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Code of Conduct This Code of Conduct covers our behavior, in any forum.




We have set up a few rules you need to follow in order for everyone to be able to enjoy The following acts are prohibited by law and, thus, subject to punishment: –

Racism, xenophobia, negationism, and discrimination (prison sentences). Racist remarks, propagating discrimination of sexual preferences, publishing racist pictures or insulting foreigners are forbidden on

Public ofenses, publishing sexually suggestive pictures, pedophilia, ofering prostitution or escort services and implicit or explicit invitations for sexual activities. Uploading pornographic, sexually suggestive or overtly erotic pictures/text is forbidden. Invitations for sexual activities in public or by private messages are also prohibited. Humorous or caricatural pictures can be an exception, as long as the humorous character is predominant.

Slander, defamation, stalking, abusing someone's name or picture, abuse of confdence, etc. are prohibited by law and subject to punishment. Therefore, using abusive language, insults, abusing someone's name or picture, slander and defamation are forbidden on . It is strictly forbidden to publish messages or pictures with damaging, threatening, misleading, defamatory, rancorous, aggressive, racist, vulgar, denigrating, indecent, insulting, violent, obscene or pornographic content. It's also forbidden to use the site for purely political, religious or commercial purposes. References to political parties and the publishing of fags will be punished if it's clear that there are political or infammatory purposes behind it. Discussions on political/religious points of view are allowed, if they don't degenerate.





On you can only publish content (pictures and messages) for which you hold the necessary copyrights. You are solely responsible for obtaining these rights. Leroy Brothers / Witness Your World / Art/Lab Creations SAS cannot be held liable if you do publish content for which you don't hold the rights. Leroy Brothers will impose sanctions when notified of content that infringes upon the rights of third parties. –

Disturbing the public order on the web site means that spamming, recruiting votes, sending unsolicited commercials or chain letters, unlawfully reloading pages, fooding or writing excessively long texts, etc. can be prosecuted. SO DON'T BEHAVE IN A WAY THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE OR DETRIMENTAL TOWARDS THE OTHER USERS OF






account of a Witness Your World member is prohibited and punishable. In this situation, we always inform the police, even when you're a minor. By committing such ofenses, you risk getting a prison sentence and/or monetary fine. Except for abuses such as slander and defamation, which can only be prosecuted after a complaint by the victim, Leroy Brothers / Witness Your World / Art/Lab Creations SAS can initiate action to end forbidden practices. Leroy Brothers / Witness Your World / Art/Lab Creations SAS is lawfully obliged to report indictable ofenses to the appropriate law enforcement agency(ies).

Complaints? Abuse can be reported here:

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Leroy Brothers - Code of Conduct  

Leroy Brothers - Code of conduct

Leroy Brothers - Code of Conduct  

Leroy Brothers - Code of conduct