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NAFTA RENEGOTIATIONS Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, wrote to Congressional leaders in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to officially give notice that President Donald Trump intends to initiate negotiations "regarding modernization" of NAFTA. The Trump administration has written to Congress, officially triggering the 90-day consultation period required before renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico can begin. The letter says the Americans intend to initiate talks "as soon as practicable," but no earlier than 90 days from this notice, as required by current U.S. trade law. That means the earliest Canada's negotiators could be sitting down with their counterparts to discuss their opening positions would be Aug. 16. The letter mentioned that NAFTA agreement do not reflect modern standards and that it further needs to address intellectual property rights, regulatory practices, state-owned enterprises, services, customs procedures, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, labour, environment and small and medium enterprises. Canada was expecting it since President Trump took office and had been preparing if NAFTA ends. Renegotiation was the least expected outcome from the US administration. Canadian companies


showed mixed reaction. As a matter of fact Canadian governments and firms have paid fines multiple times when the court cases filed from the south of the border. Outcome of renegotiations are still unknown.



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On Saturday July 1, 2017 Canadians celebrated 150th birthday of Canada, their beloved country. The entire country was preparing for this day for almost a year. Every province and every city did special things to celebrate. In Ottawa, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau opened celebrations at the Parliament Hill with Prince Charles and other dignitaries.





By Rose Penhale


On Friday, a day before celebrations, Justin Trudeau came for rehearsal but he saw a teepee near the stage and he was told that some indigenous activists are planning to disrupt the celebrations the next day. Before going for rehearsal he went straight into the teepee to speak with the activists and he convinced them to become a part of celebrations and they did. “The Constitution and the Charter of Rights doesn’t grant you rights; you have rights, and we need to do a better job of reflecting those

rights in everything the government does,” he told the four protesters. “You don’t have a right to government housing and subsidy; you have a right to be free, to be determined, to pick your future and that’s where we need to go to,” he added. That was too wonderful for a Prime Minister to take every citizen/First Nations on board. Countries progress with forward looking policies.

Prince Charles came all the way to participate in the celebrations and was greeted by the Prime Minister at the hills. He arrived with the Governor General of Canada, Gov. Gen. David Johnston, in an open carriage in a rainy day. Prince Charles was representing the Queen. In his opening statement Prince Charles said, “We should be clear and proud that we are celebrating a country that others look to for example, an example of fairness and inclusion, of always striving to be better. Around the word Canada is recognised as a champion of human rights, as a peace-keeper, a responsible steward of the environment and natural resources, and as a powerful and consistent example of diversity and the power of inclusion”, he added. Justine Trudeau had a good speech however, in the beginning he forgot something, ‘Alberta’ but, later he recognised and said, “Alberta, I love you, happy Canada Day.” He started with recognizing all old and new Canadians, "We may be of every colour and creed, from every corner of the world.” In recognition of the various parts of Canada he said, "We may live in British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest



“The Constitution and the Charter of Rights doesn’t grant you rights; you have rights, and we need to do a better job of reflecting those rights in everything the government does,” he told the four protesters. “You don’t have a right to government housing and subsidy; you have a right to be free, to be determined, to pick your future and that’s where we need to go to,” he added. That was too wonderful for a Prime Minister to take every citizen/ First Nations on board. Countries progress with forward looking policies.





Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador. But we embrace that diversity while knowing in our hearts that we are all Canadians. As a society, we must therefore recognize past mistakes, accept our responsibilities and take action to ensure that each and every Canadian has a bright future. It is a choice we make, not because of what we did, or what we were, but because of who we are." The most beautiful words public liked were uttered by Irish rocker Bono, “Whether you have just arrived from Syria or your roots go

back thousands of years, this is your home, and we are grateful guests in it,” In poetry he added, “When others build walls, you open doors. When others divide, your arms are open wide. Where you lead, others follow, and that’s the real reason we’re here today. … Thank you for the country you are continuing to build.” Another exciting moment occurred when Justine Trudeau introduced two new astronauts, Jennifer Sidey and Joshua Kutryk. Sidey is a lecturer with the University of Cambridge who has worked as a mechanical engineer. Kutryk is an air force pilot from


CFB Cold Lake, who also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in defence studies. Air Force Lieutenant-colonel Jennifer Sidey, told the crowd she was inspired to become an astronaut in 1992 when Roberta Bondar went into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She said she had the opportunity to attend a speech in Calgary by Canada’s first female astronaut.


In her introductory remarks Sidey said, “I remember looking up to her being excited at the idea of being a scientist, being a Canadian and having the opportunity to explore places beyond our world.” Kutryk also said few words, “Throughout the recruitment campaign, Jenny and I met some amazing

Canadians, scientists, doctors, engineers, pilots like myself. There is so much talent in this country.” “I stand on the shoulders of the great Canadian astronauts before me; they inspired me to be the best that I could be.” He added in a very impressive and humble way. In reality all municipalities, provinces and territories, all celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday with joy and pride. “Happy Birthday Canada”.



diplomatic Crisis between

QATAR and Gulf Countries



In recent years, conflicts between Qatar, one of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and other Arab countries which are also included in the Persian Gulf, including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain have escalated as an element of a discord for regional control. The dispute between Qatar and these Arab countries which is currently in the limelight was made public on June 05, 2017; and now moving into its 5th week. On 5th June, KSA, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cut political bonds with Qatar and executed a partial barrier to bring Qatar in proportion to the foreign policy of KSA. Qatar, a chief natural gas exporter, has been condemned by these Arab states time after time; and is accused of backing ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ which is an almost a century old Islamist group. Both KSA and UAE consider Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist party. Initially, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt barred more than a few Qatari media channels comprising Al-Jazeera and after 2 weeks of this act, the political crisis became apparent. Besides, it has made known that the reason of barring Al-Jazeera was due to the remarks purportedly made by Sheikh Tamim Al Hamad Al Thani, the eighth and present Emir of Qatar. Qatari Emir allegedly addressed Iran as strength of Islam plus he censured the policy of Donald Trump, President of United States, towards Tehran – the capital of Iran. However, as stated by Qatar, Al-Jazeera – a state-funded broadcaster, got hacked. Moreover, CNN stated that in accordance with US spokespersons, the agents of US believe that Russian hackers are involved in this act. The spokespersons further said that creating conflicts among the US and its associates appear to be the target of Russians. Conflict between Qatar and KSA is not new; in fact it is rooted in history. Since 1995, the former communication has been threatening. During the

1950s and 1960s, Egypt eradicated the movement of Muslim Brotherhood. After that, KSA gave a home to this Islamist group. In the formation of Islamic aid organization, a great role was performed

by the Muslim Brotherhood. And the two chief examples are Muslim World League and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth founded in 1962 and 1972 respectively. Then again, Brotherhood was never allowed to set up its branch surrounded by the KSA regime because the kingdom felt that it could brought about threats to the Salafist order of the country. In addition to this, the house of Saud considered the Brotherhood unappreciative and disagreeing when the group criticized the backing of KSA for the US in the Gulf war. Later on, intellectual forums of Brotherhood were supported



by Qatar and KSA disliked the increasing impact of this group on its doorsteps. Qatar mainly imported food from KSA but now its borders are no more opened for them. Hence, the food prices are hitting the roof. It has been identified that shortage of food is expected and that is why Qatar is stocking food. Additionally, Qatar Airlines

is famous worldwide and considered as one of the leading international airlines but nowadays KSA, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain are not permitting it to use their airspace. As a result, now flights to North America and Africa are taking alternative routes and thus it is increasing the cost of fuel, escalating flight time, and boosting the price of tickets. As stated by CNN, the UAE while declaring the cutting of relations with Qatar blamed that the country is supporting and hosting the terrorist group. Nevertheless, according to experts, the conflict is also propelled by the idea that Qatar is very much united with Iran. The State’s Minister for Foreign Affair of UAE recently said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is facing a serious


conflict that presents a severe threat to security and steadiness in the Gulf. He further stated that by means of uprightness and obligation to pledges and plans, a solution of this diplomatic crisis can be attained. It has analyzed that the UAE believes that strength lies in harmony but they also stated that at a time of several regional crises and menaces, both patience as well as leniency have their parameters. At first, few political analysts considered that this diplomatic crisis would be solved by the end of Ramadan, a holy month of the Muslims; however it did not happen. On June 23, a series of critical demands was issued by the Arab countries. 2 out of 13 demands include closing down Al-Jazeera news and terminating a military base of Turkey. The demands have been refused by Qatar. Moreover, according to the worldwide person in charge of commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, Helima Croft, the harshness of demands gives weight to the notion that the actual aim of KSA is to change the Qatar government. Now, few experts are saying that threat of armed conflict is cropping up considering that the political crisis between Qatar and other Arab states of the Persian Gulf is turning into a dragged out confrontation.


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France is the 2nd largest European Union (EU) economy and therefore, the world gets interested and watches it closely. Presidential elections complete in two phases and anyone can participate in it. French citizens overwhelming participated in this year’s election.

FRENCH On election night of May 07, 2017, in the 2nd round, French voters chose centrist and pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron as their next president, and by a substantial margin. The new resident of the Élysée Palace, 39 years old, Emmanuel Macron was an independent candidate with a brand new party. Emmanuel Macron, a political unknown until three years ago has never held an elected office is now French President.

By Sophia Rosenberg (France)

To enter in to the race one needs 500 signatures of elected officials to qualify in the first round. One can be nominated by a political party through an internal nomination process.






acron's movement "En Marche" (In motion) was created as a movement crossing traditional party lines; it attracted support from parliamentarians and figures from across the traditional party spectrum. Ms. Le Pen, Macron’s key opponent, got around 11 million votes in her favour. Ms Le Pen, 48, won more than twice the amount her estranged father and FN co-founder, Jean-Marie, mustered in 2002. Her father must be proud of her, but she lost the bid for the big office. All opinion polls predicted Macron cruising towards victory in the second round and he did. It shows that France did not follow UK and USA into unchartered waters by electing Ms. Le Pen, a farright leader hostile to the European Union. Ms. Le Pen had threatened to leave EU that apparently is the only reason she could not get the majority. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, had a “very warm” telephonic conversation with Mr Macron, Congratulating him and his team. German chancellor called it a “victory for a strong, “united Europe”.

In his victory speech, which was well written Macron said, “I understand the divisions of our country that have led some to vote for extremists. I understand the anger, the anxiety, the doubts that a great part among us have also expressed.” He further went and said, “I will do everything I can in the coming five years to make sure you never have a reason to vote for extremism again.” Mr. Macron’s first major undertaking was the Grande Marche (Big March), when he mobilised his growing ranks of energised but inexperienced



En Marche activists. His message was positive unlike his opponent Le Pen’s a negative - antiimmigration, anti-EU, anti-system. His message was full of hope that was well liked by the activists and helped them to remain positive and grow at the same time. His campaign was extraordinary. He used a company to identify districts and neighbourhoods that were most representative of France as a whole. They sent out people to knock on 300,000 doors. The volunteers didn't just hand out flyers - they carried out 25,000 in-depth interviews of about 15 minutes with voters across the country. Volunteers knew how powerful it is to go door to door. It was a training exercise that really laid the groundwork .The information gathered was entered into a large database that helped campaign staff to determine and plan campaign priorities and policies.

President Emmanuel Macron, the youngest head of state since Napoleon, doubtlessly, has surprised the entire world.









in Saudi Arabia, Israel and EU/NATO



On November 08, 2016, the world saw the race for the White House and the 45th President of United States of America. Donald Trump, a 71 years old real estate tycoon, became the U.S. President after defeating his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and started his presidency on January 20, 2017. To

selected Saudi Arabia as the first stop of his first official tour. Saudis were pleased as they want to retune their bond with the United States. It is vital to mention here that Saudis were unhappy with expresident Barrack Obama, in conjunction with the U.S. strategy in Syria and Yemen.

During his 2 days trip to Saudi Arabia, Trump carried out different sessions with the king along with other Muslim heads. Besides, to talk over the fight against terrorism, he also met with over fifty Arabs and Muslim leaders comprising the six states that shape the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Plus, he declared an arms deal with the kingdom worth above $100 billion; the deal includes Abrams tanks, fighting ships, cybersecurity technology and so forth.

uplift his foreign policy agenda, he started his foreign trips on May 19, 2017 i.e. on the 119th day of his presidency. And Melania Trump, the first lady was also the part of Trump’s first historical foreign tour. For the 8 days official tour, he planned to visit 5 countries including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican City, Brussels, and Sicily. The President stated that the chief aim of this trip is to give a boost to old relationships and also to look for new companions. Besides, he made it quite clear that he is referring to those companions who will be facilitating U.S., and not those who always seek to take help from U.S. On May 20, 2017, Trump reached Riyadh, the capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he received a grand welcome. The gold King AbdulAziz medal was presented to him by Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the current king of Saudi Arabia. As mentioned on Al-Jazeera, it has never happened before that a president of U.S. has

On May 21, 2017, Trump delivered his first speech of his first oversees tour in which he urged the leaders of Middle Eastern states to fight against the Islamic extremism. During his

36 minutes speech in the Arab Islamic American Summit, he highlighted that “This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations” which shows that he values different faiths, sects, and societies. He further said that he



is against ruthless lawbreakers who try to destroy the lives of humans, and respectable individuals of any faith who try to defend it. In simply words, he stated that he is against the evil. Another positive thought of Trump is that he believes his affiliations will progress security through steadiness, not by means of extreme disorder. It is significant to emphasize that through his speech, it has been analyzed that he does not possess unbending or stubborn mindset because he has said that his verdicts will be grounded on upshots of real-world. On May 22, 2017, the U.S. president moved towards his second destination and reached Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Besides, the decision to visit Israel was made after his meeting with a Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on 03rd May, 2017, in which Trump assured that he will act


as a go-between for the peace of both Palestine and Israel and said ‘we will get Israel-Palestinian peace deal done’. Trump admired Israel by saying that it has developed a magnificent civilization and has robust, buoyant, and strong-minded citizens. It seems Trump holds a peace mind and loves serenity as he said that he will never permit to repeat the terrors and cruelties of the previous century. In addition, he also said that both U.S. and Israel mutually announce that Iran will never be permitted to have nuclear missile and it has


to terminate its destructive backing and teaching of both extremists as well as soldiers right away. Nonetheless, U.S. president had spent short time in Israel and the seized lands of Palestine; he desires

amounts of money to the U.S. and NATO. And after that, the associates decided that affiliate countries would give details about defense spending to NATO on yearly basis. Additionally, Trump has

to give a boost to the peace process of both the states that has been declining since 2014. Trump has shown miscellaneous gestures concerning his plans to push the peace process and how he will embark upon the conflict of Israel and Palestine; it is believed that there must be some effective and compelling strategic plan in his mind which he will reveal soon.

criticized a number of times that some NATO states, comprising Germany, are not following the contract on financial aids. Although Trump bluntly pointed the finger at NATO but as stated by Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, Trump has given a quite simple and straightforward message.

After having a private session with Pope Francis in which the U.S. president talked about terrorism and the radicalization of young individuals on May 24, 2017, Trump reached Brussels, the capital of Belgium. On May 25, he attended a summit of leaders of NATO nations where he openly censured NATO and told his NATO associates that the entire affiliates of the association must give their fair share of defense spending. He also stated clearly that some affiliate states have to pay huge

On May 26, 2017, he reached the Italian island of Sicily – the last destination of his first official tour where he attended the annual summit meeting of the Group of 7 powers. After branding his first foreign visit as the President of U.S., through the Middle East and Europe, he returned to White House on May 27, 2017. As a final point, the first foreign tour of Trump is considered as a personification of the vows he made in order to primarily set the interests of U.S. and advance the handrails that have long defined the foreign policy of the state.





To cool down housing prices and make it affordable (a political effort to win votes), last year, British Columbia introduced a 15% tax on foreign buyers and Ontario followed this year. Consequently, housing market shacked a bit but not went down significantly. Now, Ontario is thinking a 2% speculation tax but that would be misguided because such measures typically do little more than temporarily change market sentiment — pushing buyers to the sidelines for a bit while they wait to assess the impact. Loopholes could also allow some speculators to get around tax reforms, experts say.


By Amir S. Ali




In BC, National Democratic Party (NDP) and Greens would now be sharing power but, on home prices issue don’t go into specifics about how it would make housing affordable. The NDP is proposing a two-per-cent tax that would affect people who buy property in B.C. but don’t live or work here and leave their property vacant, and be based on assessed value. All revenue collected will go into a B.C. Housing Affordability Fund. The NDP predicted that the tax would bring in about $200 million per year. Green wants to double the foreign buyer tax but is confused totally if that is a right thing to do. “The speculation part is what is out of control right now”, Green party Leader Andrew Weaver said. “What we’re trying to get right at is people who are now viewing houses as a tradable commodity, not a place to live”, he added. Canadian population is increasing by large numbers. Last year Canadian population is increased by 757,821 and 845,882 this year, comparing 2nd quarter to 2nd quarter. Out of 88,061 increments, 61,062 added in Ontario and only 10,210 in British Columbia. If 60,000 people or say 20,000 families coming in to a province they have to live somewhere. Rents are going up. Mortgaging is cheaper and therefore, people rent for a little while and then buy a home.

The housing market corrects itself when rate of unemployment increases and rents become lower than mortgage only then the home prices drop. If you increase mortgage rates or prime rates your economy will shatter and people will become jobless. 28


Liberal government in Ontario has been signaled by the people that they are not going to make the next government. To win the votes they are throwing schemes after schemes to show that they are the best for people but it is too late. Ontarians are lucky that people from all over the world, due to Canadian immigration policy, prefer landing in Toronto and make their home here. These buyers (not foreign buyers who park their money here and go) put all of their fortune in the property to live. Conclusively, the only way to make housing affordable is to make more homes and make more cities like Toronto, the people love to live, instead of devising gadgets to grab more taxes. We are not building enough homes today. Whosoever throws a good “homes available� policy would make the next government in Ontario. Housing market is an economic wheel that needs, a little balancing time to time but one should not damage it beyond repair otherwise your banking system will collapse. Banks know it very well that is why they are still approving mortgages at a lower rate than in 2008.



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Compared to Kohl’s descendants, he had an unblemished vision for the future of Germany. Without a doubt, the reintegration of Germany within a unified Europe was not an easy step and it was mainly because of his clear vision that he attained the target and unification of Germany came about – an idea which was formerly considered as beyond belief. After the reunification, Germany became the main economic and political center of Europe. Kohl sat on his official chair for 16 years. In the election of 1998, people did not give me votes and eventually he was crushed. Many analysts refer that event as ‘end of an era’. As mentioned by David P. Conradt, an author, the reason of Kohl’s defeat was not only the poor economy. In fact Germans, particularly the youth, wanted to see a new face and new policies which will specifically target other important aspects including unemployment rate.

Helmut Josef Michael Kohl (1930-2017) turned out to be a leading leader, specifically in the late 1980s, while both East and West Germany was desegregating to become one nation. And thus in the year 1990, he became the chancellor of a united Germany. The world has not only accepted the potentials of Kohl but also believes that he hold almost all the flairs of a prosperous political figure. And while talking about such renowned leader, it is vital to accentuate his determination, callousness, stubbornness, strategic skills, and a sense for the thoughts of common individual. As stated by Bill Clinton – the ex-president of United States of America, Helmut Kohl is considered as the prevalent icon on the landmass of Europe for a number of years.



Kohl, during his political era, gave significance and created a network of interactions in all the states surrounded by Germany. The history of these surrounding states undeniably points out Kohl and accepts that he had the ability for understanding

According to New York Times, Kohl is ‘the definitive European leader’. And Newsweek praised him and referred him as ‘last of the great Western leaders’. Furthermore, world has also seen this 6 feet 4 inches political figure as a person who loved peace and tried everything to keep away from wars. The NYT once accepted that ‘German unification was Kohl's singular achievement’ and the reintegration of Germany was carried out in a peaceful manner because of Kohl’s competence. For an integrated Europe, he facilitated in shaping the architecture of politics. Besides, he directed the route to the adoption of a common currency all over the Europe.

how to outline the attitudes of surrounding states towards Germany. Besides, Kohl made a great bond with America. On a number of events, he stated that after World War II, the bigheartedness of the American occupation of Germany can never be forgotten; and his strategy would always be affected by that gesture. Besides, there is a prominent example by which one can easily observe his loyalty with America; in 1980s, he disregarded the pressures compelled by a wave of anti-American pacifist rallies. Above and beyond, he refused calls for a nonaligned Germany and said yes to the request of United States to site NATO nuclear weaponries on German territory. Correspondingly, America holds a good image of Kohl as in the year 2008; ex-president of U.S., George H. W. said ‘I view him as the greatest European leader of the second half of the 20th century’. Likewise, in 2011, Bill Clinton referred him as ‘the most important European statesman since the Second World War’.

In addition to this, one can also analyze his peaceful mind by considering the treaty ceremony that ended the Bosnian war in 1995 when he stated that peace must be more than the absence of war. Experts have analyzed that the career of Kohl, a European statesmen molded by second world war and the Cold War that tracked, was expressed by determinations to reinforce and boost collaboration to develop enduring peace, initially between the East and West Germany, and later on between his country and its associates in the European Union.


As a final point, Helmut Kohl was not a perfect politician. He made mistakes. In point of fact, his legacy was affected by a financial scandal. Nevertheless, based on his determination, callousness, stubbornness, strategic skills, and above all his main role during Germany reunification, Khol holds a good image as a political leader and deserves to be remembered. And as mentioned by NYT, Kohl had walked out of his office as a Chancellor and straight into the pages of history.




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Pakistan and India are two great countries but their past is so blooded that even in the games it reflects.




Games play a great role in one’s life and the significance of games and sports can never be diminished. Cricket, a bat-and-ball game which is famous and played worldwide, fosters shared aims, raises discipline, facilitates in developing character and develops the leadership’s quality. International Cricket Council (ICC) organizes ICC Champions Trophy, a one day international (ODI) cricket match, almost after every four years since 1998. The 8th ICC Champions Trophy, ICC Champions Trophy 2017, was held in England and Wales. From June 01-18, cricket lovers enjoyed stimulating and thrilling matches organized between 8 world-class ODI teams. Besides, the eight teams were categorized in Group A and B. England, Australia New Zealand and Bangladesh were included in Group A. However, Group B comprised of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

Pakistani team appeared on the Edgbaston cricket ground on June 04 and the opposing team was India, winners of ICC Champions Trophy 2016; followed by matches with South Africa on June 07, Sri Lanka on June 12, and England on June 14. In this 18-day tournament, Pakistan’s team played 5 games and got defeated only on its first match. Although India beat Pakistan by 124 runs on June 04, but on June 18, an extremely exciting final match was watched by the world in which Pakistan, under


the captaincy of Sarfraz Ahmed, made a history by defeating India by 180 runs. Undeniably, their bating line, bowling, and fielding – all were very strong. Moreover, since the inception of ICC Champions Trophy, this was the first time Pakistan won the tournament which is considered as the most significant tournaments after the Cricket World Cup. At the moment, the top players of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 are Shikhar Dhawan (Indian batsman who made most runs in the tournament), Hassan Ali (Pakistani bowler who took most wickets), and Joe Root (England batsman who made highest individual score). Cricket is considered as one of the most popular games in India and Pakistan. And the match between the two countries is always the center of attention for both the nations; even most of the offices give a full or half-day off to their employees on the match day so that they could enjoy it too. But if truth be told, it is better to say that both the nations consider these matches as a matter of life and death; they do not consider it simply a game. The reason of such a tense attitude is linked with the history of these two countries. For example, partition of IndiaPakistan in 1947and wars fought in 1965 and 1971. Moreover, Kashmir issue is still unsettled, it all reflects in the games. Media of both the countries also makes an attempt to provoke the anger. Ad agencies make ads in which they make fun of one another. Moreover, celebrities tweet negatively, out of line, in support of their team and discredit others.


Unexpectedly, after the victory of Pakistan in ICC Champion Trophy 2017, Indian TV showed that some of the cricket lovers started breaking their own TV sets, throwing verbal assault at players, drawing attention to irrational claims and putting forward huge conspiratorial plots. Also, annoyed fans started destroying the posters of Indian cricketers. Stones were pelted on the home of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, an Indian batman and wicket keeper. However, it has been analyzed that teams of both the countries hold great sportsmanship. As stated by Kohli, the captain of India cricket team, “Some teams start very confidently and then they fade off. Some teams might not have the best starts, and they come back amazingly, which Pakistan has done. So everyone is aware of the kind of talent they have in their team, and on their day they can beat any side in the world.”

In short, a game should be taken simply as a game. It has nothing to do with the country’s politics or country’s diplomatic relations.



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