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STROLLER STRAPS PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS Before using t he diaper bag as a stroller attac hment, be sure to c hec k t he safe weight limit of t he bag appropriate for t he stroller. See t he weight limit test below. STROLLER CLIPS Eac h Dolly & Tom diaper bag comes wit h a set of 2 stroller straps. Wit h t he clips and t he ‘D’ ring on t he outside of t he bag you can clip your bag easily to a stroller, pram or buggy. STEP 1 • First ensure and put your stroller on brakes. • Wrap eac h of t he 2 straps around t he handle bars of t he stroller at an equal distance and as closely to t he seat as possible. STEP 2 • Attac h eac h of t he two ‘D’ rings on t he side of t he bag into t he clips. • Always attac h t he loaded diaper bag onto t he stroller before placing a c hild into t he stroller. WEIGHT LIMIT TEST • Attac h t he empty diaper bag to t he stroller while t he stroller is unoccupied. Once attac hed, f ill bag untill t he weight of t he bag t hreatens to cause t he stroller to become unstable or tip over • Always ensure t hat t he bag weighs less t han t his amount when attac hing t he bag to t he stroller. IMPORTANT NOTE: Attac hment of a bag t hat is too heavy can cause t he stroller to become unstable. You can also use t he detac hable shoulder band attac hed to t he bag and wear across your body to have bot h hands free. Now you can EnjoY your DOLLY or TOM Diaper Bag handsfree!

DOLLY Diaper Bags by Le Petit Tom ® Hand made in Italy  

DOLLY & TOM Diaper Bags - by Le Petit Tom ® hand made in Italy A diaper bag collection from Dutch design hand made in Italy complementing th...

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