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A Place to Rest Your Head (and jump on the bed) BY BETHANY

As our middle child—and the only girl—my husband and I jokingly refer to our eight-year-old daughter as “a rose between two thorns.” The thorns being her brothers and the joke, of course, being delivered with a wink and a nudge. Like many girls her age, she thinks slumber parties are the pinnacle of happiness. Her double bed is more than a place to sleep—it becomes host to all of her gal pals as they giggle into the night, sleepy-eyed and 36

starry-eyed. With storage beneath it for toys and dressup props and a plush Simmons Grande Luxe Plush mattress, it’ll retain its comfort and hold strong—even after ample pillow fights. With the addition of a dresser to home her ever-evolving wardrobe, and a desk for creative projects (which I predict will soon become more of a makeup station than anything else), her tastes may change as she blooms and blossoms, but these versatile pieces will surely stand the test of time.