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Capable structure.


The many potentials for a new European perspective

Europe grows in a rickety way. United at first on an economic then political sharing, the European countries pool more and more. Nevertheless, Europe is lacking a third support to secure its stability. Beyond political and economic issues it calls for Europe of the peoples, relying on society, identity and brotherhood. The youth feels more European today than ever, peoples forget frontier posts, currencies, idiomatic differences, settled nationalism. In order to shape itself, this new multiple identity requires tools and symbols. In order to become a reality, this longing needs grounds of expression. A generic and egalitarian infrastructure. The European territory must be also meshed throughout the distribution of generic structures geographically balanced. A modular and varied content. The programs and the spaces must be able to build up and deconstruct themselves, evolve and reinvent according to place and time. A cultural life for the people. Culture is a sandbox, a playground where the art forms, actors and spectators meet and confront themselves. It is the vital cement for the construction of Europe of the peoples. Above all, The BOX is a space of potentiality. The will of space abundance and surplus encourages the appropriation and the spontaneous take over. The concrete structure associated with a vertical circulation and an environmental technical system represents a capable structure, available on European people’s longing for sharing.

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Oulu, Finland Trondhein, Norway Helsinki, Finland Oslo, Norway Stockholm, Sweden Moscow, Russia Riga, Latvia Glasgow, United Kingdom Copenhagen, Denmark Minsk, Belarus

#11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20

Dublin, Ireland Warsaw, Poland Kyiv, Ukraine Amsterdam, Netherlands Berlin,Germany London, United Kingdom Brussel, Belgium Luxembourg, Lux. Prague, Czech Republic Ternopil’, Ukraine

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Paris, France Chrisinau, Moldova Budapest, Hungary Zurich, Switzerland Bordeaux, France Zagreb, Croatia Bucharest, Romania Lyon, France Milan, Italy Corunna, Spain

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Sarajevo, Bosnia Sofia, Bulgaria Rome, Italy Tirana, Alabania Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain Bonifacio, France Porto, Portugal Naples, Italy Palma, Spain Athens, Greece Seville, Spain Palermo, Italy


40x40X40m Structure


Atrium Circulation


Eco-Technical System


Plugs-ins. 1 Theatre

2 Cinema

3 Library

4 University

5 Permanent Exhibition

6 Meeting Point Bar

7 Temporary Exhibition

8 Big Outdoor Stage

10 Administration

11 Shop

1st & 2nd floor 800 seats 100 m² scene

2nd & 3dr floor 1150 m² 350-200-80 seats rooms

3rd floor 960 m² 215m shelving 60 seats

Influence zone of one ambassy diam. 500 km

Network and direct relationships between ambassies Potential sites for ambassies

3rd floor 500m², 4 classrooms 140 seats auditorium

2nd floor 450m²

80 self-service computers 500m², 40 tables 15m² stage

The architectural programming varies according to the following uses: Theater: Troop on tour throughout all the European Cubes / national symphony orchestras’ concerts / foreign Ballets Cinema: Monthly theme by European region Library: Foreign Books of all Europe, in every language University: Foreign languages teaching, lectures of Europeans scholars Permanent exhibition: Exhibition on the history of Europe and its identities Temporary exhibition: Itinerant exhibition moving throughout all the European Cubes Meeting point bar: Place of meeting and entertainment / Have a drink with another random European by videophone Big Outdoor stage: Can host free music concerts and festivals / can be used to broadcast sport events on a giant screen Restaurant: 1 cook, 1 country, 1 month Free Space: Can be used to organize any manifestation, workshop, party, sport demonstration…

1st floor 250m²

1st floor 130m²


The ambition of a close Europe relies on cultural activity to transform an institutional federation into a nation sharing its cultures and its histories. It is the path from cohabitation to the creation of a family. These structures will be the proof of a higher will to bring up the relations between the peoples for centuries. Vestiges will remain the testimony of the humanist ambition which Europe is coming up today.

Ground floor 200m²

Ground floor 130 m²

Restaurant 4th floor 380m² (130m² terrace) 120 covers

12 Staff Area + Cloakroom

250m² 2 staff changing room


Second floor.






Ground floor.



View from Atrium circulation 6







Permanent Exhibition




Meeting Point Bar


Big Outdoor Stage

11 Shop

13 Open Lounge

14 Atrium

12 Staff Area

15 Multipurpose Space


Atelier Paema's Competition Mention Of Merit (9th) Team : Raphael Villiermet Benoit Chantelou Thomas Landemaine


Atelier Paema's Competition Mention Of Merit (9th) Team : Raphael Villiermet Benoit Chantelou Thomas Landemaine