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BY BETHANY I have always loved being a party planner from my childhood days, to my college years, as a newlywed, and today. Like everything in life, things change including party expectations. As my family and business has grown, my role as a party planner has changed. It has been my goal for years now to plan a party, but to still be a part of it. I want to enjoy my guests as much as I want them to be able to come to our home to enjoy our spaces, and the people and conversations that flow through it. My tried-and-true shortcuts to hosting a party are what I always refer to when preparing for a gathering. If you too want to be a part of your party, follow these five simple steps, and you will have your hands free for embracing friends when the front door swings open, for squeezing chubby baby cheeks, and for pouring a pitcher of your famously refreshing iced tea.

WINDY EXPECTATIONS I welcome the cooling summer breeze much like I do my guests – with open arms – but being prepared is important. Use decorative pieces or travel souvenirs (like shells) to keep your napkins from getting away from you. Place your drink straws into a covered jar or container to contain in one spot as well.

SPRAY IT, DON’T SAY IT Have sunscreen readily available for those who might be hanging out in full sun, and have bug spray on hand if you plan on carrying your party well past dusk.