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To My Fellow Wanderers in the Field of Creativity: Chief Designer AiLi Wang

It is our pleasure to welcome you to another school year in the wonderful BHSc Community…and another year with The Leroy! For

Editing Gurus Grace Zhang Ronald Leung Sana Gill Vishalini Sivarajah

those of you unfamiliar with us, The Leroy is a creative arts magazine,

Graphic Designer Sarah Cino

This issue introduces our new staff roster for the 2013-2014 academic

Publicity and Media Dena Zeraatkar Thusyanth Vijayakumar

Wang, Grace Zhang, Ronald Leung, and Vishalini Sivarajah!

Resident Artists Annie Zhu

Enjoy this issue and remember: the creativity flows within you!

originally founded as a 4X03 initiative. Now in its third year, The Leroy accepts submissions from the entire BHSc family, showcasing our talent in a periodical run and read by Health Scis everywhere!

year. Please join me in welcoming Annie Zhu, Dena Zeraatkar, Sana Gill, Sarah Cino, and Thusyanth Vijakaumar, as well as veterans AiLi

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms, please feel free to let us know!

Best wishes for a wonderful year! Beatrice Preti Editor-in-Chief

Question 1: Which Fictional Character Would Make the Best Inquiry Facilitator? THE BEST Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter (34%) Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus (15%) Yoda from Star Wars (13%) Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird (11%)

THE WORST The Batman (1%) Gregory House from House, MD (3%)

TOP 3 SAVED Massage Therapist (18%) Computer Hacker (18%) Landscape Artist (17%)

TOP 3 SACRIFICED Justin Bieber (6%) Convicted Robber (6%) Waitress (6%)

Gollum from Lord of the Rings (3%) Gil Grissom from CSI (3%)

Question 2: If there were a Ghost of Health Sci, what form would it take?

There is a Ghost of Health Sci. Leroy. Not sure what he looks like, though... A stressed student, whose tears form the torrential summer rains It would take the form YOU think it should take A Google Doc, with pages and pages still unwritte Health Sci cannot be summarised by one object. An eagle, soaring to great heights, achieving great things Free pizza. Lots of it.

Reality By Sabnam Mahmuda

Artwork by Sarah Cino

Murder on the Oriental Express by Agatha Christie A Hercule Poirot mystery…with a twisted finale. A good introduction to the genre in general.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain Fast-paced, outgoing, loudmouthed, stereotypical Western society…but do you know – or remember – the other half?

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde A hilarious comedy of manners…uppercrust British finery at its best!

Fantastic Voyage by

Isaac Asimov

Ever wondered what the human body would look like up close and personal? Slashing through alveoli and evading killer T cells…a must-read for anyone who enjoys studying anatomy…

A timeless story of perseverance, dedication, and justice…motivational…moving…my all-time favourite…

Elisa An Italian artist who sings in both Italian and English. Two of my favourites are “Dancing” and “Stay”.

Passenger A lyrical genius with a unique voice. Recently vaulted into fame with the song “Let Her Go”.

Sigur Rós Icelandic band with powerful rock pieces, mixed with classical elements.

A couple of songs for our Health Sci family when the going gets tough… The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli Uncharted, Brave by Sara Bareilles It’s My Life by Bon Jovi I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

Life of Pi Moving…breathtaking…memorable.

Amélie Waking Life

A French comedy…a waitress with a mission in the middle of Paris.

One man…an existential crisis…is there really any point?

Need Motivation? Look into these: Stand and Deliver Dead Poet Society Akeelah and the Bee Fly Away Home

Factual? Perhaps not entirely. Touching? Definitely. Inspiring? Doubtless.

By Shivani Patel

Shivani Patel

Shivani Patel

Question: You are stranded on a desert island with a box of lemons, a guitar, a copy of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, and a sombrero. What do you do? Sarah Cino, BHSc (Honours) Level I: Are you stranded on a desert island? Do you have a guitar, a box of lemons, a copy of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, and a sombrero nearby? If you do, read this comprehensive step-by-step guide that will allow you to not just survive, but THRIVE! 1. Play the guitar. The music will get you in the mood to make this desert island that you happened to be stranded on into your own island oasis that you will never want to leave! 2. Now that you’ve played some tunes on the guitar, SMASH IT! It may seem strange, but this step is very important. Smash it the right way, and the neck becomes a tool perfect for spearing fish. A piece of the guitar’s head with two tuning pegs can be paired with a string to construct a makeshift slingshot. Smaller pieces of the shattered guitar are ideal knives. Now you have tools to get yourself some food! 3. Next: the lemons. Remove them from the box, and slice each one in half using a shard of razor-sharp guitar wood. Squeeze all the lemons’ juice in to the box and remove all the seeds. Some seeds can be used as ammo for your slingshotperfect to take down flying game. Other seeds can be planted to grow your very own lemon tree to replenish your lemon stocks! Putting seafood or other meat in the acidic lemon juice ‘cooks’ it, making a killer ceviche. Nothing like fine dining on a desert island.

4. As for The Hobbit, the cover could make a nice plate. After all, it isn’t fine dining without fancy dishware. Now, if you really want to get home, the book’s pages could help construct the perfect S-O-S signage. Grab a handful of sand, rocks, or whatever heavy object is at your disposal. Put the handful in the middle of a page and pull the page’s edges together at the centre and crumple. The pages now have enough mass to stay put! Make many and arrange them into an S-O-S. But a desert island isn’t such a bad place to call home—no work, no commitments, just pure relaxation! So why even bother making that S-O-S? Instead, you could read The Hobbit while enjoying your delicious ceviche. 5. Finally, the sombrero. Wearing it protects you from the horrible implications of heat stroke while allowing you to survive in style! And there you have it! The perfect way to enjoy life on your desert island!

Art by Annie Zhu

Question: What does creativity mean to you? Grace Zhang, BHSc (Honours) Level II:

The Creative Process It begins with a –

Crash, a thundering boom, as inspiration strikes ground. Suddenly, thoughts begin racing through my head, bursting to escape and seek –

Refuge in some place more permanent than my fickle, transient mind. Or else it doesn’t. Because not everything beautiful in this world must make itself known with a grand, dazzling –

Entrance. Sometimes, ideas fall into place like snowflakes, each one so inconsequential that I’m hardly aware of their existence. They thrive quietly in the background, building momentum, creeping in until they possess me. And just like an –

Avalanche, they leave the landscape of my mind completely changed. I express these ideas naturally, as a reflection of myself, rather than because they demand to be expressed. But reality is not so cut and dry, and the beginning is often a combination of these two phenomena, because –

Thunder rolls just as well as it booms. Either way, the storm surges on. Ideas never wish to remain just as such. They cry out to be nurtured, to be developed into something that shakes the world rather than just my mind, and then to be freed. So I surrender to their needs, and let the magic happen. Under my guidance, the thoughts gain substance in the form of words, or shapes, or movements. I am the puppeteer, the orchestrator, and I am here to put on a show. Gradually, discrete ideas join together to create one fluid –

Voice, that is entirely unique and irrefutably mine. It carries over a world with no limitations, a world where reality holds as little or as much influence as I will it to; there is only me and a blank canvas. And I understand that although this state is infinite, it is not –

Indefinite. There will come a time when the show ends and the curtains close. Upon falling out of my reverie, I return to a place where my thoughts are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I find that throughout my escapade, the world has remained stagnant and unchanged. But everything is now fresh and new to me because my perspective has expanded ever so slightly. My return is not really a return after all; I have moved forward, I have grown.

Today, I am changed. Today, I have gone somewhere and seen something that was not here – Yesterday. I have created

Sidebar Art by Annie Zhu

Question: What will you contribute to The Leroy? Sana Gill, BHSc (Honours) Level II:

Tinkling glasses, swirling wine, Everyone's at Phoenix to drink and dine. As I refill empty glasses and break bar fights, I'm pulled away by the strangest sight. For there, in the shadows, sits a mysterious creature, Bleeding blue, though I can't see its features. Though I can hardly whisper, I do ask, "What would you, oh Leroy, fancy in your flask?" After a brief pause, it dramatically cries, "Bring me something special, with 'em fries!" Taken aback by Leroy's unexpected sass, I then make something to match its class. So I begin with a mix of health sci rhymes, Odes to free-food and confusing inquiry times. I top this with prose of my wandering mind, Sprinkles of silly satire and bitter-sweet times. As I serve this to Leroy, he goes rather wild, He laughs, then screams, then weeps like a child. The Leroy now sees that with my words I strive, To simply make a cocktail that makes us feel alive.

Question: Describe the ending of the world. Sana Gill, BHSc (Honours) Level II: One moment I am dreaming about being a blue unicorn frolicking through fields of cupcakes, and the next moment I am jolted awake by the most horrible sound I have ever heard. As I cover my ears and peer sleepily around the health sci lounge, I see my fatigued group members rising slowly from the nearby couches. As they walk towards me with their scowling faces and disheveled hair, they look like zombies advancing towards their prey. Just before I begin to howl with terror, the lounge door opens with a bang and Chari unexpectedly rushes in. With bulging eyes and a hurried voice, he declares, "Folks, this is the end! Follow me now!" As I stumble after him in a great confusion, sudden panic grips me-- the kind you feel mid-fall, when you know your demise is inevitable. He sprints up the stairs to health science library, but my group members and I are paralyzed by the view outside the front entrance doors. Students are running outside aimlessly, with their ears covered and eyes open in sheer terror. But what astounds me the most is the bruised sky, with bloody clouds and angry balls of fire thundering down. As one meteor hits the engineering building with a deafening roar, I spin around and dash to HSL, with my group members following close behind. Just as I enter, I'm swallowed by a sea of anxious, blue-hooded students. It appears that all of health science has gathered, as if for one, final prayer at a sermon.

Soon, a voice is heard over speakers and a hush falls in the library. The voice is calm and reassuring, and though I cannot see the speaker, the wisdom that marks each word allows me to say with certainty that it is Del. It is difficult to decipher his speech over the constant and unbearable sound in the background, but I do heard him say, "It is truly tragic that we must meet this way, but a strange epidemic has befallen our community today. Professionals have reported that an unknown sound source, which is originating from MDCL, has been causing unbearable ear pain to everyone on campus and teh surrounding areas. Not only are many people experiencing progressive deafness, the sound waves have also severely interfered with teh weather system. It is advised that people get as far away as possible from teh campus, and say goodbyes to loved ones before words can be heard no more. As we stand here together bluer than ever, I remind you that we have free pizza and salad. Even more importantly, I ask you to remember; don't hate, collaborate!� As I hear these words, my knees buckle and I fall to the ground, in a state of utter helplessness. If only there was something I could do.

As I lay my head down on my knees, I catch the strangest sight from the corner of my eye. There sits at my feet, a fluffy, blue rat with big eyes that stare deep into my soul, and a tail that is begging to be pinched. Startled, I look around but nobody else notices this strange being. With a slice of pizza in it paws, it slowly exits HSL. Before I know it, I am following it, as if propelled by some external force. The rat makes its way down the stairs, pauses for me to catch up, and then leads me down a strange underground pathway I have never witnessed before. I feel psycho following a rat, but I no longer have control of where my feet lead me. Soon I am in a new, oddly familiar building, but the lighting is dim and I cannot be sure of where I am...until I bump into a door and read the sign: "Undergrad. Health Sci Office". I let out a horrified scream; I'm in MDCL, home to the deadly sound source. "Oh God, why did I follow this stupid rat?! I hate him!", I shriek hysterically. I almost pee in my pants when I hear the rat reply, "Don't hate, collaborate!"

"Who...what are you? And why have you taken me here? So I can be deaf?!" I scream. The rat looks me in the eyes as it says, "I have been engineered by Dr. Scheztman to get to the sound source and deactivate it. But worry not, as long as you are with me, your ears will be protected by my special powers from permanent damage. We must work together to save this world... to save health sci." I sigh and reply, "Like I have a choice...but where is the source located exactly?" The rat twists its whiskers and replies, "Where do YOU think it's located?" Suddenly I know the answer; Inquiry!

The rat skitters beside me, its glowing tail lighting the halls, as we make way to my first year inquiry class. My ears ring, and bitter-sweet memories of inquiry's awkwardness overwhelm me as I approach the room. I am almost serene as I stand next to the room, eager to destroy the source and go home. But these feeling of tranquility are short-lived. When I open the door and walk in, I cannot bear to face what is front of me, for there sits Justin Bieber, singing " Baby, baby, baby ohhh".

I must have passed out, because when I wake up, I see Bieber sitting across from me, with a concerned look on his face. The ringing in my ears has subsided, so I know he has not been singing for a while. He asks, "Are you okay?" When I don't answer, he continues, "Because I am not. I have been missing Selena and I have all these feelings, so I thought expressing myself in Inquiry would be the best way, you know?" I know I must speak so I say, "Buddy, 11 year old girls love you, so go easy on yourself. Also, reflecting is good but this just isn't the place for you to sing. You should be out there, very far away, making sure there is one less lonely girl." His face lights up, and he asks me if he could do anything in return of my fair advice. I make him promise that he will never return to McMaster or sing again anywhere near it. He is afraid that babies and lonely girls will miss him, but I assure him gently that they will not.

As I watch out the window to make sure he is gone for good, I see that the sky is healing once more. White clouds drift against a blue sky, and sun begins to shine. The world is saved once more by an unnamed hero, for when I return to look for the rat, I cannot find him. Tomorrow will be another day, brimming with group meeting and projects. Not many will know of the rat, or will believe me when I tell them that he saved us from Justin Bieber. Perhaps, he is the hero health sci deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Perhaps, he is Leroy.

Puzzle Time!

Find the student’s favourite subjects, given the following clues: 1) The boys are uncomfortable dancing in HABITS. 2) Wanda's boyfriend enjoys TRIPSEs. 3) Mateo just finished first year. 4) Hailey transferred to Health Sci in her second year. 5) Olivia's favourite class is epidemiology. 6) George is applying to TA his favourite class next year. 7) Wanda's roommate failed anatomy; she was too stressed about HABITS. 8) Xavier hopes to work with Southern Blots and PCR. Answers available on our website!

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