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Frequently Asked Questions When You Pitch for a Dedicated Model In continuation with my two earlier Slates - Trends in client engagement model and How to pitch for dedicated services model this Slate will help you understand prepare for some questions that you may be faced with either as a formal QA or even when you are meeting your customer face to face. These questions could serve well for companies going after an EDC model for the first time, random questions not any particular one order •

When was the company founded?

Who are its founders and the management team?

What is the holding structure of the company?

What are the last year revenues? What is the growth year on year?

What is the projection this year and for the next 3 years?

How many employees do you have? How many offices do you have?

What is the percentage distribution between Developers, QA and Project Management?

What is the employee turnover in percentage?

What is the industry standard in employee turnover?

Who are your biggest accounts and what is the value of these accounts?

How many project managers do you have?

What kind of project management methodology do you follow?

How does tracking and reporting happen in agile methods and how are resources allocated?

What are the platform and software you use for Issue Tracking, have you used industry standards like Mantis etc?

What is the fastest can you ramp up and ramp down?

How much bench do you maintain to sudden increase in resource requirement for an EDC?

What is your recruitment policy, appraisal process etc?

What is your IT policy? What's your policy for data protection, against theft etc? What is the bandwidth do you have for the company?

What is the disaster recovery plan?

Do you have local banks what is your payment process? Source:

Frequently asked questions when you pitch for a dedicated model