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brought energy use down fiom I I million "This kWh to 8 million kWh. is comparable to shutting the property down for three months a year,"he says. Harding advisesproperties to first do their homework. In some cases,especially with large commercial energy consumers, assistanceis availablefrom utilities such as "Next, BC Hydro or Manitoba Hydro. do a room mock-up. There is no sensedoing all the rooms at once. Get the bugs out and then expand the program." Harding also suggestsgetting people

more energy-efficient lighting, controls, and mechanical upgradesand the incentive threshold for participation is only $ 100. Here he points to eramples such as the installation of room sensors that turn off air conditioning when the room is unoc.-upied for lengthy periods. There is also equipment that will lower the lighting lesels on vending machines but allow the drinls "Exit to stay cold. signs are another gd place to look for savingsby installing LED Exit signage.In rooms and hallways cor*' pact fluorescentsalso createhuge savings

involved at the grassroots level. hensive initiative to minimize the impact of hotel operations on the environment addresseskey issuesincluding wastemanagement, resource conservation, habitat protection, employee and guest education

For example, when Fairmont wanted to bring the environmental messagehome to staff

and community outreach.

they solicited employeesfor ideas and then awarded them

nal intent was to involve employeesin the environmental programs with top down

with compact fluorescentlamps

ertieswho come on board the initiative." As mentioned, savings have been substantial. Harding points to achievementsin waste and energy reduction as further

consistent." Tiuong comments that these lighting options can resultin an 80 per cent savingin elec"LED trical use. and compact fluorescentbulbs represent one of the fastestpay-

in an effort to make their initiatives even more far reaching,

According to Harding Fairmont's origi-

support from management. "There is a Green Partnershipguide for each hotel. Propertiesestablisha committee to drive the program and each committee then sharestheir experiencewith other prop-

while keeping lighting levels

for home use. "Find someone on staff who takes environmental concerns to heart and ask them to

backs on investment and greatly reduce maintenance

Jack Harding, Fairmont H otel's Regional Director of Engineeing.

spearhead the employee group," he says,adding that it is also important to keep plans realistic and "Don't within capabilities. try to re-invent the wheel,"he advises. In B.C. the province's electrical utility

costs and activities,"he says, reporting that one Vancouver hotel savedbig money by changing to energy-efficient lighting.

Savings were

500,000kWh, a figure that representsabout $25,000at current rates. Another avenuethe utility takesis with its Power Smart Partners.This program is for larger energy consumerswho purchasein excessof $50,000a year in electricity.With this program, efforts are customizedsuch as those the utility undertook with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.B.C.

Supplier Solutions Direct Energy BusinessServices,North America's largestenergy solutions provider, with over five-million residential and commercial customer relationships, is making it easierfor commercial and industrial customers in Alberta and Ontario to Be Green with its new renewableelectricity plans. Under the'Be Green'program, commer-

The Fairmont chain of hotels is a leader in environmental stewardship. examples.For instance,by sorting out recyclablesat the source (in-room) with blue boxes and recycling food waste they have achieved an 80 per cent weight reduction with trashed foods compostedfor potting soil and fertilizer. Further. at the Hotel Vancouver a $3.5 million upgrade to the physical plant resulted in efficiencies that l0

has programs and offers advice that can make a lot of difference to energy bills. Rick Truong, key account manager, BC Hydro reports that they have two avenues of programs. Simplest is the Power Smart Product Incentive Program (PIP). Financial incentives are availableto businesscustomers for replacing old technologieswith

cial and industrial customerscan electto offset a percentageof their electricity load with renewableenergy from an EcologoM-certified generationfacility - ensuring increased amounts of environmentally-fiiendly green power are moved onto the grid. Direct Energy Marketing Limited's President of Canadian Operations Bob Huggard believes renewable energy is becoming increasingly important to Canadian commercial operations looking to differentiate themselvesin the marketplace. livestern llolelier ltla0uine

improves the quality of the power supply by eliminating harmaronics,phase imbalances,and other power qualitv issues. 'We begin with a detailed diagnostic to determine the building's electrical load and can often achievesavingpof sir ptercent to 18 per cent on electrical usage,- sars Leon Wasser,vice-president, business development with PowerCon. SelectHospitality Systemshas bem hasing successin the market with its Eacrg)' Eye control systems.The company rdigF that the equipment is capable of detectifirr whether or not a guest room is occupied through an interface with infrared detectors and micro door sensorsand the Energy Eye Brain unit. "When a guestroom is occupied, the Energy Eye allows the guest to have full

Dayslnn rsTustoneof manyhotelsinvolvedin the GreenKeyPrognm. "We're


seeing a growing appetite among Canadianbusinessesfor renewableenergy options," saysHuggard,whose BusinessServices group marries supply- and demandside management strategiesto help cus"A tomers better managetheir energy costs.

program. Here they will undertake a range of activities from project management, to

control over temperature settings. If the Energy Eye detectsthat the room is unoccupied, HVAC operation becomesregulated by the Energy Eye Brain to maximize

audits to financing on everything from'low flo'toilets to boilers and T8 lighting systems. "Most properties do the work themselves

savings,"says Select Hospitality Systems President Larry Cechet, who adds that unoccupied guestroo'mtemperatures are predetermined by hotel management to

number of market factors are also making

through internal staff or by hiring contractors. We just come in and tell them where

insure a balance between waste electricity elimination and guest comfort.

renewableenergy more significant to businesses,including continued upward pressure on non-renewableenergycosts,a decreasein renewableenergy prices, and increasingly,a

they can savemoney on energy." Another company working to help with rising energy costs is Avoca-Tec,a Thornhill, Ontario-basedenergy management

focus on corporate social responsibilityand environmental stewardship."

firm that offers a unique technological solution for


boilers and heatingsystems that use natural gas. Avoca-Tecoffers The Magnetic Energizer,a technology that was originally developed by NASA to make its spacecraftmore efficient usersof energy.

Be Green allows the flexibility for Direct Energy BusinessServicescustomers to offset 10, 15, 25,50,75,or 100per cent ' \ ! of their electricity load that is supplied to the LEDexit signsareup to 90 Ontario or Alberta grid According to distributor per cent moreefficient. with renewableenergy. Shai Spetgang,The MagIn Alberta, EPCOR is working with the netic Energizer fits around the natural gas pipe just before it enters the boiler. The Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) to help lower energy costs and idea is that methane is lessefficient at pipe offer solutions for conservation.According to Dave Hunka, EnVest program manager, EPCOR, they work with the AHLA in a program where all the association'smembers are included in a lump aggregate "This power buy. enableshotels to purchasepower based on rates that are calcu-

temperature. The Magnetic Energizer createsa magnetic field through which the gas travels and becomes more optimally aligned in the process.The better alignment meansmore oxygenatoms can attach themselvesto the gas moleculeswith the result being a five per cent to 15 per cent

lated on large volume use. Big savings result," saysHunka. He reports further that EPCOR alsooffers advicethrough energy audits and its Envest



Peer Approval Once properties are moving in the right direction, they may apply for designation under the Green Key Eco Rating program. The initiative is a graduated rating system designedby hoteliers for hoteliers to recognize properties that are committed to improving their environmental performance. Building on the successof HAC's wellestablishedGreen Key Eco-Rating program, the industry is targeting a l0 per cent reduction in energy use acrossthe hotel industry. More, the HAC has gone one step further and taken the costsout of delivering the Green Key program and as a result, they

At PowerCon Optimized Power Solutions they offer PowerKure, a system that reduceselectrical energy consumption and $lestern llotelhr ilagarine

are passingthe savingson to hoteliers with a new price structure: $350/property per year; or $300/property per year for organizations of 10 or more properties. In addition to numerous independent properties involved in the Green Key Program, major chain supporters include: Atlific Hotels & Resorts; Best Western Internatioiral;CHIP Hospitality; Choice Hotels Canada;Days Inns - Canada;Easton's Group of Hotels; Fairmont Hotels & Resorts;InnVest REIT; InterContinental Hotels Group; Marriott Hotels of Canada; Royal Host; Travelodge Canada and Westmont HosPitalityGroup. Following last year's Energy and Environment Award at the annual HAC gettogether, President Tony Pollard remarked that CHIP was the first hotel management company in Canada to certify all of its propertiesunder the HAC Green Key ecorating program. To this CHIP CEO Ed


The Energy EyerMSysfem is capable of detecting whether or not a guestroom is occupied through information transmitted to the HVAC Control Module by our Passive lnfrared Detector and Micro Door Sensor "Investment analysts Pitoniak remarked, specifically cite our energy management as a key driver of our overall cost discipline." Indeed,like Fairmont and others, CHIP has been able to mine savingsfrom energy a n d e n v i r o n m e n t a l e x c e s s e s I. n f a c t , between 1999 and 2004 the company whacked l0 per cent off its use and reclaimed$l million in savings. Speakingat the 2004 HAC event, Pieter Vannierop, CHIP Hospitality, director, engineeringand construction, praised the efforts of their more than 6000 staff that, like their colleaguesat Fairmont and other chains, know that there is more to energy c o n s e r v a t i o nt h e n j u s t t u r n i n g o f f t h e lights and turning down the heat. "Conservation is about managing the e n e r g y ,m a n a g i n gt h e w a s t e ,m a n a g i n g c h e m i c a l sa n d m a n a g i n g a l l t h e o t h e r things to make the world a better place for O our children and grandchildren." l|Yester|l llotdier ilaoalille

Western Hotelier - Going Green - Apr 2006  

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