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for 2020

in 2019


Thank you for your continued p raye rs and s up p o r t. We thank God for His faithfulness and goodness throughout the year. Here is a quick glance at some of the

KEY HIGHLIGHTS on our mission fields in 2019 and our

PRAYER needs for 2020.



HIGHLIGHT #1 More than 200 people, including the village head, teachers and children from the public school, and friends of our COSI kids participated in our Christmas celebration on 22 December. There was a good time of fellowship after the event. We continued our focus on growing authentic disciples for Christ.

HIGHLIGHT #2 Several Methodist churches in Singapore sent teams to partner us on ministries such as social works, and outreach to the community with COSI, COSY, Hope House, and Methodist Church of Cambodia. Emmaus Women’s Centre was officially closed due to the changes in women’s needs in Cambodia’s shifting economic and industrial landscape. In response, MMS pioneered a new ministry, The Third Place, at Odem, Phnom Penh. It seeks to reach out to the factory workers who work in the area. We are partnering with the Methodist Church of Cambodia.

PRAYER #1 Pray for God’s direction on the possibility of setting up a basic medical centre at COSI. It seeks to provide a high standard primary medical care for the community in and around COSI who would otherwise have to travel for about one hour to seek medical treatment.

PRAYER #2 Pray for youth leaders and pastors as they seek God for clear direction to start a youth ministry in the Methodist School of Cambodia (MSC). Pray also for a suitable VP for MSC.


HIGHLIGHT #1 Strengthening of the bilateral relationship with the local authorities and appreciating their support for the Christians.

HIGHLIGHT #2 Opening of doors to facilitate the social programmes for the poor, sick, and elderly.

PRAYER #1 Pray for the teaching, learning, and living of the Word of God, that is anchored in the Truth. Pray for protection and wisdom in dealing with false teachings. Pray for godly teachers to effectively teach the Word of God.

PRAYER #2 Pray for an increase in social concerns outreach ministry to help the people, especially the poor and needy among them.


HIGHLIGHT #1 Improvements to the accounting procedures are completed at Singapore Mission School (SMS). These procedures are set in place for financial transparency and best practices in its operations. Discussion on the transfer of school ownership has advanced significantly. This is still a work in progress for the new year.

HIGHLIGHT #2 Partnership with Laos Evangelical Churches (LEC) has progressed from strength to strength in the area of community and medical missions.

PRAYER #1 Pray for the progress of the transfer of SMS ownership at the legal and governmental levels. Pray for more volunteers and missionaries to serve in SMS as Teachers, Administrator, and Mission Field Coordinator.

PRAYER #2 Pray for the LEC churches as they develop training programme for their pastors and leaders in church management and family counselling.


HIGHLIGHT #1 Vision 2030 was established for the Methodist Church in Nepal (MCN) to achieve Provisional Annual Conference status by 2030. This included the development of our Churches and Preaching Points using the 4P missions model (Pioneering, Parenting, Partnership, Participating), as well as firming the financial and leadership sustainability aspects.

HIGHLIGHT #2 The current leaders are being equipped and mentored to assume greater responsibilities in the management of MCN. We have identified and prepared the nextgeneration of leaders through training, mentoring, and spiritual development in line with MCN’s Vision 2030.

PRAYER #1 Pray for the smooth transition of leadership as GS, our missionary, and his family will be concluding their mission with MMS in June 2020.

PRAYER #2 Pray for the young leaders and their development as they commit to serve to be the next generation of MCN leaders.



Revamping the strategic direction and vision for Thailand to incorporate specific goals towards being a Provisional Annual Conference in 2024. Essentially, we are promoting self-sustainability by reducing 60% of the field operation and programme costs as well as 30% of the field staff cost by 2024. These goals are achievable via new initiatives through case studies, proven transforming practices, and income-generating initiatives. We are also enhancing and strengthening leadership skills through centralised training in (i) making disciples through small group ministry; (ii) enhancing leaders training and skills in decision making, management and spiritual disciplines; and (iii) developing a sense of ownership and being self-sustainable.

HIGHLIGHT #2 10 out of our 34 Churches and Preaching Points in Thailand have partner churches from Singapore. MMS has stepped up to engage more Methodist churches in Singapore to explore projects and partnership programmes.

PRAYER #1 Pray that the Thai pastors and lay leaders will develop a deeper spiritual knowledge and passion, especially in (i) making disciples through small group ministry; (ii) taking initiatives to promote self- sustainability through members making contributions and taking ownership, and (iii) collectively pulling everybody together towards the vision of becoming a Provisional Annual Conference.

PRAYER #2 Pray that our Methodist churches in Singapore will be actively involved in God’s missions, and be realigned with MMS strategic direction and integrated strategy of Church Planting and Community Development. Pray that the churches will adopt the 4P model of church planting, and be in partnership with MMS in fulfilling the Great Commission.



To date, donors have generously given over S$3 mil in support of the St Paul Methodist School (SPMS) Development Project in Timor-Leste. This amount will be used for 2 phases of construction: land acquisition and Phase 1 construction, which will include the following: a 2-level classroom building with 6 classrooms, a 2-level hostel building that will accommodate missionaries, local teachers and up to 40 students, a canteen cum MPH, centralised mechanical and engineering requirements, and portions of public and external works. The balanced fund, along with future donations, will be used for Phase 2 construction which will include a school chapel, additional classrooms, hostel, and library. Construction will commence as soon as the government issues an official property title, which is expected later in 2020.

HIGHLIGHT #2 Although the issuance of the property title has temporarily delayed construction, God has enabled SPMS to continue to grow in its temporary location. Enrolment for the 2020 academic year has reached 171 students in 9 grades, representing an increase of 55% over last year. Donations have enabled the purchase of two school buses and a modular classroom to support this rapidly growing student population. Singaporean educators continue to volunteer their time and expertise in curriculum development and ongoing teacher training.

PRAYER #1 Pray for the issuance of the property title and construction. Pray that Singaporean educators will continue to volunteer their time and expertise in curriculum development and ongoing teacher training.

PRAYER #2 Pray for our missionaries and their ministries: David and his family (Jessie, Isaac, Joy, and Isaiah); Joseph and Grace; Rasanya; Rudy and Cheryl; and Rev See Swee Fang and Jin Hoe (they begin their service with MMS in January 2020).


HIGHLIGHT #1 The International Christian Fellowship (ICF) celebrated her 9th Anniversary on 9 June 2019. ICF has become self-governing and self-funding, and has done social works in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) for many years. In order to remain relevant and to secure our representation in MMS-FNGO, ICF has to look into increasing our contributions to the society in HCMC.

HIGHLIGHT #2 Two new Memorandums of Understanding were signed between MMS representative in Vietnam and The People’s Aid Coordinating Committee and the Women’s Charity Association HCMC for new developments of works from 2019 to 2022.

PRAYER #1 Pray for a good deliberation and decision on suitable Social Concern Projects in 2020. May God bring us to new places and opportunities of ministry to serve the people with Christ’s love and mercy.

PRAYER #2 Pray that God will bring suitable lay people to serve in ICF. Pray as we seek for the development of potential leaders to serve in ICF. Pray that we will be filled with His Spirit’s understanding and grace to walk with and equip our disciples. May our love and ties be genuine to help us to endure through difficult times.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. Matthew 9:37-38



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Key Highlights and Prayer  

Here is a quick glance at some of our KEY HIGHLIGHTS on our mission fields in 2019 and our PRAYER needs for 2020.

Key Highlights and Prayer  

Here is a quick glance at some of our KEY HIGHLIGHTS on our mission fields in 2019 and our PRAYER needs for 2020.

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