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Two hundred people are applying for one job. How are you going to be the one of the first three to get an interview and hopefully the job? The good news is that there are ways to get to the top of the queue, ways to get that interview. •

Firstly you have to believe in yourself. Put your self-confidence out there and be convinced that you can get to the interview stage.


Next, have your resume ready to email but be prepared to change it to fit the job specifications. An example is a receptionist with MYOB skills and experience. If you fit the bill make sure that the employer can see evidence of your abilities and experience. Check their requirements very carefully and work on your resume so

that it is just what the employer is looking for. Don’t leave it to them to guess, because if you don’t someone else will provide a resume with the exact points that they want. •

Keep one master CV on your computer, being ready to change it slightly as the job requirements for individual jobs change.

Know that most public libraries and job agencies have computers available for you to send in your resume.

Do not apply for jobs that you are not qualified for. All of the goodwill in the world and your eagerness will not get you to the interview process. If you are a cook and the job asks specifically for a professional chef this is not the job for you.

It is first come first served. Employers with hundreds of applications for the job will always look at the first few but stop when they have two or three people to interview. They will not waste their time on hours of work going through applications. Therefore your job is to watch online advertisements daily, or even twice daily, so that you can get your application in as one of the first. Apply immediately. If you leave it for a day or two it can be your loss.

Find a great colour photo of yourself, and ensure that you do not look sad or too serious. Add it on to the top right hand corner of your resume.

Make sure that your resume is professional. There are templates on Word that will help you, or you can obtain professional assistance. If you are not certain or cannot afford to pay for advice there are government-funded agencies that will help you. It is a must that your spelling, grammar and presentation are correct.

Never put in negatives. A good resume will always show what you can do, not what you can’t.

Show the prospective employer how you can be responsible, how you can solve problems and give short examples of your past work. Employers are looking for an asset, someone who will contribute to their profitability.

Don’t forget to include your hobbies and interests. Many employers are looking for a well-rounded person.

Prepare good references in advance. Unless you are very young you should have a good work reference or two, plus two character references from people with standing, such as a minister of religion or a youth leader. An employer will be looking to trust you to carry out your job, and good references do carry weight.

State your citizenship or immigration status. Employers have legal requirements to only employ those who have the right to work in Australia.

Follow up. Make a phone call to the HR (Human Resources) person to request an interview. Do not be upset if they refuse; some executives do and some don’t.

Do not wait around for an answer. Get on the next job application, and the next. The more that you apply for the greater chance that you have of getting an interview and a job.

Never get discouraged. Sometimes it could take one or two hundred applications to get a job, but eventually you will.

And lastly, broaden your search to include jobs that may be different to what you have planned and consider retraining or even relocating. There will be something out there for you – just keep on keeping on!

Good luck! For Job seekers and Employers Check out more about Australian employment

Australian Employment - How To Get A Job Interview  
Australian Employment - How To Get A Job Interview  

Job tips to get to the top of the queue, and ways to get that interview. Learn how to create an impressive resume and how to have confidence...