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Spring 2019

Mental Motivators Mental Motivators is a new project in Bangladesh which will allow people affected by disability due to leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) to help others with mental health issues. Our research has found that 53% of newly diagnosed cases of leprosy and LF result in the individual developing anxiety or depression, however mental health services for the rural population in Bangladesh is scarce.

In Bangladesh, Lepra currently coordinates self-care groups, bringing together those with leprosy and LF to learn physical care that helps members manage their disability.

support to people with a disability. They will be trained in basic counselling skills, such as empathy and listening, and also on disability rights. Mental Motivators will support people who have indicated they would like someone to talk to, alongside pro-actively looking out for group members who seem to be struggling more than others, or who may seem withdrawn or unhappy.

Mental Motivators will be selected from these self-care groups and will provide peer

Mental Motivators will be key agents in improving mental health through an innovative

Risk factors for depression and anxiety in the context of these diseases include disability, discrimination, prejudice, displacement, marriage status and unemployment.

A legacy of hope

initiative focused on the holistic needs of people affected by these diseases. Mental Motivators will also act as a ‘signpost’ for their group, linking members to employment and social opportunities. Good mental health is critical to being able to take good care of your physical health, and to engage constructively with others in the community.

Leaving a gift in your will can help change the lives of others Deciding to leave a legacy is a very important decision. If like us, you believe that we will beat leprosy together then you can help us make this happen. By leaving a legacy in your will to Lepra, you can help fund vital projects that support the 7 million people affected by leprosy, offering

education to recognise the symptoms, treatment to improve the symptoms or cure them and support to help people overcome prejudice and discrimination. No one should be defined by their condition, and a gift to Lepra in your will can help to permanently change lives, and beat leprosy.


can pay the travel costs for a family in a remote village to travel for diagnosis and during their treatment


can fund educational support for a child living in a leprosy colony

Request an information booklet - If you would like to find out more about legacies, or request a copy of our legacy booklet, please visit our website www.lepra.org.uk/gift-in-your-will. Or you can contact our Donor Support team by telephone 01206 216700 or email: donorsupport@lepra.org.uk.

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Lepra News Spring 2019  

Lepra News Spring 2019  

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