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Why an Animal Sanctuary?

After many years of street activism, we in Le贸n Vegano Animal Sanctuary (the former Le贸n Vegano) came to the conclusion that non-human animals need more places to go to after they have been rescued. Awareness raising and street activism which we are still involved in are very important for reaching a future anti-speciesist world where no more animals will be born to be killed. As important and desperately needed are animal sanctuaries that accommodate the animals who have already been born and who are being exploited by humans. With our Animal Sanctuary we want to create a little paradise in this big hell for non-human animals.

What we are doing:

We are rescuing and accommodating animals at our Animal Sanctuary who were used, exploited, abused or abandoned in different situations and we are searching for solutions for all of them, also for those who we can’t accommodate on our Sanctuary. In most of the cases they arrive sick and with badly physical and psychological traumas which require special veterinary care and treatment and which need a long time to heal. They also need enough space to satisfy their basic instincts something that an animal shelter or a Spanish “protectora de animales” (some kind of animal shelter only for dogs and cats) can’t offer them. We also created a space of awareness, respect and education on the Sanctuary in order to sensitize the people by giving them the chance to get to know these animals in a natural environment where they can be themselves and show all their emotions without fear. This is something they can never do when being exploited, then they are in situations where their only emotions are fear and anxiousness. We opened this space for society so as to give it the opportunity to live and experience the interaction with non-human animals as to evoke empathy and to cross the boundaries of speciesism. We tell visitors and volunteers the real stories of each inhabitant to enable an approach without barriers and the development of empathy. We describe all their physical and psychological traumas deriving from the exploitation they were submitted to and show the visitors and volunteers documentaries about the stories of millions of victims of speciesism.

What we want to do in the futu re:

The Animal Sanctuary needs a new, bigger and final home where we can settle as we are reaching the limit of our capacity. We want to continue rescuing more animals for them to experience many new sunrises in freedom. Therefore, we need a bigger place and to get it we need sponsors for the inhabitants and donations to cover the costs for the new place.

a) The place As most of the animals who live and will live on the Animal Sanctuary are herbivores and thus need large pastures, we need an area of at least 50.000100.000 m虏 that is partially or entirely fenced and contains a residential building (which can also be in need of renovation). Because of the need for green pastures and thus a humid climate, we are looking for a place in the northern part of Le贸n. It should have a fertile ground so that we can plant fruit trees and install a garden that is able to supply all the non-human inhabitants of the Sanctuary with food. The area should have several ponds in order to guarantee the water supply of the garden, the lagoons, ponds and the irrigation of the pastures. It would be great if the place came with some storehouses or constructions that could be used by the inhabitants of the Sanctuary as we will move with animals of different species and specific necessities.

b) Facilities for humans: 1. Two residential buildings would be ideal so that two more persons could move in the Sanctuary as permanent caretakers. If this is not possible we will build a home for long-term and several small prefabricated ones for temporary volunteers. 2. A dining room and a room for events like vegan brunches and people’s kitchens, presentations, conferences, workshops and other activities for education and awareness-rising on the Sanctuary.

c) Facilities for the rescued non-humans: 1. Two infirmary rooms, one for middle-sized animals (sheep, cows, etc.) and one for small animals (hens, roosters, chickens, etc.). These two rooms must have access to a green space which has been specially prepared for convalescing animals. 2. A special facility for senior animals who can’t live together with the younger ones. It should be a space of peace and tranquility. 3. A facility for birds with direct access to their green space and to a pond. 4. A facility for sheep and goats with direct access to their pastures and to a climbing park for the goats. 5. A facility for pigs with several big puddles to recreate their natural surrounding that enables them to bear the high temperatures in summer. 6. A facility for cows, bulls and calves with direct access to their pastures and a large common area for all bigger animals. 7. A facility for horses and donkeys with direct access to their pastures and the common area for bigger animals. 8. A special area for rabbits that is big enough for them to satisfy their instincts, e.g. to dig tunnels. It will be completely fenced to prevent any danger for them, e.g. that they don’t become victims of hunters. 9. A heatable and completely fenced area for dogs with a run and everything what they need for their well-being. Here, the fence should as well prevent “accidental escapes” that could disturb the peaceful living together of the different species on the Sanctuary. 10. A specially prepared area for cats that is divided into two separate parts so that cats with chronically-contagious illnesses can live separately. In both parts there will be individual and common sleeping spaces and areas of retreat. It will be completely fenced as well to enable a

peaceful living together with the other species. 11. A workshop for repairs and common work of the Sanctuary and a storage for recycled material for constructions and the maintenance of the facilities. 12. A barn for hay bales that is big enough to store the supply of the whole Sanctuary. 13. A common pasture for all bigger animals who live together in harmony (in addition to their separate pastures). 14. An area for quarantine where it is possible to host several animals at the same time but separate from each other to prevent a possible epidemic among them. For the safety of all, this area will also be isolated from the rest of the Sanctuary. There should be a living space and a yard outside and the area should be visible for the other inhabitants of the Sanctuary so that it is not only a safe place to prevent the spreading of diseases but also to offer the possibility for new inhabitants to socialize with the ones who already live there for longer. 15. A temporary area for senior animals who need special care e.g. in winter because of the extreme low temperatures in Le贸n.

隆your help is important!

Que queremos hacer en el futur o: d) Safety on the Sanctuary: 93% of the surface of Castile and León is a hunting area where mass murder happens regularly. In order to protect the inhabitants of the Sanctuary from that we will install a video camera system and other additional safety precautions on the entire ground of the Sanctuary. Like this we want to prevent any situation that could endanger the animals living on the Sanctuary.

e) A sustainable and eco-friendly life Environmental protection is important for us that’s why we always work with recycled materials as long as we have them available. We plan to pave the ways on the Sanctuary with stones for not to use tarmac and to provide it with regenerative energy sources. We want to use bikes or other means of transport that don’t contaminate the environment and only want to use motor-driven vehicles when really necessary in order not to disturb the inhabitants of the Sanctuary and not to pollute the nature at the same time. We want to use the dung of the animals as natural fertilizer for our garden.huerta que abastecerá parte o la totalidad de su alimentación.

THE ENVIRONMENT We want to create an ideal environment for all the inhabitants of the Animal Sanctuary in which they can enjoy their lives in freedom and surrounded by peace. It should be a safe place where they will receive all the care they need and a natural and healthy nutrition. We want to plant regional fruit trees on the entire area in order to have a varied source of food, shadow in summer and protection from the cold north-east-winds in winter for all non-human inhabitants. We want to offer comfortable facilities to the inhabitants that protect them from the climate and other adversities and that are equipped with everything they need for their well-being. There should also be some lagoons and many green pastures where they can graze and relax in peace. And most importantly: They should receive all the love, affection and respect of the world. To realize all this we need YOUR support. With your help we can help more victims of speciesism and of exploitation to come to a safe place where they can just be and enjoy their lives. You can be part of this big project! All non-human animals don’t deserve less than that and this is why we will continuously do everything for them our entire life. We will also do what is necessary to rescue as many animals as possible and to offer them a safe home.

If you find a way of helping us, please contact us: E-mail: Telephone: 695193554 Facebook:

Our aim in this life is their freedom...

Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary Project  

Meet the Sanctuary project and help us to create a paradise for animals!

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