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PRAYER connect January 2014 to April 2014

A prayer letter of the Methodist Missions Society  Not for circulation  For Mission Partners and Volunteers only

God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. Romans 8:26 (MSG)

An elderly lady praying in Nong Bua Lamphu Methodist Church, Thailand.

dear prayer partners


After reading a newspaper report entitled “Chinese Church under Siege”, I was filled with anxiety. This report was taken from the Straits Times website and it reported that police in the Central Chinese City have detained the religious leader, Pastor Zhang Shaojie, and about 20 churchgoers. The report pointed to a land dispute with the local authorities. As I frantically looked everywhere for more information, a composed mission executive texted me one word – PRAY. It dawned on me that in my haste to get a handle on the situation, I overlooked that one most needed thing – PRAY. In Acts 12, we read that King Herod arrested those that belonged to the church, including Peter. While Peter was in detention, the church did a powerful thing. Acts 12:5 says, “…the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” Peter was miraculously released soon after. This incident is an example of the power of prayer to transform situation. Please pray earnestly for Pastor Zhang and other believers. May their faith in God remain steadfast and robust. As you thumb through the pages of this PrayerConnect, please pray with our missionaries and their ministries. Rev Philip Lim Executive Director Methodist Missions Society


2. Pray that these Pastors and their families will have good health and continue to draw close to God for wisdom, strength and encouragement. Pray also for their various ministries to the children, school students, hostel students, youth, men, women and elderly. 3. Pray for the Church Members to be united, to be close to God, and to be courageous to share the Gospel. Pray also that they will rise up to serve in church. 4. Pray for volunteers to teach English as a form of outreach. 5. Pray for funds for some churches that require upgrading of infrastructure.


1. Pray for the Churches and the Pastors: - Glory Trinity MC - Pastor Ngeuk Chomnap - Kirirom MC - Pastor Tep Phorn - Phum Tmey MC - Pastor Ouk Sareth - Steung Hav MC - Pastor Morm Cheoun - Prek Ompel MC - Pastor Ouk Ratana - Krang Svay Hope MC - Pastor Prak Sakhoeun - Chivit Tmey Ney Teuk Ros MC - Pastor Prak Yun - New Life in Jesus Christ MC - Pastor Ly Meng Ty - Prek Taul MC - Pastor Var Borom - Methodist Peace Center - Rev Ham Kimly - Toul Kork MC - Rev Sea Khemra - Chress MC - Rev Prak Vuthy

2. Pray that the new believers in the new preaching point in NC will be well followed-up and grow in God. 3. Pray for the smooth development of the Children’s Home in TP.



1. Pray that the company in NC will have smooth operation under a new management, and be a continued blessing to the community.

4. Pray for God’s guidance in the setting up of the SH Malu Project. 5. Pray for God’s protection for all our workers, and churches and preaching points associated with us. Pray for continual growth and commitment in our local churches and co-workers. 6. Pray for complete recovery for the residents in the Faith Farm Drug Rehabilitation Centre.

Cultural dance performed by elderly members.


2. Pray for protection for the work of the school and the sharing of the Word to continue unhindered.

3. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with the parents and families. 4. Pray for the Education Licence and Building Approval for SMS Laos, and the Re-registration of INSPIRE and the Chinese work to be granted soon.

5. Pray for daily strength and passion for the teachers to be good models to the children and to teach them well. 6. Pray for a harmonious work environment, and for those of our Lao staff who are non-believers to come to know Him soon.

7. Pray for more funds and partners to help support SMS Laos which is running at a monthly loss of about US$1000, excluding the cost of utilities, maintenance, equipment and materials. 8. Pray for more English and Chinese Teachers.


1. Pray for the children in the Singapore Mission School in Laos (SMS Laos) to grow up with good values, a thirst for learning and the fear of the Lord.

2. Thank God also for the new preaching point in Leknath, West Nepal and the medical camp that was conducted in early November 2013 to reach out to the people there.



1. Thank God for the continuing construction work of The Methodist Centre and Wesley Methodist Church building in spite of the political and civil unrest in Nepal.

3. Pray for God’s intervention and peace. Pray also for good leaders to be appointed after the elections, that the government will bring peace, prosperity and religious harmony to Nepal. 4. Pray for our missionary, pastors, leaders and their families as they face new challenges in the New Year, bringing God’s love and salvation and redeeming the Nepali people for Christ. 5. Pray for the continued participation and partnership of our churches as they plan for their mission trips to Nepal in 2014. Pray that, through these mission trips, many will be blessed and new preaching points will be established as we seek to plant disciple-making churches.

my gift for his great commission through mms 

my gift for his great commission through mms STEP 1

Either select a Specific Area and a Country, or allow us to direct your gift where it is needed most: [ ] WHERE IT IS NEEDED MOST [ ] CHURCH PLANTING


[ ] TRAINING OF NATIONALS [ ] Country [optional] __________________________________________ [Choose from Cambodia, East Asia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Timor-Leste or Vietnam]


Decide how much you would like to give either on a monthly basis or as a one time gift:  

[ ] Pledge a monthly gift of S$ ________________ commencing ___________________________ [date] until further notice. [ ] Make a one time gift of S$ ________________.

Fill in your payment instructions:

Rev/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Postal Code: ________________________ Church: _______________________________________ Tel: ______________________ [h] ________________________ [o] ________________________ [h/p] Email: _________________________________________________________________________________ I am making my gift through [tick one]:    [ ] Payment by Credit Card        [ ] VISA  [ ] MasterCard        Card Member’s Name: _______________________________________________        Card No: _______________________________________________________________        Signature: ______________________________ Expiry Date: __________________

   [ ] Payment by Cheque        Bank & Cheque No: ___________________________________________________

[ ] I wish to receive

Harvest Force and PrayerConnect regularly.

[ ] I wish to receive

Pray for MMS in 60 seconds prayer email regularly.

[ ] My comments, feedback and suggestions:

Date: ________________ If you need more details, please call 6478 4818. For more information on Student Sponsorship Schemes, logon to

   Please cross your cheque and make it payable to “The Methodist    Church in Singapore [MMS]” and mail it together with this form to MMS    Executive Director, Methodist Missions Society, 70 Barker Road #06-01,    The Methodist Centre, Singapore 309936.

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my gift for his great commission through mms


2. Pray for the upcoming renovation works in SFMC. Pray that the church members and groups will contribute generously and work harmoniously to experience God’s faithfulness.


1. Pray for the outreach efforts by Shineforth MC (SFMC) to Hui Boon Village (Karen) and Long Field Village. Pray for Ps Jatsada and his family to be powerful witnesses. Pray for strong relationship with the villagers. Pray for a full-time staff to follow up with the children’s families.


3. Pray for the monthly Leadership & Disciple-Making Trainings in Southern Thailand led by Ps John Lim and team. It complements the MMS National Workers Trainings in Central and Northern Thailand. Pray for faith and eagerness to share their testimonies. 4. Pray for smooth and harmonious integration of the national leaders into MMS Church Structure and Organisation. Pray that human pride will be broken down, and that God’s Kingdom and purpose will be placed before self-interest.

5. Pray for Missionary Loong as he leads the Youth Ministry for various regional churches. Pray that the young people will be united to pursue God’s purpose and directions.

6. Pray for Missionaries John and Angela as they reach out to the Shan community. Pray for physical strength, sustaining grace, insights and patience. Pray for breakthroughs and positive responses.



1. Thank God for His mercy. After a long hiatus and a lot of struggles to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the authority, a draft copy of the MOU was finally submitted to the government on 4 November 2013. Pray for the MOU to be approved immediately so that the Medical Ministry in Ermera District can proceed further.

2. Pray for harmony between MMS and the government in working together at the Community Health Centre in Gleno and two other health posts at Roeraga Coliete and Fatubolu villages. Pray for God to use the Missionaries as effective witnesses with the government and the people in Timor-Leste. 3. Pray for the spiritual growth of the youth at Hope Familia Orphanage in Gleno. Pray that God will open their hearts to His word although they are quite busy with their school activities. Amidst the beautiful landscapes and friendly people were also scenes of abject poverty and a glaring lack of infrastructure.

2. Pray for MMS and International Christian Fellowship (ICF) to establish good relationship with the NGOs they are supporting. Their contribution of social works and visits will give bring about good Christian witness.

4. Pray for ICF Working Ministries Committee to work with joy and wisdom, and in unity as a body of Christ. Pray for God’s continuous supply of faithful members to serve in ICF. 5. Pray for potential partnership with local churches and corporate companies to reach out to the villagers for medical and other social services. 6. Pray for the ailing economy of Vietnam to revive with urgency. Many businesses are seeking for help and needing financial assistance. Government to have good initiatives to stimulate market growth and to set good policies to create more business investments and job opportunities.


3. Pray that ICF will continue to be an oasis for fellowship and a place for spiritual refreshment to fellow believers working in Ho Chi Minh City. Pray that the members to have a love and hunger for God’s word.


1. Pray for aids to come efficiently for those who are affected by the recent typhoons. Pray for healing and strength to rebuild broken homes and lives.

MMS Volunteers’ Appreciation Tea 2014 MMS recognises the hard work and sacrifices made by our faithful volunteers. They have encouraged and empowered God’s workers to incarnate the love of Jesus to make a difference in the mission fields. In appreciation, MMS is organising a simple tea reception to thank all our dear volunteers.

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy

because of your partnership in the gospel

from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:3-6 Date: 15 February 2014 (Saturday) Time: 2pm Venue: Sophia Blackmore Hall, The Methodist Centre Please contact us for enquiry, to register to come, or to be an MMS volunteer.


70 Barker Road #06-01 The Methodist Centre Singapore 309936 T 6478 4818 F 6478 4817 E W Fb Tw

PrayerConnect (January - April 2014)  

A prayer letter of the Methodist Missions Society

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