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A Leo Club is an organization of the Lions International. It is sponsored by an individual Lions Club. It is an association of the youth of society. The name LEO itself is an acronym drawn from “Leadership, Experience, Opportunity” which are also inscribed on the Leo emblem. The Leos aim to stand on their own & fulfill the purpose such as Promote service activity among youth in the community. Develop individual qualities of leadership, experience & opportunity Currently we have 8 Leo clubs in Mangalore, striving to serve the society in the best possible way. As a part of developing individual personality, the Leos are holding a fest for High School Children, in order to encourage these young minds to explore their talents & master in them.

“House Of Swords” signals the arrival of strong, confident young people ready to take on bigger challenges with energy enthusiasm, idealism, daring openness & curiosity. It taps the music of the heart, mind & soul by challenging the youth with competitions that test their creativity, rationality, ability & aims at making participation both collaborative & competitive. District Leo President Leo Shwetha D -(9900664166) District Leo Coordinator Ln Shrinath Konde District Leo Treasurer Leo Clyde Tellis

District Governor 324324-D5 Ln P Kishore Rao MJF Leo Fest Advisor Ln Govardhan Shetty MJF

Multiple District Leo Treasurer Leo Kavya Shetty Leo fest Chairman Ln Manohar Shetty District Leo Secretary Leo Vishal Bhandarkar

1. BrainS Battle(Quiz) 2. Kalakaar ( Drawing) Get quizzical!!! Group event : 2 in a team •Prelims •Finals •based on general knowledge & current events. Event Manager: Leo Vishal Leo Nitish

3.Battle of words (Debate)

Blend of creativity and strokes!!!

Battle against yourself..

Individual event Individual event •Prelims- :on the spot topic topic will be given on the spot •Finals- :participant has to • medium of color: water colors only speak for & against the topic • (sketch pens not allowed) and not contradicting his/her •only chart paper will be provided. Views •Event Manager : Event manager : •Leo Archana - 9900712825 Leo Shwetha -900664166 Leo Siddarth • •

4. Waste to Wealth

5.Tall Tales

6. Naach Fusion (Dance)

Make use of Refuse..

Build a story

Dance to the tunes of Indian &

•Individual event 2 Persons per team • a sentence will be given on •Participant has to prepare spot something valuable out of the waste (useless materials) • participant has to continue the sentence with an in 1 hour imaginary story • Participant has to get his/her • 5 minutes will be allotted to own materials think upon the story

Event managers : Leo Joseph Leo Nikitha -

Event Managers : Leo Henry Leo Viviet -

Western Style Individual event •Dance Should be a fusion of Indian & Western music • 2 + 1 minute •

Event Manager : Leo Kavya Shetty- 9743217756

Schedule Day 1

Day 2

9.00− −10 .00 Inauguration(compulsory 9.00 for all) 9.00− 9.00−11.00 3.00− 3.00−4.00 Career Guidance 10.30 −11.30 Programme 10.30− 10.30−12.30 4.00− Quiz 4.00−6 .00 12.30− 12.30−1.30

2.00− 2.00−3.00

Waste to Wealth Naach


Drawing Build a Story Lunch

1.30− 1.30−3.30


4.00− 4.00−6 .00

Valedictory Function

vEach school can send students + 1 teacher . The number of students must be informed in advance to the num 9900664166 by 1st February.

v Each Participant should report at the registration desk at 1.30 PM on the 1st day & 8.30 AM on the 2nd day. v Use of Fire, Alcohol, Sharp Objects etc is strictly prohibited v Ensure the participants donot face any clash of events v Confirmation of the participants should be done by February 5th v Participants should contact the event managers for any queries regarding the event. v Organizers reserve the right to re schedule the events with prior notice v Overall trophy can be won, only if the school participates in all the events

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