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Nevada court maintains “the people do not lose their constitutional right…to a vote by the people.” In the last Nevada legisla ve session (2015) that meets every 2 years, the Republican‐led legislature surprisingly passed the Nevada Commerce Tax, the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. Surprising also since a similar measure was voted down by the people, in the 2014 elec ons, 4‐1. In a recent Nevada court decision, District Judge James Wilson determined that “the people do not lose their cons tu onal right to submit the statute to a vote by the people”. It is expected the ruling will be appealed.* As a result of the Nevada Commerce tax, businesses will be required to file a return whether or not they owe any taxes. The return is based on the state’s fiscal year, not a calendar year. Businesses will have 45 days a er the close of the fiscal year June 30, 2016 to file the return which requires a business to file based on 26 different categories that carry different tax rates. In addi on, corpora ons now pay $500 for a state business licenses. Though the license fees were scheduled to be reduced to $100, they will maintain at $200 for other en es doing business in Nevada. Opponents of the tax are concerned that although the current limits for filing begin at $4 million, that future changes to the law will reduce that dollar figure to much less, affec ng many more businesses in Nevada. Those in favor are concerned about the budget shor all that could occur as a result of the repeal. In addi on, they are concerned that voters will not be informed about the budget consequences.

Ron Knecht (Rep), state controller brought the repeal measure before the court and is the President of the RIP Commerce Tax, Inc. Pac. Kelly Bullis, ac vist in favor of Ron Knecht repealing the statute and a part of NV80 (www.nv80pac.com) which is affiliated with RIP Commerce Tax Inc, stated, “...what is now happening is that "We The People" are sending a message back to our elected officials that they answer to us, not the other way around. When they so blatantly go against a recent vote of the people and pass a Gross Margins tax anyway, we are now ac ng to cancel their ac ons.” “We The People" have the final say, and it's now our turn to speak.” Pe ons are being prepared since the sen ment is that the court's decision will be upheld even if it reaches the Supreme Court. Governor Sandoval (Rep) supports the Commerce Tax and has expressed his concern about the effect a repeal could have on the Nevada educa on system. Brian Sandoval, elected Governor of Nevada in 2010 For informa on on the Nevada Commerce Tax, go to: h ps://www.leg.state.nv.us/ Session/78th2015/Bills/SB/SB483_EN.pdf

Having personally watched the Voting Rights Act being signed into law that August day, I can't begin to imagine how we could have all been so wrong in believing that more Americans would vote once they were all truly free to do so.

-Andrew Young Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/a8R.99

Inside this issue: Front cover: Nevada court maintains “the people do not lose their constitutional right...to a vote by the people.”


Brian T. Shirley: Dave Ugly: “The underwear incident”


Dennis DuPerault: Thing to think about


Eddie Floyd: Hugh Roy Marshall


Mike Aloia: Walk the Turtle-


Bobby Joe Holman: Blue Note Cafe´


Take the quiz! You may know more than you think!


Ken Roberts: Alternative investments in an IRA


Richard Pugh: Bullfrog County Did youG.know?


Scott J. Weaver: The second best place to be found on the Internet


For the full text of the repeal proposal go to: Follow the link to h ps://ballotpedia.org/ Nevada_Commerce_Tax_Repeal_(2016)#Full_text read the full text of the repeal proposal.

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Brian T. Shirley

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Dave Ugly " The Underwear Incident"

Here's a story that's in my 3rd book "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club" and I've also performed onstage. Several years ago I had a gig in N.C. on the coast and one of my good friends, Dave Evans (aka Dave Ugly), asked if he could tag along as he did not have a gig that week and wanted to get out of town for a few days. I said "Sure" and, "Maybe he could even emcee or do a guest spot if he wanted, " providing the club owner was cool with it. We knew Dave would have to stay in my room as he was not on the bill, but that was cool with both of us; we'd been friends for years. We got stuck in traffic on the way up and made it to the hotel about 30 minutes before showtime. Thank God the comedy club was in the hotel because we were both stressed out with the trip and everything. I went up to the room to take a two minute shower and change while Dave started pounding beers. When I got to the club, Dave said he no longer wanted to go onstage and I could not blame him, I, however, had no choice. The show went great and a good time was had by all, especially Dave. He was well into his cups by the time we went to the room and I wasn't feeling too bad myself. Needless to say, we were both out as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Around 4:00 am, I was awakened by loud knocking on the door to my hotel room. (It is important to note that this was one of those nice hotels, with the doors to the rooms on the inside of the building leading to the hallway.) I stumbled out of bed, feeling very groggy and wondering

Dennis DuPerault  When a poli cian says something,

who the hell was pounding on the door. When I opened the door, there was Dave Ugly. (Yes, the same Dave who fell asleep in the room with me) standing in the hallway, in his UNDERWEAR!. I actually looked back at the bed to make sure he wasn't still in it. I didn't say a word as I was a little shocked, and I can only imagine the look on my face as Dave said " I know, I know, let me in security is coming". I let him in and, believe it or not, did not say a word. We were so tired we just crashed. On the way back to Charleston.,South Carolina (about a 5 hour trip) the next day I found out what had happened. It did take a while for Dave to tell me because I could not look at his hungover self and remember him standing in the hallway half-naked without laughing to the point of tears. Apparently he had gotten up to use the bathroom (still drunk and half asleep) and after relieving Continued on page 5

Things to think about  The emo onal effect of loyalty to a make and model is

make sure he or she is telling the truth, not just something you want to hear.

known as branding to the dealer. Use it to your advantage.

 The facts and figures may be fun in

 What shakes at the bo om of the ocean? A nervous

the research of your new ride. Don’t forget to deal with the emo ons of it all!

wreck. Hope you enjoyed “Things to think about”. Listen to What’s the Story weekly on KCKQ 1180 AM for more trivia.

Dennis DuPerault, author of Auto Emo ons 101 and co‐host on What’s the Story?® loves to talk about cars. His column will provide ps and tricks and mul ‐faceted informa on. He might mix it up a li le, but you can ask him anything you want about cars. Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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Eddie Floyd & Karen Woodmansee

Hugh Roy Marshall: Historic mines of the Comstock Lode

bo le and decided to turn the accident into a christening, and More than 50 history buffs said, “I christen thee Virginia town.” enjoyed a fascina ng lecture on the Also men oned were Patrick McLaughlin and Peter history of the Ophir Mine, north and south, at the Silverland Inn O’Reilly, two of the first miners to find gold in the area. & Suites in Virginia city on Nov. 20, 2015. One of the most Though the legal name for the discovery of silver in the interes ng lectures I have ever a ended. area was eventually called the Comstock Lode, a er Henry Hugh Roy Marshall, owner of the Consolidated Virginia Mining Co., which owns the Ophir diggings, provided enlarged Comstock convinced McLaughlin and O’Reilly that they were maps and historic photos to illustrate his talk, which is part of a working on his land, so they cut him in on their efforts; earlier names were the Ophir diggings and the Washoe diggings. monthly series of lectures on the historic mines of the Marshall said the word Comstock Lode. There is “Ophir” meant “a far off distant nobody, in my opinion, land with great treasures.” more knowledgeable on The original Ophir mining and other related diggings was at the North subjects than Hugh Roy Ophir. The South Ophir was Marshall. located at third base where the The Ophir was local baseball field is near Six divided into two mines; the Mile Canyon Road. North Ophir and the South “The Ophir had nearly Ophir. Both were acquired pure silver and gold,” Marshall by the Consolidated Virginia said. “This is what I like to work in 1977, along with the Hugh Roy Marshall with.” California Mine, among Photo by Eddie Floyd He said the original others. Consolidated Virginia mine went 650 Marshall told of the four feet un l the miners hit water; then Silver Kings, which were heavily involved with the Ophir, and they had to quit. Meanwhile, the Crown Point mine made a chuckled that a couple of them started out as bartenders. significant find at 1,100 feet. He even went back to 1959, showing where James “The Silver Kings wanted to get to that level, but had Finney, aka “Old Virginny”, was mining. Finney was the one to go through the Gould and Curry (mine),” he said. “So they who gave Virginia City its name a er he dropped his whisky Continued on page 4

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got William Sharon’s OK, then later went through the Best and products on earth. Belcher mine, which had some of the worst ground they ever He said the mines s ll have tremendous quan es of went through. Finally, they found gold and silver.” ore, but ge ng to them would be difficult, because of Virginia Marshall said the mines were filled with large, blue City’s loca on and the fact that for years people have been clay deposits, which the miners hated because the blue mud, throwing garbage into the mines. as it was called, would clog up the sluice boxes. “No town should have been built on mines,” he said. “It turned out to be a very good source of silver,” he However, Marshall said there were s ll processes to get said. “Between 10‐30 million tons, plus pla num, tanium and precious metals from the North Ophir, par cularly pla num. iridium, which tells us that the meteoric ac vity was great in There is s ll silver as well, which was historically important to this area. Marshall said the precious metals were brought up the development of industry and the digital age. closer to the earth’s surface due to meteor showers hi ng the “Silver in Virginia City was a technological metal of the planet Earth millions of years ago. Industrial Revolu on,” he said. “Silver is our digital metal, but it “As the projec les embedded into the earth, it will be in short supply someday.” provided an opportunity for the precious metals to come up,” Marshall said that veins of precious metals can be he said. found by using satellite imagery developed by the Na onal “A er the moon hit the earth and rolled around, it Aeronau cs and Space Administra on. backed off,” he said. “People wonder why we are so dry. The “There are abili es to see 900 feet under the earth’s moon is no longer impac ng the weather. The moon brings on surface, using gamma ray radia on,” he said. moisture, which is what allowed us to live. We are headed to So it is possible mining in Virginia City is not over, and ever drier climate and it’s not global warming, it is the as long as Virginia City has someone like Hugh Roy Marshall, interac ons between planets and moons.” everything is s ll possible when it comes to "Striking it Rich". Though mining stopped during the two World Wars, there have been resurgences of mining ac vity since 1945. Karen Woodmansee is the editor of Virginia City News. Marshall said Nevada has 9 percent to 10 percent of all gold Eddie Floyd was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in the small fishing village of Mayport, Florida, the son of a shrimper and commercial fisherman. Floyd has owned many companies in the last 35 years and is the Founder of Nevada Ma ers, Inc., dba America Ma ers Media with numerous radio talk shows. His show, AM News is known around the world with foreign correspondents in 30 countries and in every state in the United States. Eddie lives with his wife, Shari, on the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. He likes to tell his audience that “She runs the ranch, while I run my mouth.” On Shari’s birthday, March 31, 2015, Final Breath: a love story was released by LeRue Press. The book, wri en by Floyd, is “an endearing story of love that touches your soul and your heart.” Country singer/songwriter, Lacy J. Dalton wrote the foreword. One hundred percent of the profits from the book will be donated to the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. To get a copy, go to www.lrpnv.com/FinalBreath.htm

A good cowboy yarn!” By Dennis Hill

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“Walk the Turtle”

Mike Aloia

Pace ourselves… through our journey in life imagina ons, we can only smile. To set aside any bi erness and turn the des into sunshine of compassion and pa ence bestows our senses and embraces the emo ons as we wonder. Awaken to the visions and gi s we receive, to prepare ourselves for the inevitable beauty of life unfolding, our lonely eyes shed tears of happiness as we grow.

When dreams dance inside our heart and moments seem to stop the hands of me, we can only look to the sky and feel the winds of love. The innocence of our childlike ways carried inside each soul allows our spirit to travel into the deep abyss of our

To be underscored by the scars le behind, to hold your head up and be grateful to be alive, to look into a pool of despair and see the elegance and grace that flows forever. The true colors unveiled like a masterpiece inside a gallery of memories, we walk the turtle in stride as we pace ourselves through our journey in life.

Mike Aloia is a father of two daughters and a proud grandfather. He is 50 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is mul ‐talented: a cartoonist, comedian, musician, songwriter, actor, columnist, and the CEO of American Hearts Radio, LLC Entertainment Network. He has experience in web TV, radio entertainment produc on, ar st management, and other aspects of entertainment. His column “Walk the Turtle” are his thoughts on slowing down, taking it easy, and enjoying life. Mike's work can be found in the following places: www.americanheartsradio.com www.facebook.com/americanheartsradio www.harmonybooking.com


"Three‐toed Box Turtle" by Original uploaded by Carnopod (Transfered by L.tak) ‐ Original uploaded on en.wikipedia. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons ‐ h ps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:Three‐toed_Box_Turtle.jpg#/media/ File:Three‐toed_Box_Turtle.jpg

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himself, had simply walked out the door to the room without knowing it. He then got lost in the hallway and could not remember which room he was in. He knocked on someone else’s door and they said, "You’ve got the wrong room”, to which David put his hand over the eye hole in the door and said, "Quit looking at me”. He did find the right room and I do remember after I got him in, I heard a security guard in the hallway talking to someone and the person was saying, "I don't know. It was some drunk guy in his underwear". As we neared Charleston, and I could talk without laughing, I said to Dave "You know I have to tell people about this; especially the other comics." He just put on his

sunglasses, sucked in a deep breath and shook his head. He knew. This story has been told with Dave's permission. Brian is an author, former radio host, comedian and philosopher. He has been in the comedy business for over 20 years in Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Last year, he went to Japan to entertain the U.S. Marine Corp where he opened for headliner Jackie Fabulous, a stand‐up comedian herself. To book Brian, Contact him via his Facebook page: h ps://www.facebook.com/brian.t.shirley.5?fref=ts

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Bobby Joe Holman How about some Top Notch Music coupled with a “Dose of Ba le Born Nevada History”, all under one historic building? The Ponderosa Saloon (775)847‐7210 is located at the southwest corner of “C” and Taylor streets in Virginia City,

Blue Note Cafe´: The Ponderosa Saloon Nevada. This storied watering hole which offers karaoke on Friday nights and live bands on Saturday nights, has been an “Old Virginny” resident since 1864 when the Best & Belcher Mining Company dug a 300’ mine sha straight into the side of Sun Mountain! Unfortunately, the mine did not yield any mineral revenue which prompted the closing of the mine and gave way to the construc on of a bank built directly in front of the Best & Belcher mine sha entrance. This bank building has hosted many banking systems with The Virginia City Bank as the last bank in Virginia City to be robbed. The Virginia City bank fell vic m to the Great Depression with the building then occupied for many years by The Sazerac Saloon with the Ponderosa Saloon taking ownership in the year 2000. So, next me you are planning to come up to Virginia City, make sure you stop into The Ponderosa Saloon and take Con nued on page 9

Take the quiz! You may know more than you think! 1. Who was found drowned at Chappaquiddick?

(Answers on back page)

10. What was the animal nickname given to Carlos who was tried in 1997?

2. Where was the unsuccessful landing by US troops in April 1961? 3. Where were the 1980 Olympics held which were boyco ed by American athletes?

11. Jim Lovell said, "Four days vaca on and see the world". What was his job?

12. When avia on pioneer Amelia Earhart disappeared, with 4. 18th‐century German soldier, Baron Munchhausen was famous whom was she flying? for his what? 13. Barney _______ who was the star of a sitcom of over 160 episodes? 5. E.T., a 1982 Spielberg classic, was about a li le boy and his pet what? 14. Beatles track Hey Jude spent how many weeks at No 1 in the 6. What was the name of Mikhail Gorbachev's wife? 7. What actor has a child named Sage Moonblood?

US? 15. What were the guardian spirits of nature in Greek mythology called?

8. In 1991, where did actress Elizabeth Taylor get married for the Courtesy: h p://www.triviacountry.com/230‐Ques ons‐Trivia‐ General‐Knowledge.htm seventh me? 9. Which famous actress wrote the children's book Nibbles & Me?

“If everyone would look for that uniqueness, then we would have a very colorful world.”

‐Michael Schenker (courtesy bainyquote.com)

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Ken Roberts Is it a good idea to rollover? If you leave your job, one decision you’ll need to make is whether to rollover your retirement plan or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing a rollover. What’s right for you depends on your individual situation. Most Americans have a substantial part of their net worth in their retirement account and making the right decision can have a big impact on your future. Retirement plans that are qualified under ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, can be transferred directly into an IRA account without tax consequences. Typical ERISA plans include 401(k) s, 403(b) s and 457 deferred compensation plans. ERISA plans have protection from creditors under federal law. Due to a recent US Supreme Court ruling, IRA's also have protection under Federal bankruptcy law. They haven’t clarified the amount in an IRA that is protected, saying that funds deemed to be “reasonably necessary” for financial support are covered. The amount varies state by state under state bankruptcy law. Depending on which state you live in, if you’re concerned about a lawsuit, it could be better to leave your retirement plan with your old employer if you change jobs. Protection from creditors is just about the only advantage to leaving your plan behind. If you choose to rollover your plan into an IRA, it will open up the door for much greater investment flexibility than most employer sponsored plans allow. It will enable you to purchase individual stocks and bonds and just about any mutual fund available which can give you the opportunity for better diversification and control of your investment expenses. It’s very important to understand the expenses you pay in your retirement account and how they can impact your long

Alternative investments in an IRA

term returns. A seemingly small difference like ½% or 1% can make a big difference over a long time frame. A portfolio of individual stocks and bonds may have no expense after transaction costs. Most index funds have very low expense ratios. For people who change jobs often, leaving the plans behind can cause confusion and complexity for beneficiaries in the event of your death. By consolidating your accounts and rolling into your new plan or an IRA, it will be much simpler for your survivors. I have personally seen cases where beneficiaries have had a very difficult time uncovering old retirement plan assets that were left behind in several different employer sponsored plans. With most major financial decision there is no one size fits all solution, you need to do what’s best for your circumstances.

Ken Roberts is the author of “The Tac cal Op on Investor” and the host of Ken’s Bulls and Bears heard on America Ma ers radio. Ken has been in the securi es business for over twenty years and had worked as an investment advisor, branch manager, professional trader and por olio manager. Over the course of his career he has earned NASD series 3,6,7,9,10,56 and 63 designa ons and is a CMT Level II candidate. Ken also writes a weekly column in the Sierra Sun newspaper, is a contribu ng author to Seeking Alpha and writes a column for the Wall Street Journal Market Watch. He has completed advanced finance courses at the New York Ins tute of Finance. You can reach Ken at 800‐535‐4253. I Am That Fool

Exploring Sand Harbor

Pick Me, Pick Me

Amazing Mom

Meet Ryan Brown: egotistical, brilliant trial lawyer By Rick Cornell

Includes color photos and maps while kayaking at Sand Harbor. By Beachy Orr 72 pages, $19.95

Miguel can’t stop bouncing in his seat and waving his hands…

Early Reader To all the "Amazing Moms" and the things they do every day. By Nichole Truax, Ed.D.;28 pages

196 pages; $12.95

By Elizabeth Horton 36 pages; $14.95

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Richard G. Pugh

Bullfrog County

As a lobbyist in the Nevada legislature 1975‐1987 I was privy to legisla ve ac vity that led to laws that o en were not well thought out and eventually failed to pass the tests of popular and cons tu onal support. There were several during my seven session adventure there. One such law was enacted in 1987 carved out a small por on of Nye County in central Nevada and named it Bullfrog County a er an old mining community previously in that region. That 144 square mile area surrounded Yucca Mountain which legislators understood might one day be the depository for the huge amount of nuclear waste produced in the na on. That bill passed handily and a board of commissioners appointed by the Governor of Nevada was set to began opera on from the county seat, and I’m not making this up, in Carson City some two hundred seventy‐five miles away! The governor’s reasoning here was that there was no ‘city’ or people in the en re area. Then the rumblings began. Nye County residents didn’t like any part of that crazed idea ostensibly due to the possibili es of nuclear spillages along the roads and rail lines into the Yucca Mountain area. HOWEVER, they opposed it principally because so many billions of federal dollars would head directly to Carson City and not to the Nye County Seat in Tonopah, The Nevada Supreme Court didn’t like any part of the idea either and declared the whole thing uncons tu onal. The law was repealed in the 1989 session of the legislature. I wrote a poem at the me commemora ng this event:

Form a new county and thereby Receive billions paid us in cash As it is filled with fed’s ‘hot stash’!” The county was right quickly named For an old mine there, no one blamed Nevada…”Be realis c Take a look at the sta s c Showing the cash we could accrue, Na onal recogni on too!” ‘Bullfrog County’ thus created. A county with no purpose stated, Except to dig out all that rough And bury spent atomic stuff. Power plants’ nuclear juices Warheads with no further uses. Nevadans, yet to have their say, “Transport spillage along the way? Earthquake damages could be great! Bullfrog County…Give it the gate!” Our high court met and it rebelled Solons repealed it as compelled. Weak ideas some mes advance. “In favor? Aye! This is our chance!” A hasty scheme? Just let it die! Without thoughts of ‘Give it a try!’ Continued on page 11

BULLFROG COUNTY 1987 The na on needs a quiet place To store its hot nuclear waste! A place that should be safe from quakes, From ground that moves and o en shakes. Safe and distant from nosy crowds. Curious masses not allowed! In desert Nevada there exists A desolate place such as this. Find it in the County of Nye. Safe from the world’s most searching eye. Is it there we could safely store Atomic waste for evermore? Legislators quickly decreed “There’s an overpowering need For a hole in a hill in Nye Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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Scott J. Weaver, Sr. So you own a business? Is it making the money for you that you hoped it would when you began? Would you like to increase the amount of cash that goes in instead of that which walks away from you? Duh, I already know the answer to that, you betcha! I am sure you are marke ng in a digital way, right? Do you stay up at night wondering how you can increase traffic to your website or Likes on your Facebook Business Page! Of course all of us have heard about Google and the search for products and services found through this very important medium. It is the number one search engine in the world. You have to throw all of your marke ng dollars into SEO, Local SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads is what you have been told! Not necessarily true. Do you know what the number 2 search engine is these days? Quick, what is your answer? YouTube! Google bought YouTube for $ 2 Billion years back. Now if they valued YouTube for that much, shouldn’t you also create your own free channel and raise the bar for your own personal pla orm? Did I say free? Yes the opportunity to create your own personal YouTube channel, just like your Facebook business page, is free. But free is truly a misnomer. Because if you just slap a channel together and expect it to kick some rump for your sales, forget about it. It will take planning and strategy to put together a channel to brand your iden ty and hopefully go viral with your videos!

The second best place to be found on the Internet! There are a few things to consider when pu ng your channel together. You should definitely consider the channel art you will use. Also definitely place that company logo in the correct posi on that is no ced on the banner for the channel. Also you must determine company branding with a unique URL to specify it as your company. However, YouTube will not just give you a Unique URL for your company at first. You must pass the mustard test which is the following: *500 or more subscribers * Channel is at least 30 days old * Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon * Channel has uploaded channel art So, there is some cost to this; it takes work, but the rewards can be enormous if you s ck to it. You definitely need to u lize the appropriate channel keywords to be found in searches. You need to s ck to an editorial schedule for publishing videos for your business whether it Con nued on page 9

Con nued from page 6

the 20 min. guided mine tour, check‐out the walk‐in bank vault and historic pictures on the walls, as well as enjoying the ambiance” of an old me western bar. I have had the pleasure to play music at The Ponderosa Saloon a number of mes and believe me, every me I go inside, I will hear a historical d‐bit that happened in The Ponderosa Saloon. Heart To Harp, Bobby Joe Holman Bobby Joe Holman: The only professional harmonica player/instructor to have wri en, performed and been interna onally published with: The Hal Leonard Corp., Warner Bros. Publishing, Music Sales Inc., CenterStream Publishing, StarLicks Inc. and Alfred Publishing.

Grab a Steamin’ Wienie and a copy of What’s the Story® at Sinbad’s

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is a restaurant, golf course, clothing store, medical prac ce, home health care etc… People love to watch videos of others working and interac ng with each other, especially their customers. They want to see behind the scene of how a business performs service for their customers. So get with it. Create that YouTube Channel and start making commercials for your business today! But you may want to consider a video marke ng specialist for assistance to go viral! Sco J. Weaver, Sr. is the CEO and founder of SJWeaver Marke ng Consul ng. He also serves on the board of directors with LMS Internet Corpora on and Four Step Marke ng Consultants. He is a licensed FSMC Marke ng Consultant. He is a licensed FSMC Marke ng Consultant. He can be contacted and scheduled for an appointment through his company web site, www.sjweavermarke ngconsuling.com or 855‐485‐4738. Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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Out in the Sagebrush: With the exception of a few ex-wives, everybody like a cowboy Although it is rumored that cowboys are becoming a breed on the verge of ex nc on, Dennis Hill doesn’t believe it. “Cowboys are very much alive in different places throughout the country. Every region has its own way of doing things, dictated by the country they work in and their tradi ons. In the high desert of the Great Basin, buckaroo tradi ons started in Spain three or four hundred years ago. “Billy Gibson will take you into his world of good and bad horses, good and bad men, a faded hero, and a strong woman or two. A good cowboy yarn!” Pick up your copy at www.leruepress.com or online at amazon.com. Also available on Kindle. ISBN 978‐1‐938814‐96‐9 147 Pages Published by LeRue Books

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‘Bullfrog County’ was such a plan. The high court spoke; it could not stand! No, Bullfrog County could not stand at that me, but the idea of making a buck off what surely will be forced upon us by Congress has merit and considerable support today in light of Nevada’s economic plight. The train is leaving the sta on and Nevada leadership must find a place on board for our interests.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hillis Read more at h p://www.quotegarden.com/

Richard G. “Rick” Pugh, was raised in historic Charleston, S.C. where he graduated from M. Rutledge Rivers High School and later earned a BS degree in psychology from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Pugh has wri en for the Journal of the South Carolina Medical Associa on, Journal of the Nevada State Medical Associa on and The ExecuƟve, publica on of the American Associa on of Medical Society Execu ves. He is a feature writer for Greasewood Table es, (Publica on of the History of Medicine Founda on at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine), Nataqua News, Quincy, Ca., Pet Folio Magazine, Reno, the Reno News and Review, and is a frequent contributor to the Herald Newspaper, Benicia, Ca. and the Reno GazeƩe Journal where he recently served as Guest Editorial Board member. Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP).

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Nevada court maintains, the people maintain their constitutional rights to a vote...Brian T. Shirley entertains with his "underwear incident...

What's the story december, 2015 color  

Nevada court maintains, the people maintain their constitutional rights to a vote...Brian T. Shirley entertains with his "underwear incident...


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