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The Touch of Leonia

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Turkish Hammam Water Galaxy Surf the Water Barbeque, Tents and Bonfire Cascade Spin back the time @ Leojuventa Healing Showers Aqua gym Colossal Structure Happiness across Happy Land Games inside the doors After Glow Panoramic landscape

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The sound of music How about a surprise? Breathtaking Bash for the Bride Body Sculpting Taste Buds Fit me up Soak up in the sun You will never watch it alone It’s a kids world at Leonia Couple suites and cabana Chef’s Signature How Many Are You?

Turkish Hammam Its Hot Hammam… its Cold Hammam…. its Turkish Hammam, a bathing ritual to improve blood circulation Inspired from the ancient Greek and Roman bathing techniques this relaxation therapy is the key pampering attraction at Leonia’s Leo Juventa, an Internationally acclaimed and award winning Medi Spa and Healing Center. Considered as one of its kind, our Hammams are a special combination of ancient and modern techniques with water jets placed strategically by engineers, under the guidance of doctors to get you relaxed like never before. This technique involves a variety of scrubs and massages given in a steam room at a temperature of more than 45 degrees, which finally descends to the specially designed Hot and Cold water based bathing ponds that come with an unmatchable combination of cascade water fall. The therapy is one of a kind experience. Complete relaxation of body and relieves mental stress.

Water Galaxy

Stars will touch your feet at the wading pool restaurant while you indulge in an intimate dinner with your special one. Soak your feet in the wading pool at the water galaxy restaurant while you sip our finest wines and enjoy the flavours of some of our signature dishes from across the world under our special menu. Live music performance in the background adds up to the whole experience. The unique track of stone called Chinese walk is a natural healer if walked bare foot under the morning sun.

Surf the Water

Experience surfing at Leonia, with India’s first and only water surfing ridge – Flowrider® Surf on the gushing water and make observers spell bound while they clap in appreciation or learn the skill from our experts as this safe water surfing is easy to learn for all age groups.

Barbeques, Tents and Bonfire

Want a camping experience with friends for a perfect evening? Come to Leonia. Light the fire, raise a Toast, sing, dance, and make merry, cause Leonia offers a perfect environment for a camping trip. All it takes is planning, conducive weather and your cooperation to set-up a camp with bonfire and barbeques at Leonia. Setting apart, you will have your very own private chef serving you grilled, charred, and marinated sinful scrumptious meats cooked to perfection by Chef Prasun.


Why go to mountains to experience falls, its right in your backyard Open your suite’s back door and indulge in a private cascade pool. It’s a perfect place to enjoy private moments while you sip a special drink with leisure with our 24 hours room service. We have 32 such suites in Leo Celestia.

Spin back the time @ Leo Juventa

In the land of Nawabs, an experience of luxurious pampering is a must. Enter the rejuvenation zone - Leo JuventaŽ, world’s luxurious award winning Medi Spa & Healing center to pamper yourself and rejuvenate like never before. With efforts of many brilliant doctors and experts this one of its kind integrated wellness center awaits to revitalize you. An amalgamation of more than 200 modern and traditional services, this timemachine is sure to make you feel younger, healthier and rejuvenated.

Soak up the Soak up the Sun Sun

Healing Showers

Step into the world of relaxation and wellness with our Vichy Showers, also known as the Healing showers Vichy Shower increases lymph and blood circulation, strengthens immune system, improves metabolism and detoxifies while you lie down and discover the wonders of water. Set of showers pore water, while our well qualified masseurs scrub and massage your body to destress for a complete relaxation. Pamper yourself more by indulging in our Scottish showers, Ocean Aroma, and Rasool Ceremony. And for all romantics, indulge in Cupid’s Arrow along with your partner and sense the awakening, uplifting and healing effect as the Scottish jet works on your body.

Aqua Gym Swimming is an energy draining task and imagine doing the same with 100 pounds tied on to you…. Sweating???? “Aqua Gym” is a one of its kind gym under water that provides a unique way to work out and gives you amplified and visibly quick results. It’s specially designed imported gym equipments stay underwater. Water gives a natural buoyancy and resistance and aqua gym uses these properties to maximize your muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resistance to stress. One water exercise is equal to ten ground based exercises.

Colossal Structure

Don’t be astound by the grandeur of this mega convention center called LICEC With a capacity to accommodate more than 7000 people, this pillar-less mega structure of Leonia is perfect for any grand conference or event. The smartly designed LICEC comes with a perfect acoustic setup for a crystal clear audio quality and its 40 feet tall ceiling with aesthetic lighting gives a feel of just the right place to have a big event or gathering.

Happiness across Happy Land

Spreading happiness being the only mantra of Leonia, we have a dedicated land called “Happy Land” “Happy Land” at Leonia, has hammocks, slides and swings for you to relax and a host of recreational activities to power your adrenaline rush like Human foosball, Trampoline Basket, Euro Bungee, double bicycle – to peddle through Leonia with your partner and many such games. If that gets you out of breath, re-energize yourself by relaxing and savoring on the delicacies served by our Delicatessen.

Games Inside the doors

Challenge your friend in a game you like. At Leonia, we promote a healthy competition in a style you can boast about. Leonia brings to you an international level gaming competition experience with Basket Ball court, Badminton court, Squash court, and Indoor Lawn tennis court all at international gaming standards. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound system and infrastructure for a complete gaming competition these gaming zones come with 1500 seats for the audience. We can’t promise a winner’s cup, but we surely can assure you the joy of winning.

After Glow Uplift your senses in this Irish styled Premium distil Bar‌ Walk in to the cozy interiors with leather upholstery and feel like a Scottish man. Indulge yourself in one of its kind lounge bar that only serves single malt whiskey. Recline into a red leather chesterfield and order a glass of single malt, and you could imagine to be sitting in Caledonian or North Britain gazing down Edinburgh's mile. Back to reality and you are sitting in Leonia's very own malt bar. Although it is home for over 100 malts from all over Scotland, it also offers vintage Armagnac, Cognacs and ports, for you to have a perfect tipple. Please drink responsibly.

Panoramic landscape The pleasant aroma of the wet soil and cool breeze relaxes and takes you to a state of Nirvana at Leonia Holistic Destination. Leonia has few degrees lower temperature than the surroundings due to abundant greenery. Natural fragrances of a variety of flowers will escort you along with our friendly staff as you explore this nature’s home. We come from a school of nature lovers and are believers of natural remedies. Sprawling gardens, lawns, mango estate, rare natural repellent plants and herbs are some of the attractions. This low pollution zone uses battery operated cars to commute and conserve the nature. We provide sustainable solutions with a commitment towards environment.

The sound of music

Beat the beat where music gets amplified – Club Leo With soft blue neon lights, grand dance floor and World class acoustic system – FUNKTION ONE, Club Leo makes for a hippest night spot. Get into a trance while you dance to the beats or order fresh muddled cocktails and signature drinks made by our professional bar tenders with a perfect blend of herbs and spirits. We also offer a premium lounge if you wish to spend time with your private group.

Club Leo

Thematic Turndown Return to your suite to find your wish come true. Don’t be surprised if you hear happy laughter from the neighboring rooms at Leonia. We sense what you want and try to fulfill them with our Thematic turndown services when you return to your suite. From sweet delicacies to a premium Champaign, from massaging tips especially designed for couples to luxurious massage services, our thematic turndown service can be anything that will make you smile.

Who doesn’t like surprises?? At Leonia surprises are sur’prizes’ Everybody likes pleasant surprises and at Leonia it’s no exception. If you find a bottle with a paper in it, don’t ignore it, pull the stopper cork and read through the paper, to realize that it’s a sur’prize’ treat waiting to be discovered by an unsuspecting lucky guest. The scroll may reveal a complimentary spa treatment coupon at Leo Juventa or it might read a complimentary Champagne or it can even be an upgrade to higher available category of suite.

Breathtaking bash for the Bride Have a royal wedding carnival with grandeur at its best to rejoice those special moments. Leonia hosts perfect weddings with its full service wedding division called “Leo Mandapam” that offers services like 466 rooms and 18 venues inclusive of indoor and outdoor, professional wedding planners, event managers to change your dreams into reality, fashion and beauty consultants to counsel your family, regional Chefs to serve you the taste of your choice, dress designers to stitch your thoughts through, production team to help you create the right wedding décor and Leo Cruz to take care of travel arrangements. So, all you have to do is say “I Do” rest we will.

Body Sculpting

Shape it up!!! Sculpt your body WITHOUT ANY PAIN using traditional and Modern technologies at Leo Juventa, world’s luxurious award winning Medi Spa & Healing center that will help you shed the unwanted weight. These are safe and natural ways to reduce your unwanted body fat / cellulite. The precision technique helps you choose the area of cellulite that needs to be removed and our expert doctors and consultants will make your wish come true, WITHOUT ANY PAIN.

Taste Buds

Fly everyday to Lebanon, Turkey and Syria from Leonia Allow our chefs to tingle your taste buds with an middle eastern spread of Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese delicacies everyday at our specialty restaurants at Leonia Holistic Destination

Fit Me Up

Feel fit like never before! Thanks to our master trainers Leonia offers the best facilities in fitness like state-of-the-art gymnasium, Steam, Sauna and yoga sessions at Leo Juventa, world’s luxurious award winning Medi Spa & Healing center. Walk into it and rest will be taken care of by our expert trainers to keep you FIT. Our trainers focus on teaching the technique you always wanted to learn rather than make you dependent on them. Rest you may do at your comfort at the gym of your choice..

Soak up in the Sun Smash the ball, hit a six, or strike a goal. Play volley ball in sand court, cricket on a cricket pitch, football in the football ground to show your back heel skills at Leonia. You may surf up the warrior in you and rage a war with your friends at our combat zone. Sand Volley ball, Cricket, Football, Paint ball, Human foosball, Burma bridge, Cargo net, Net Cricket, Archery, Lawn and water zorbing are a few games we offer at Leonia. Experience them to know more.

Soak up the Sun

You will never watch it alone

Take a tour of romance, thrill, sorrow, laughter or action at Leo Theater Leo Theatre is a three screen multiplex with a capacity of 700 seats and is equipped with 7.1 channel surround sound to enhance the movie experience. Walk-in to see a movie if you feel the large screen LCD in your room is not big enough. This multi-function cinema complex also converts into a Theatre stage or an assembly style conference room as mikes and plug points are installed at every seat.

It’s a kids world at Leonia

The best age to get pampered is childhood and Leonia knows how to treat these Lil’champs with care at its Kidz Spa in Leo Juventa Kids need maximum nourishment at their age to lead a healthier life and we make the whole experience so much fun filled that your child’s day out at our Kidz spa will be a treat in itself. Kids can opt from special flavored shampoos of their choice to massages by kids special masseurs to bubble gum or cup candy baths to fun yoga sessions or a stylish hair do. Whatever their choice, we assure fun and thrill to your child with loads of care.

Couple Suites N Cabanas

Two souls will reunite and revitalize at our specially designed couple suits and cabanas Romantic ambiance, Lavender aroma, rose petals and orchid flowers in our private suites and cabana, give you a special feel of luxury and relaxation, while our private masseurs pamper you and your partner in an in-room massage of your choice. Couple Jacquie in-room massage beds stand as one of the highlights of the services offered here.

Chefs signature

The mouth watering signature dishes prepared by our Chefs will leave you wanting for more Exclusive to Leonia, ten signature dishes are made by our Chefs to tickle your taste buds. Ask for the special menu, if you want to savor them.

How many are you?

Whatever be the group size, we have a facility for you. Leonia’s state of the art meetings and conferences facility has 41 indoor venues and 6 outdoor venues equipped to cater to a group size of 6 to 60 to 6000 people at a time. Our expert meeting organizers and facilitators will manage the venue for a hassle free experience. So all you have to do is focus on your important work and leave the rest to us.

How to reach us?

About Leonia: Leonia Holistic Destination is India’s first and the world’s finest themed destination near the city of Hyderabad, India. Established with the concept of providing a unique and a fully integrated leisure experience, Leonia comprises of 4 hotels and villa resorts of 462 keys, a 300,000 Sq Ft International convention and sporting facility with a capacity of over 6000 guests, over 50 indoor and outdoor banqueting venues, an award winning 100,000 Sq Ft Wellness Spa and Medi Centre offering over 200 experiences, over 50 unique outdoor soft adventure experiences, 10 restaurants, bars and night clubs, 3 International standard theatres for movie experience and conventions. Leonia shall soon launch another upper upscale hotel of 1000 rooms and Asia’s largest water park. An experience like no other, Leonia leaves the ordinary behind. Visit us at

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Touch Of Leonia  

A collection of 25 unique experiences at Leonia Holistic Destination.