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Pure Leverage Testimonial - Exactly What Is It? - Leone Marziano Pure Leverage Testimonial – Exactly What Is It? T hroughout this Pure Leverage Testimonial, I will describe exactly what items are provided and why I chose to sign up with Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is a program that provides a selection of tools f or your internet company, home based company, MLM company, or conventional physical company. T his program is an “all in one” kind of of f er consisting of 6 items. T he appeal of it is that it has a f antastic payment plan and will permit you to have an additional stream of earnings. I’ll discuss the payment plan later on in this post.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Who are they? Pure Leverage is part of a parent company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) which was f ounded in 1999 by Joel T herien. GVO has always been a well established web hosting and internet marketing company and Joel is a renowned internet marketing veteran who really knows his stuf f and he works with many of the top marketers on the internet today. Since joining Pure Leverage as a f ounding member in March 2013, I have f ound Joel to be open, honest and very straight f orward in all his communications and dealings with his customers. Pure Leverage was launched with one goal in mind, and that is to give marketers a HUGE value in tools they are already using with a ultimate tool suite and help marketers earn f aster than ever bef ore with 100% f ast starts and matching bonuses in inf inite levels.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Exactly What Do The Products Consist of ? E-mail auto responder Live conf erence room program to hold virtual conf erences Website traf f ic Generation and Lead Capture system Video e-mail service An authority blogging platf orm Coaching program 1. E-mail Auto Responder T he e-mail auto responder permits you to develop a f ollow up campaign that will instantly send out e-mails f or you to any leads that opted in. You can utilize this f or any company you want, whether it be f or your Pure Leverage business, or f or any other business. If you decide to be a Pure Leverage reseller you get a set of pre-written f ollow up messages all done f or you to use so you do not have to compose one e-mail. Many other internet marketing companies are now also recognizing the huge growth of Pure Leverage and are creating pre-written f ollow up messages that you can use if you are a member. T his is the case f or My Lead System Pro which I am a member of – in f act Pure Leverage is now their def ault provider and if you wish to join MSLP you are able to get a f ree account with Pure Leverage f or up to 500 members. T his is a huge saving f or any newcomer to the network marketing industry; in f act about $20 per month saved on

Aweber f or you to start building you OWN list. 2. Live Conference Room T he live conf erence room is a virtual conf erence room that enables you to host a conf erence f rom your computer system. All your members or leads can sign in and you can hold a training or a sales conf erence or anything that you can think about. All leaders in the industry hold webinars or host their own training presentations and pay separately f or this service. To have this included in the package is very benef icial to any business that wants to make online presentations. 3. Web traffic Generation and Lead Capture System T he Web traf f ic Generation system will show you the very best locations to obtain HIGH QUALIT Y web traf f ic that has a much better possibility of transf orming into a sale. T he Lead Capture system is a range of various advertising devices provided consisting of banners, capture pages, and so on. T hese are high converting, highly customize-able or you can use them as they are currently produced.You will get the lead’s name, phone, and e-mail address so you can f ollow up with them to help build your business. 4. Video E-mail Service T he video e-mail service permits you to tape a video and send it to your listing with your selected design template. T his is a lot more tailored than your basic e-mail broadcast. It is extremely helpf ul to get the customers to open their emails and more than likely to transf orm into a sale. 5. T he Blog site A blog site is a terrif ic device to have in any company. T his enables you to produce content and assist you create web traf f ic and leads. T he blog site is at the time of writing this blog post still in construction, however late last week Joel T herien announced that it is on it’s way very soon. When it is up and running, it will be an authority site, so the only thing you’ll have to stress over is composing material. If you already have a blog like I do, you can use the Pure Leverage authority blog f or much needed backlinks to your existing blog. 6. Coaching Program T he training program is an step by step program that assists you by showing you ways to put everything together and get your business moving f orward. Training is a substantial component of any MLM company, so the f act that they include this in the cost is an essential reason that individuals sign up with.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Who Is It For? Pure Leverage is f or somebody who wishes to have a online business. T his is f or you if you are looking to develop a business that does not need you to leave your house. T he compensation plan is unmatched, which I will cover next. Pure Leverage is likewise f or any entrepreneur. Every serious online marketer requires these products. An e-mail auto responder is extremely helpf ul f or a company of any kind. Whether a Law company, beauty parlor, or network online marketer utilizes this, it will be advantageous. T his could be also said of the blog site and video e-mail service, live conf erence room, and lead generation system. T he training is simply a benef it to f ind out how to make it all work.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Payment Plan T he compensation plan f or Pure Leverage is not simply your normal matrix or pass up system. It is much better.

T hey pay 100 % commission on all item sales f or the 1st month and 50 % repeating commissions on all f ollowing months. Not just that, however they likewise pay you a 50 % benef it match on all the members in your down line. For instance, if you have 10 individuals in your down line and each of them are making $1,000 per month, you will gather $500 per month f rom each of them. T his instance is a total amount of $5,000 per month in rewards in addition to what you are making yourself . T his is much better than your common pass up system due to the f act that you are not giving away any sales and your bonus matches will usually f ar exceed what you would get on passed up income is some other companies.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Just how much Will All This Cost Me? Believe it or not, access to all these items will only cost you $24.95 per month. T his is the reason it was a piece of cake f or me to sign up with. I was paying $30 per month (at a minimum, even more $ with bigger listing) with Aweber and just had access to an e-mail auto-responder. Aweber only pays 30 % commissions on their ref errals. If you want to be a reseller of the system, which is optional, you have to pay an extra $19.97 per month. T here is also a VIP option that gives you extra coaching which is $97 per month. If you chose not to take this option and you sponsor someone into the business and they chose to go VIP, the commission is passed up to the nearest member that is a VIP member. I decided not to become a VIP member when I joined, my thoughts being that I want and need the products that they provide, and I would like the extra income source so became a reseller, however this is not my primary business, so opted not to go VIP. I think, however, that if you were to have Pure Leverage as your only source of income, this would be a great upgrade to take.

Pure Leverage Testimonial – Conclusion Despite the f act that Pure Leverage provides some inf ormation on where to f ind traf f ic, it is always an issue, especially f or newcomers to the industry. If you are reading this review and you are struggling to f ind inf ormation on how to leads f or your Pure Leverage business, then you need to click here right now. I hope you discovered this Pure Leverage Testimonial handy. Feel f ree to call me anytime if you have any unanswered concern. To join our group now or to see an intro video, click the “Register Now” button below. See you at the top! Skype: leone.marziano

This post was writ t en by Leone Marziano – who has written 32 posts on Leone Marziano. Leone Marziano - is a wif e, mother to a very active toddler and entrepreneur who specializes in online marketing. Prior to f inding the online world, Leone was an accountant f or over 20 years Leone's husband Anthony had been battling non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma f or 5 years when they f ound that they were beyond broke. With debts of over $500,000 they decided to sell their home to pay of f most of their debts and rent. T hey now live near the beautif ul Lake Macquarie near Newcastle, Australia with their toddler Emma, who is a miracle! Leone and Anthony have turned to direct sales and internet marketing so that they can provide a better lif e f or their daughter and to get Anthony retired f rom a toxic work environment.

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Pure leverage testimonial exactly what is it  

Throughout this Pure Leverage Testimonial, I will describe exactly what items are provided and why I chose to sign up with Pure Leverage. P...

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