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Family Financial Group: My Review

Family Financial Group is a great company to work with—and they don’t recommend just one type of debt management program. They are a debt referral agency, kinda like Expedia for plane tickets and hotel rooms and the best deals for travel. I called them and after they reviewed my debt situation and budget, referred me to two different companies: one was a bar certified attorney who specializes in debt arbitration/reduction and works with a national attorney network, and the other is a licensed and registered non-profit company that is also bonded with the state of California, and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau ( Most of these other companies I researched did not have nearly as good a track record as Family Financial Group in Jacksonville, Florida. I eventually chose the debt arbitration program with the attorney representing me to get my debts reduced down to around 25% of where they were. I had lost my job and went through all of my savings trying to stay current with the bills. I eventually took another job but it paid me almost half of what I was making about a year ago. I thought I had worked out an arrangement with my creditors to keep me from having to enroll in a debt management program, but they pretty much just lied to me about what they were going to do. Shocker—a credit card bank lied to someone! I had received a letter in the mail from Family Financial Group about debt reduction and called them and they were very helpful in helping me figure out which debt management program was best for my situation. Bill explained everything to me and never pressured me at any time. Because Family Financial Group is a non-profit company, they don’t service your debts—they are not the debt management company—I did not have to pay them any money for the consultation and the referral. I was told that they constantly search the debt management industry for the companies that are delivery above average results for industry average fees, which I thought was pretty neat: kinda like Priceline does for travel, Family Financial Group finds the best debt reduction programs and debt management out there. Since my pay cut, I could not afford my credit card payments anymore and needed some help getting them reduced. They explained all my options to me, which companies they recommended, and how much each program would cost me before they got any personal information from me and before I paid anything. They even helped me prepare my application for the attorney free of charge. Now my first debt is about to be settled and paid and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be debt free in about 24 months because of calling Family Financial Group.

Family Financial Group  

Family Financial Group is a great company to work with—and they don’t recommend just one type of debt management program.