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Plane of Thought By: Kameron Duncan Why did I do that? What in the world made me think that was okay? The pilot and copilot are already starting to look woozy, and they've only just had their drinks. Water, with no ice. Incredibly hard to drug. Oh god oh god I'm a criminal. I just drugged two pilots in an airborne plane. Why did I do that? What was I thinking? I barely even remember it happening. One second I'm sitting in my seat bored, then I'm in the bathroom with one of the hostesses in a choke hold, then I'm dropping the pills in a drink, and now I'm here. Just a nameless passenger in disguise on board a plane in danger. God, I'm an idiot. The co-pilot is down oh god I don't know how to fly a plane somebody help me-

Wait. Hold on, this scenery is different. I'm... In a car. The front seats are barred off on god I'm in a police car they got me I'm so dead I'm so...

... What's that light? Why did I drug them, you ask? I can't remember why I don't even remember how I got here-

Hold on, what? Guilty? Of what? Murder? But I didn't kill anyone what are you-?

God, it's dark. Dark and dank. Orange. I'm wearing orange. An orange jumpsuit. I'm so confused, where are you taking me? Electric what now?

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