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Introduction According to WGSN forecasts, an “increase seek to blend borders and break boundaries [through the development] of fresh perspectives on traditional cultures…and to tell new stories in new ways” (WGSN, 2016). With that and Tory Burch strength in editorial storytelling and strong digital presence, there is an opportunity for a new integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign.


unite with tory Objectives

The primary campaign objectives aim to increase the brand awareness to increase traffic and drive sales potentially.

To measure the success of the goal, Tory Burch 6-month revenue after the launch should increase by 1.5% against the year total revenue. Social media and Tory Daily website and app should have a traffic increase of 10%. There should be a generation of ÂŁ10 million worth of free publicity for Tory Burch.


Target Audience

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The brand’s target audience is the millennial women between the age of 21-35-year-olds. They are technological savvy and keep to the date with the latest global news, fashion and trends on their multiple social media accounts. Research by JWT states that “40% of millennial [chose] to rely solely on streaming services on the internet� (Cass, 2016) and not


use traditional media. A majority of them use social media as a form of escapism from their hectic schedules. They able to relieve stress and be themselves for a moment. Together with price and quality, the versatility of garments for multiple occasions is their needs when it comes to their buying behaviour.

Campaign Theme

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The theme of the campaign strives to empower women and boost their confidence through the versatility of Tory Burch garments. A study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has proven that someone with “strong cultural associations with garments [does affect their] cognitive processes” (Bernard, 2012).

The name of the campaign would be Unite with Tory. It will draw inspiration from women that have impacted the world positively through their passion. The campaign should reflect the brand’s culture. It should be vibrant to bring optimism to customers. Finally, the translation of the brand’s personality of sophistication, whimsicality and approachability should be the key message.


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Celebrity endorsements and product placements in film advertorial The primary promotional tool for Unite with Tory campaign will revolve around a five-part documentary series featuring the lives of Emma Watson, Alicia Keys, Estee Lalonde, Chrissy Teigen and Karlie Kloss. It will be the stories of these influential and quirky women that focus on their values and passion while wearing the latest Tory Burch S/S 17 garments (refer to Appendix 1.2). The female cast in the campaign fit the Tory Burch demographic and uphold the brand image and personality of sophistication profoundly. With the diverse cast in the film, the brand will be able to reach a wider audience concurrently. In the film advertorial, it should show the quick and effortless styling of Tory Burch clothes with her doing everyday work be it acting on set, being at a social gathering, taking care of her children and even lounging around at home. It has to show the versatility of the paired

garments at various situations that the target customer might face. It is a great opportunity for the Tory Burch to build on their YouTube audience engagement which has the least number of following out of all its social media platforms. Currently, Tory Burch YouTube channel has only 7,733 subscribers unlike Michael Kors and Kate Spade who have 45,410 and 17,694 respectively. To stand out from their competitors, Tory Burch has to improve on their paid video advertisements using their strength in storytelling. Furthermore, storytelling the brand culture and personality through celebrity endorsements in the promotional film will increase brand awareness, buzz and free PR coverage. It will get their customers talking about the brand subconsciously.


Content Marketing through Digital Platforms

#toryembraceyou ABOVE Figure 1.8

Tory Burch strength in content marketing will be use in all the digital promotional strategies. Crafty articles will be posted on Tory Daily website and app such as photographs from behind the scenes, quirky illustrations and cinematographs and featured interviews. The editorial storytelling illustrated on Tory Daily will be seamlessly communicated in all of the brand’s social media channels namely Instagram,


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Hashtags like #ToryEmbraceYou #EmpowerYourLife #TorySisterhood can use on the social media sites to drive audience engagement. Statistics have shown that “post with at least one hashtag [has] an average 12.6% more engagement” (Parker, 2016). Additionally, landing pages and banner ads can be used on the social media sites to bring awareness about the campaign.

Visual Merchandising and store experience Visual merchandising about the campaign will be seen throughout the stores globally. Tory Burch employees should provide styling advice to create a personal touch with the customers.

In-Store Brochure

Special limited edition copies of Unite with Tory in-store brochure will be provided to customers as a gift when they purchase. In the brochure, exclusive content will be included like styling tips and favourite pieces of the S/S17 collection by the campaign women can be included to emphasise the versatility of the garments. The brochure will have a QR code that leads the customer to the website with a unique discount code for the latest collection. Five copies of the brochures will

have a special ticket to spend a day with the female celebrities in the campaign. The event can then be recorded and use as additional promotional content for the brand digital platforms. The in-store brochure is an excellent promotional opportunity because it is creative and fun yet subtle and exclusive. It is unique to the brand and has the possibility to become a “viral coverage� (Waters, 2016). Moreover, it covers the IMC campaign theme and objectives.


2016 Phase 1: Planning S/S 17 marketing campaign Identify target audience Stakeholder analysis Competitor analysis Research and establish marketing objectives Campaign name finalised Ideate on various promotional tools Confirmation of the campaign by management team Phase 1: Financial Budget Planning Establishing the marketing campaign budget Prepare financial proposal for management team Consulting management team for feedback Adjust financial proposal Confirmation of the campaign financial budget Allocate financial budget to different teams in charge of various promotion tools Phase 1: Preparing for the campaign Film Advertisement Negotiating for the female celebrities Confirmation of the female celebrities for the film Pre production Production Post Production Delivering the 5 short films Limited Edition In-Store Brochure Design and content input Imagery for the brochure Confirmation of the entire brochure layout and content Print in-store brochure Distribute the brochure to all the flagship stores around the world Visual Merchandising Planning on the style of visual merchandising Approval of visual merchandising layout Preparing the VM for different stores around the globe Digital Content Preparation Planning the flow of content on ALL digital channels Designing landing and banner advertorials Writing and designing the content for Tory Daily Preparing imagery for all social media sites Phase 2: Launch Marketing Campaign Unite for Tory film advertisement Limited Edition In-Store brochure Visual Merchandising in store Weekly content on Tory Daily Social Media content update Special events for the 5 lucky winner that won something in the brochure Phase 3: Measure effectiveness (from July-2017 onwards) Check social media traffic and engagemement analytics using Klout Report to Sales Team for the financial report (Can only be done at the end of the year)

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2017 Mar-17





Timeline Unite with Tory campaign is divided into three stages – planning, launch and after launch to measure its effectiveness. It is crucial that the planning and preparations commence seven months before the launch in March 2017. It is to ensure sufficient time for financial budget distribution, competitor and stakeholder analysis. All of which are essential tools to ensure the success of the campaign. The campaign will last for five months and will end on July 2017.


Budget According to Chief Marketing Officer, Miki Berardelli, the brand spends an equal amount of budget on online and offline marketing strategies� (Indvik, 2011). Taking that into consideration and the

financial stability of Tory Burch, the budget for this campaign will be large. Mainly due to the paid advertorials and celebrity endorsements for the production.

Conclusion Overall, the five months long Unite with Tory campaign will be an excellent opportunity to generate awareness for the brand via the various promotional channels. It will not only reflect the brand culture and identity; it will


m e o y

empower women to be more confident in their style and character. Lastly, the campaign will help Tory Burch maintain the top seat of the highly saturated luxury fashion once more.

r e w o p m e f i l r u o UNITE WITH TORY 15

Appendix Appendix 1.1 Key Product To coincide with the overall theme of the Unite with Tory campaign, the collection will have a mix of masculinity inspired by power dressing in the 70s and romance style dressing. Some of the key product pushes are tea dresses, mini skirt, masculine outwear, jumpsuits, loafers, Reva ballet flats and tunics. Soft


and breathable textiles will be used in this collection. A play on contemporary design will be seen too. Bold colours like purple will be used because not only does it signifies empowerment, inclusivity and calm but it appeals to the millennial women. Other colour swatches like pale pink, white, gold, red will be use to balance out the collection.


Tory Burch Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign  

University of Leeds // Fashion Promotions Phase 2 of Assignment Grade: 2:1 (Really close to a 1st)