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The Potentialist Workshop: Creative Arts Hub “Potentialism is the  dissolution of boundaries...between  play, poem, sculpture, painting, and  music. “  Pan°           As someone  who saw 836 E.  2nd Street before  its most recent  transformation, it  appears  potentialism is  alive and well and  dreams are  beginning to come  true, at least for  Kelsy Sweet  Marketing &   The Potentialist et  Healing Arts Director  al.    Kelsey Sweet,  marketing  director for The Potentialist  Workshop, shared the background of  the venue as she walked through the  “still in progress”  workshop.  In 2011, Kelsey Sweet, who  has degrees in leadership, psychology  and art, was involved in what was 

Grand Opening Reception Sept 26, 2015

7pm     Scapegoat  7:30pm Reno Improv presents:            The Laboratory   8pm   Gallery Reception  8:30pm Reno Improv presents:           The Laboratory    9:30pm New Music Jam 

Janice Hermsen Inside this Issue:

Theater seating: From the thrift shop to  Dickerson and now here  then “The Artist’s Workshop” at 836 2nd  Street. The original vision did not work  out. “Maybe the community wasn’t ready  for it,” Sweet lamented.  Since then, the  space has been a consignment shop, a  furniture shop and other uses.     Renovation work has been  steadily progressing. Even the bathrooms  have been remodeled. The floors are  hardwood throughout the building. New  lighting is going in. They installed new  heating and swamp cooler units. The 

Front cover: The Potentialist Workshop


Mike Aloia: Walk the turtle: Doors that open in life


Brian T. Shirley: “Jump,” I said.


Dennis DuPerault: Things to think about


Eddie Floyd: Southern boys view of dieting and love


The evolution of an artist-Pan Pantoja


Nevada Heartland


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kitchen has also been renovated.     The Potentialist Workshop  receives money for the project through  donations and a gofundme that has been  online for about 5 months.     Pan Pantoja, the Executive Artist/ Performance Director, has an existing  location on  Dickerson for  The Potentialist  Workshop.  Kelsey, said she  and Pan kept  driving by the  location at 836  E. 2nd Street in  Reno, Nevada  and finally  Artist’s space:   decided to take 

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Walk the Turtle: Doors that open in life

  I wonder what doors will open next, I wonder where this  journey will take me, I wonder who will enter my life and  my heart.    To daydream about possibilities and never forget the  pain, to feel your heart and soul molded into an  enlightenment of wisdom.    To wake each morning and breathe the fresh air, to close  your eyes and feel the breeze and hear the music of  living, to feel the vibrations of love.   

Mike Aloia

As a visionary, my optimistic understanding of each  moment guides me toward the calling of peace, for we can  achieve the impossible as we keep the faith.    The fears we each face are there to conquer in order to  open a new dimension of self achievement, give yourself  the credit deserved as you plant the seeds of knowledge.    Observance of actions and acknowledging the signs of  serendipitous moments in time, receiver of messages and  vision become the realities inside the happening.    To wish upon a star while knowing your dreams can come  true is the essence of human spirit, to set your soul free as  we follow our hearts, this is divine guidance.    As we walk our turtle, we find ourselves vulnerable after  the storms have passed, serenity and solitude fills our  being as we prepare for the  journey ahead and walk  through the doors that open in  life. 

Originally published on  www.nostringsattached‐enews.com  Photo credit below1 

Mike Aloia is a father of two daughters and a proud grandfather. He is 50 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is multi‐ talented: a cartoonist, comedian, musician, songwriter, actor, columnist, and the CEO of American Hearts Radio, LLC Entertainment Network. He  has experience in web TV, radio entertainment production, artist management, and other aspects of entertainment.     His column “Walk the Turtle” are his thoughts on slowing down, taking it easy, and enjoying life. Mike's work can be found in the  following places:     www.twitter.com/ahradiollc    www.facebook.com/americanheartsradio  www.americanheartsradio.com  www.harmonybooking.com        www.youtube.com/user/witchone231  1 "Three‐toed Box Turtle" by Original uploaded by Carnopod (Transfered by L.tak) ‐ Original  uploaded on en.wikipedia. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons ‐ https:// commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Three‐toed_Box_Turtle.jpg#/media/File:Three‐ toed_Box_Turtle.jpg 

To think is easy. To act is hard. But  the hardest thing in the world is to act  in accordance with your thinking.   

‐Johann von Goethe 

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Brian T. Shirley Remember when you were 16 years  old, you just started driving, and  you did really stupid things?  This   tale is about all that.  I was a junior at Osborne High School, on the wrestling team, and I drove a 1972 Chevy Nova that was various shades of brown. The car had a bad carburetor. (Back then, cars had those as well as manual windows, 8-track players, and were made of steel). The car had a bad habit of stalling because of the carburetor, and on this particular evening I'm describing, I had 3 of my fellow wrestlers with me. We had just finished with a match at a rival school and climbed into my beast to go home. I suggested we wait and let the car warm up for a while once it got started. My fellow wrestlers/mechanics would have none of this. Let me tell you about them real quick, as it is important to the story. Seated behind me, in the back, was the sophomore, Gary Shagnon, beside him was my fellow junior Scott "Scooter" Sullivan, who had the biggest afro I have ever seen on a white person, and next to me, up front , was sophomore, Terry Daniels, the shortest of all of us. I started to ease out of the parking lot, which wasn't easy because to the left was a big curve in the road where you couldn't see oncoming traffic until the last second. I sat at the exit/entrance to the parking lot and determined that it was safe to go, then I gunned it! The first 5 to 7 feet of progress were great, then “Mr. Carb” decided he was tired and gave up the ghost. We stalled in the middle of the road, yet we were still coasting off the

“Jump, “ I said first great burst of energy. I tried to start the car 4 or 5 times in vain; we were still rolling and I could not stop the car because the brakes weren't working since the car was off. Just then, a truck came around the corner headed straight for us. I'm not sure why I did what I did next, (yes I do—I was 16) but I panicked and yelled at my fellow passengers "JUMP!!". Then I leapt out of the car I was driving, slammed the door behind me, ran back across the road and was nearly hit by the truck I was jumping out of my car to avoid. It was a good thing Gary didn't jump, because the door I slammed as I was exiting would have crushed his head. When I turned around I saw my car slowly rolling towards the big ditch on the other side of the road. In the street lights I could see Gary trying to steer the car leaning over the drivers seat from his position in the backseat. I could barely make out Terry trying to get his short legs over to the brakes, and Scooter covering his Continued on page 5

Dennis DuPerault

Things to think about The day‐zzz, of course! 



A personal  locator of vehicles may  be the way to go when the purchase of  a used vehicle is in your future.  


Remember emotions are everywhere, so use them to  your advantage. 

 The auto has become a way of life.  It is the expression of liberty and freedom. 


And don’t forget to tune in to http:// amm.streamon.fm every week where I co‐host What’s  the Story with Janice Hermsen  

What kind of flower doesn’t shine at night? 

Dennis DuPerault, author of Auto Emotions 101 and co‐host on What’s the Story?® loves to talk about cars. His column will provide  tips and tricks and multi‐faceted information. He might mix it up a little, but you can ask him anything you want about cars.  Copyright, 2015, LeRue Press. No part of this publication may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP). 

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Eddie Floyd Southern boy’s view of dieting and love sit up and beg, to GO OUT.     Years ago, I even saw flies taking up a collection to  get our kitchen screen door fixed.  It didn't even bother me  when I would hear her yell things from the kitchen like,  to myself saying overweight, instead of the truth, FAT) I  "The salad is burning".    am finally on a diet. I am certain this diet was originated  You’re probably asking, "What the he_ _ happened  in Nazi Germany as a form of torture, because growing up    to you? If she can’t cook, why do you now wear a size  in the South, Mama deep fried every meat and creamed  every vegetable, and of course, you were not allowed to  46?"      Well, it's simple. Every drive up window in every  leave the table until you had eaten everything on your  fast food joint in town recognizes my car, knows me by  plate.  name and has my usual two double bacon cheese burgers,    I made the decision to lose weight after hearing  the same tired old jokes we all have overheard from time  large order of fries, side of "anything else fattening",  to time, like "He wears that cap so that people can tell he  topped off with an extra large "diet drink", so I don't feel  is walking instead of rolling," or "He's so fat, he wears flip  so bad needing assistance getting the large bag through  the window of my car.   flops in the winter", or my favorite, "He thinks gravy is a    Finally, I am tired of getting a stomach ache and  beverage!"  Anyway, I had to bite the bullet and go on a  "hurting ALL OVER" so I have chosen the "PUSH" diet  diet.  Have you any clue how many diets there are out  which is the only one I think will work for me.  Once I start  there and how they all promise the same thing?    eating too much, I PUSH myself away from the table.      I have been on the Atkins Diet in the past and  Pray with me that it works so I don't have to keep  actually lost 156 pounds, dropping from a size 44 to a size    34, with a total weight of 194 pounds.  Yes, do the math if  buying larger clothes.  I have plenty of "hand me downs  you must, I weighed 350 pounds at the height of my obe‐ from the skinnier me of yesteryear to choose from.    sity.      That was 18 years ago and I was actually able to  win Shari's hand in marriage, thinking I would never gain     The only way to keep your health is to eat that much weight again.    what you don't want, drink what you don't   We have all heard that "love is fattening", but I  like, and do what you'd rather not. married the worst cook on the face of this earth. Only  woman I know who uses a smoke detector for a timer  -Mark Twain and when she cooks, all our dogs at the Wynema Ranch    After years of being  overweight, (and I am being kind  

Eddie Floyd was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in the small fishing village of Mayport, Florida, the son  of a shrimper and commercial fisherman. Floyd has owned many companies in the last 35 years and is the Founder of  Nevada Matters, Inc., dba America Matters Media  with numerous radio talk shows. His show, AM News is known around  the world with foreign correspondents in 30 countries and in every state in the United States.     Eddie lives with his wife, Shari, on the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. He likes to tell his audience that  “She runs the ranch, while I run my mouth.”    On Shari’s birthday, March 31, 2015, Final Breath: a love story was released by LeRue Press. The book, written  by Floyd, is “an endearing story of love that touches your soul and your heart.” Country singer/songwriter, Lacy J. Dalton  wrote the foreword.  One hundred percent of the profits from the book will be donated to the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse  Sanctuary. To get a copy, go to www.lrpnv.com/FinalBreath.htm 

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head and sinking to some safe spot in the floorboard. The   last thing I heard, as the Nova went into the ditch, were the gears griding as Gary tried to put the car in park as a way of stopping or slowing it's progress. When the vehicle did come to a stop in the ditch, several cars had pulled over by this time. My former passengers exited the beast and a woman who was now standing beside me asked "Where's the driver?". "I'm the driver," I said, as her face turned to shock and dismay. Thank God I made it past 16. I'll never drive a Nova again, chief!!!

Brian is an author, former radio host, comedian and  philosopher. He has been in the comedy business for over 20  years in Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas. He lives in  Charleston, South Carolina. Last year, he went to Japan to  entertain the U.S. Marine Corp where he opened for headliner  Jackie Fabulous, a stand‐up comedian herself. He recently  teamed up with Frannie Sheridan in The Shirley and Sheridan  Show.  

Brian T. Shirley, Comedian, Author,   Radio/TV Host   

Listen to Brian T. Shirley weekly on What’s the Story™  Radio  Show 11‐Noon Pacific Time, 2‐3 Eastern Time during the  Comedy  Corner  with Brian T. Shirley KCKQ 1180 AM, streaming on http:// amm.streamon.fm.  Check out BTS on the Road at   https://www.facebook.com/btsotr   

Brian T. Shirley

Author of Make Love  Not Warts, Four  Score and Seven  Beers Ago, and more  to come!    

Grab a Steamin’ Wienie and a copy of What’s the Story® at Sinbad’s

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Look what the Book Hound found: The Evolution of an Artist-Pan Pantoja

Founder of  Reno Art Works and  The Potentialist  Workshop on  Dickerson and soon,  836 E. 2nd Street, Pan  Pantoja is a  remarkable  entrepreneur, mixed 

media painter, illustrator, sculptor,  playwright, director, spoken word poet,  documentary film producer, and actor.  LeRue Press signed Pantoja recently to  release at least 20 of his works, an  assortment of  poetry, art and a unique  collection of work.    Pantoja, says, “I am a  Potentialist, Ace of all trades.  I am 

searching for the connection between  the arts. How are they the same? This  allows me to pick up a paint brush and  have it end up a hip opera.”    LeRue begins with one of  Pan’s  early works, Mole‐Rat: A Proverb,  written when he was around 18 years  old and a chapter that didn’t make it  into  his book, God Comes Near in Us.  

His next release is The Hound That Is Me.      LeRue plans to release 20 of Pantoja’s books within a  year. Will they make it? If they do, Pantoja will be among few  authors that can claim that feat. Not the most published, but  probably the most unique. Watch for The Evolution of an Artist,  Pan Pantoja. 

New Releases-LeRue Press: 2015-2016 Mary Ansari  Nevada Heartland (Working Title)            History‐Geographical  Barbara Davis   Craps and the Showgirl– Personal Narrative  Dennis DuPerault Auto Emotions 101‐Updated and Revised          Non‐Fiction‐Self‐Help  Eddie Floyd  Final Breath  Paperback        Contemporary Western Romance  Eddie Floyd  Barn Yarns  Fiction‐          Contemporary Western  D. Robert Harden  Harden, You’re Killing Me             Fiction‐Historical  Dennis Hill  Out in the Sagebrush            Fiction‐Contemporary Western  Mary Elizabeth Morgan  One Stupid Night Non‐Fiction‐            Young Adult  Beachy Orr  Exploring Sand Harbor  Photo Book  Beachy Orr  TBA      Photo Book  Pan Pantoja  Pan Out Loud, No Salvaging from the Pit       and more    Poetry and Art  Mark Shaff  Saint or Sinner‐(Working Title)             Fiction‐Adventure  Floyd Sneed  TBA      Memoir 

Nevada Heartland: The Place Names You might ask, “Why  would you read a book about a  place? What is the benefit?”     The inquisitive traveler  will enjoy the quirky and unique  stories and rich history of the  Nevada Heartland.  Scholars of  American history and geography  will appreciate the detailed  research about the northern  Nevada Heartland covering Carson City, Douglas, Lyon  and Storey Counties.       For example, in the 1900s Bee Ranch, located in  Lyon County, is where  bees were raised for making  honey. One publication stated, “… and Lyon County owns  more than one‐fourth of all the bees in Nevada, and  produces more than one‐fourth of the honey”.    Written by Mary Ansari,  it is scheduled for  release November 6, 2014.      

Copyright, 2015, LeRue Press. No part of this publication may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP). 

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the plunge. Maybe it’s a second chance for Kelsey, and for Pan a  place where he can take The Potentialist to more than just a  theater or  garage space. With its 5000 square feet,  Sweet says,  “It is a nice open space to have gallery shows, open houses,  reception areas and a concession section.”  The theater seats  have followed Pan from the thrift store to Dickerson (the  current location of The Potentialist) to here, according to  Kelsey.     The GoFundMe website explains the mission of the  group:   “Exploring the creative potential of individuals and  communities is the main principle driving our mission. P3W  works closely with local galleries, dance and theater groups,  non‐profits, social activists, and musicians to link creative  resources with minimal materials and up‐cycling practices.” 

Pan views potentialism as blurring “the lines that  separate the arts”.     They may expand the basement eventually. Relying on  funding from Potentialist shows, art projects, the artists spaces  that they rent and the gofundme, it will depend on how things  go in the future.    The Potentialist Workshop is scheduled to be open at  the new location on September 26, 2015.   For information or to rent space, contact: Pan Pantoja,  Executive Artist/Performance Director, Kelsey Sweet, Marketing  and Healing Arts Director, Erik Brooks, Artist Space Director or  Mac Esposito, Music Director.       www.potentialist.weebly.com/  Originally published on examiner.com‐National Small Business 

Take the “Places” quiz! You may know more than you think! 1.   What's  the  most  popular  honeymoon  destination  outside  the  contiguous 48 states for U.S. couples, according to Modern Bride?    2.  What's the only U.S. state never to have banned prostitution?    3.  What mountain range's name is Sanskrit for "abode of snow"?    4.  What country boasts the world's oldest active brewery, dating back  to 1040 A.D,.?    5.  What U.S. state was once called West New Jersy?    6.  What city is home to the busiest stock exchange?    7.  What Central American country is bordered by Honduras and Costa  Rica?    8.    What  Minnesota  town  boasts  an  annual  celebration  called  Wrong  Day?    9.    What  two  nations  are  alluded  to  in  the  first  line  of  the  Marine  Hymn? 

(Answers on back page)

10.  What's the only U.S. state to border Maine? 

11.    What  two  countries  border  the  highest  mountain  in  the  Western  Hemisphere?    12.    What  country  in  Eastern  Europe  has  a  name  that  means  "people  from Rome"?    13.  What South American country comes last alphabetically?    14.  What U.K. principality has its capital in Cardiff?    15.  What two countries are separated by the Tortilla Curtain?    16.    What  Great  Lake  state  has  more  shoreline  than  the  entire  U.S.  Atlantic seaboard? 

17.  What U.S. state has the most unemployed dancers?    18.    What  nation  boasts  northern  towns  called  Resolute,  Eureka  and  Alert?   

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Where can you find “What’s the Story?” in print? Get print copies of What’s the Story at Sinbad’s in Sparks, Reno Town Mall, A to Zen in Carson City and all around Reno and Sparks at local businesses, restaurants, beauty salons, tire stores and, of course, at LeRue Press (LRP) and online at www.lrpnv.com or www.issuu.com by searching LeRue Press. Want a copy? Contact us at lrp@lrpnv.com or call 775.356.1004 or 844-987-8679 (844-WT-STORY)

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Listen to “What’s the Story®” Fridays live and recordings or podcasts online at http://www.americamatters.us Heard in northern Nevada at KCKQ 1180 AM Talk and streaming on http:// amm.streamon.fm Go to www.leruepress.com/whatsthestory.htm to download the show. Love Books? Read about what the Book Hound found in What’s the Story publication and watch for The Book Hound Radio Show, returning on air in the coming months.

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It’s A Blast! The 6th Annual Book Blast!

Are you an author, artist, musician or speaker? Are you available on November 6th and 7th, 2015? Why not save the date on your calendar and be a part of one of the best books, music, art events in northern Nevada? A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Sparks Museum and Cultural Center.

Join us! A fundraiser for the Sparks Museum and Cultural Center Limited space for participants, so contact us today. Call Janice Hermsen 775.356.1004, ext. 701

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W h a t ’s t h e s t o r y ? ® Sh a r e i t ! 280 Greg Street, Suite 10 Reno, NV 89502 Toll Free: 844.987.8679 (844-WT-STORY) In northern Nevada: 775.356.1004 E-mail: lrp@lrpnv.com

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Non‐Self‐Employed Workforce 


employed Workforce Declined  1.5% 2011 to 2012 (most 

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recent numbers available)  


Business Services   

Telecommuting Workforce Grew 3.8% While Total non‐self‐

Impact of the Recession on Employee Telework—While many  conjectured that telecommuting would decline during the 

Mailboxes:  $25/month‐We receive and forward mail Virtual Office: $125/month‐Business address, telephone  answering, conference room, mailbox and street address Conference Room: Rent by the hour ($15/hour),   the day, the week 280 Greg St. #10, Reno, NV 89502  775.356.1004 

recession, it actually grew by nearly 16% from 2008 to 2012  though the growth rate, while still positive, has since slowed.    Self‐employed Workforce: 


2.8 Million Self‐Employed People Consider Home Their  Primary Place of Work—That represents 2% of the US  workforce and 21% of the self‐employed workforce (which  totaled 13.4 million in 2012). 


The vast majority (69.7%) of the 2.8 billion of the above are  unincorporated businesses  


Answers to quiz from page 7

Home‐based self‐employment among those who were  incorporated faired much better than those not home‐ based—The only category of self‐employment that did not  decline during the period (2005 to 2012) was that of the 

9 8 

incorporated self‐employed. That population which actually  7 

grew by 17.5%, compared to a 2.3% decline in  total 


incorporated self‐employed persons. 


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it  living someone else’s life.  

4 3 

–Steve Jobs 

2 1 

Hawaii   Nevada     Himalayas’    Germany    Pennsylvania     Tokyo     Nicaragua     Wright      Mexico, Libya    

17  Nevada  10  New Hampshire      18  Canada  11  Argentina and    Chile    12  Romania     13  Venezuela    14  Wales    15  Mexico and the  U.S.       16  Michigan      

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This month The Potentialist Workshop is on the cover. It opens September 26th in Reno, Nevada. Our regular columns, Brian T. Shirley with "J...

What's the story september, 2015 final  

This month The Potentialist Workshop is on the cover. It opens September 26th in Reno, Nevada. Our regular columns, Brian T. Shirley with "J...


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