranks of government and religions. It was no


accident that priests of the Catholic Church would become engaged in sexual molestations. As the church became more and more of a travesty on itself so did the tenets of the church and its practices, like celibacy. It’s a logical progression. Not long ago the English government arrested a man who came to give a speech about missing children who are suspected of being the victims of sexual crime. The government arrested and deported this man because the government is engaged in these practices. They are a part of the ritual of Satanism which is preeminent in the governments and religions of this time. Many sane people have relocated themselves to primitive locations to wait out the certain destruction of the present culture. This may or may not serve them well. Many who are deeply evil are also contemplating and preparing for such relocation. They’ve bought up large parcels of real estate in Third World locations. Love is coming to judge and transform the world and Love knows the location of every heart and the condition of every heart. Love compares every heart to itself and within that comparison lies the judgment. We all judge ourselves according to our inner nature. When the truth about our actions and the state of our being is revealed to us it can be a terrible or a beautiful thing and it will come. It proceeds toward you as you read these words. There is no escaping the judgment of the false self by its own heart and mind. Those things we did under the power of the mask and the ruler of the false are shown to us and we comprehend. This is why you must be aggressive in your pursuit of Love; so much of what might be called evil can be undone in the pursuit of Love. Love washes. Love purifies. The piercing fire of Love consumes our darkness. Love is a being that displaces our false self when the intensity of focus is greater than any other. We do not understand Love. We have a rudimentary awareness of it. Love possesses a bottomless depth and there are sunken treasure


chests all through the body of Love which contain priceless things that are our inheritance should we claim it. Love is a big cornucopia. It is the gift that keeps on giving. That is what Love does. It freely gives of itself. It gives itself away and abundance returns to it. It is like the law of tithing and casting your bread upon the waters and receiving ten times the amount in return. This is an actual law. Most fruits have a great many You can think of this law as seeds. Enough to produce also expressed in nature. hundreds and sometimes thousands of fruits over the duration of the plant or tree. Each fruit tree produces large amounts of fruit as an expression of the abundance of nature. We are surrounded by positive expression on the part of the universe and nature but we either ignore it or cannot see it because we are blinded by self interest. Selfishness is a dreadful state. It closes the heart and seals off all of the natural enjoyment of being. We imagine that the rich and powerful are living the high life of satisfaction and freedom from want. They have only the illusion of this and it is one reason that they never have enough and are driven to acquire more and more as if at some point they will have achieved what, in fact, will not be granted to them. Greed and the qualities of darkness are so rampant on the Earth at this time that tremendous changes are coming in reaction to them. Because those who are acting in a predatory manner upon their fellows will not desist and will not turn away from their behavior, the universe is sending its emissaries to inform them of their error. You may count on this. There remains time for many to alter their activities and state of being. It is possible to walk a new path right in this moment for those who can see their way to it. Love is the most powerful defense and weapon that one can possess. It disarms the adversary without seeming to do anything. It protects the bearer and since it displaces fear it removes the power of those agents of fear that presently throttle the world.


All of what we see is destined. It came about because of fundamental errors in perception and judgment. It comes about through the seduction of the human heart and mind by the glamour of materialism. So many do not see. This world is the only world they know and the agents of darkness push an agnosticism and disbelief in the invisible upon the population so that they might immerse themselves further into the suffocating world of useless things. They assist the attack upon faith by spreading false and fantastic doctrines and ridicule. Look around you. Open your eyes. We are moving right along. We are moving into a state of awareness and we much embrace it and surrender to it and allow it to live its life and express it’s consciousness within us. The hour is late and the moment is at hand.


Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World  

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