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Are we a newspaper? No...Are we a magazine? No...Are we a newsletter? Not really any of those. So what are we? We are a publication in print and online designed to provide information: for fun, for what’s happening, for things you

Brian T. Shirley

might want to see in other publications, but don’t. We look for stories that could go the very least, stories that are interesting. The point is to “Share It!”

Meet Entertainer Sheilah Smiley

Brian: Sheilah, tell me about your amazing journey to becoming to escape my Addams Family experience ha ha, I performed in every way possible for any and everyone and I was good! I a well-rounded person and entertainer. would dance, sing and perform movie scenes. I knew very early Sheilah: Brian, have you ever seen the movie Wrong Turn? An that I wanted to be an entertainer. I also became the fastest girl in my neighborhood, which definitely helped great escapes, awful horror film. Ok, what about The God Father? Or, I growing up in the hood. know, being the amazing funny tough guy that you are Brian, you must have read Judy Blume's famous book: Are You There I became a track star: high school, college and even trained for God, It's Me Margaret...well my journey can be described as the 1992 Olympics, but it didn't work out and my passion for any one of these entertainment mediums, but mostly Judy acting never left. I did lots of theatre in Cleveland, lots of plays, Blume's book. Ha ha.

The longer version of my journey is, at 5 years old in Cleveland Ohio, I witnessed my mother's brother murder my father in cold blood…shot gun in the mouth (this is the horror film part). My Mom was forced to testify in favor of her brother to save his life, and forget about her husband, my dad's pain & dark secrets caused my mom to become mom did the best she could to raise 5 weird kids with the help of my grandmother, who was more like "The Godfather". As a child Editor: Janice Hermsen: Bookhound1000

and some musicals. Then one evening during a rehearsal, (I was cast in a 6 week dramatic play as the lead) my director had a private conversation with me and told I should become a standup comedian because, although the play was very dark and dramatic, I kept the entire cast and audience laughing every night when they probably should've been crying. Well, reluctantly, I took her advice and I've never looked back; that was 18 years (Continued on page 4)

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The Violent Bear It Away

John Loranger Francis Marion Tarwater, a fourteen year old hillbilly, is the main protagonist of O’Connor’s second novel (published in 1960). The drama concerns his struggle to free himself from the polaropposite influences of two adults. The first influence is that of his great uncle; an old backwoods prophet named Mason who raised the orphaned Tarwater to follow in his footsteps. Mason is dead and buried at the start of the first chapter, but his living presence is recalled and felt off and on throughout the novel. The second influence is that of another uncle; a schoolteacher named Rayber who wants to free Tarwater from the old man: “I can help correct what he’s done to you, help you to correct it

Book Review

yourself.” And poised vulnerably in the midst of all this is a true innocent—a child named Bishop whose mental disability is not specified though it might be a case of Down syndrome. Mason had tried to baptize this child but was impeded by Rayber, the child’s father. ‘“If by the time I die,” [Mason] had said to Tarwater, “I haven’t got him baptized, it’ll be up to you. It’ll be the first mission the Lord sends you.”’ Thus the novel’s plot and central conflict is established. On the basis of his often frenzied behavior—if not his religious convictions as such—most readers label Mason a fanatic. But if that is true of the old uncle, it must be true of the younger one as well. (Continued on page 7)

Editor’s Note This month’s issue has some interesting articles and a great interview with entertainer Sheilah Smiley by Brian T. Shirley of the BTS Entertainment Corner of What’s the Story? Radio Show, our front page story this month. If you’re a traveler, April Kempler visited Murphy’s and hiked near the Great Sequoias. Where you ask? Read her article on page 12. Great pictures to go with it. John Loranger always provides unique perspectives in his book reviews. This month, the Violent Bear it Away by Flanner O’Connor, page 3. Richard G. Pugh, with his idiosyncratic sense of humor will always keep you guessing, especially this month. Read his Tea Time on page 6. Eddie Floyd takes on The Marshall Lode on page 10. For some inspirational words, turn to page 11 and Mike Aloia’s Feel

It. Don’t forget to “Take the Quiz!” on page 13. And The Referral group provides tips on page 2. Janice Hermsen is the co-founder and managing partner for LeRue Press, a publisher, printer and professional business center located in Reno, NV. She is also the editor of What’s the Story?™ , a writer, publishing consultant and entrepreneur. Hermsen is on the board for the No Strings Attached Enews International Film Festival and hosts two radio shows Book Hound™ and What’s the Story?™ that air in northern Nevada. With the help of the internet, she has followers from around the world.

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(Continued from page 1)

ago, and stand-up comedy has become one of my great passions. My well-roundedness simply comes from my spiritual foundation, my faith and my experience as a working-class professional. I've had thousands of jobs and I'm well-educated. Brian: We connected through social media and you have used it as a tool to advance your career and to inspire others. Are there any secrets or advice you would like to share to the folks out there on using social media to help their careers, especially entertainment? Sheilah: Be very afraid! Ha ha. No, just kidding. Actually, be brave, be very brave. Embrace social media as the here-to-stay platform of information, products, and services exchange. It's our NOW way of doing business both personally and professionally. The key is to be authentic and share your truth with people in a way that uplifts them and provides value. Do not get sucked into the FOMO syndrome...Fear Of Missing Out. People, especially entertainers, are addicted to social media; they never give themselves a break from it because they fear they will miss out on something or something will miss out on them. You must do regular social media detoxes. It's good for your brain, mind, and spirit. The other component is to take the time to support other artists and people in general on social media. Don't always be like: "Look at me, look what I'm doing; buy my products/services, come see my show, massage my ego

please..." Dude, this sends a smoke signal that says I STANK (socio-path, tiny mindset and not kind). Don't be mean, don't be a bully or an evil troll on social media…that sh%t ain't cool at all Mofo! Lastly, take the time to explore people's pages, feeds or accounts before accepting their follow/friend request…this is big for me. I never just randomly accept people's friend/follow request if I don't know them or share a specific connection with them. Everyone in my social media network, I've explored they're content and what they stand for. Take time to get to know your followers and support them. Brian: What are the current projects you're working on and where can folks find out about them? Sheilah: I'm a NYC host of an incredible new entertainment app that will be launching this Spring, just booked a powerful voiceover with a popular online/ mobile food ordering app, and Brian, I'm choosing to be insanely proactive with my career. I decided I would, because Holly-won't (Hollywood). Like you, I don't sit around waiting for Industry Reps to call me...I'm creating my own opportunities. And in 45 days, the world or at least NYC (which I deem the world haha) will get to know the untamed, fully self-expressed Sheilah Denise Smiley in my first ever Live Broadway Standup Comedy Special that I'm producing to raise money for an organization that helps babies born with

Doubling the Penny? If you keep doubling a penny, in 30 days you have over $5 million dollars. What if that was not a penny, but a virus? How would Force Ten and Marcus Diablo meet this challenge? And for his children, will Marcus respond to the woman that has fallen in love with him and his family?

Force Ten: Doubling the Penny $14.95

(Continued on page 5)

Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair. -George Burns (

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(Continued from page 4)

oral-deformities thrive in life. I have invested every dime I have in the world, my blood, sweat, tears, prayers and have done things too scary to mention in this magazine, to make this event magical for my audience. I welcome every human-being to support this endeavor by purchasing a ticket to save our babies. People can get tickets at -of-a-mad-black-comedienne- and here's the blessing Brian. Even if folks can't travel to NYC for the show, they can still buy a ticket and donate it, because it will make a difference for the babies. This show will feature some of NYC's funniest children…yes I'm giving our kids an opportunity to share their comedy chops and we'll be honoring a few powerful funny/ talented women.

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on stage in front of a live audience each night is an awakening journey because the audience, including myself as the performer will experience something new in every performance, even though the content is the same. So doing stand-up, performing in plays, and speaking at large events are my most joyful moments of self-expression. Engaging with people in real-time and experiencing their joy/transformation is magical! Brian: Any last thoughts, advice or some of that great inspiration you have for others? Sheilah: I'll let my good friend Winston C. answer that ‘cause he said it best and I say it every day:

Brian: How do you balance your career and your personal life? Sheilah: Work-life-balance is very important to me. I balance by making my health and well-being my priority. Acting, doing stand-up comedy, grinding, people pleasing, are no longer priorities...being healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially and financially are my priorities this is real abundance - having a peace of mind and an intimate relationship with my Source – GOD is Abundance. My overall practice includes, meditation, expressing gratitude, prayer, listening to positive/upbeat messages, working-out daily, surrounding myself with positive, awakened people, dancing, eating healthily, and intentionally having fun. I'm a member of the Landmark Transformation Community and this work has changed my life. Brian: Plays, stand-up, TV or film: Do you have a favorite creative outlet? Sheilah: Yaaaaasss, glad you asked! Because my energy is electrifying and my personality is powerful, I love live events! I love live audiences! I love the theatre! Performing

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Brian, before closing out this interview, I want to take a moment to acknowledge you. You are truly an incredible human-being, who supports the thriving of all artists. And might I add you're super funny and cute. Thank you for your work and for always supporting me. Our time of sharing and performing is coming soon. I love you Bro!

Brian T. Shirely has the look of a Don Rickles, the comedy of a George Carlin with a touch of Robin Williams but when you roll it all together, it is pure and unique and something only Brian T. Shirley can deliver. Brian has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas and Japan for 25 years. He combines menology, character driven material, story telling and has worked well known comedy clubs, country clubs, resorts, cruise ships, special events, military installations and private events! Check out some of his upcoming shows, promo videos, videos from his webs series and other projects at

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Richard G. Pugh It was called the Mission of Mercy and was located in Nevada’s upper Washoe County a deserted place almost lost in time: it appeared on no map. It was surrounded by Quaking Aspens, lots of sagebrush, a smattering of bitter brush, and an occasional pinion pine all being fed by a little stream created by melting snow or more likely by a spring someplace up in the hills. It was staffed by a priest and two nuns in various stages of their training. The old adobe chapel and out buildings had been built by early Catholics to provide salvation to the few Indians, Mexicans, and drifters who wandered through the Nevada territory during the period. No doubt, the Mission was on the block to be closed but the new priest was dedicated to keeping it open. Father Timothy Newland had spent several years in Australia and had fallen in love with the serenity and isolation there. His new assignment to the Nevada mission afforded a unique place to raise his three Koala Bears he brought with him from down under. They adapted well and had the run of the place while being constant companions to the priest and the sisters. The priest and a sister or two would groom the little animals daily and periodically would boil down the hair when they had enough for a tea. It served as an amusement and animals took pleasure in the delicate attention they received. The tea had medicinal purposes as well and they all agreed it did.

Tea Time One day there was this banging on the gate and as the nuns proceeded to open it they came upon a man who looked as if he had experienced many hard times compounded by his more recently being hopelessly lost for several days in the area. He introduced himself as Jason Martin who was on his way to find gold in the eastern foothills of the Sierra Mountains. His uncle had written telling him about striking it rich by swooshing some rocks and dirt around in a fry pan and picking out small nuggets of gold. Jason had never actually seen the gold but he liked the thought of it all and trusted his uncle to be telling the truth. Jason asked for little more than a bite of food and a place to sleep before hitting the trail in the morning to continue his quest for gold. After he washed up and rested a spell it was time for dinner. The Sisters had prepared a meal of lamb stew, beans, bread and the Priest introduced Jason to his unusual tea. After dinner and endless prayers, the man asked, “Father I thank you kindly for your hospitality, that delicious meal, and for a most unusual tea, but might I ask how you came about the ingredients?” “My son”, replied Father Timothy, “This tea is made from the fur of that magnificent animal named the Koala Bear. I have three of them brought to this land from my ministry in Australia and I will be glad to let you see them tonight or tomorrow morning before you depart. They are the pride of the Mission of Mercy!” “In the morning will be fine, Father, but let me ask you one question about that delicious beverage. Have you ever thought of using a filter? The reason I ask this question is that I seem to have a mouthful of tiny hairs as we speak.” (Continued on page 15)

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(Continued from page 3)

In his own way, Rayber is every bit as extreme as Mason. Even so, neither of the two men is caricatured by the author. Mason’s religious beliefs have been subjected to a number of severe trials; and though his zeal never wanes, he is greatly humbled as a result. Rayber is himself innately religious, in spite of his secular values; he is, at least potentially, a mystic like Francis of Assisi or Alexey Karamazov. But as a result of various pains and disappointments, he kills off each and every religious impulse that springs up within his mind or heart. His life is, ironically, an upside-down form of religious commitment. Other important characters should be mentioned. Buford Munson, the old man’s African-American neighbor, is a stern moral presence. Another important character is Tarwater’s mysterious “friend”, who shows up shortly after the death of the great uncle. This sinister figure that keeps close to Tarwater and seems to be concerned with his welfare and happiness is actually the devil. At least that was what the author intended.

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The Violent Bear It Away” is, for me, a less successful novel than “Wise Blood”, O’Connor’s first novel. There is too much flashback, too much family history; and the conclusion, though certainly not bad, has always struck me as somewhat muddled or imprecise. The author herself had serious doubts about the worth of “The Violent Bear It Away”. Still, its strengths exceed by far its weaknesses. In fact, second only to “Wise Blood”, it is my favorite novel. It is harrowing, humorous, fierce and vivid; and the conflicts it deals with are especially relevant today. John Loranger was born in Butte, Montana in 1961 but has spent most of his life in Nevada. He served in the United States Navy from 1983 to 1987, then worked for the telephone company before retiring in 2011. He has always enjoyed reading fiction and has published two novels of his own: "The Odyssey of Art O'Hara" and "Lions and Souls: the Story of St. Mary of Egypt". His approach to fiction is best summed up by a quote from Walker Percy: "The first rule of thumb, of course, is pleasure. A good book gives the reader pleasure, the sort of deep, abiding pleasure he likes to come back to."

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Look What the Book Hound Found! Future Releases from LeRue Press Hunter is only 3-1/2 years old, but he has a wisdom beyond his years and loves to talk to the animals. And sometimes, (he says) they talk back. Grandpa and Grandma love Hunter so much, they humor him. As it often happens on a ranch, outside forces and wild animals prey on the ranch animals. Leon and Hootch, two of the dogs, face a difficult challenge. With Hunter’s unusual talent of being able to “talk” to the animals, the story unfolds. It may bring you to tears, but Floyd’s homespun style is an easy but enjoyable read for all ages. Release: Early 2018

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What Deepest Remains By Joseph Holsworth An autobiographical narrative that follows a young but seasoned veteran from his last mission in Iraq to his return and readjustment to life outside of combat. It explores the inner psyche of the modern veteran from the perspective of a jaded young man caught between his pride of service and the moral dilemma of fighting an unjust war. He battles PTSD and alcoholism until he finds peace in the company of a young progressive local poet. Marketing campaign: Release: 2018 Book signings Reading group promotion National online campaign Author speaking tour

WHEN YOU BELIEVE: THE STORY OF FLOYD SNEED Classic Drummer Hall of Fame and Pop Music Hall of Fame inductee (Three Dog Night), Floyd Sneed tells his story in his book When You Believe. It is a witty, entertaining and insightful book full of stories told by original Three Dog Night drummer, Floyd Sneed, with perspectives from people who know him. A look at life in the 60s and 70s from one of the first black drummers in an all white band. How he took his creativity to another level with his own personal imagery that is joyful and inspired by his sense of humor. Published by LeRue Press, LLC.

From drumsticks to paintbrushes

Follow Floyd on Twitter @FloydSneedDrums ©Hinton Design

Creative and inspired

When You Believe by Floyd Sneed with Janice Hermsen Copyright, 2015-2018, LeRue Press. No part of this publication may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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March 5, 2018 BH Jacqueline Gunn, Author, Forever and One Day with host, Janice Hermsen and co-host, April Kempler March 12, 2018 WTS Clifton Maclin, Entreprenuer, Mentor, with host, Janice Hermsen and special guest co-host, Ly Smith March 19, 2017 BH-Altair Gobo, CFP—Getting to the Green with host, Janice Hermsen and co-host April Kempler March 26, 2018 WTS: Beth MacMillan, Executive Director of Artown with host, Janice Hermsen March 26, 2018 BH: Ellen Hopkins, best-selling author of 13 young adult novels. Ellen has new releases in 2018. She joins host, Janice Hermsen and cohost, April Kempler April 2, 2018 BH: Steve Berry, Best-selling author of many novels with his new release The Bishop’s Pawn with host, Janice Hermsen and co-host, April Kempler April 9, 2018 WTS: Jennifer Mannix, Marketing Director of Artown with host, Janice Hermsen

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Eddie Floyd

The Marshall Lode: The Comstock Lode May Have Become Richer

It is often said that history “repeats itself ” and this certainly could be the case with what will soon be referred to by all as the Marshall Lode. This may be considered the largest platinum find in the United States. It was discovered by Hugh Roy Marshall of HRM Enterprises quite by accident while he was visiting one of his mining claims in Virginia City, Nevada, home of the worldfamous Comstock Lode. Mr. Marshall owns over 2,000 mining claims in the great state of Nevada and may have just discovered the “richest find” ever to be discovered. Unlike the gold and silver discovered by the early miners, like the Comstock Lode the first Silver discovery in our Nation, this is platinum and eventually could mean trillions of dollars to our state, nation and world. Hugh Roy Cullen was Hugh Roy Marshall’s name

to be “The Town That Refused to Die”, as the sign reads entering town. We invite you to watch the following link either now, or at the end of this International Press Release, which will take you less than seven minutes to complete and will give you a clearer understanding of the Marshall Lode’s importance to our state, nation and world: https:// The video was produced by Cesar Perez, directed by Jim Webster and hosted by John O’Brien, who are also responsible for bringing viewers “Old Tales of Nevada, Past & Present” each week on several television channels. “The whole reason we started this television show was to preserve the history of one of the greatest states in our nation,” said Mr. Marshall. “And we archive all of our

sake as well as his grandfather. He discovered the sixth largest oil find in America, and the second largest natural gas discovery. History is now repeating itself with THE MARSHALL LODE. Like Hugh Roy Marshall, Hugh Roy Cullen was respected and considered an expert in his field by world leaders, including kings and queens all over the world. His legacy continues to this day through his grandson. It probably will continue until the end of time or as long as we keep our American history of mining alive.g “It is truly not about the money, said Mr. Marshall, “It is more of my opportunity to help the great state of Nevada.” Hugh Roy Marshall, also owns the town of Ione, Nevada, where he has several claims and mines containing both gold and silver in that area. Ione, Nevada, is “labeled”

shows at the Nevada Historical Society. The audio version of the show also airs several times each week on World Matters Inc., dba America Matters Media,” said Eddie Floyd, Founder of the corporation and media company located in Reno, at the beautiful Reno Town Mall. “This will also be the second location of the Marshall Mint and Museum for locals and tourists to enjoy,” stated Floyd. For a schedule of the shows to be aired go to and then after checking times and dates, simply click on the “Listen Live” ON AIR button or tune into 1180 am, KCKQ, a Lotus Radio broadcast signal in northern Nevada and northern California. “Obviously, Hugh Roy Marshall is doing this for our state and I feel confident he will receive the full cooperation of all local, state and federal agencies,” said Jim Webster, Director of Old Tales of Nevada, Past and Present. He, John (Continued on page 15)

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Mike Aloia Free your mind of yesterday’s moments, give yourself a warm embrace of life, close your eyes and envision blessings to come.

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Mike Aloia is a father of two daughters and a proud grandfather. He is 50 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is multi-talented: a cartoonist, comedian, musician, songwriter, actor, columnist, and the CEO of American Hearts Radio, LLC Entertainment Network. He has experience in web TV, radio entertainment production, artist management, and other aspects of entertainment. His column “Walk the Turtle” are his thoughts on slowing down, taking it easy, and enjoying life. Mike's work can be found in the following places:

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April Kempler

Travelogue Road Trip: Giant Sequoias and Mysterious Caves of Calaveras County

Calaveras County is famously known for Mark Twain’s short story about its jumping frog competition set in Angels Camp, California. However, in addition to jumping frogs, tourists can enjoy locally grown and harvested wines, fantastic food and boutique shopping inside quaint store fronts. Beyond those activities, the area is a hidden jewel which can be enjoyed on its own merit. On a recent road trip we traveled to the nearby town of Murphys where we took advantage of the natural wonders and hiked in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, home to the Giant Sequoias. Among the many stories of the tall trees living in the grove, one trail marker tells the story of a “giant tree” which was felled in 1853 by speculators

who stripped it bare of its bark and chopped it down. Subsequently the stump, which was planed smooth, functioned as a dance floor. A two-lane bowling alley and bar were built on the fallen trunk. John Muir called them vandals and thankfully, due in part to protestors and conservationists like John Muir, the standing majestic trees were saved from future thoughtless destruction. Visitors to this unique state park have the opportunity to view the massive Sequoias which have stood for millenniums, silently witnessing the rise and fall of hundreds of generations of humans. In addition to the Big Trees State Park we visited Mercer Caverns, which has a wondrous display of cave formations, including stalactites (hanging from the (Continued on page 14)

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11. Who was the voice behind Woody, the cowboy doll in

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4. Who was the first feline featured in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

5. What 1961 movie has Audrey Hepburn note: "Personally, I think it's a bit tacky to wear diamonds before I'm 40"?

6. What Sinatra signature tune became Elvis Presley's bestselling posthumous hit?

Toy Story?

12. Where do "bluebirds fly", according to a song from the Wizard of Oz?

13. What book did E.B. White base on personal experiences at his farm in Maine?

14. What three words preceded "Land that I love" in a 1938

7. What video, the first to cost over $150,000, helped Michael Jackson's Thriller soar?

8. Who sang "Things Go Better With Coke" in 1969 before

Irving Berlin tune? Answers on page 16 (

Craps & the Showgirl by Barbara Riiff Davis A little international travel and some local Harolds Club gaming Author, Barbara Riiff Davis went from wearing braces on her legs as a child to performing on the stage as a showgirl during the time when walking was an art for which you were paid. She paints a picture of what it was like before electronics ruled the gaming industry. It was a simpler time, but there were some rocky roads. Ever wondered what gaming was like when slot machines were called “One-Armed Bandits”? Want to know some of the old methods used for cheating? Barbara Riifff Davis takes you back to those early days. ISBN: 978-1-938814-15-0, First Edition Retail Price: $14.95 Available at Order in bulk and get a discount. Contact LeRue Press, 775.849.3814 Copyright, 2015-2018, LeRue Press. No part of this publication may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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ceiling), stalagmites (coming up from the floor) and a large display of aragonite frostwork, a beautiful, yet fragile mineral formed from calcium carbonite. This special mineral resembles a snow white sea urchin, with extremely sharp starbursts that disintegrate if touched. Our tour guide explained that it was similar to fiber glass and that once embedded in the skin, would require amputation, or tissue removal. Conservation is strictly enforced in the

Mercer Caverns since its discovery in 1885, with the exception of a couple derelict boys who took baseball bats to the stalactites sometime during the 1940s. Incidentally, they were sent to Folsom prison for their crime. The caverns are among the most untouched of their kind in the United States due in part to the rule “take only pictures, leave only footprints.” As a result, tourists can come into close proximity with formations that are millions of years old.

A native Californian, April Kempler was raised in beautiful downtown Burbank. April currently resides in her "adopted" city of Reno, Nevada. April Voytko Kempler's first book The Altered I: Memoir of Holocaust Survivor Joseph Kempler is a first-person narrative that tells the story of her father-in-law's experience as a Holocaust survivor. As a Jewish teen, Joseph Kempler survived six different concentration camps, some of them death camps, throughout Poland and Austria. He later converted to a Christian faith because of what he witnessed in the camps. The Altered I chronicles this life-altering decision. When April isn't writing she can usually be found with her nose in a book. As an avid reader she has more books than she can ever read in this lifetime. During the summer months she volunteers with the Historic Reno Preservation Society serving as a walking tour guide through the historic neighborhoods of Reno. April Voytko Kempler also is the co-host of The Book Hound radio show which strives to introduce debut and emerging authors, as well as those best selling favorites, to readers.When April Kempler is not writing or reading, she can be found as co-host of The Book Hound radio show.


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O’Brien and Hugh Roy Marshall have produced hundreds of these shows in order to preserve Nevada history for all to enjoy. Hugh Roy Marshall and HRM Enterprises are well known for their giving to various non-profits and other organizations for the health, welfare and education of Nevadans, as well as national organizations with his same goals to make this world a better place. He also cares about our American Heritage, the Wild Horses and Burros, since Nevada has perhaps the largest remaining herd. “He not only puts his money where his mouth is,” said Floyd, “but more importantly he puts it where his heart is and where it is also needed most by others!” Anyone who meets Hugh Roy Marshall all say the same thing about his efforts and, more importantly, his motives. The only other platinum mine operating is in Stillwater, Montana, and will not “hold a candle” to the Marshall Lode discovered on the Comstock area of Virginia City, Nevada and Mr. Marshall has his mining career overseas before coming to Ione, Nevada, where additional locations of his operations still exist and are proving successful. “I, personally, would love to see Nevada once again become the wealthiest state in America”, stated Mr. Marshall, as he shared the history of how the gold and silver mined on the Comstock actually “saved our Nation” at the end of the Civil War. “Were it not for the owners of the mines assisting our country in paying off the debt owed by the Nation at the end of the war, we simply would not have existed,” Marshall ended. “Once again, Virginia City will become home to one of the richest finds of all time,” said John O’Brien, Host of Old Tales of Nevada. “And all of us are honored to be able to share this breaking news with everyone around the world, both in print as well as in video form. So if you have not viewed the video yet, please do so for additional important facts and figures”. For additional information, call 775-384-4444 or stop by the Reno Town Mall, located at 4001 South Virginia, Reno, Nevada. Eddie Floyd, Founder of World Matters Inc., a Nevada Corporation. Eddie Floyd is the founder of America Matters Media, now World Matters Media. He is an author, radio host, speaker and supporter of Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. His book, Final Breath: A Love Story was released in 2014. All the profits go to the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. His next book, Barn Yarns is scheduled for release in 2017.

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We’ve been collecting books for months at LeRue Press in Reno. The book drive continues. Can you spare a book or two for kids that don’t have any books at home? The books we collect go to the self-funded Washoe County School District Volunteer Program and kids that have no books in their homes. This is an effort to start them on the journey to building a literacy library. Can you help? Bring your books to LeRue Press, 280 Greg Street, Reno or the Reno Town Mall. Just drop them in the barrel. We’ll see that they get a good home. Or call us at 775.356.1004 or WCSD Volunteer Program at 775.348.0346. (Continued from page 6)

The Father bristled indignantly and replied: “My Son, the Koala Tea of Mercy is Not Strained!”* *Editor’s note: For further explanation, go to questions/29668/what-does-the-quality-of-mercyis-not-strained-mean

After coming to Reno from Charleston, S.C. in 1973 to accept the position of CEO of the Nevada State Medical Association and serving as Director of Physician Relations at Washoe Medical Center for two years, Pugh retired in 1990. Later he helped establish Health Access Washoe County (HAWC) and served as Board Member and President for several years. He has served as Adjunct Clinical Instructor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and authored four books through the History of Medicine Program there.

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INTROSPECTION Anybody desirous of success should spend some time in introspection and contemplation. -Sam Veda

9. Apollo 13 8. Ray Charles 7. Beat It 6. My Way 5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 14. “God Bless America”

4. Morris the CAt

13. Charlotte’s Web

3. L.L. Cool J

12. Somewhere over the rainbow

2. Blue Velvet

11. Tom Hanks

1. Apocalypse Now

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10. Chuck Norris

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What's the story mar 2018 final  

This month’s issue has some interesting articles and a great interview with entertainer Sheilah Smiley by Brian T. Shirley of the BTS Enter...