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Welcome to Fontbonne University. Wherever you are in life, we can help you find your path to a degree. Here, you’ll discover attentive advisors, faculty committed to your success and a tight-knit campus community, all ready to help you fulfill your educational goals.

Don’t just at tend classes. Belong to a community. ool . h c s o t t go Don ’t jus n ect and l ead. con , e g a g n E

Don ’t jus t stu dy a subject. Prepare f or your career.

At Fontbonne, you can learn more and be more!


e r a s c i m e d y a t i r Ac o i r p t s r i f r u o . s y r u o d an

We offer traditional undergraduate majors and minors, as well as a variety of evening or online undergraduate programs for working adults.

social work dietetics education speech-language pathology Many of our programs focus on care and concern for others, reflecting Fontbonne’s mission and values. Others demonstrate our emphasis on the rapidly growing need for a tech-savvy workforce.

cyber security bioinformatics One Health computer science

All of our full-time transfer students will qualify for some form of scholarship or financial aid, making an education at Fontbonne both affordable and accessible. And our transfer counselors will work with you during the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.

You’ll receive a well-rounded foundation that employers value. By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared to begin your first job — and work toward your first promotion.

critical thinking analytical skills ability to adapt


1,819 total student enrollment


ing , r e e n engi sing nur e . . . r & mo

partnership programs


of Fontbonne undergrads transferred from another institution

1,819 899 222 71% full- and part-time faculty

faculty who hold the highest degree in their field


spor ts mana gement

fin e ar ts

majors, minors & certificates unication m m o c c i strateg


fashion merc handising

transfer agreements with other schools = smooth transfer process

Janu a ry March Jun e August Octobe r


evening and online start times each year


student-to-faculty ratio

“Teachers are always around and if they aren’t, it’s extremely easy to get in touch with them to schedule a meeting. It’s SO nice to know that they’re here for my success!”

- Evan psychology major Washington, Mo.



Fontbonne students involved in the Fontbonne University Enactus Club helped breathe new life into the Ferguson Burger Bar. The group teamed up with owners Charles (below in red t-shirt) and Kizzie Davis to improve the restaurant’s business practices, offering assistance with social media, marketing, menus and more. Their goals? Livelihood, empowerment and sustainability.

also n a c s u t c a n in E Par ticipation o job and l ead t tunities . r o p p o p i h s n inter

Credit Fontbonne University awards transfer credit for college-level courses from accredited, degree granting institutions of higher learning. Remedial courses and grades below a C- do not qualify.

Transfer up to 64 hours of credit from two-year institutions.

Transfer unlimited credit from four-year institutions.

All students must fulfill the following at Fontbonne: • A minimum of 30 credit hours • Completion of a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the major, minor or concentration at Fontbonne • Completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours of upper division (300/400 level) coursework at Fontbonne • Completion of the final semester of coursework at Fontbonne

Certain exemptions apply.

“I decided to transfer to Fontbonne because I wanted to receive a quality education close to home. I admire Fontbonne’s dedication to academic excellence, and I realized this was the school that I wanted to be a part of.”

- Havanna deaf education major St. Louis, Mo.

Classes and tests are important, of course. But we believe there’s more to your college experience.

t n a t r o p m i s a t s ju s i e r a u o y Who . e b o t t n a w as what you

n i e l o r r u o y e E xplor w o h d n a d l r the wo a t i e k a m n a c u yo . e c a l p bet ter

Inside and outside the classroom, you can grow as an individual, a teammate, a leader, a friend and a global citizen. At Fontbonne, we remain grounded in the mission and strong spirit of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Their values inspire and drive us.

E xcell e nce , Ser vice , Diversit y, Faith , J ustice , Catholi c I dent ity, Integrit y, Respe ct , Commu nity


countries represented on campus

100+ families served annually in the Eardley Family Clinic for Speech, Language and Hearing

Explore new cultures. Jump into new experiences. Meet new people ‌ at home OR abroad!



th e e s o o e m ch i t f t o to n u o am ant d w u yo broa a y stu d







annual spiritual retreat opportunities

annual on-campus camps for children with hearing loss, cochlear implants and communication disorders


annual service trips

7,862 miles from St. Louis to Uganda

20 1 5 internati onal ser vice si te

During Fontbonne Day, students work alongside faculty and staff at dozens of service sites in the St. Louis community. Everyone on campus shuts down their computers, puts on their work boots and pitches in to improve our city for this annual tradition.

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And there are many other service opportunities throughout the year, from making casseroles for a homeless shelter to organizing clothing drives on campus to sponsoring a family during the holidays.

How YOU can m dif f ake a eren ce ?

Our students understand that social changes are occurring across the country and here in St. Louis. That’s why we have “Peace & Justice” conversations regularly. It’s a chance for the campus community to gain a better understanding of the important issues at stake and the role we all can play.


This is where our entire campus community focuses on a single topic during the fall semester. It includes speakers, panel discussions, suggested readings, specialized courses, theater productions, films and more. Past themes include Sustainability, Happiness, The Disability Experience, Foodology, Immigrant Experiences, Civil Rights: Then and Now, and The Future.

The Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University began as an academic course and evolved into a nationally recognized effort to record the stories and memories of the survivors of the Bosnian War and Genocide, 40,000 of whom have settled in St. Louis.

ecord r d e p l e h e v a h s Stu dent archival t c e ll o c s, w ie v r inte th e voices y if l p m a d n a materials . of a community

“They want us to be more. They don’t want us just to come here and learn. They want us to get involved in the community. They want us to get involved around campus. And they really want us to be well-rounded individuals when we graduate.”

- Garrett applied mathematics major Crystal City, Mo.


c i s s a l c a , For e c n e i r e p x e e g e l l ! co d e v l o v n get i

Fonty Night Lights. The Griffin Concert Series. Comedy Nights. Athletics. When you’re not in class, you can attend and enjoy — or even plan and organize — events and entertainment.

We also encourage you to think outside the books. Fontbonne offers ways to enhance your educational experience outside the classroom. Our honors and academic organizations offer camaraderie and community, as well as career preparation.

dive o t d e v l a of Get invo e r a r u o into y r e h t r make u f d n a k r etwo your e v stu dy, n i g d ns, an o i t c e n n co ost. o b a e resum



Men’s Teams Baseball Basketball Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

f fer o o s al We amurals intr e flag lik l and al foot b ling! bow

Th ne ey se w t rec sch 1 8 or oo 20 ds in l 15!


Women’s Teams Basketball Cross Country dies Golf Th ese la # 7 Soccer had th e I I I iv. Softball NC A A D th e G PA in n Tennis tion i a n Track & Field 2 0 14 ! Volleyball (A dance team is also available.)

s! n i f f i r G e h t P lay for

“I transferred to Fontbonne because I wanted to continue playing basketball in college. When I decided to change schools, I gave Coach a call and discussed being a part of the team. Fontbonne’s academic side was also very appealing. We have a partnership with Goldfarb School of Nursing, as well as a strong STEM program. And Fontbonne also has a strong, close-knit community, almost as if everyone knows everyone.” - James nursing partnership program basketball, track & field St. Louis, Mo.


relaxing hammocks in Golden Meadow

ard, o B s e ctiviti lub, A e n C n Font bo ironmental g Env n Gan i f f i r G ore and m


social organizations

honors organizations




academic organizations

sq. ft. in the Dunham Student Activity Center

inclu des a fitn ess el evated track , sn center, ack b and th e 1,500-sea ar Mabee G ymnasiu t m


on-campus residence halls

oe � l J e - “ Th ill e Hal ll Ha eda - M thwest u - So

! E E FR


cost of laundry on campus

13.5 acres on campus

“Living on campus allows you to meet other residents in the same boat as you -- whether you are a freshman, a transfer student or an international student. I left my door open while I was in my room, which allowed me to say ‘hi’ to people passing by and even invite some in to get to know them better.”

- Abby elementary education major St. Paul, Minn.

There’s also an exciting city out there. You’ll find great eats, concert venues big and small, eclectic neighborhoods, and world-renowned museums and parks at your doorstep.

West End, l a tr en C , p o o L U. C ity l ewood Downtown , Map and more


neighborhoods in St. Louis

Ha toas ve you ted e but t ravio ver trie l d er c ake ? i or goo ey St. L T ouis h ey ’ re favo rites !

33,000 objects in the Saint Louis Art Museum

ntion !? e m e E Did w both F RE re th ey ’


pro sports teams in St. Louis

aseball B s l a Cardin Foot ball Rams ckey o H s e u Bl

1,371 acres in Forest Park



annual visitors to the Saint Louis Zoo

mil e a n a Less th An easy . campus ike ride b run or

from walk , away!


Sign u p for a Transfe r Previ ew Day your o , or set wn per sonal v up isit an d tour.

Become a part of

GRIFFIN NATION. Start the application process one semester before you plan to enroll in classes at Fontbonne University. You need to be admitted at least one month prior to the first day of classes to ensure that your financial aid is processed. 314.889.1400 1.800.205.5862

Feeling social? Join us online.

tion a N n i f f i # F BUGr

Fontbonne University Office of Admission 6800 Wydown Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63105-3098 314.889.1400 | 1.800.205.5862

#F BUGriffinNation

Notice of Non-Discrimination: Fontbonne University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in employment or in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, educational programs, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic and other programs and activities. Furthermore, Fontbonne University prohibits retaliation against anyone who either opposes unlawful discrimination, assists or participates in an investigation of a complaint of discrimination, or exercises that person’s rights under any law that forbids discrimination. The Fontbonne University coordinators for Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination are: Vice President for Finance and Administration, Fontbonne University, 6800 Wydown Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63105, Phone: (314) 719-8017, Fax: (314) 719-8023; Director of Academic Services, Fontbonne University, 6800 Wydown Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63105, Phone: (314) 719-3627, Fax: (314) 719-3614. Questions about this non-discrimination policy and any complaints of discrimination shall be directed to either of these coordinators. Fontbonne University complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Public Law 93-380, as amended. Campus Security Act: In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistics Act (20 U.S.C. 1092) (a) and (f) as revised July 1, 2000, and the Higher Education Opportunity Act, signed August 14, 2008, Fontbonne University prepares and distributes a report regarding campus security and crime statistics. This report is made available to all employees and students by October 1st of each year. The report is also available to prospective students and prospective employees. You can download a copy of this report at: A copy of this report may also be received by writing to the Fontbonne University Director of Public Safety, 6800 Wydown Blvd, St. Louis, MO, 63105.

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