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April 16– May 15, 2016

On this day in history... NEVADA

South Carolina 


May10 , 1869:  The tracks for the  Central Pacific Railroad met the  Union Pacific Railroad at  Promontory Summit, just south  of Promontory, Utah.    In Carson City, the Nevada State  Legislature overrode the  Governor's veto and formally  legalized gambling in Nevada.* 

By Alonzo Chappel ‐ h ps://library.brown.edu/ collec ons/askb/, Public Domain, h ps:// commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php? curid=45388127 

Inside this issue: On this day in history...


Brian T. Shirley: There’s a joke book upstairs


Dennis DuPerault: Things to think


Clifton Maclin: The pursuit of excellence


Ken Roberts:: What’s the word? HSAs


Mike Aloia: In God’s eyes, you are the star


Kelly Rush: Two Paths: Blending music and the law


Richard G. Pugh: Changes Bookstores: Nevada and S. Carolina Take the quiz: You may know more than you think!

 April 21, 1958: A jet from Nellis  AFB collided with a United  Airlines DC‐7, just west of Las  Vegas, killing 49 people.* 




May 12, 1780: As a result of the  Ba le of Charleston, Bri sh troops  occupied Charleston, South  Carolina during the Revolu onary  War. 


Californians are constantly  reminded of the danger of  earthquakes. But on  April 19,  1907,  “a moderate shock affected  Charleston, Augusta, and  Savannah...Dishes ra led and  objects were thrown from shelves  throughout the 26,000 square  kilometer area.”** 


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Brian T. Shirley

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There’s a joke book upstairs

Waaaaay before I ever thought of becoming a the roof as she lives on the top floor of her complex! I'm comedian, I was a young kid living in Marietta, Ga. Right off just worried that now that I have written my own joke book Powder Springs Rd. in Belemede condos. We lived in a two that story apartment, and that's important to remember for this A) It will be put upstairs. short tale. B) If somebody reads something in it that they At some point my mom bought me and my brother don't think is funny they will to put it downstairs, a joke book. Yes, she new we were smart alecks and did it or anyway. C) Someone will read this post, see me on Well one day, my mom or my stepdad (most likely stage and if I say something that bombs they him) made a really lame joke and I said " Hey, you know will inform me that there's a joke book upstairs". "THERE'S A JOKE BOOK UPSTAIRS"! That was it. Anytime anybody said something they Brian is an author, former radio host, comedian and  thought might be funny and wasn't, they were told about the   philosopher. He has been in the comedy business for over 20 years  joke book upstairs. Even people like my grandparents, my in Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas. He lives in Charleston, South  uncle or friends that didn't even know the joke book existed were told about the second floor publication as soon as they Carolina.     In the past few years, he went to Japan to entertain the  tried to be funny. U.S. Marine Corp where he opened for headliner Jackie Fabulous, a  I have to admit we were pretty relentless. This slam lasts even to this day in my family and I live in a single level stand‐up comedian herself. To book Brian, Contact him via his  Facebook page: h ps://www.facebook.com/brian.t.shirley.5? apartment. fref=ts  My mother would have to say the joke book was on

HAVE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? If not, just go to          h p//www.eac.gov 

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. -Franklin D. Roosevelt Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/

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Dennis DuPerault On December 31, 1941, it became  illegal to manufacture automobiles  with chrome‐plated trim in the U.S. so  as to conserve resources for the war  effort.    On April 24, 2001, General Motors brought the Oldsmobile  division, that had been in produc on for over 100 years, to an  end. 

Things to think about Karl Benz patented the first internal combus on engine  propelling an automobile.  (Excerpts from Auto Emo ons 101)    Listen to What’s the Story weekly on KCKQ 1180 AM  (streaming at h p://amm.streamon.fm) for more trivia.  

Dennis DuPerault, author of Auto Emo ons 101 and co‐host on What’s the Story?® loves to talk about cars. His column will provide  ps and tricks and mul ‐faceted informa on. He might mix it up a li le, but you can ask him anything you want about cars.  Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP). 

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Clifton Maclin At the heart of what my  message is about is how our personal  drive to be the best we can be, does not  take place in a vacuum. As humans, we are always  affec ng, and being affected by, the herd surrounding us.    My drive for personal extraordinary performance  arose out of the values and  personal example of my  parents, and the people they  systema cally exposed me  to as a child, like Dr. Milton  Friedman, the preeminent  economist,  and his   friendship with Malcolm X  (Yes! My father introduced  them to each other. They  were always the "smartest guys in the room at my  parents' get‐togethers. They had a devoted friendship of  which the general public was unaware.) Their brilliance  was obvious, and it inspired  me as a child.    When we choose  the systema c path to  personal excellence we are  always inspiring people, we  do not know, to do the  same. When this is done on  a wide enough scale, we  have the poten al to inspire our entire culture, even the  rest of humanity, to ever greater levels of species‐wide 

The pursuit of excellence achievement. That is why I do  what I do. So even though my  training to continue being a  World Champion bodybuilder  may seem to be very  narcissistic on the surface,  fundamentally achieving  championship status is less a  victory for me, than it is a  continuation of our very human drive to elevate the  achievement of the human herd.     On an immediate level, I have raised two young  people to adulthood as a single parent. I have five  godchildren who m I have  raised to be super stars. They  keep me accountable. I can  only expect from them what I  model for them. These are  my vey extraordinary babies.  All, except one have a father  serving a life term prison. None of my babies will follow in  their fathers' footsteps.    Mr. Maclin is an Investment Advisor, with forty years of  experience as a foreign trade finance specialist, merger and acquisi on  specialist and quan ta ve securi es analyst, journalist and educator.    As founder, president, and Chief Investment Officer of Maclin  Interna onal, Incorporated, Mr. Maclin has advised individual and  corporate clients in the areas of investment por olio structuring  andmanagement; strategic planning to formulate and achieve financial  and overall business objec ves. 

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Ken Roberts One way to help achieve  your long term financial goals is to  max out your tax deferred savings.  IF you have a 401k or another  employer sponsored re rement plan at work, you should  contribute the most you can afford. If you don’t have an  employer sponsored plan, you can  always use an IRA, Individual  Re rement Account.     If you’re already making the  maximum contribu on to your  re rement plan, you can add to your  tax deferred savings by using an HSA.  Health Savings Accounts or HSAs can  be excellent financial planning tools.    To be eligible for an HSA you  must be enrolled in an HSA‐qualified  health plan, cannot have an FSA.  Flexible Spending Account and you  cannot be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare. HSA‐ qualified plans are high deduc ble health insurance plans.  Your insurance provider or human resources person  should be able to tell you if your health plan is HSA‐ qualified.     For 2016, the minimum deduc ble to qualify for an  HSA is $1300 for an individual or $2,600 for a family plan.  The max out of pocket expense is $6,550 for an individual  and $13,100 for a family. 

What’s the word? HSAs The contribu on limits for 2016 are $3,350 for an  individual and $6,750 for a family plan. An extra $1,000  catch up provision is available for person over the age of  55. Contribu ons are made on a pre‐tax basis.     Distribu ons for HSAs can only be used for  qualified medical expenses. If you take a distribu on that  is not qualified, it is subject to income tax  and a 20% tax penalty. Once you reach  age 65 you no longer have to pay the 20%  penalty, but s ll have to pay income tax  on nonqualified distribu ons, so they are  similar to tradi onal IRAS in that regard.  If you don’t need your savings for medical  costs, they can be used to supplement  your re rement income.    Funds within an HSA can be  invested in a variety of mutual funds  similar to your IRA or 401k account and  they get the advantage of tax deferred  growth, just like an IRA.    Here’s a simple hypothe cal example. Say you’re  35 years old and don’t have access to an employer  sponsored plan, so you use an IRA. Your contribu on limit  on the IRA alone is $5,500 per year, if you maxed that  every year for thirty years and got a 7% return, your  re rement account would grow to $480,406 at age 65. If  you added an HSA and didn’t need the funds for medical  Con nued on page  8  

In Black & White: The story of Floyd sneed Late 2016 release of Classic Drummer Hall of Fame and Pop Music Hall of Fame inductee (Three Dog Night), Floyd Sneed.     In Black & White is a wi y, entertaining and insigh ul book full of stories never told by original drummer, Floyd Sneed of  Three Dog Night, S.S. Fools and Dog & KATT bands from the 60s through the 80s and how he  took his crea vity to another level with  his own personal imagery that is joyful and inspired by his sense of humor. Published by LeRue Press, LLC. Follow Floyd on Twitter @FloydSneedDrums

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“Walk the Turtle”

Mike Aloia

In God’s eyes, you are a star Consider the moments passed, admire the times we shared laughs, embrace the fears we must face, and realize the cleansing from tears will remove the weight that has held you down upon this to be alive. To see the deep love inside those eyes and hold them close as they cry, empathy is given to the savage mind, thoughts can imprison us or blind our sight, forgive yourself for past mistakes, be real not fake. 

To see beyond the brokenness of a beautiful soul and feel the beat of a wounded heart becomes a blessing to a compassionate spirit, as the sunsets we pray to feel the warmth of a new day sunrise. 

To walk the turtle in the chaos of life is a way to see things in a different light, to kiss the lips of who you love is a remedy from the Lord above, give love to self for who you are, in God’s eyes you are a star.

It seems we tend to run away from the truth inside ourselves sometimes, we seek the knowledge of understanding the reasons why or how we end up in dark places, we find answers in perceptions.

Mike Aloia is a father of two daughters and a proud  grandfather. He is 50 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is  mul ‐talented: a cartoonist, comedian, musician, songwriter, actor,  columnist, and the CEO of American Hearts Radio, LLC Entertainment  Network. He has experience in web TV, radio entertainment  produc on, ar st management, and other aspects of entertainment.     His column “Walk the Turtle” are his thoughts on slowing  down, taking it easy, and enjoying life. Mike's work can be found in the  following places:   www.americanheartsradio.com    www.facebook.com/americanheartsradio    www.harmonybooking.com         

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Kelly Rush

Two Paths: Blending music and the law

Keith Galliher, Jr. is a versa le man!  Not only has he  TheAkademia.com, an online organiza on that sources music  been an award‐winning Las Vegas a orney for over 40 years,  from around the world.  TheAkademia.com had this to say about  Galliher’s music:  he is a recording ar st and talk show host, as well. He has  established himself as one of the best a orneys in the Las  Vegas area and has earned the highest ra ng from the renown  Mar ndale‐Hubble legal ra ngs and informa on service.    Every Friday at 10 A.M. on America Ma ers Media,  Keith also hosts the Two Paths With Keith Galliher radio show,  broadcast live on AM 1180 in northern Nevada and streamed  online worldwide at americama ers.us.  The show is  called Two Paths because one week the show features Keith’s  music and the interes ng background stories behind  them.  The other week, the show focuses on various aspects of  the law.    The trajectory of Keith’s music career is a fascina ng  one.  “Wonderful Tonight,” originally an Eric Clapton tune, was  his first recording for his wife Linda as a Christmas gi .  Keith’s  Keith Galliher & Staff   We are by now well familiar with Galliher's astounding     vocal talent and 'Two Paths' furnishes some of his best material  to date.  Anyone who hasn't heard this man sing needs to make  me for the experience!  Said Galliher, “They give out monthly awards.  They     have a panel of judges that reviews the material that comes in  and based upon their review, they decide who's deserving of  winner status and who's deserving of finalist status, and of  course, who's not deserving of anything.  We've submi ed 32  songs to them and 29 were recognized and of those 21 were  finalists and 8 were winners.”  Following is a por on of the Q&A with Keith Galliher     himself with more details on his life and mul ple careers.    KR: What made you want to be an attorney? KG: When I was a little boy, my mother thought I argued really well. And she said, you know, "You argue so well you should be an attorney." Did you ever have any other career aspirations? No, I mean, I've done a lot of things. I was maitre'd at Caesar's Palace before I went to law friend and producer, Clarence Collins (founder of Li le  school. I ran a piazza restaurant there, which was Anthony & The Imperials), who is a member of the Rock and  their Italian gourmet restaurant. For a period of Roll Hall of Fame, came onboard to help make it happen.  time, I entertained thoughts of staying in the Clarence enlisted the talents of William (Willie) Weist and  Mary Eckler as arrangers. Clarence and Keith also recruited Jim  restaurant business. Thankfully I didn't. And I've done a lot of other things, but the law has always Gilstrap to assist with backup vocals.    Most recently, Keith has been awarded both Finalist  been the focus and Winner status in mul ple categories as judged by  Con nued on page  8   Keith Galliher in the studio 

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Richard G. Pugh As I approach the prime of  life...sounds like an intro to a popular  old song, doesn’t it? I’m seeing so much change!  That’s what I’m talking about her and I’m finding  some changes today require the willing suspension of  disbelief!    For example, something has changed the size  of my car’s gas tank: it’s ge ng bigger! Not long ago,  my tank would barely hold $25 worth of gas. Today it  can hold $50.00 and not even be full! How is that  possible?    I’m ge ng faster in everything I do these days  also. I can now pump twenty dollars worth of gas in  just a few seconds. It used to take at least ten  minutes. Maybe it’s those new gas pumps, you think?    Yes, and a speed‐reader I’m becoming! I can  read the Reno Gaze e Journal newspaper in less than  three minutes...it used to take me an hour!    Years ago, when cigare es were about a  dollar a pack, it didn’t cost a lot to come down with a  deadly disease. Today, at nearly $5.00 a pack,  contrac ng one of those killer heart and lung diseases  will cost plenty! Smokers might want to consider the  economics of that change.     Stronger I’m ge ng already! I’m picking up  $75.00 worth of groceries with just one hand these  days! Wow!    Those poor underpaid teachers are sure 

Changes driving fancy cars. Now that’s a change!  Remember all those old beaters they used to drive  when we were in school? Check out the teacher  parking area at any school today. How do you  suppose they can buy those expensive SUVs on   such low wages?    Some things haven’t changed, however.  Funerals have always been costly but families  today are shelling out lots more because land has  become so expensive. I recently saw a tombstone  that read, “Here lies a lawyer and an honest man!”  causing me to believe they now are burying two  people in the same grave.     It’s not true...I didn’t really see that last  part.    A er coming to Reno from Charleston, S.C. in  1973 to accept the posi on of CEO of the Nevada  State Medical Associa on and serving as Director of  Physician Rela ons at Washoe Medical Center for  two years, Pugh re red in 1990.     Later he helped establish Health Access  Washoe County (HAWC) and served as Board  Member and President for several years. He has  served as Adjunct Clinical Instructor at the University  of Nevada School of Medicine and authored four  books through the History of Medicine Program  there.     

Grab a Steamin’ Wienie and a copy of What’s the Story® at Sinbad’s

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How did you decide on your practice areas? I sort of gravitated to it. When I first started out of law school, I worked for a large firm here in town (Las Vegas), Lionel, Sawyer, and Collins, and I worked there for about a year and realized I didn't want to be a part of a big firm. Then I went to the public defender's office here in Las Vegas and I practiced criminal defense for roughly a year and a half, then left the public defender's office to establish a private practice with my partner Lamond Mills. We built a nine-man law firm and then once it was built, I didn't particularly care for the fact that we were a large law firm, to me at least, so I severed my relationship and went solo. I've actually been a plaintiff's personal injury attorney since 1983. The first nine years of practice, I did criminal defense, I did domestic relations, I did real estate and contract litigation, that type of thing. So I did a little of everything early on.


I happened to call Clarence Collins who was a friend of mine, and asked if would help me in the studio. So we started out recording our first song in very early December of 2008. When and how did you meet music producer Clarence Collins? Clarence came to my office as a client when I was doing all kinds of work. I represented him in connection with an entertainment issue. We established a friendship very early on and he was kind enough to invite us to the shows with the Imperials or CC's Imperials performed. Several Con nued on page  9  

Where did you go to college and law school? I went to college at UNLV. I got a bachelor's in business administration here and then I went away to law school at Arizona State University. When did you graduate? In 1970. I financed my school. I paid my way through college, and I paid my way through law school. I took a year between the end of college when I got my degree before I started law school. Then I accelerated my law school, I went to summer school so I actually got out in two and a half rather than three years, and graduated in 1974. When did you realize you could and wanted to sing? I never thought about it much. I remember early, when I went to church when I was young, people would turn around when I was singing and say, "Oh, you have a beautiful voice," but I never paid too much attention to it. I never practiced it, never took lessons and never really sang much at home, in the shower, or in the car, anything like that. So it was a complete surprise to Linda when she found out that I actually could sing. What made you decide to start recording and present your wife with the album, Love Songs For Keith Galliher & Clarence Collins  Copyright, 2015‐2016, LeRue Press. No part of this publica on may be copied or reprinted without permission from LeRue Press (LRP). 

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times my two kids ended up getting to go backstage and watching the show from backstage. So it was a relationship that started, gosh, I'm thinking probably thirty, thirty-five years ago. What inspires you to choose the songs you record? You know, it's just more what I like to listen to, what I like to hear. I also like things that challenge me and make me do something different. So, in the future when we do recording, we're going to be doing some different things. A little bit of R&B, I did that with "Good Times, Good Times," so we'll do a little bit more of that. We'll do a little bit more rock, just to expand the horizons and figure out what else I can do. What is the process/what steps do you take once you decide on a series of songs? What happens is that we have two very fine arrangers, Willie Wiest is a Broadway arranger out of New Jersey, and Mary Eckler is one of the former lead arrangers for American Idol. She's out of California. Depending on the material, whichever it is, they both have strengths and weaknesses. It starts with usually a demo, which Teddy had sent to Clarence that had never seen the light of day. We take that demo and send it to the arranger. They update and modernize the music so that it's current, then we get the arrangement back and Jim Gilstrap, out of Los Angeles who's a renown back up vocalist, very often contributes backup vocals to the songs, if in fact we use backup vocals.

record. Jim Gilstrap will do his backup vocals remotely at his studio in Los Angeles and send the MP3 to the Studio at the Palms as well. Clarence is my producer and he will go to the studio early before I get there and he will sit down with Rob Katz, who is a sound engineer. Rob is also the sound engineer for Celine Dionne. Rob with Clarence will take that track and perfect it, they adjust all the sounds and if they need to add instruments, they will. Usually by the time I get to the studio things are pretty much in final form from the standpoint of balancing the track and implementing the backup vocals. But everything is not balanced to the extent that they have set the volumes for everything, which is quite a complex process. I go in and I sing the lead vocals to the track as they've prepared it, then after I've sung they will go back and that's when they do the adjustments and all the other things that smooth the song out, so that by the time that they're finished, it's as perfect as we can make it. Generally they start about 9am, I get there around 10am, 10:30am. I'm quick. My vocals are generally done in half an hour or so. Then they will perfect things and by about 3pm, 3:30pm in the afternoon, the song is in what we call final mix form. Con nued on page  11  

It's interesting, it's all done remotely. Mary, for example, will have her musicians do their portion of the track in California. Everybody sends their MP3s to the Studio at the Palms which is where we Pick up your copy of the books below at your favorite retailer or  contact the publisher, LeRue Press, LLC at 775‐849‐3814 or toll free at  844‐987‐8679 (844‐WT‐STORY) or online at www.lrpnv.com. Go to contact us.  I Am That Fool 

Exploring Sand Harbor 

Pick Me, Pick Me 

Amazing Mom 

Meet Ryan Brown:  egotistical, brilliant  trial lawyer   By Rick Cornell  

 Includes color photos  and maps  while kayaking  at Sand Harbor.  By Beachy Orr  72 pages, $19.95 

Miguel can’t stop  bouncing in his seat  and waving his hands… 

Early Reader  To all the "Amazing  Moms" and the things  they do every day.   By Nichole Truax,  Ed.D.;28 pages 

196 pages; $12.95 

By Elizabeth Horton  36 pages; $14.95 

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purposes, you could save an addi onal $3,350 per year  pre‐tax and the two accounts would grow to a total of  $773,017.  Ken Roberts is the author of “The Tactical Option Investor” and the host  of Ken’s Bulls and Bears heard on America Matters radio. Ken has been  in the securities business for over twenty years and had worked as an  investment advisor, branch manager, professional trader and portfolio  manager. Over the course of his career he has earned NASD series  3,6,7,9,10,56 and 63 designations and is a CMT Level II candidate. Ken  also writes a weekly column in the Sierra Sun newspaper, is a  contributing author to Seeking Alpha and writes a column for the Wall  Street Journal Market Watch. He has completed advanced finance  courses at the New York Institute of Finance. You can reach Ken at 800‐ 535‐4253.  Con nued from page 9  

We then send it to Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles, and usually within a couple of days we receive the disc of what we call the master. The master is like the queen bee of the hive. All CDs which follow come from the master and that master is then taken over to Digital Insight. By that time, myself and (executive assistant) Corinna Bautista will have sat down and figured out what we want for artwork. They will then put together the artwork that we tell them we want for the particular song, and then they will print it up and finalize it. Then we pick up a bunch of discs which I distribute to all my friends.

New Releases-LeRue Press: 2016 Barbara Davis   Craps and the Showgirl– Personal Narrative    Dennis DuPerault Auto Emotions 101‐Updated and Revised          Non‐Fiction‐Self‐Help    Eddie Floyd  Barn Yarns  Fiction‐          Contemporary Western    The Evolution of an Artist Series by Pan Pantoja:    The Hound That Is Me      The Dog Hears Something     Chokin’ Death    Oliver X    Monsters    No Salvaging from the Pit      ….and 13 more    Mark Shaff  Force One: Doubling the Penny            Adventure/Thriller    Floyd Sneed  In Black & White: The Story of Floyd Sneed          Memoir 

Kelly Rush is a long‐ me business professional with over 33 years of broad‐based professional experience, primarily in consul ng, business  management & administra on, informa on technology, rela onship marke ng, and media. She is the General Manager and Talk Show Host at  America Ma ers Media. (www.americama ers.us)   All pictures courtesy www.galliherjrmusic.com 

Take the quiz: You may know more than you think! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What is a putter called when it is used from off the green? Thomas Chatterton produced some infamous forgeries in which field? Who said Claret is for boys, port for men and brandy for heroes? Which king founded the Order of the Garter in 1350 'What an artist dies in me' were reputedly the last words of whom? Who devised the terms 'introvert' and 'extrovert'? Wally Hammond played cricket for which county? Chiromancy is more commonly known by what name? The poet Robert Browning is buried where? What was the first film to be made in Cinemascope?

11. What was Ethel Cain the first to record? 12. In what year was the first LP released commercially in the UK? 13. Apart from Scotland which 2 other countries' patron saint is Andrew? 14. What 2 main colors are on the flag of Portugal? 15. An Interferometer is used to measure what? 16. At which school did Mr. Chips teach Latin? 17. What is Orology? 18. Who wrote the poem 'To a louse'? 19. Who invented the rocking chair? 20. The film 'Magic Fire' was about which composer? (Answers on back page) Courtesy: http://www.pubquizreference.co.uk

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On this day in history...we all like those, right? Brian T. Shirley talks about the joke book upstairs. New contributor, Clifton Maclin give...

What's the story april-may 2016 color  

On this day in history...we all like those, right? Brian T. Shirley talks about the joke book upstairs. New contributor, Clifton Maclin give...


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