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Is It Ever Too Late To Learn?

Learning is for everyone. If you believe this, then your age shouldn’t come in your way. Of what? Of everything, especially education. Whether you are in your 40s, your 50s, your 60s or even your 70s, if you can think and write coherently and can use the internet, you can always earn yourself another degree.

There are so many reasons why people give up on their higher education. Many must join work after high school because of their financial conditions while others join work directly after college for the same reasons. Many working professionals who become stay at home parents give up their dreams of getting a master’s or a higher degree. But thanks to online education, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Online or distance education is a method of studying that allows you to plan your education around your life rather than the other

way around. Whether it is early morning before the children wake up, or late at night after all you work and family obligations have been met, you can study whenever it is convenient for you. This way you can achieve your goal without upsetting your current lifestyle.

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Online courses are also good for older learners because it allows them to interact with people in the same situation across the world. And you don’t have to be worried about the only grandma in the class of twenty-two year olds and wondering what a ‘tweet’ is. Online classes have a big advantage when it comes to students aged fifty and above. At this age, while you can learn well, your pace of learning is usually a bit slower, both because of your age

and because of your daily responsibilities. Online education allows you to take a break for a short while or for longer between semesters. You can utilise this if you fall ill or have a sudden work crisis that needs all your attention. And if you want company on your new journey, why not ask someone to enrol with you. Or even better, on a special occasion, or ‘just like that’, give your spouse, parent, grandparent, other family member or a friend the gift of education. After that, just sit back, plan your study schedules together and watch them radiate happiness. Now, aren’t you inspired to learn more? If you want to read more about it, just log on to the internet and search away. And don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know about your thoughts on this idea.


Is it ever too late to learn  
Is it ever too late to learn  

Do you think that education ends by the time you hit your thirties? That you can’t go to college when you’re 50? You couldn’t be further fro...