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Tri-State College of Acupuncture ​hey there Lisa here I wanted to go outside and film Dundee today but because it's such a great Clooney day I figured I would just do a recap video about my six-month trip as I traveled through Europe alone and I just wanted to give you some insights on the things that I learned while doing that before this trip I had never traveled alone that long you know now that I've been outside the States for a full year this this whole experience is totally new to me like when I formulated this plan of sorts a few years ago when I knew you know I was quitting my job and I wanted to travel as a nomad I did not know a single person who had done something like this like me coming up with this plan it was just kind of like okay I have an idea on how it might go and so I'm going to see if I can actually do it and so you're moving to Scotland and staying there for six months and traveling around a little bit in there that was a nice way to kind of begin this nomadic adventure outside of the states and then planing that sixmonth trip you know I formulated that plan while I was in Scotland I booked out almost all of my flights in advance almost all of my accommodations I booked in advance before I even left Scotland to start this trip it was very planned and I think part of the reason is that you know I have to have control over things like that and because it's a new experience I didn't like the thought of you arriving to a new city in a new country that I've never been to without knowing where I was going to stay it just gave me peace of mind knowing that okay I'm staying at this area air B&B I have the address I know exactly where I'm going no need to hunt for a hostel or hotel or anything like that and you know planning in advance like that it definitely has its advantages because I know I saved money because booking that far in advance whether it comes to flight your accommodations you're always gonna save money waiting to the last minute you're just you know you show up in a new place and you basically just have to rely on like if you're glue the links up or looking around the city like where you're gonna stay and you're always going to end up paying more money it's good to plan in advance from a money standpoint but the major con to that is that you don't have the flexibility if I would have been completely flexible like if I had a completely open budget I would have preferred just to arrive to a place and then kind of feel it out and then decide if I want to stay there for a couple months or just you know a couple days and that's something that I experienced when I was in Croatia like I visited several cities in Korea and I really liked split I really liked Zagreb if I had the choice then I definitely would have liked to have stayed longer and split and not as long on the island in Cork Sean because I had an amazing time there but one thing I didn't consider is that you know being on an island there aren't going to be as many markets like I didn't see a single market there and so the fruit situation was definitely more difficult being on the island as opposed to being on mainland Croatia because you have all these markets there and like the market and split was amazing and they had watermelon and grapes and everything that I needed so moving forward when my boyfriend joins me in this nomad adventure starting this summer we're definitely going to take a more flexible approach when it comes to planning our trip we'll just book you know our initial flight and then accommodations for like a week or two or even a month in one location and then once we get there we can feel it out and then decide do we want to stay here for a couple more months or do you want to move somewhere else it'll just give us the flexibility but you want you know starting out traveling like this it is very scary and it's like I need to have control over like my itinerary so I know exactly what I'm going and when but when we'll be traveling together it'll be a lot slower we're going to just you know spend a couple months here a couple months there none of this um week here two weeks a couple days whatever because that speed of travel is too chaotic to me yeah slower travel is definitely better if you are no matter if you're planning a long-term trip at least for me I get stressed out I'm on like high alert when I arrive to a new place and I'm stressed for a couple weeks until I just kind of figure out you know where I can go grocery shopping and I can go hang out the public transportation stuff at most of these locations on the trip I didn't really find myself in a comfortable position until I was about ready to leave like Paris I was only there for two weeks yeah I wasn't really comfortable there and then I had to go to the next location you know I can Dublin I was there for five or six weeks so the first couple weeks I was stressed out but then definitely by the end I definitely found a rhythm and like I knew what I would be doing during the day and just feels more comfortable for me and like I know a lot of people you know they want to travel to be to experience new things that's fine but when all you do is travel like this you definitely look forward to having just like a comfortable experience where it's like yes I just have a daily routine it's not new stuff every single day because that just stressed me out and you know of course like being apart for my boyfriend that was an added stressor and then dealing with these diet is shoes that was another thing so it just was like this whole trip it was very stressful to me and

you know just because I had never done something like this before I like traveling alone you know I don't really expect have any difficulties being alone on this trip but it was difficult because if you think about it like you know seeing all this new stuff and experiencing all these new places you know it's amazing but it's definitely better if you're sharing that experience with someone so whether it's a friend or like you know my boyfriend I think it would have been a much better trip if I was traveling with someone doing all this stuff especially when it comes to stressful situations like if I had someone there with me just to chat about things it just would have been easier for me to handle this stuff and being in Dublin that was a stressful time for me but you know meeting my friend Sheila their new friend form Instagram totally change my experience and I just made it like a good time like I had fun there after we met she would hang out meet up and go on day trips and things like that traveling alone it taught me that you know I can depend on myself and then I tend problem-solve I can figure this thing out like I planned to travel alone and I knew I could do it then but I definitely know I can do it now and so in the future if I had to travel alone again I know I can do that and like now nothing fazes me when it comes to planning trips or thinking about you know we're going to Thailand in a couple weeks this trip was basically just like a trial run to see if my ideas would actually work and they did and so now I know this is definitely a long-term sustainable lifestyle that I can live this way now I'm happy that I can share this experience with my boyfriend because I met him when I was in Scotland before this trip but I digress back to my my list of things that I've learned I booked all of my accommodations through Airbnb besides staying in Berlin with that couple I met through Instagram for the most part all of my experiences in Airbnb you were great there are a couple times where I didn't research the place properly meaning come to find out when I showed up to the flat for my room I was renting a room with other people in the flat the host was actually renting out additional rooms to other people through Airbnb so that kind of made me feel weird because I didn't want to be sharing a space with other people especially men I only wanted to live with women that's something you have to research properly before you book on air being me just ask the host are you renting out other rooms to other people or like what's it actually going to be like and split I had issues with one of the flats there because it was just Sanaa it was actually in a shopping center it wasn't an actual flat that issue could have been alleviated by me just he'll canceling my reservation before I even showed up there and then I would have gotten refunded some of the money but for the most part Airbnb that's what I'm gonna use in the future for all of my bookings you know it's cheaper than a hotel you get to rent an actual space like a flat an entire flat to yourself or a room I did another video on Airbnb tips so be sure to look for that if you're interested in using Airbnb on one hand I wanted to live by myself in this like dirty list trip to have a flat to myself but it was definitely more cost-effective to rent a room in a shared flat so if I had to do this trip over again I think I would I don't know it's hard to say if I still would aim to have flats to myself or if I would save more money by renting a space with other people because for me you know I feel a lot better living alone having the kitchen to myself not having to interact with other people if I don't want to but there are pros to living with other people because I got to meet new people had good conversations they fill you in on like what it's like to actually live there like live in Barcelona Paulo or Dublin oh and then one thing I experienced in Paris especially pear in Barcelona and most of the places I visited cat calling that was a huge issue for me and in some of the places like Paris in Barcelona I have no desire to ever go back there just because it was so bad and like so pervasive to where like I couldn't even leave the flat for like a moment without someone like hollering at me or whistling or like making kissing noises from their car or people coming up and sitting with me and like hey I wrote about this on my blog so I'm not gonna go into a too much thought being anywhere is a single woman if whether you're just sitting eating or laundries walking down the street like you're going to get harassed that happened to me in the States as well just I don't like that feeling like I just want to be able to walk somewhere from walking to the store whatever and just be left alone so just very angry and infuriating yeah in Paris adieu that people would be walking next to me like trying to get me to talk to them if you're not a woman you haven't experienced this but it happens every single day it doesn't matter where you go men will just be unreasonable with you because for some reason a single woman can't exist in the world alone and the only way to avoid that you know if I had my boyfriend with me they'd still be leering or whatever but like it's not I doubt they would say something yeah being a law is just um trauma strip it it was difficult cuz in Paris some of the days I didn't even want to go outside because I knew the second I try to go to the store which was right down the street someone was gonna say something yeah I just got to the point where I was like I just wanna get out of here but it wasn't so bad in like Slovenia when I was in Ljubljana like only one incident happened in every single location I had to deal with men catcalling and harassing me on the street so that I mean if you have a thick skin and it doesn't really bother you that's fine but for me I just got sick and tired of it that I can't exist on my own without someone bothering me so one thing I did is that no matter what I'd always have headphones in and I wouldn't be listening to music usually just as a way to deter them from like shouting things at me because then they they don't think that I can hear them because it's difficult

cuz it's like I don't know if I should respond to them negatively or just to ignore them because no matter what you do they're just going to keep at it and it's not gonna really teach them anything if you respond to them you risk we're getting and it's in a stronger way antagonizing them so it's like you really can't win so I just try to ignore it completely yeah but that was definitely something that troubled me throughout this whole trip and it's just something I didn't really expect him to even think about Oh another thing is like you know choosing the locations where I wanted to visit like when I plan the trip I picked very touristy areas like I was like I'm gonna go to Berlin Paris all of these places because everyone everyone goes there and everyone raves about it but come to find out I didn't really like the tourist hotspots like I much preferred more low-key places like lleana and Slovenia and Croatia just not as busy and it's just it's a different environment because not only are accommodations cheaper the food is cheaper it's not rammed full of tourists people are very friendly and nice it's just uh that's more of my speed and I just prefer that environment better so now when I plan trips you know through Europe I'm definitely going to avoid Paris Barcelona Spain in the summer time because I didn't know this but all of Europe vacations in Spain in the summer time when I was in Palma and Barcelona especially super busy and I didn't enjoy all those people there but if I had to do this trip again I think I would avoid you know all the big touristy hotspots completely and just stay in Slovenia Croatia Montenegro Serbia Bosnia places like that I've lived alone I've traveled alone before I'm very independent so doing a trip like this wasn't really I mean it was a big deal to me because it's something I've never done before and I wanted just to see that I could do it I think the biggest lesson this trip has taught me is that you know I don't want to travel alone anymore like I don't I want to do it with my boyfriend or with a close friend there really is no benefit to me to traveling alone like this and I think my opinion has changed significantly because I met my boyfriend here in Scotland I couldn't imagine doing this long-term by myself because like if I didn't have him to chat to during this trip or just with my friends in Scotland and in the states I would chat to regularly I think I would just feel too isolated I want to share these experiences with other people and so traveling alone like it's cool to say that I can do it and I can go to these places alone and it's not scary and I would just you know wander on the city on my own and meet new people on my own but I would much prefer to have people with me I'm just looking forward to the future and I'm glad I learned that I was watching into the wild for the first time with my boyfriend the other day and like one of the things that dude learns is that you know happiness is only real when shared and I think that is so true that's the most important thing that I've realized during this trip is that I don't want to travel alone yeah well if you have any questions about this trip or anything related you know traveling through Europe but the places I visited please check out my blog and I'll post a link to that in the video description down below and if you like this video please like and subscribe to my channel because I do new videos daily Monday through Friday and you can find me on social media all of my social media links and accounts will be posted at the end of this video as well as in the video description down below Union College, Schenectady.