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September 14, 2010

Mr. Ignacio A. Alcalde Pineda and Mrs. Silvia Gomez Chang c/o Mr.s Carmen Alcalde By E-mail:

Dear Mr. Ignacio A. Alcalde Pineda and Mrs. Silvia Gomez Chang: RE: DOB: Country:

ALCALDE, Silvia Alejandra June 5, 1999 Peru

Herbie Approval Granted We are delighted to inform you that Silvia Alejandra Alcalde has been accepted for surgical treatment at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), in Toronto, Canada. The Herbie Fund, which is committed to helping children from around the world receive medical treatment not available in their home country, will provide the funds for Silvia Alejandra’s treatment at SickKids. Treatment Plan The physician’s office will be contacting you directly with further details regarding appointment times, dates and locations. The Herbie Fund will cover medical expenses for treatment of Silvia Alejandra’s ASD, Pulmonary Stenosis and PDA (based upon the medical information provided), as proposed by Dr. Andrew N. Redington, Head, Division of Cardiology. Silvia Alejandra’s treatment, namely, Catherization Lab Closure will require approximately 2-3 inpatient days. Please note, our physicians have kindly waived their fees for this child’s treatment at SickKids. Silvia Alejandra will be required to remain in Toronto for approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the procedure and to allow for proper follow up care. Should Silvia Alejandra arrive in a condition different than described in the medical documentation submitted to our office, then a different course of treatment may be recommended. The Herbie Fund will provide the funds for Silvia Alejandra Alcalde’s surgical procedure, and is inclusive of the following: • • • • • •

Operating room hourly rates, use of operating room and equipment therein Nursing care provided at the Hospital for Sick Children In-Patient accommodations Supplies, customary and usual medication prescribed by the attending physician relevant to the procedure being performed as an inpatient Diagnostic tests Pre-op and Post-op service specific clinics

Fundraising As you may know, the Herbie Fund is not a limitless fund. Therefore, we have attached a Memorandum of Agreement for your review and signature to allow us to fundraise on your behalf. This support allows us to continue to assist your child and other children in need of surgical treatment at SickKids. If you are in agreement, kindly sign the document and fax to our office at 416-813-8667.

PATIENT NAME: ALCALDE, Silvia Alejandra Expenses Not Supported by the Herbie Fund Please note that the Herbie Fund will only cover the above treatment plan for Silvia Alejandra’s medical condition (as outlined above). If Silvia Alejandra requires other treatment, either the family will be responsible for expenses or treatment must be carried out in the home country. Herbie financial support will cease upon final date of discharge and last outpatient clinic appointment at SickKids. On completion of medical care, it is our expectation that Silvia Alejandra will return home to Peru. The Herbie Fund, which has limited resources, is not able to cover the cost of transportation to and from Toronto, nor does it cover the costs of accommodation, interpreter services and meals. Kindly make arrangements for these additional expenses prior to your arrival in Canada. Canadian Host Family Agreement A Canadian Host Family Agreement has been signed by Mrs. Carmen Alcalde to assist in providing support (as outlined in the Agreement). Please advise our office if there are any changes in regards to your Host Family. Application for a Visa and Canada Immigration Requirements Please contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your home to apply for a travel Visa. Be sure to take a copy of this letter with you. Please note that only one accompaniment will be allowed to travel with Silvia Alejandra. If you require assistance in obtaining a Visa, please inform our office immediately. Please note that acceptance for Herbie Funds is valid until March 31, 2011. Should the family not be able to travel to Toronto, Canada, within the stated timeframe, then the Herbie approval will no longer be valid. Canada Immigration requires that families from outside Canada purchase family health insurance prior to coming to Toronto to cover any costs related to unexpected illness or emergencies. Please note you may be required to show proof of coverage prior to commencement of treatment at SickKids by Canada Immigration. Our Support For the Applicant and Family SickKids believes that children should be provided with the highest quality of care and with the opportunity for continuing improvement of their health. Once again, we are pleased to be able to assist and look forward to your safe arrival in Toronto. We would like to have the opportunity to meet with you at SickKids, prior to Silvia Alejandra’s initial appointment. It would be appreciated if you would contact us at (416) 813-7234 upon your arrival in Toronto to arrange a date and time to meet. Please complete the attached Herbie Information Form once you have received dates from the physician’s office, and return it to our office as soon as possible. If you require assistance or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (416) 813-7234 or by fax at (416) 813-8667. Sincerely,

Kamla Sharma, M.S.W. Director, International Patient Program Attachments cc: Dr. Lee N. Benson –Division of Cardiology Ms. Ruta Niedra – Social Worker, Cardiology Ms. Kelly Paredes - Patient Care Information Coordinator, Heart Centre - CDIU Ms. Carolyn Nolan, Child Health Services, Manager, RN – Division of Dentistry Mr. Barry Greenberg – Manager, Shoppers Drug Mart Mr. Bharathan Pisharodi - Financial Liaison, IPO The Canadian Embassy, Immigration Section, Lima, Peru- By Fax: 51-1-446-4775 Ms. Nadia Nesrallah, Citizenship & Immigration Canada – by fax: 416-973-7099

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