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Leq’á:mel Leq’ :mel First Nation February 2011 While we encourage members to be a part of the newsleer and submit ideas and stories, we reserve the right to edit any submissions for grammar and sensivity.

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Bill CC-3 Gender Equality Effective January 31, 2011 Bill C-3 Gender Equality has been passed on January 31, 2011. Here is the link to download forms. Please note: The mailing address is in Winnipeg. The ORIGINAL Long Form Birth Certificate must be sent with the application. Both Parents Must sign the application for a Minor.

Chief’s Update


Housing Update


Youth and Recreaon


Youth and Recreaon


Hepas A Outbreak


Hepas A Outbreak


Hepas A Outbreak


Hepas A Outbreak


Hepas A Outbreak


Leona Sam Indian Registry Administrator Sto:lo Nation Bldg. # 7, Floor 2, 7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 4G5 Telephone: 604 824-3268 Fax: 604 824-5129

Food Skills for Families


Food Skills for Families

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Individuals who may qualify should now proceed with their application for Indian Status using the forms that are available on the INAC website link provided above. Please see separate insert/attachment provided with this newsletter that details further information regarding Bill C-3. Hard copies of the application can be found at the Leq’a:mel First Nation band office.

BC Aboriginal Student Award Aboriginal Family Conference


Acon Research Group Dr. Mark Aquash


Sto:lo Community Futures Pilot Satellite Office


Naonal Research Centre Forum


February Birthdays


February 2011 Calendar


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Mission Community Library; 11 Jusce BC

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Chief’s Update Ma’exe, Chief Alice Thompson Leq’á:mel Community Christmas Dinners: From what I understand our Elders and Christmas dinners were well attended. A big thanks goes out to those who helped pull these two dinners together. I have heard some very positive comments from Sto:lo community members about the Elder’s dinner. Compliments and a big thanks go to Barb Leggat for pulling this dinner together for our elders. Our community dinner held on December 9th also saw an increase in the amount of attendees. For clarity for next year’s dinner it should be known that this is a Leq’á:mel band members and their non-member spouses dinner and not a dinner that is open to the general public or extended family members who are not Leq’á:mel. For this year we also included staff members and their spouses so that they can interact with the community members on a different level. We are also very thankful to the following individuals and businesses who contributed towards the expenses of this dinner: Lacey Construction, Ralph Fisher (Oasis Holdings), DeBench Sand and Gravel, Woodbrook Sand and Gravel, Massimo Aquatech, Donovan and Company, A&A Trading, J&W Electric, J&J Industries, TRI, Nutek Signs, Deroche General Store, First Class Waste disposal, Bram Rogachevysky, Torbjorn Rive (TECO), Burden Propane, Nations First Construction, contributions from individual Council members, and also a big thank you to those who worked on the planning of this event. These include Barb Blanchard, Stacey (McKamey) Goulding, Terry Ann Stowell and also to those who helped decorate, set up and take down, taking of photos or helping out in the crafts station. The amount donated to this event from the above individuals was just over $4500 and the total cost of the event just under $5700. The meals being the largest expense for this event at $19 per plate plus 15% gratuities can be very expensive especially when we are billed for the extra non-member “invitees.” So I want community to be very cognizant of the costs and please remember that this is a band member and their spouses (includes non-member spouses), and staff and their spouses Christmas dinner. I do not want to have to turn invitees away next year so please keep this in mind for Christmas 2011. Leq’á:mel Membership Code, Election Regulations and Family Advisory Structure – Review and Amendment Proposal: Council have agreed to establish an Ad hoc committee to do a review to propose amendments on the Leq’á:mel Membership Code, Election Regulations and the Family Advisory Terms of Reference. An estimated time frame to conduct this review is four months and this review will be concluded in time to present to the membership in June 2011. There will be three separate Ad hoc committees, with all three involving the Interim Family Advisory members and up to two members of Council. The Membership and Election Code Ad hoc review committee will include Councillor Darrel McKamey and I. The Family Advisory Terms of Reference Ad hoc Committee will include Councillor Peter McDonald and Councillor Mike Kelly. The work that the Ad hoc committees will be tasked to undertake will be a line by line review of the documents (with the exception of the Election Regulations which already has been reviewed by the late Alisa Noda) and then present the proposed amendments for consideration to the full Council and then to the Membership. These three documents, it was decided two years ago, were prioritized to be amended on or before March 31 2012. Council wanted to ensure that the voting processes were consistent with process that was used in the Land Code ratification process and also the amending process was looked at closely to ensure that the threshold identified in each of the documents were realistic. Leq’á:mel First Nation By-Election: We have received a letter of resignation from Councillor Barb Blanchard. Pursuant to our Election Regulations Section 7.1(a) a Council position becomes vacant when a Council member resigns. According to Section 7.3 a By-Election must be held within 60 days of the date of vacancy. An Electoral Officer must also be appointed within 60 days of the election and an Appeal Board consisting of three individuals who do not have a vested interest in the outcome of the election must be appointed within 60 days of the election. The Appeal Board must be prepared to let their name stand for a period of one year. At this time I want to thank Barb Blanchard for the time she has served on Council this past year and 9 months. Policy Reviews: We will be conducting policy reviews to ensure consistency in processes such as how a client is to file a grievance or appeal, and also for the process we use to amend and update our working documents. As policies are living documents they need to be reviewed annually and be updated as legislation and circumstances change for our community.

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Update from the Property administrator Springtails With the cold and then warm winter we have been having, this has seen an infestation of bugs called Springtails. The Springtail is NOT a flea but has some similar characteristics. The springtail has a curved appendage under its body that causes it to spring, thus the name. The bug swarms like fleas but do not bite humans or cause any hazard to humans. The eggs hatch with the warmer weather and the bugs swarm from under the concrete where they were laid. Eliminating excessive moisture from around the home will deter the Helen McElroy springtails. Remove mulch and compost piles from near the home. Sprinkle cornstarch Property Administrator around the perimeter of the home which will absorb moisture. Mix two cups of water with one teaspoon of dish detergent to spray the areas where the springtails are seen. These solutions were sourced from the Internet. CMHC I am still awaiting word from CMHC for the request for additional renovation funds. LFN will only have 6 weeks to complete the renovations once the approval is received. BC Hydro Power Smart LFN participated with BC Hydro in 2009 for the energy saving kits. BC Hydro has another program called the Power Smart Low Income Assistance Program. This program is to assist low income people upgrade their homes with: Hot water tank wraps Weather proofing Nightlights Fridge or freezer thermometers Fridges Insulation Advanced weatherproofing To be eligible for the program, participants must provide proof of income (notice of assessment) as this program is directed towards low income families. As well consumption of power for each unit is assessed by BC Hydro. LFN has provided some information to BC Hydro in order to start the process but BC Hydro will be in touch with each tenant for more personal information. Arrears Current rental account is $126,401 and the Member Loan account is $246,778 for a total owing to LFN of $373,179. New housing applications should be submitted for this new year. To be eligible for consideration of a unit, you must not owe LFN any monies.

Respectfully submitted Helen McElroy Residential Property Administrator

Respectfully submitted Peter McDonald Housing Councillor

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Youth and Recreation Ma’exeyetel, Jason Thompson Youth and Recreation Coordinator

Language Language Nights have been changed from Thursdays to Wednesdays. I had to make this change in order to better balance my own personal schedule separate from work. I apologize to those who cannot make Wednesdays for Language, but please understand that it’s important that I look after myself as well. Movie Night Fundraiser We did not have any Movie Nights in December due to the short month for the Christmas holidays. We also did not have one in January, mainly because of the preparation of the LFN Youth and Parents for the School Closure meetings. The next scheduled Movie Night Fundraiser will be on Tuesday, February 22nd. The movie will start at 6PM but the movie hasn’t yet been decided. We always welcome volunteers, whether they are Parents or Youth. It is usually always the same youth who volunteer, so it would be nice to see some different faces at the front table and in the concession. Youth Activities Youth Nights continue every Tuesday as always. I have been getting Principal Greaux, from Deroche Elementary, to remind youth of Youth Night during their weekly/daily announcements. Youth Nights do not really have a certain start time, some students show up right off the bus, but please remember that parents

are responsible for picking up their child/children at 7pm when Youth Night ends! Please remember that Youth Nights are open to all Youth, it is not specific to LFN Youth only, all kids are welcome to come and enjoy the night. Also, it would be great if some of the LFN Parents could come be an active member of their community by helping at Youth Night, whether it is supervising or helping prepare the food. Also, please assure your child/children are properly dressed if they plan on coming to Youth Night. It is the winter season, and although we have not had much snow, it is still cold out and your children should not be showing up to Youth Night in shorts or sandals, or without coats or sweaters, especially if they have to walk home after Youth Night. If they are not properly dressed and have to walk home later, they may have to leave early or be picked up immediately. Outreach I started my outreach work in December with Deroche Elementary and Hatzic Secondary. I now have been focusing on Deroche School, doing drumming on Mondays at Lunch time. I have not gone back to Hatzic as of yet, although I plan to. Unfortunately, due to my work and per-

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Youth and Recreation Ma’exeyetel, Jason Thompson Youth and Recreation Coordinator

sonal schedules, as well as the issue with the possible Deroche School Closure, I thought it would be in the best interest to focus on Deroche School, as we may not have that opportunity again. Monthly Outing Unfortunately, due to some vandalism done to the LFN Bus and Van, the youth were unable to go Ice Skating in December. We rescheduled this trip for January 25th, in hopes that both vehicles would be ready. The LFN Youth decided at the January Youth Meeting that they would like to go back to Castle Fun Park. This has been scheduled for February 21st, we will leave LFN at 11:30 AM, if those who sign up are not here by that time, they will be left behind. The deadline for this outing is February 14th.

Please remember, LFN Youth Outings are for LFN Youth only! LFN Youth Meetings There were no LFN Youth Meetings held in December due to the short work weeks in that month. We held a LFN Youth Meeting on January 11th. This was not a regularly scheduled Youth Meeting, but due to the situation of the School Closure, we thought it was important to get the feelings and perspective of the Youth on the closure of their community school.

Please remember, LFN Youth Meetings are open to LFN Youth and Parents only. Gathering Our Voices 2011 This youth conference was scheduled in March, during Spring Break. We hoped to get at least 5 Youth in the 14+ Age to go to this wonderful conference. Unfortunately, some of the youth that were selected did not turn in their registration on time. We will not be going to this conference this year. Upcoming Reminders Youth Treaty Meeting – February 9th at 5pm Healthy Sexuality – February 16th at 5pm LFN Youth Meeting – February 23rd at 5pm Youth Outing Deadline – February 14th Youth Outing – February 21st, leave at 11:30 AM Healthy Hearts Fair (at LFN) – February 21st Youth Movie Night – February 22nd at 6pm

Leq’å:mel First Nation

Health Bulletin: Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Health Bulletin: Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Leq’å:mel First Nation

Health Bulletin: Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Leq’å:mel First Nation

Health Bulletin: Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Leq’å:mel First Nation

Health Bulletin: Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Mission Community Library Mission Community Library: Events for February Family Storytimes Tuesdays, February 1 to March 8, 10:30–11:15 a.m. Fun for all ages and stages! Drop in for some stories, songs, puppets and more. Family Fun Night Thursday, February 24, 6:45–7:30 p.m. Feeling Bored? Nothing to do? We've got games, crafts, and activities for the whole family to enjoy together! League of Extraordinary Readers Teen Book Club Thursday, February 10, 3:30–5 p.m. Watch anime, eat Japanese snacks, and chat with other teens. Anime with a TV14 rating will be shown. For ages 12–18. Lee Treloar in Antarctica Wednesday, February 23, 7:00–8:30 p.m. Share Lee's passion for this frozen tundra through her photos and storytelling For more information, please call 604-826-6610. Mission Community Library 33247 Second Avenue Cora Kollin Library Services Assistant Mission Community Library

Justice BC We are pleased to announce the launch of JusticeBC (, the B.C. government’s new web-based gateway for British Columbians who want information about the criminal justice system and resources. JusticeBC is among the first website of its kind in Canada and represents the contributions of many justice partners who provided content and advice on its development. JusticeBC contains easily accessible information for court users, victims of crime, witnesses, offenders and anyone interested in knowing more about the criminal justice system. Clients can navigate through the information by using roles, such as juror or victim, or by need, such as understanding services and resources. We encourage you to include a link to JusticeBC on your organization’s website and to refer your clients to JusticeBC. Thank you again to those of you who participated in the development of JusticeBC and for helping to raise awareness about this important information tool. We trust you and your clients will find it useful and informative. Honourable Barry Penner, Attorney General Honourable Rich Coleman, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Honourable Mary Polak, Minister of Children and Family Development Jamie Billingham

Leq’á:mel First Nation

Food Skills for families

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Leq’á:mel First Nation

Food Skills for families

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BC Aboriginal Student Award

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Leq’å:mel First Nation

Aboriginal Family Conference

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Action Research Group— Group—Dr. Mark Aquash

DR. MARK AQUASH You are invited to participate in an ACTION RESEARCH GROUP looking at supporting Aboriginal Learners in Kindergarten to Grade 12. This group will be facilitated by Dr. Mark Aquash, Director of the NITEP program at UBC

BIOGRAPHY Dr. Mark Aquash, Oshogeeshik is a member of the Council of Three Fires, Walpole Island First Nation in Ontario, Canada. His Dodem is Thunder Clan from Potawatomi/Ojibwe Anishinaabe. Mark’s career in Indigenous knowledge of Anishinaabe began at an early age and was refined in the early 1970's through attending and graduating from the Red School House, an American Indian Culture and Language Survival School located in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA . This Culturally-based education provided the foundation and basis for his future success in postsecondary education. Dr. Aquash’s undergraduate (B.F.A.) and graduate (M.Ed.) degrees in education are from the University of Minnesota and Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) degree in education administration is from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/ UT). Mark’s experience in education includes teaching, curriculum development and administrative positions at both the elementary and secondary levels. His research interests include Decolonization and First Nations Control Of Education, Culturally-Based Curriculum & Instructional Systems, Instruction/Evaluation Systems, Computers & Multimedia Instruction, Anishinaabe Language Curriculum & Instructional Strategies, Decolonizing Organizational Structures.

Mark has served in various consulting capacities in education for First Nations in Canada and American Indian Tribes in the United States. Most recently, Mark has been teaching at the postsecondary level for the past nine years and continues to maintain connections with First Nation and Tribal communities across North America. He has lectured widely on many of his research interests across Canada and the United States. In addition to being appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Studies, Dr. Mark Aquash is currently the Director of the Native Indian Teacher Education Program (NITEP) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

You can expect to attend 2 after school sessions from 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on February 8th and April 5th at the Siwal Si’wes office at École Mission Central. A hearty snack will be provided Please RSVP to: Marcy Buell @ Siwal Si’wes Aboriginal Education Phone: 604-826-3103 Email:

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Sto:lo Community Futures— Futures—Pilot Satellite Office

Stó:lō Community Futures (SCF) is starting a three-month Pilot Satellite Office at Leq’á:mel to assist all Aboriginal people living in the Stó:lō Territory, with a wide range of business loans and services! If you are starting, or expanding a viable business, you may qualify for a repayable loan up to $150,000.00, with a 15% equity requirement. If you would like to talk to Rocio about a loan, or just want to ask questions about what you need to do to start a business, she will be available starting Wednesday, February 9th, every second Wednesday for three months at the following:

Place: Leq’á:mel Band Office Foyer Days: Wednesdays (alternating) Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. No appointments necessary, but if you would like to meet with her privately, please call to schedule a meeting. If Wednesday doesn’t work with your schedule, you can contact Rocio directly at (604) 824-5272, or email her at to answer any of your questions, or schedule a meeting for another time that works best for you.

STÓ:LŌ COMMUNITY FUTURES Building #10 – Third Floor, 7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 4G5 Tel: (604) 858-0009 Fax: (604) 858-3829 E-mail:

Leq’å:mel First Nation

National Research Centre Forum March 11-3, 2011

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Leq’á:mel First Nation

Happy Birthday! Virginia Alaniz

James Kelly Jr.

Mikael-Jacob Brezina

James Kelly Sr.

Joshua Diablo

Joshua Kelly

Christopher Dyck

Teresa Kelly

Patrick Fitzgerald

Wendy Kelly

Daylen Galt

Lorraine Lewis

Alicia Giesbrecht

Leaurita Long

Daniel Grauman

Laurence Louis

Kevin Green

Cole McDonald

Theresa Harper

Darrel McKamey

Jerry Hill

Cecelia Morris

Shelley Howard

Jeffery C Paul

Marian James

Elizabeth Paul

Bonnie Jean

Daniel Reinhardt

Angelo Jefferson

Joy Seymour

Marshall Jefferson

Kelly-Ann Sherwood

Richard Jefferson

Lisa Douglas (Tereposky)

Kenneth Johnson

Juanita Townley

Isiah Johnson-Miller

Tanya Zeeb

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1 Literacy Bus 10:30-noon Youth Night 4-6 pm




2 3 Environmental Council Mtg Monitoring Info & Recruitment 4 -5 pm Language Night 5-7:30 pm


5 Volleyball Drop-In 6 pm Deroche Totems NA 7-8 pm


7 Family Place Drop-In 10-noon Cra/ Night 5:30-7:30 pm

8 Literacy Bus 10:30-noon Youth Night 4-6 pm

9 Language Night 5-7:30 pm Youth Treaty Mee0ng 5-7 pm



12 Volleyball Drop-In 6 pm Deroche Totems NA 7-8 pm


14 Family Place Drop-In 10-noon Cra/ Night 5:30-7:30 pm

15 Literacy Bus 10:30-noon Youth Night 4-6 pm

16 Language Night 5-7:30 pm Youth Health Mee0ng 5-7 pm

17 18 Phase III Presenta0on 7 pm

19 Volleyball Drop-In 6 pm Deroche Totems NA 7-8 pm


21 Family Place Drop-In 10-noon________ Health Fair: Healthy Hearts 10 am—3pm____ Youth Ou0ng 11:30 am

22 Literacy Bus 10:30-noon Youth Movie Night Fundraiser 6 pm

23 24 Language Night 5-7:30 pm Youth Mee0ng 5 pm


28 Family Place Drop-In 10-noon Cra/ Night 5:30-7:30 pm


26 Volleyball Drop-In 6 pm Deroche Totems NA 7-8 pm

Gym Booking Boardroom Booking Office Closed General

Please see attached/inserted poster regarding the Healthy Hearts health event taking place at Leq’a:mel First Nation on February 21, 2011 and other future Healthy Living Days scheduled throughout 2011.

Le'qa:mel First Nation Newsletter - February 2011  

Le'qa:mel First Nation Newsletter - February 2011