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Moose Media | Issue 3


Standing in the rain Hopefully you enjoyed the moment, that one short sunny moment we had. As predicted, the joy did not last long and before we knew it, we were standing in the rain. Umbrellas had to give in, socks got soaked, make-up ran out and laptops were tucked away to protect them from the water. Especially the foreigners were puzzled, how does a person put up with these weather conditions? Most Norwegians did not seem to mind. The good thing about rain, no - the good thing about wetness is that it eventually dries. In fact, the sensation of being warm and dry is much more appreciable after a good ol’ rainstorm. It can be said that the same applies for editing Moose Media: we are tired, cold and our brains seemed to have lost the ability to function. However, when the paper is finished, printed and distributed the feeling of achievement is greater than ever. There are many reasons why we are devoted to Moose Media, but most important to us is the reaction of the readers. Luckily the second issue was well-received and the simple equation “readers happy, editors happy” seemed in place. This issue is for you. Not for us,


not for the journos, no - for you. That is why it is important. Tomorrow is the last day, and by the time you read this, that day is already half way. The end of the session is approaching and this is the last editorial, and the last Moose Media of the 8th National Conference of EYP Norway. Does this mean it is over? Far from it. Remember that after rain comes sunshine, it is said - which will most likely be true, as you will be departing from what seems the rainiest city in the world. But, remember and cherish the times you will have had here, even though they must have been tough at times. Look back, appreciate what you have experienced and then, look forward and think of the road ahead of you. EYP is only gone if you let it be. So, don’t let it. Jonas & Leonie


Editorial 2 Opening Ceremony 4 EYP Norway 5 Last preparations and completing the mission 6 CLIMate in a moment 6 Riders on the Storm 7 Kiss and tell 7 There they are... ECON 7 Last words to the magnificent delegates of AFET 8 Where is my committee? 8 Rumour has it... 10 11 Would dating be easier without clothes? Delegates on parade 12 Moosy the Moose 13 Facebook group 13 Mock Resolution 13 14 Quote of the day PED 14 Weather forecast 14 Ode to the organisers 15


Moose Media | Issue 3

Opening Ceremony The mayor of Bergen Pretty cool stuff


Mayor of Bergen, who happens to be in Wikipedia also, addressed some important issues in his speech before the General Assembly started. As we all have experienced, the beautiful city of Bergen has the tendency to be rather rainy place, but Mr Bakke was correct when he said that “Then when sun shines, only few cities in the world are actually comparable to Bergen”. The home of 250 000 inhabitants, and architectural heritage, located in the heart of the famous fjords is one of the most international cities of Norway. No wonder that Bergeners are known for the love to their home town.

part of democracy, being part of organisations such as EYP, develops the important skills that are needed in the real world also.

As we heard, one cannot underline enough the importance of having young participation within the society. According to inspirational Mr Bakke young people have unique experiences and they perceive things differently than older generations. Having them part of decision- making process promotes well-being and the final outcome will be better. Being

And f you ever think “this is pointless”, remember the Kofi Annan quote Mr Bakke shared with us. “No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline.” -Elina

I truly hope you all are proud of your work you done during the few days. As the Mayor said, “The opinions of young people must be taken seriously”. All the points during the committee work and the General Assembly are meaningful. In the points lies the future, your future. We have seen your ability to be part of democracy. We are extremely eager to see what kind of decision makers you will turn out to be!

The EYP in Norway Membership, how? Future cool stuff The last few days a group of officials have been taking care of you, your fellow delegates and your teachers. The organisers have been running around at Montana, Olsvikåsen and VilVite to make the session happen – but who are these people? This article will give you a comprehensive insight into the organisation behind the 8th National Session of EYP Norway in Bergen, and more. You may wonder what EYP Norway really is. In essence EYP Norway consists of two bodies: National Committee (NC) The NC is a governmental body which consists of three teachers, two alumni, one government representative and the EYPNAA president. The NC works in close cooperation with the Alumni Association in the day-to-day organizing of EYP Norway. It is responsible for representing EYP Norway internationally and hence covers issues such as preparing and sending delegates to International Sessions, interaction with the Governing Body of EYP (which headquarters are based in Berlin), and the Board of National Committees.   EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) The EYPNAA is a voluntary and memberbased youth organisation consisting of former delegates (alumni). EYPNAA, headed by the board, are mainly responsible for organising

the Norwegian National sessions, selecting delegations to the National sessions, running the local branches, trainings and assisting schools in preparations for the Nationals – in other words basically all domestic issues of EYP Norway. However, they do also contribute the preparation of the international sessions held in Norway, such as the upcoming International Session at Lillehammer. The board, consisting of 6 members, is also the link between the alumni (the EYPNAA members), and the NC and international onces. The board is democratic selected every autumn at its annual meeting, which is open to all EYPNAA alumni. To join the Alumni Association you can visit www. to find further info, as well as register a membership account to get access to member pages. All members regularly receives calls for other sessions, where you can apply as delegates, journalists, organisers and chairperson. What do they do? 1. National sessions National sessions have been organised since 2003 in different cities around Norway. They gather around 100 delegates and 25 teachers from all over Norway for a 3-day event. The National sessions aim to provide a value experience in itself; however it is also where we select delegates to represent Nor-

way at the annual international sessions. All members of the Alumni Association can apply to be an official at our national sessions. 2. Local braches EYP Norway has local branches in Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo, Lillehammer and Bergen. Their main priority is to give the alumni an opportunity to meet outside sessions and stay actively involved with the EYP. They organise barbecues, picnics, movie nights etc. In addition, they coordinate officials training courses, as well as assist the EYPNAA board in organising the National sessions. If you want to join the local branch where live, you are more than welcome! Or perhaps you want to start a new one. Interested? Send an e-mail to eypnaa@! 3. Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting takes place every September, the Saturday after the National Session. It is open to all alumni and functions as the democratic cornerstone of the organisation. The meeting evaluates the past year and plans next year events. But the Annual meeting is not planning it is also a chance to socialise. Finally it also assembles the working group for the next year’s national session. Participants at the session are welcome to join in! Getting involved isn’t difficult. Become a member of the EYPNAA today! The membership fee is 50 NOK per year, a small price for such a great experience. As an EYPNAA member you are kept informed about what is going on nationally and internationally: upcoming sessions around Europe, exciting training opportunities, national event such as workshops or parties. You’ll find more information at the organisation’s website: If you have any further questions about the membership, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Magnus Skjelmo Kristiansen, on behalf of EYP Norway 5

Moose Media | Issue 3


Last preparations and completing the mission After having completed their theoretical training on Wednesday, DROI used the next day to finally get to the committee work. Before immerging into the final struggle against terrorism in the world – the GA – they had to discuss and summarise the most effective strategies to fight terrorism. The outcome of this effort – a document of enormous importance – is their motion for a resolution. These two simple sheets of paper hold the secret of how to end terrorism and bring peace and justice to our entire planet. After searching – and finding – a universal definition for terrorism, discussion focused on the sources of terrorism and the reasons people turn to it. The committee decided that in order to prevent terrorist attacks in the future,

no less needs to be done than bringing peace, prosperity and democracy to all countries in the world. The fascinating aspect of this approach is that it would solve problems far beyond terrorism. Just why has nobody thought of this before? Apart from this, the DROI (somehow a short form of “human rights” in some weird language) committee decided that the very human rights that gave them their name should always be upheld. Most honourably, they even granted their greatest enemies, terrorists, these rights. Personally, as the journo of the committee, I have to say I was really impressed. You, dear DROI, did not seem like first time EYPers at all, you were just far too amazing! I wish you all

the best, I will miss every single one of you, and I hope I will see as many of you as possible at other EYP events (or somewhere else). With all this said, there is only one more thing to add: The motto and battle cry of the DROI committee, so impressive and powerful that it might even wipe out terrorism on its own. So let us shout one more time: “Integration, Communication, Information, DRRRRRROI!” -Samuel


CLIMate in a moment “You can do it for 15 more minutes.” Hands are shaking hands. Masterbrains Jari and Olav are motivating CLIM. Quiet CLIM, peaceful CLIM, effective CLIM has been discussing Norway’s approach at the 16th UN Climate Change Conference in Mexico for the last 2 hours. Voices are talking next to me. They sit in a table circle, the projector is on. Being with CLIM is like a hot shower after the cold Bergen rain. Their discussions are effective, their voices calm, their eyes jump between the person talking and the topic on the blackboard. Music is put on by their chairs and they are collecting brainstorming points again. The notes of the band’s song – it is Mumford


& Sons – carry away brain fat and unnecessary mental load. What and Where and Who and How – CLIM has all the facts ready. How quietly you work! If it would not be for the sporadic games one would forget you can actually shout. I am very happy to be sitting next to you, tipping these very lines. I am very happy to have learned that „hot“ discussion do not need hot ways of transmitting their contents. I am very happy, Katrin, Bjørn, Ingvild, Daniel, Ebba, Linn, Tord, Annbjørg, Benjamin, Malin, Magnus and Kjersti, that I was given the pleasure to be your journo for three short days. -Schima

Maybe it’s the warmer climate Maybe I’m a smarter primate Maybe it’s the beer I’m drinking Maybe I’ve stopped over thinking But CLIMs fame will not be shrinking. (Snow Patrol, „Warmer Climate“)



Riders on the Storm

There they are... ECON

If REGI would be a song it would definitely be a crazy one by ‘The Monkeys’. 50’s rock would describe this committee better than anything else. My plans on writing something cheesy enough to make Twilight fade into nothing were brutally crushed by the blond little chair of REGI, Marie Dromey. This Irish girl, known as ‘The Rebel’ has for sure influenced her most beloved delegates in many ways. Other committees go for coffee breaks. Not REGI. Dance breaks with moves directly imported from Studio 54 have definitely inspired the delegates to discuss more lively than ever and hold speeches that would make Barack Obama himself green with envy. The Doors would undoubtedly call these adolescents real Riders on the Storm after having heard the debates going on in committee work. We all know that EYP is not all about making human knots and blindfolding each other; sometimes you have to throw yourself into a lively discussion as the delegates of this committee have fearlessly done. I am more than proud to be able to say that these adolescents have managed to ride out the storm and come up with a mind-blowing resolution. 50’s rock might be better than anything else when you want to go crazy à la Irish, but sometimes you have to look into the future and not into the past. I would therefore like to quote Florence & the Machine: “You’ve got the Love”. My love, Marie’s love and your fellow delegates’ love. If this love still does not soothe the pain caused by PED, I would like you to skip the “Goodbye” and put it the way the French do: “Au revoir”. We are not saying farewell, only “See you soon”. -Sara

I did not have many occasions to listen to the ECON group at work, because every time I tried to get in, a massive sound wave coming out of their debate just tossed me aside. But in the end, I at least managed to interview some of the delegates. From their incoherent mumbling I managed to get some information about their committee work. According to the interviewed delegates, some of the highlights were: learning useful Norwegian phrases, the butt-spelling contest, the cake break, willing journal bringing coffee and J-VIBE describing how sensually vibrating his voice is (let us wish him luck with his upcoming rap carrier). On the other hand, delegates were annoyed by people falling asleep during the discussions (which evidently happened because of some kind of coffee shortage) and also by going through certain propositions over and over again. But after all, they answered the question if they would like to come to another EYP session in unison: „If it’s not raining and we get the chance, we will definitely come again!” At the end of this article I would like to thank them all for cooperation and for making this session as enjoyable as it has been. I do hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I did and I am looking forward to seeing you again at some other EYP session or at some other occasion. -Daniel


Kiss and tell Delegates about ‘The Bubbly Duo’: Grzegorz is sweet like a strawberry or a mango, he is calm like the light color of bananas and even though bananas do not have a very strong taste (What kind of bananas do you get in Norway? - ed.), they fill you with energy. Just like oranges, G-Man is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, but other than that he barely reminds of any fruit. Afrola, on the other hand, has made a different impression on the delegates. She is sneaky, strict and cute like lions, tigers and cats. At the same time she is like a panda or a koala bear – calm and nice, trying to lead her team without direct orders. “Sometimes she looks like she needs a hug!” They both help the committee in finding their way and reaching the goal.

Afrola would say that the committee is like the Moby Dick novel: “Always trying to get the whale and then when you get it, you just end up dead… Meaning tired.” In the eyes of Grzegorz, the delegates are just like a lollypop – mostly because they had a tendency to discuss things over and over again.

EMPLoyment has made an impression on the chairs and everyone else. They stick together and even have their own poem-songthing, see below! -Maria The EMPL song E–M–P–L We will never kiss and tell oooOOOH committee committee committee of employment we’re witty we’re pretty

Chairs about the delegates: Resolutions won’t get shitty! 7

Moose Media | Issue 3


Last words to the magnificent delegates of AFET Every journey has its starting and ending points. EYP session is a very special kind of a journey. The three days you have spent in the gorgeous but rainy city of Bergen have most likely been very unique days. You have gone

through a wide range of feelings, from extreme happiness and jollity to committee work frustration and tiredness to the sadness of leaving. The three days you have spent here have shown you a certain part of EYP. These days represent EYP and what it stands for. As you might have realised, it is the serious business combined with lighter challenges. The only place in the whole world where street fighters and organisations such as Fatah or Hamas can meet. Personally, I have not found the deepest meaning of EYP, but following your heated discussion on the Gaza crisis

and peace process made me realise again the importance of providing a forum, where intelligence meets craziness. It is all about understanding the problems occurring within this society and the big issues that we have to struggle with globally. I wish you all the best and hopefully I – and all the fellow leaders of the Moose Media – will get the chance to meet you again! Do not lose your idealism, Elina


Where is my committee? After a very successful day of teambuilding on Wednesday, the ITRE committee had to find a solution to one of the most pressing issues the EU is facing at the moment, especially with the cold months soon to come. They were debating about the ‘Battle for Energy’ and looking for ways to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. It was nice to see how everyone was engaged in the discussion and tried to push the resolution forward.


Following a few hours of intense debate the delegates really enjoyed their coffee breaks with energising fruits and delicious carrot cake. Still, some yawning faces could be seen during the afternoon as delegates were suffering from a sleep deficit while others had trouble with their digestion after an extensive lunch. Finally when the resolution was finished and the chairs of ITRE were typing the final version, one poor German journalist had to collect all

thirteen committee members and take them through the pouring rain to the bus. But the naughty people of ITRE did not show up and preferred to go to a local pub. Nevertheless, I have to tell you my dear ITRE delegates that I really enjoyed the time with your committee and had a good laugh at your gossip entries. -Max


Hottest of them all Led by a tall magnificent blond ENVI has extraordinary well managed to bond In Finland the watermelon likes to in the sauna stay But with these lovely delegates she prefers to for the passing of their resolution pray During General Assembly there is a little game with the mike That this committee will definitely like If you get it from a certain hand it means that you are as hot as one can possibly become And extremely coveted by some ENVI is undoubtedly the hottest committee of them all And I think that the whole session starts to in love with them fall -Sara

session impressions

by Maria


Moose Media | Issue 3


Rumour has it... • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• 10

Anne from Kirkenes has a crush on one of the ”cheer” persons. Christiane (“cheir”) has failed her drivers’ test five times. [CENSORED] has a lot of hair, everywhere! As Bolle from DROI left for the toilet he was heard saying that he was only going for a quicky. With who is still unknown. Håkon, Emil, Signe and Louise were playing poker. The whale thing ended with a naked Håkon declaring his love to Moose. Emil cried because he wasn’t chosen. Samuel does not think dolphins are creepy, he’s actually in love with one! [CENSORED] is gay…he likes to jump on them… Thomas and Tonje = ♥ [CENSORED]’s boobs are FAKE! Merete is a real hottie! XOXO, Kristian Håvard has a fanta-on-others-floor-fetish Ellen is in love! (with the chair) So, there was this chick who was standing behind the reception, and when I approached her, she totally had the wrong make-up! Rita is not a natural red head. How do I know? *wink wink*

• •

• •

• • • •

For your privac y and protectio n some of the entries in the gossip box ha ve been censor Leave the blan ed. ks up to your ow n fantasy!

Ole Bolle (delegate) slept in Tarans (orga) room *wink wink* There is something funny with Taran’s (orga) jeans. Let me see your Bill Clinton, zip a-a-a zip? Can someone PLEASE buy Magnus (president of the alumni association) a new belt? One of the chairs (Audun) looks just like Ostrin Greni from the Norwegian Band “Big Bang”! Hi! This is Inger. Could I clarify something? There is no link between my butt cramps and a certain night in Egypt, as mentioned in the last session paper. THX. I wonder what Jari’s capable hands are capable of... All people from Trøndelag listen to Justin Bieber whilst drinking cosmopolitans and humping sheep. Delegates from trondelag are inbreed. Love from: Uncle Dad If you steal a bandana from a Baeruming, he will call his dad and sue you. Where is the oral-meeting for the journalists where the Swedish girl is?

• •

• • •

Special advice if you are in a Norwegian restaurant and in lack of service. Look at the waiter and shout: “HOREBUKK!” This one journo schima keeps staring at me. We have confirmed the stereotypes about Baeruminger they do use gay-like tight pants, they do use tanning cream, and they get wasted after 2% alcoholic cider (without sugar). Some delegates wanted to contact Marius and Rita because of the ‘Lonely hearts’ article. Unfortunately they had no internet. Last night I saw whatsher and max come out of the shower, together. But I didn’t have my glasses on. A delegate has been spotted in Russ magazine. He is now secretly stalked by two of the organisers. I was just bribed by Jari to not cast any abstentions. Awesome! Tonje (REGI) has really nice feet. I’d like to dip them in marmalade. This gossip is waterproof.


Would dating be easier without clothes? Clothes convey a message bigger than a thousand words. When meeting a new person the very first thing that attracts your attention is the person’s sartorial side. From the moment when your eyes go through the person, from the shape of heel to the shape of the bang, it can be easily said whether you would like to meet the person again. Superficiality, the interesting characteristic of most human beings, I have renamed as the survival instinct. I think you are pretty familiar with the ultimate power that prevents us from doing silly things and mistakes that might shape our destiny. How the unique feature works depends on the individual. The author for example has a thing for tall, hot men who have the certain something in their look; the creepy dark side that pumps out in the form of exotic trousers, gorgeous shoes and the perfect trench coat. My fellow colleague Schima is madly obsessed with cute shorter guys, who have the tendency to wear black Converses and leather jackets. Her survival instinct has helped her to realise the thin line between a “dateable” guy and a non-dateable guy. “But then I realised clothes have little do to with persons.”

Here we go again, the endless jungle of troubles. Axl Rose put it well “Welcome to the jungle, we got fun ‘n’ games”. Given the silly amount of all sorts of styles and people there are out there, I sometimes find it hard to accept that the looking for the perfect match continues to be so elusive. But still, so many things can go so badly wrong. Try wearing the same outfit for dinner with one of Goldman Sachs’s bankers and a roadie. The experiment will most likely end in tears, mostly his. The only advice I am capable to give is just simply to be you (such a cliché, I know). Was it the ridiculously high killer-heels, hoodies and sneakers or the love for skinny jeans. As the Moosy Moose said to me, “It’s not really like fashion is larger-than-life. Only love is”. Relax, after all dating is emotional Russian roulette and at some point it will end. -Elina

Remember the mock debate? The majority of votes decided to interfere no longer and allow human-moose relationships. Love would conquer all, and even the problem of clothes would be solved - hunters could learn a new profession and start their own moose clothing line. Question is, do moose really need clothes?

The author believed in love. Then Alexander McQueen died and no-one is really capable of designing her wedding dress(es)


Moose Media | Issue 3

Delegates on parade




Describe EYP in 3 words! Friendship – Debate – Gaining Information (that’s 4 words!)

Describe EYP in 3 words! Engaging – European – Energizing

Describe EYP in 3 words! Tough – Fun – Interesting

Your BigBergen fantasy? A rave on a Friday night

Your BigBergen fantasy? Flying Jari (when he tried to control the projector in CW)

Your BigBergen fantasy? Playing a concert in Bergen

Your favourite moose on the session? A certain Austrian moose (who does Energizers)

Your favorite moose on the session? Jari -Schima & Maria

Your favourite moose on the session? I hate moose





1 - NISERIN “I think they crash with airplanes more often than with each other” 2 - ANDERS “Norwegian king hid himself in England in 1940...I think” 3 - TRINE “Santa Claus...Who of them!? I think maybe you did” 4 - HENRIKE “I have never heard a lemon lie” 12


LIKED THE ISSUES? Then you will like the session video of the 8th National Conference of EYP Norway even more. A Moose Media productions, the video will be uploaded on the Facebook group of the session.

Hello to you, young fellows! One should end things when they are at their best, they say. Well, I end things when it’s time to go back to my foresty grounds high up the Arctic Circle. Moosy the moose is speaking to you for the very last time through his paper, but I strongly believe that mammals always meet twice in a lifetime.

If you’re not a member of the group yet, you definitely should! It’s a great way of staying in touch with the people you’ve met. Just search for: ‘8th Norwegian National EYP session in Bergen 2010’

Important things first, as usual. To be a moose is not always easy. In some countries, moose are considered game species. Especially in Sweden with 150 000 hunted moose per year, they are consumed with great pleasure. The ones who are most fanatic about my species are the hunters. I might also quote certain Mr Henry Thoreau, „Moos meet tastes“, which relates to our tender meat with distinct flavour. On the other hand, the hunters also invest money to keep us as far away as possible by i.e. building fences around highways and designing moose-proof cars – especially the Swedes are very strong in this.

...and sign up to stay involved!


Now, why am I telling you all of this, you might ask yourself? He himself is a moose! Well, for me it is of utter importance that you, intellectual fighters, see both aspects of an ambiguous creature like me – like you should do in EYP. Yesterday’s committee work was all about that, about seeing both aspects, about talking about both aspects. No matter how unpleasant they might seem. Today you have shown that you are great moose – you have presented yourself in GA and have grunted loud. You defended or attacked unpleasant ideas and thoughts. On behalf of the moose community I am indeed very proud of you all. And this is the most important thing and as usual, comes second. Future rulers, I, Moosy the moose, am very proud to have been able to write to you and now I am officially handing my presidency of this newspaper over to the next mammal to come. May it be as obsessed and crazy about you as one can possibly be. Always yours, Moosy the moose

In spite of the increased amount of moose in Bergen, relationships between human and moose have been heavily discussed. What measures should the Europen Union take in order to adapt to this new situation? Submitted by:

Sara Searching, Max Passion, Daniel D'Vorce, Schima Single, Maria Marriage, Samuel Summerlove, Elina Erotic, Moosy the Moose (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament, A. Noting with deep regret the intolerance shown by various religious groups towards human-moose relationships, B. Taking into consideration that love does not respect boundaries between species, C. Further taking into consideration that the freedoms of expression and lifestyle are still valid, D. Appreciating the already existing relationships between sheep and humans in Ireland, E. Fully aware of the cultural benefits that are gained by a multispecial society, F.

Noting with deep concern the high rate of single households in Europe,

G. Emphasising the fact that the moose is a soft and peaceful animal, H. Gravely concerned by the 120 000 moose hunted annually in Sweden;


Calls for the immediate legalisation of marriages between moose and humans within all EU Member States;


Recommends an official government-funded forum for intercultural exchange be created;


Supports local moose communities by measures such as: a)

quota for moose representatives in governmental functions,


funds for mixed moose-human kindergarten;


Emphasises the foundation of a law that strictly prohibits moose haunting;


Calls upon legislation that defines and ensures proper punishment for moose-eaters;


Demands the implementation of compulsory language classes in primitive grunting.


Moose Media | Issue 3


PED When you are reading this article, you might just already on your way home with your cheek wet from a mixture of Bergen-rain and silent tears. When searching on Google for PED, the results covers many things from ‘PerfomanceEnhancing Drugs’ to Turkish websites selling female hygienic products. To us EYPeople, however, PED means something totally different: • •

• • • •

PED is the cold hand ripping your heart out. PED means looking at pictures of faces you did not know three days ago, and realising that you are never going to forget them. PED will find you when you least expect it. PED is your company on your way home from Bergen. PED is what makes you continue with EYP. PED is Post EYP Depression.

Three days ago. It feels like an eternity (this one is a Twilight-wannabe). The excitement was growing stronger every minute. The first meeting was soon going to take place, a blinddate, including the human knot and blind-

folding each other. A little man with small but capable hands started jumping around and screaming words that did not seem to belong in our world. In that very moment you probably did not know that this little man and the people forming a giant circle around him would come to mean so much to you in such a short time. The reliable weather-forecast done by Moose Media promised heavy rain during the whole session, but even a moose can be mistaken sometimes. Ain’t no mountain high enough for Bergen 2010, the clouds made a huge effort and rose above the mountains to let the sun shine on us. The last resolution has passed, the final goodbye has been spoken. It is raining again; the drops pouring down around Montana are washing away our footprints, but not our memories. The echo of the last laughter still whispers between the now deserted mountains. Life in Bergen continues, as it always used to be, but these days will always mean something special to you and me. -Samuel & Sara

quote of the day

“Squeeze me!” Some people plan their whole lives in detail not to get in trouble. Martin Egil Ohna is not one of them. Martin goes to Nesbru high school in Asker County, and at first sight you may believe him to be an innocent boy, but there is more under the surface... Martin lives on impulse, which often brings him into trouble, which was the case when we met this Norwegian trouble-maker. Asking someone to squeeze you in the cafeteria queue for sure is an ice-breaker, but the question is; will you get in trouble? If you want some action in your life, this is the guy for you! Send him an e-mail at and you won’t be spending another dull moment in your life! -Sara


This forecast is a lie Moos Media sincerely apologizes for wrongly predicting the weather on Wednesday when the sun accidently struck the city of Bergen. We are very sorry for all the wellprepared delegates in their Wellies, raincoats and neoprene suits who suffered badly on this sunny day. However, those delegates received their favourite weather on Thursday when they could enjoy the beautiful Bergen-rain with gorgeous grey skies and not even one ray of sunlight. Unfortunately some non-locals did not expect it, or did not read our last weather forecast (how dare you!) and as a result got soaking wet while running to the bus after committee work. - Max


Organisers, thank you.










Moose Media Issue III  
Moose Media Issue III  

Newspaper of the 8th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway in Bergen, 2010