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Peer Gynt Konkurransen

Page 1 Published: 20.03.2006

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST WINNERS OF THE PEER GYNT CO Internationally renowned Bröll and Emperador share sculpture honours

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The jury has selected seven winners in the first round of the international Peer Gynt sculpture competition, and these are made public today. Norwegians Ferdinand Wyller and Christine Aspelund shared this success, along with artists from Poland, Germany, Sweden and Spain . The Selvaag Group will now purchase the winners’ sculptures for placement at Løren during Ibsen centenary Year 2006.

The seven winners from the first round of the Selvaag Group’s sculpture competition were announced today. The company staged the competition in order to inspire sketches for figurative sculptures based on scenes from Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt”.

Realising a dream Norsk

In March 2005, 52 sculptors from 10 nations submitted over 100 sketches to an expectant jury. “The Buck Ride” and “The Woman in Green” were the most popular scenes in the first round of the competition. In April the jury chose 13 artists from six nations to advance to the next phase. “We have staged this international sculpture competition in order to realise the dream of placing sculptures with themes from Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” at Løren,” Selvaag Group President and CEO Ole Gunnar Selvaag said.

Great diversity The winners are Christine Aspelund (Norway) with “The Other Creatures from the Mountain King’s Hall”, Ferdinand Wyller (Norway) with “Layer by Layer of the Onion”, Wolf Bröll (Germany) with the sculpture “Solveig by the Settler’s Hut”, Leopold Emperador (Spain) with “Anitra’s dance”, Mats Åberg (Sweden) with “Peer Gynt and the Strange Passenger”, Jan Kolasinski (Poland) with “Peer, Solveig and the Button-moulder” and Kamila Szejnoch (Poland) with “The Button-moulder”. The sculptures vary in height from 1.6 to 3 metres and will be produced in different materials, such as granite, bronze and epoxy.

The jury The jury is composed of Peder Lund (Lund Fine Art), Kirsten Kokkin (sculptor), Vigdis Ystad (Centre for Ibsen studies), Ellen Horn (Theatre director, Riksteateret), Kim Brandstrup (Galleri Brandstrup), and Ole Gunnar Selvaag (President and CEO of the Selvaag Group and the originator of the competition).

FACTS Dramatist Henrik Ibsen is internationally renowned, but there are few monumental representations of his works. The Selvaag Group wants their sculpture competition to honour Ibsen, by adorning the new city district at Løren with scenes from Peer Gynt. Annual editions of the competition are planned until the new city district of Løren stands complete in 2012. Three sculptures have already been commissioned and will be put out on display in Løren during Ibsen Year 2006. These works will be created by (Norwegian) sculptors Elena Engelsen/Per Ung, American Jim Dine and Italian Enzo Cucchi. For more information, please contact: Ole Gunnar Selvaag or Marit Albertsen, telephone: + 47 23 13 71 08, Mobile: + 47 91 58 25 60

Visit for more information about the competition.

The Selvaag Group has been building quality homes for almost 60 years. The group’s 10 companies are engaged in property construction and sale, property management and investment, as well as the development of advanced computer software and new building techniques, and the operation of mini-

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Peer Gynt Konkurransen

Page 2 storage facilities. Some 600 people are employed by the Selvaag Group, whose business is characterised by high ethical standards, a willingness to put innovative thinking into practice and a longterm approach.

The Selvaag Group has total capital of NOK 4.1 billion and a value-adjusted equity ratio of 45 per cent.

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Peer gynt konkurransen  

Presentación de los primeros ganadores del concurso internacional Peer Gynt.

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