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Autumn 2019

World Leprosy Day 2020 World Leprosy Day is on Sunday 26th January 2020 and once again we will be marking the day with a variety of events to raise awareness of leprosy and the prejudice and discrimination that often results. We will be drawing attention to the need for continued investment to ensure every person affected by leprosy receives treatment as early as possible. We will be holding two awareness raising events, the first at Ripon Cathedral on 26th January during Evensong, and the second at the House of Lords on 28th January. If you are interested in attending either event, please do make contact with Karen on 01206 216700 to find out more. The events will provide an opportunity to learn more about the wider work of the charity. A central tenet is to bring guests from a range of faiths together, to see how we can all learn and help the noble cause of the charity in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique.

Visit our website for more details about all of our World Leprosy Day events and activities:


Partnering with Lymphedema Support Suffolk In June, our Director of Programmes Paul Watson visited Lymphedema Support Suffolk (LSS), giving a presentation about Lepra, highlighting the important work we do in finding, diagnosing and treating people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF). Following the presentation, LSS kindly donated special support bandages which will be used to help people affected by LF in India. We would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to LSS for their kind donation. Together we will beat leprosy.

A legacy of hope


could pay for a counsellor for 1 year, to help people and their families affected by leprosy understand their diagnosis, giving them increased opportunity to return to school and employment.

Leaving a gift in your will can help change the lives of others! By leaving a legacy in your will to Lepra, you can help fund vital projects that support the 7 million people known to be affected by leprosy. Your gift could: • Offer education to recognise the symptoms of leprosy • Provide treatment to improve the symptoms or cure them • Deliver a network of support to help people overcome prejudice and discrimination • Help to permanently change lives, and beat leprosy


could train 30 village doctors to recognise the symptoms of leprosy and LF, meaning people are diagnosed and treated sooner.

Request an information booklet - If you would like to find out more about legacies, or request a copy of our legacy booklet, please visit our website Or you can contact Karen by telephone 01206 216700 or email

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